$5K for return of Anti-Christ

| 22/04/2014

(CNS): The sculpture on Cayman Brac that some residents have described as devil worship is, in fact, the artist’s concept of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelations, which he intends to burn down to the ground, symbolising the fires of Armageddon … as soon as his Anti-Christ is returned and he received the required permission. Foots is offering a CI$5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief who stole the top of his sculpture – a goat’s head on a cross – which he needs to complete the final stage of this artwork, a video of the fire, which will be used to raise funds for the Humane Society. Foots said that he is a Roman Catholic and has created many religious works of art, some of which have been exhibited at the Brac's Heritage House.

Although he has explained the concept of this controversial piece of art with many people on the island, the 60-year-old artist said that no one who took part in the demonstration last week had talked to him about it or his faith and he said they were protesting simply because they did not understand it.

“This particular sculpture was designed to make a video,” he said, “and it’s ready to be burned down. I’ve put everything in writing to the police and to various government departments, I’ve spelled out everything upfront, I’ve explained to various people on the street, and what’s going on, I don’t understand.”

The sculpture, located on the south side of the island, is a 6-foot mound created using old used pallets and scrap lumber covered with metal lathe, and then rock and cement as the final layer. The dried bones seen in the mound are from a dead cow that Foots found on the Bluff, which were thoroughly dried and he insisted there is nothing about the work that is a health hazard. The bones and the faces in the mound depict the lost souls in Revelations, he said.

The whole structure was washed in a solution of rust to give it the dramatic red colour. The goat’s head he used to depict the Anti-Christ on the cross with the ‘666’, which was also dried, was given to him by a friend who butchered the animal last Christmas.

Foots said that this and the cross it was nailed to, which have been missing since 16 April, are critical to the overall concept and if he doesn’t get them back he will have to reproduce this part of the work for his video, “Stand By Me”, which will be produced by a production company in Virginia and for which he composing an original soundtrack.

He said the mound, the gravestone next to it and the cross have all been vandalised four times now, which he has reported to the police. The vandalism and the theft, he said, are the real crimes and not his work, which is not breaking any laws, despite the claims of the protesters and questioning by the police.

The planning department has been contacted regarding the sculpture and the artist has been advised that the Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Development Control Board, which is the planning authority for the Sister Islands, has decided that it does not constitute development and therefore does not require DCB approval.

Foots said he has been trying to get permission from the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) to burn down his sculpture, which he calls “Apocalypse Now”, for over a month. Ironically, if he had been able to complete the project, the people protesting his artwork and demanding its removal would have nothing to protest, he noted. In the past when he burned something on that piece of property, he just got verbal permission from the local DEH officer, Thomas Augustine, he told CNS. However, this time he was referred to the director, Roydell Carter, whom he emailed on 7 April but has received no response.

The artist who created the multi-piece underwater sculpture and tourist attraction The Lost City of Atlantis, which lies off the north coast of Cayman Brac, is experienced building large pieces of art and is also a local contractor. He said the fire, which will only be lit when the weather conditions are right, will be contained inside the mound, which is designed to collapse into a heap of rubble as it burns. As an added precaution, he said, the Fire Service has agreed to have a truck at the location on the day of the fire and to douse the embers to make sure it is completely out.

The next day all that remains will be removed by Scott Development. The artist said he has assured the DEH director that it will be a very safe, well-monitored burn that will cause absolutely no harm to the surrounding environment and he is hoping to get permission from Carter soon.

Foots, who is a committed Christian and an animal lover, said “Apocalypse Now” depicts the Battle of the Ages, and he connects this with the Human Society because for him the people who rescue abused and neglected animals represent the triumph of good over evil. This gives rise to the theme and title of the video, “Stand By Me”, dedicated to those who stand by God and stand by the innocent and vulnerable.

The burning of “Apocalypse Now”, is the first part of a trilogy, Foots said, and after it is burned he has two more works to create, though he said that these will not be controversial. He also wants to make the parcel of land, which is 32 feet wide stretching to the Bluff and is designated Land for Public Purpose, into an open air art gallery, called "Dreamland", for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Foots says:

    To ALL – Please allow me to make a statement.

     YES – I am a Roman Catholic and I have my beliefs and convictions.  I respect your religious beliefs and convictions, just as I would like you to respect mine.  

    I'm 60 years old and have never seen "The Exorcist" or any of the others connected to it.  Nor have I ever seen "The Passion of Christ".  That was my choice.  Just as it was yours.  We all do have a choice.  It's called free will.  



  2. Kim says:

    I respect art in all forms. Whether or not I think a piece is beautiful to look at, the craftsmanship and expression is and always will be beautiful. I am lover of the arts and some of my favourites pieces are filled with gore and harshness that I find (oddly to any 'flower lovers' I'm sure) simply breathtaking. We as a society don't have to like anything, but we as a society should respect of neighbors and their freedom to express themselves. I think it a real shame someone, or some group, find it necessary to take this piece of work. I hope it is recovered untouched. 

    I stand firm that whatever anyone's personal view on God is, it does not give any person a right to destroy or trespass on the property of another man. 

    Let's put this to rest now and return his work. There are more important things in life to focus on.

  3. FOOTS says:

    After reading these comments, I just have to include this.  It’s the definition of the most important word of all, straight out of Webster’s Dictionary.  It’s such an important word; Webster’s had to give it nine different sections.  Here they are:


    1. The state or quality of being free. 2. Exemption or liberation from the control of some other person or some arbitrary power; liberty.  3. Exemption from arbitrary restrictions on a specified civil right, political liberty: as, freedom of speech.  4. Exemption or immunity from a specified obligation, discomfort, etc., as freedom from want.  5. A being able to act, move, use, etc. without hindrance.  6.  Ease of movement or performance; facility. 7. A being free from the usual rules, conventions, etc.  8. Frankness; straightforwardness.  9. An excessive frankness or familiarity.

    Reading this definition, it would certainly seem that an artist on Cayman Brac doesn’t possess this freedom.  This freedom is so important, it is also clearly stated in the Cayman Islands constitution, Part I Section 11-(1) “No person shall be hindered by government in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of expression, which includes freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas…without interference.” 

    I believe it’s time for everyone to understand the definition of this important word.  It’s the very basis of all our lives. No matter who we are, or what we believe.

    Thank you all.


    • Kim says:

      Foots, I am so sorry you are experiencing this negative backlash. My jaw dropped reading these comments and yet, I'm not hugely surprised. Sadly, our country has yet to full embrace human rights; and freedom of expression and individuality. 


  4. Anonymous says:

    I've checked with all the aethiests and none of us stole it.

    It must have been one of the christians (They need to check their 10 things the old fella came down from the hill with)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The zombie born of a virgin is walking across the sea along with his hopping bunny of chocolate and reindeer-riding elf to take all those who pretended to drink his blood and eat his flesh to the happy place in the sky.

  6. Perspective says:

    So all this goat head my god is better than your god nonsense has generated two stories and hundreds of comments.

    Meanwhile a man has singlehandedly raised $350,000 for a worthy charity and that generates three comments.

    Pathetic really.

  7. Diane Harrison says:

    Please – this foolishness has to stop – Foots needs to be left in peace.  He hasn’t harmed anyone.  All he’s doing is using his artistic talent to express his beliefs and convictions.  He’s recently found out his time left on Earth is limited, and he’s accepted that and he’s not afraid of death, because he knows there is no death.  He wants to spend the time he has left creating art, and since he’s facing his own mortality, his art will reflect that. 

    If you all proclaim so loudly to be “Christians”, then perhaps you can find it in your heart to have compassion and understanding for this man.  This is a man who has been in and out of the hospitals in Cuba for almost five years.  In the past year and a half, he’s had two serious surgeries – one lasted five hours.  Each time, he would reassure me “Don’t worry – I’ll be o.k.”  But the fact of the matter is, he’s not o.k. and he never will be.  He lives in constant daily pain and never complains. And if any one of you drive into his yard and need help with anything, he will stop what he’s doing and give his time and /or materials to help you and never accept a penny in return.  Many of you have done just that, but has even one of you who protested driven into his yard to ask him about what he’s trying to say with his art, and how his health is?  Isn’t it obvious he’s a shadow of his former self?  Haven’t any of you wondered why he looks like a rack of bones?  No, it’s easier just to judge him behind his back and criticize him.

    Yes, his art is controversial.  Yes, some may find it gruesome.  Many biblical stories are gruesome.  I told him that Cayman Brac may be the wrong location for this type of art, but he wouldn’t be swayed.  He loves Cayman Brac and he’s proud to be part of this island. 

    All he wants to do is live out the rest of his days on the island he loves and be left in peace. Is that so hard to understand?


    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with Dianne!  I just wonder if you asked those protesters pictured, how many of them have asked Foot's for building materials and other items and received them without  any compensation to him!  I would bet half of them would raise their hand, the other half would be to embarrassed to admit it!  The irony is that one of these protesters actually asked Foot's to make some scary items to display in her cave on Halloween!  PLEASE leave this man in peace, and if you truly are Christians, pray for his health!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well written. I hope some people take your comments to heart. I can't believe that in protest of a person's freedom of expression someone thought that THEFT was the answer. 

      • Anonymous says:

        08:22. Certainly Cayman Brac residents rights to freedom of expression should also be respected.After all they are expresssing their opinion on this Sculpture .

  8. michel says:

    Foots, I understand that you feel like you need to express yourself as an artist and I think it’s real for you. Many of us these days would Like to express ourselves but it would get out control. Don”t you think ? I have my opinion too. You seem to take Revelatiosseriously ! So do I. As a former Roman Catholic I don’t recall the goat on the cross. But listen, you seem to own a lot of land there, why provoke others by making so visible ? I would however ask you to get your priest to explain about Revolations because All“s not what it seems and need to have someone go over it withh you. However no One knows what will happen but we all better be ready. Your Neptune statue is Beautiful. Many will enjoy that diive I know ! Puts you right there and let your imagination run. Your very talented Foots and I understand you as I have worked with exceptional Artistt on islands creating beautiful Significant Jewellery but we have a responsibility to keep it clean. Keep up your good work Fotts, I comin to visit you soon if ok. ; One Love and God Bless you friend. I have been here about nearly 40 years. I did not come by plane nor pain, I came by saiboat so I like to call my self a Wet paper Caymaian with a good Caymanian Tribe behind me and at the Helm my Caymanin Wife of near 34 years next month. I hope to be comin soon. Gos Bless, Michel Lemay and Doris Lemay and crew.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wish that it would be so easy to capture the anti-christ but i am afraid that is not so.  If you read Revelations you will gleam some insight into the wrath that will be poured out on this world by the 7 year reign of the anti christ.  But do not be afraid- instead trust in the Almighty God. He sent his son, Jesus to die for the whole world, muslims,  christians (followers of Christ) the atheist, agnostics – all of us including Mr. Foots.  God loves us so much, that he looked down through the ages and made this appropriation for all of us.  God/ Jesus/Holy Spirit is accustomed to being rediculed and rejected but he still loves allof us.  He is not wringing his hands wondering what the next move will be, because he is all knowing and all seeing but he forgave us when he allowed his Son to die on the cross to save us from our sins. Redemption is available to us , we just have to accept his son as Saviour. According to Revelations all of the Christians will be removed from the earth before the anti-christ starts his short reign, real christians should not worry about that, just let us all pray for those among us who will be left behind.  God have mercy on their souls. It will be terrible on the earth at that time. PEACE.

    • RVT-D says:

      Just felt compelled to respond to this. By looks of your post seems you truly love the Lord but are a bit deceived on what the Bible and Revelation teaches. This idea of church being “raptured” and the “left behind” people going through the seven years of tribulation while antichrist rules and that they would have a second chance to get right wit God is simply not biblical. Regretfully, there’s not enough space here to demonstrate how “even the elect” are being deceived in these last days so will just make it brief.

      When studied earnestly, the Bible does not contradict itself.
      We will all be here during the tribulation.
      No temple has to be rebuilt for antichrist to come on the scene.
      According to 1 Jn 2:18 spirit of antichrist was already in play in his day.
      Antichrist is not a person but rather a system of power with a man at he head.
      Antichrist power is alive and well today. Trust me.
      Bible teaches that when our Lord returns He is bringing our rewards with Him according to our works.
      The righteous will receive reward at second coming and the unrighteousness 1000 years later.
      Too many more points and scripture references to mention here that totally debunks the popular ideas that the devil has out there deceiving God’s people today. I wish you continued joy in your Chistian walk. Just be careful in accepting every wind of doctrine out there without earnestly and prayerfully verifying them in the Word of God. Also, don’t check out scripture with your pastor but rather know the Scriptures and use them to check out your pastor’s and church’s beliefs and teaching.

    • Anonymous says:

      Revelations is about as relevant to the real world as Game of Thrones.

  10. Young Caymanian says:

    This is just another example of Christian intolerance. They don't like his artwork because it depects something in their Bible in a way that they don't like, so they sabotage it. Some Muslims are forceful with imposing their Sharia Law, seems these folk in the Brac are following their lead.

    I know many atheists and agnostics that have more love and understanding than most Christians would ever comprehend. 

    -Young Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a Christian and I actually agree with you 100%.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Young Caymanian,

      First of all, please do not confuse the individual will with an institution.  Humans, whether Christian, Muslins or atheists, were all given free will.  No human is perfect. 

      As to your comments on Christian not having "love or understanding", I would encourage you to investigate how you received your education.   Most of us in Cayman enjoy all the benefits education offers us today because a church started our private school.  Even in the public school system I have found that it was greatly influenced by the church and those worshiping in the church who took the time to assist in founding them.  I’d dare say Cayman would be a very backward place if not for those Christians you so easily insult.  Perhaps you should spend some time learning a little about who assisted in the founding of the JGHS and GHHS (now CHHS) high schools. Both John Gray and George Hicks were Reverends with the Presbyterian Church and very much involved in improving the quality of education in Cayman.  Clifton Hunter was an elder of the same church and an educator.

      So, before you stomp on our Christian heritage, I suggest you learn your history first.

      A Caymanian Spring Hen

      • Young Caymanian says:

        Spring Hen.

        Your reply to my post had nothing to do with anything. How did you manage such a tangent?

        As if I was giving incorrect historical information on Cayman's education system.

        Address it properly. For me to investigate my education is a silly and off-topic recommendation.

        Young Caymanian

      • Anonymous says:

        My school was founded by a benefactor who made his fortune in the slave trade.  Does that mean I should respect slavery?

    • Anonymous says:

      What hypocrisy. When Christians exercise their freedom of expression for example by giving their views about homosexual 'marriage' and they are victimised for it, people like you don't talk about intolerance then. That is all well and good and they "have to be prepared to accept the consequences".

    • FOOTS says:

      To the Young Caymanian,

      You see the way it was intended in the beginning.  

      So many look and don't see.  So many  listen and don't  hear.  You look, you see. You listen, you hear. 

      You do understand.

      Thank you.





  11. Anonymous says:

    I think I am married  to the Anti-Christ…come and collect and bring the $$$$

  12. Judean People's front says:

    All those with crosses to return, line up, one cross each.

  13. Whodatis says:

    Whould be cheapa' to jus' buy anudda goat Foots!!


  14. Anonymous says:

    This is one human being's opinion.   Maybe there is a lesson for all of us to learn.  

    Give Mr. Foots the opportunity to share his "ART" to those who  may wish to view and … maybe even "understand" – what he interprets as the "APOCALYPSE" .  (He is doing everything legally – what's the fuss?)  Some people may not approve but does this give the right to destroy his ART?  Peace, Understanding and Love! 


  15. Anonymous says:

    Wow Brackers…
    I see your point, but why focus on this art alone?
    How many people are victims of alcohol abuse or drugs?
    Where is the outcry there?
    Do you have cable TV + listen to modern music?
    Those are more dangerous to you+your kids than a freaky cross!
    Try to patch up your island, and be the Christian model you are supposed to be.
    One love!

    • Anonymous says:

      What are you talking about! These the same Christans that make the bars money! They congregate everyday only once a week at a church! these bracas we talking about you know!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Look at the devil art! I'm going to steal it because religion! There's nothing against stealing is there….?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so full of it!

      If you want to worship the Deavil thats your business. Just leave the Christians be, they been worshipping in these Islands for hundred of years. You want to take that from them too??

      • Anonymous says:

        Pretty sad you can't even spell DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Anonymous says:

        Just chill. I think he is trying to make the point “Thou shall not steal”. You can’t say you are following God and picking and choosing which commandments to follow as it they are a buffet or salad bar. Just saying.

  17. Knot S Smart says:

    I really believe that satan is alive and well…

    And my last ex-wife is living proof that Satan has Daughter…


  18. Heron says:

    What's with Brackers? They will dig and tear up the only bird sanctuary on the island for the sake of employment yet they say they are Christians but a man cannot practice his religion? So hypothetically when the marina is built, are you saying  people of other religions, beliefs or lifestyles will not be welcomed?



    • Anonymous says:

      They should have dug up that stinking mud hole long time ago!  Just never had the balls untill Clevland and Makeeva came along. I take my hat off to those two!

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to be joking, a bird sanctuary??  It's just a disgusting pond full of rotting vegetation!  You don't think the birds will just move to the next smelly pond?  The only two things worse on this Island are the dump and the wreck of the DIVI hotel, which it seems the inept local government can do nothing about!  Wake up Brackers, it's time to put a stimulous shot in the arm of the local economy.  The proposed marina would be a great start!!!!!!

  19. Chukka says:

    Ram goat liva good fi mi manish water……

  20. Anonymous says:

    That gone Bobo! Lol

  21. Anonymous says:

    One man's Art is another man's anti-Christ.  Ignorance is running rampant.

  22. Anonymous says:

    so he going burn crosses now?

  23. Anonymous says:

    this is ridiculous

  24. Anonymous says:

    To Hell with the sculpture – It is (was) an offence to God.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just chill. God doesn’t care about care about some silly art expresión; just don’t bowdown to them. You have to understand the artist’s mind set. He belongs to a religion where the second commandment was removed in order to accommodate bowing down and worship/praying to idols. They then split the tenth commandment on coveting into two in order to make up their own version of the ten commandments. Just saying.

  25. Voices says:

    Well' all I can to say is to "all" those who protested Foot's works of art' is: "The problem with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard here, but' I do realizethat we are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid. The more I think about all this is, it may be that all of you have a sole purpose in life' and that's to simply to serve as a warning to others. Last but not least;  All you guys had to do' was go to Foot's, and ask him what his art was all about. Instead all you've done now' is shown us all your ignorance.

    And to my forever dear friend Mr. Foots, I say these words:

    Foot's you have such a bright light about you, I know that light can never be extinguished. I know you'll keep your light burning in your mind and heart forever and a day. We who understand' will always be there for you, anytime, Mr Foots, anytime.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Whilst I've read, with some amusement, the postings of those (or perhaps one person posting repeatedly) seeking to criticise the actions of others who may have stolen the 'sculpture', my reaction is not one of sympathy towards the artist. Certainly he has lived in the Cayman Brac community long enough and one would have thought that during that period he would have gleaned some knowledge of the general thinking of the society. It follows that he should have known that such an 'artpiece' would not have been welcomed. I do not condone the act of stealing but I believe that enough of an uproar was made initially that he could have voluntarily removed it.  In my opinion it was disrespectful to the Cayman Brac Christian community, despite the fact that the artist claims that he is a Christion. I believe it is open to interpretation whether or not this was something that could have been accepted as Christian. Obviously it wasn't.

  27. Anonymous says:

    what a load of hogwash!!. I am sure that the Roman Catholic Church would not condone this as  being part of anything  that they practise or preach. This is out and out witchcraft and needs to be stopped. The practice of witchcraft is against the laws of ithe Cayman Islands and if we do not nip this in he bud the next thing we will have is the humans bein sacrificed in the name of Christianity. God help us!!!


    • RVT-D says:

      Just chill. We don’t have to believe in his art or accept what it stands for. It’s a stretch to say that next step is human sacrifice. He explained what his art is all about and apparently is not breaking any laws so let him do his videos in peace. I don’t recall him claiming that his church teaches or condones what he’s doing. Just fyi…. many would be horrified if they went into the rabbit hole of this church to see how far it goes and what they really teach and believe. Just saying.

    • Anon says:

      Is this a joke? Witchcraft? And here I went and threw out my ol' broomstick…

  28. Anonymous says:

    K'mon Cayman – lighten up.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is that 5k in Cayman Brac dollars?

  30. The Gathering Hoards says:

    Ohhhhhh?! Well that’s ok. What was the fuss about again?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love christian on christian crime. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching religious zealots eating their own.

    The torch and pitchfork fundies were all set to burn someone at the stake and it turns out the target of their wrath believes the same nonsense they do.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ah…the doo gooder Christians commit a crime…they should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Bible never lied, it spoke of people like you, it has to be fullfil!