Cops asked to tackle increase instreet begging

| 22/04/2014

(CNS): A local activist is calling on the RCIPS to tackle the growing problem of beggars and loiterers outside some supermarkets, gas stations, fast food joints, bars and liquor stores in the capital as she says that not only do they undermine the tourism product but they are becoming intimidating for the public at large. Sandra Catron said she is sympathetic to the individuals involved, as many may genuinely be in need of food and have mental health or addiction problems but she said there are services available and the police need to help get them off the streets before the issue gets out of control. She also pointed to the large numbers of unsupervised teens on weekend nights hanging around Camana Bay.

“If we do not address this issue it will become uncontrollable,” Catron told CNS after she said she had been approached for the umpteenth time recently outside a local supermarket by a person begging her for money.

Describing it as an endemic problem, she said the authorities had to now take this seriously and the police had to enforce the laws. “Like most social issues it starts with a few persons and can quickly escalate into one of major concern. I would suggest that the police enforce the loitering laws and these persons receive assistance in finding employment or mental health assistance,” she added.

With some of the beggars looking for an easy dollar to contribute to a drug habit and some buying or hanging around where numbers are sold, Catron said the police need to pay closer attention because not all the crowds of loiterers and beggars are the innocent victims of social ills who mean no harm.

“Whilst I’m often sympathetic towards the plight of persons who are in need, especially of basics like food, I also believe we should not encourage begging in public places like grocery stores and restaurants,” she said.

“One of the many things visitors have often enjoyed about Cayman is that they are not 'haggled' by others on the street,” Catron noted. “When I go to the grocery store now, probably 75% of the time there is someone there expecting a handout. It certainly speaks volumes to the current economic situation but also other social issues, such as mental health and crime, are interrelated.”

With food banks, social services and other organizations that can help those truly in need, Catron said the police and other local authorities could direct them to those resources and deter them from hassling members of the public as it can be quite intimidating. 

“If we have a homeless population that is beginning to emerge in the Cayman Islands, we should quickly address that,” she said.

However, Caron also noted that some of the loitering is far from innocent and directly related to illegal numbers and drug dealing and the police need to enforce the loitering laws after dark so that they can also root out the criminal element.

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  1. Carol Cooper says:

    I think it is time the RCIPS research what the begging, loitering and being a public nusiance laws are!

    A person cannot go into a grocery store, drive thru line withour being accosted by someone wanting money. A lot of these same peole are on welfare. It is time for drug testing before paying the monthly stipend. If you test positive, off to the Rehab Centre for  you for a while!

    Last Sunday I saw a woman with a large stick trying to pry open the donation box at the Red Cross facility. She has been determined to be disabled by the HSA and is on the welfare list but rides a bike all day long with what she can "find" or swipe! She is about as disabled as a joke! We need to start realising that money cannot fix all our social ills and treat people accordingly. We can continue to throw cash at the problems, doesn't fix it at all but an easy out. Sooner or later, one of these folks are going to assault one of our "guests" and then CNN and the world press will be involved and the only source of income for the majority of our population will dry up! That will take care of all the imported labour for us. No jobs, no money, no need for so many unskilled labourers!

    While on the subject! The beach area in BT at Coe-Wood needs a prostitution squad for several arrests. While they are there, please remove the vagrants who are now living in the beach huts and getting power for their music systems from the little shops that are still tenantless. What a nice arrangement! Live at the beach, free water, free electricity and free sanitary facilities! Come on Ozzie and the BT Team! Get these public pests gone! Place is so dirty, I wouldn't let my dog play over there! Doesn't smell to good either!

  2. Foreign Devil says:

    I saw one at work yesterday outside Casonova, he was begging a  tourist, bad news.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just wish that we had more Police like Mr McFarlane dont know his other name, but he does a good job when he patrols the Waterfront. I have listened to him giving Tourist good information. Not talking against the Caymanian People. This is part of the problem , most of these Securitys and Police are not from here and can pack up and go home when our ship sinks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah UMM…if you could do something about the beggars in the line at KFC drive-thru that'd be GREAT!! one of the guys is ripped like Hulk Hogan and never has a shirt on…get a job bro

  5. Anonymous says:

    THe POlice need to do something about the Jamaican and Honduran prostitutes on the streets at night selling their bodies to survive.  Some are here on visitor permits and boy you should see who is picking them up.  HOw about arresting that  becasue prostitution is illegal!!  Bodden TOwn streets, just east of the police station is the prime hangout across from the liquor store and when that closes the prostitution heads east to the bar.  They should take note of that.  Or is that a situation that the cops are promoting this to supplement their own incomes?  Just had to throw that in for argument sake.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look around Cayman is becoming one big hot  mess, this is not the place it once was, yet we continue to fool ourselves into thinking that we are still the 4th financial center in the world and still first world.  We fool ourselves into thinking there are no unemployment, very little crime (almost crime free) no homelessness, beggars, street vendors hagglers and hustlers at the cruise docks, smoking pot in public,  and the police and laws are still respected no so anymore my friends, welcome to the fifteenth (15) parish.  If you think it is bad now, like Yogi Bear said you ain't seen anything yet!

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe the cops are in on in too, as well as the politicians. Its all "relative".

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to the new Cayman, I could feel it coming since 1978 saw it on the horizions in 1994, Pandora's Box opened in 2003, today in the year of our Lord 2014 we are singing "Lord lift me up and let me stand" and when we are fortunate to come together we put on a brave face and hum "I surrender All". I tell you what I am going to do soon I'll vote for the Jordanian atleast he will speak  for the rights of the working women or even men.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Your second sentence "…and boy you should see who's picking them up." If the John's were arrested and charged, we would see who's picking up prostitutes. Although it's hopeless to expect it to stop, perhaps the trade will take itself off the street.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least they WORK for a living.

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to see who is picking them up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The beggars we should be more worried about are those in full suits lining up at the LA seeking handouts and favours galore from the PPM govt.  They are the ones we need to arrest and throw in HMP a few days because thats corruption!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    MOre will come, as more and more Caymanians are disenfranchised for work.  When we approve 165 work permits for a hospital with positions that Caymanians can fill that is saying something about us and how we DO NOT LOOK AFTER OUR  OWN!  When our PPM administration led by a Premier who seeks advice from outside advisors prior to being re–elected and continues on till this day, that says a lot about his mindset about his people and that is he does not care about them, nor do he trust his own to advise him.  BUT he sure is looking for their vote come May 2017 if he hasn't driven this country into the ground far enough that we can't be found on a world map again!  Arresting people for looking help is not a crime.  If they are on public ground they cannot be arrested, so leave the people alone, they must live and eat.  Some are trying hard to find work, but the Indians, Filipinas, Jamaicans and every other nationality in the world is allowed to come today and get a job tomorrow.  How fair and even a playing field is that??  Next election kick out the PPM, they are of no use to us when it comes to work.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are of no use, period!

      PPM = Peoples' Problems Multiplied

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't blame the expats for working here, they came in applied for jobs and were given them. If it was this easy for me to get a better (or of equal value) job and standard of living  in the USA, Dubai, Monaco, Switzerland, Bermuda and St. Barts I would be on the next flight out.  Nothing will change unless we have politician who are willing to put country and its people first not big business in an attempt to keep their political seat.  I will welcome the day when we get such a man or woman who will find like minded individuals that is not afraid to do the right thing.  It will happen one  day maybe not in my lifetime but then again I have seen many things in my life time but the day will come like it did in the Bahamas, I pray that iit will not happen in the same way though.  

  8. Anonymous says:

    Was this picture taken locally? If not, we should be careful, remembering that these pictures are on the web and therefore homeless Bill may link up with greedy Sue and the bill may make the whole country hunger.

    I am not making light of the matter, because it is rather disheartening what is taking place in our Island. We have the Cayman people begging outside of Kirks, Fosters, KFC, Cost U less, etc while on the inside there are numerous  work permit holders, with a job, taking home money everyday, everyweek or every month while our people go hungry.

    The Gov't needs to note that it is counter productive, backward thinking , destructive and anti- national to continue to grant so many work permits to earn the income from this source while having to make a significantly increased outlay of funds via the social service assistance programs.

    Charity begins at home. Let's help our people to be productive members of society where we can all live comfortably.

    • Anonymous says:

      Leave economics to those that made it out of the caves.

    • Anonymous says:

      So are you saying that these beggers would work if they had a job? Me think not.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sandra I agree with you. I too am sympathetic but now they expect money from me. 

    Sadly many of these people do receive assistance from government. I told one man I knew he was getting assistance but he stated his mother controls the money.

    Maybe the RCIPS could work with the Social Services and compare with list of regular beggars and start contacting families who are responsible for these individuals.

    • Anonymous says:

      "…his mother controls the money…."


      How rude of the mother. Imagine withholding welfare food money so that her son cannot go out and buy his own beer and ganja. This is an example of poor parenting.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would require enforcing the maintenance law. We do not enforce our laws.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you they are everywhere…I get begged like every tine I go to the hospital, walk in town, supermarket. I just try to stay in now anyways cause if you go out to eat its like 10 dollars for gas and $20 for s burger. It just doesnt make sense snd then you got your social network beggers…you know your cousin or friend locally or overseas wanting a hand…..comeon bro I know I work but I got a family…you feel a little guilty because u might get to go on a holiday and put something away for retirement! It really is the Governnent fault though because we need a $10 minimum wage….before u blab your mouth study what Henry Ford did and see how it worked 4 him. Paying cheap influences this steal, beg and con behaviour and allocates wealth in one direction up; trickle down is the biggest foolishness Ive ever heard…how has it been trickling down 4 u cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      THANK YOU! Well said. Hope people will understand your angle here and what the point is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I tend to find a sharp "F Off and give up the booze and drugs" works everytime.

    • anonymous says:

      I agree. I use the same and never have a problem.There is a general fear of any confrontation in the Islands, so tell them once and they stay told.


  12. Anonymous says:

    This time I have to agree with Sandra. The most disgusting place to see this happening is on the George Town waterfront on cruise ship days. Even with a man sitting down with a guitar that apparently he forgot to play. Then the coconut man that is so un tidy, now he has a man along side of him with coconuts that before was on a bicycle trying to sell fruits that is not fit or any other thing that he can hustle and with such a dirty tongue. There are others as well on the waterfront such as that big retarded that comes out from the Swamp and a host of others. Also everytime that you go to the supermarket you have to wonder who will be there in the front entrance asking for hand outs or ticket selling. It would be much nicer if they were allowed to sell numbers.We need to get a grip on our once beloved Country.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Allowing this issue to go unaddressed with definitely lead to greater issues. Loitering and begging cannot be tolerated. Proivde issues for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Miracle!  Is this the first time on CNS the word "definitely" has been spelled correcrtly?  I am not definately sure, but it might be.

  14. Heron says:

    It's just unadultereded and bearucratic harressment!  Just wish I could go to the supermarket or the hardware stores on a Saturday without being hackled. Sometimes you have to visit a few of these stores just to find the one item you are seeking. When you add it up its quite expensive!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    If supermarkets are private property, why don't the owners and management simply kick them off the property????  They should not be there even 5 minutes!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Where did we go so wrong? there is absolutely a breakdown in our society and we should not blame it on the down turn in the economy.  I saw these islands endure worst financial times, for one the collapse of Interbank and the Caymanian people did not become beggars street people and lawless, they did what was necessary to make an honest living.  I do agree that times are hard but it should not be used as an excuse for the breakdown of our mores and values.  We were forewarned that this would happen but we did not heed the warning of those who were wise enough to think long term, we ignored every warning and got caught up with wanting more we left an entire generation behind without a social net .  We believed that material possessions were what life is all about and in the proccess we forgot what it was to be Caymanian.  We abandoned our family values and what it was to be Caymanian, people came to Cayman back when we were the place that time forgot because of our way of life.  We have abandoned what made us Caymanian, our islands are littered with garbage, we no longer smile, our men are no longer fathers and husbands instead they have become baby daddys, drug dealers, and wanna be thugs, our young women have become baby mamas and even worst.  I am crying too hard to continue with writing this in just seeing what these once beautiful islands have become.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't know how ANYONE can laugh at your comment mam. I am assuming you are a woman, forgive me if you are not. It is shocking to have read your very honest and compassionate comment and to see that people found it comical?!?

      You cry because you care, you cry because you see what has happened to these beloved islands. You cry because you are HURTING to see your people suffer.

      Those that laughed do not care and they too are a part of the problem.

      If you cannot take yourself seriously then who will? Thank you for posting such a heart-felt comment, know that you are not alone. Peace.


    • anonymous says:

      Where did you go wrong?

      Well, many people needed to be told "no" many years ago and repeated until it was understood. 

      Now, tell someone this and they don't understand it or think it only applies to furriners.

      Watch the manner of driving, the blatant disrespect of local laws and the work ethic to see that this could have been avoided years ago by setting out basic rules and abiding by them.

      Reap what you sow.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The pioneers of Cayman would be so sad to know what is happening here today.  Greed has taken over and displaced an entire generation.  Only God can help us now and I pray that he does so very fast.  If  could turn back time, if I could find a way to make us stay right were we were 40 years ago I  would do just that.

    • Anonymous says:

      If only the bearded one can help us, we truly are screwed! How about we try and sort out the problems ourselves? Just a thought.

      • Anonymous says:

        In your reference to the "bearded one" if you mean "Jesus" the son of God, just to let you know long before you found us and tried to change our way of life and relationship with the bearded one "Jesus" we were God paradise on earth, due to the fact that we looked to him for everything and he provided everything for us.  We were happy then Cayman and Caymanians prospered.  However, the moment we took control away from him "the bearded one" Jesus the son of God we messed it up; now our perfect garden paradise is lost.  Thank heavens that the bearded one is still kind and will assist us out of the mess that we got ourselves into when we call on his name.  Thank you for your thought but they are not appreciated by real Caymanians we depend totally on "the bearded one" aka "Jesus the Son of God".  It is he who saved us expecially from Ivan and not we ourselves, to this end  I say have a good day and the bearded one is doing a great job unlike the tattoo one and his followers that is creating havoc in our society.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is wishful thinking!!!!!! The only two men that would make a difference died. We all knew them, Mr Dennis Foster and Daddy Jim Bodden. God bless them.

  18. Jack P says:

    Start getting the reputation like some other islands and the tourists will stop coming. Then it will be too late and everyone will be begging in front of the markets. This is a much bigger issue then most believe. They are also begging on the beaches.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been coming on holidayto GC since 1998. On my last trip, a man who looked like he was higher than a kite, came up to my open car window asking for money at a restaurant parking lot.I was afraid to reach for my handbag as I also had a phone, credit card, etc. so I told him that I had no money.  He scared me to death as he would not back off. In my mind, I thought I was going to have to drive over him. I put the car in reverse and told him that I would run him down and he finally did move aside.  This incident never happened before to me in GC. If I were a first time "tourist", I am not sure how I would have felt.

      My point is that it is scary to be approached especially at night and when a person does not take no for an answer. The situation of "hagglers" does need to be addressed. I am not sure if it is an "economic" situation or a "drug" problem on the island. I would not mind buying someone a cup of coffee or a dinner, but I do not think that is what they are looking for. IMHO.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately begging in Cayman has become as common as breathing and it should have us all worried. I now have hale and hearty beggars coming to my front door begging for money to buy food as they claim they are hungry. Threre is no excuse for this begging. They are too lazy and proud to work. I went to a grocery store today and saw a Philipino teaching another Philipino to run the cash regsiter. If these lazy and proud Caymanians don't want to work they should starve. It is not that there are no jobs out there. Cayman does not have unemployment…..we import labour from all ends of the earth and we should not have to.

    It s also time for these service clubs and other charities to re-visit this continual begging for "Buy a Kid Breakfast" "meals on wheels"  "give for this, give for that' as all they are doing  is spawning a society that sits around expecting and demanding  the world to aid them without any effort on their part to help themselves.

    Just to clarify to those who might think thes comments are written by an expat please know assuredely that  I am Caymanian who can trace my roots to the first settlers to these islands and was reared up by parents who took pride in working to earn therir livng and teaching their offfspring to do th same. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree about socialbeggings. Many don't see it this way and see themselves as heroes ,but in reality they disempower people. That is what they do, disempower people. Humanity never won a war on any thing -cancer, diabetis,poverty,drags, crime etc. Because we start with the wrong premise.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said generational Caymanian.  It would be a good thing if this country would adopt an open immigration policy do away with restrictions on job categories and just let eveyone come in and work in what ever category they are qualified to work at, there are people with college degrees doing sales jobs just because they are expats when they could be working in the financial industry. There should be no beggers on island becaue everyone that want to work can find a job.  All those people that are making claims that they cannot find jobs do not want to work there are jobs out there people just don't want them. I wonder who did all those jobs before the the Philipinos came to Cayman, I rememberd back in 1987 when I visited Kirk Plaza supermarket and Comart in town most if not all of the cashiers on islands looked  lke they were Caymanians do you know what has happen, have they all left the island? I guess they no longer want to work they earn more from begging, or I can assume looking for hand outs from strangers and governement it is a more dignified profession.

  20. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS Inefficiency –

    Not directly related to the subject matter of this story, on which I wholeheartedly support Ms. Catron's efforts but I'd like to share an experience of dealing with RCIPS and the expectations of our citizens for them to "Serve & Protect".

    CNS: I've moved the rest of this comment to the CNS Public Forum as it's a different topic but worthy of discussion.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Only the rich get richer. . . . . .

    • Anonymous says:

      And that is why you are poor. Change your beleifs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you poor because you are rude or because you can't spell?  The evidence from you post indicates it is probably a bit of both.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not poor, quite the opposite. I just see things better than you do . . . .

  22. Cat says:

    I agree with her 100%. I have stated that this has been an issue for a long time and has mentioned it to at least one police officer who is always in town on foot. There are usually three or four of these people in the middle of George Town who I continiously witness begging for money, even to tourists which is really embarassing and as she rightly said intimidating. And a few of them are well known to have mental problems or addiction problems.Although they are calm now, things may change to the point where someone may become injured, this news goes international and cruise tourists will look at the Tripadvisor website, see the comments or read it in the news and will think twice about leaving the cruise ships if they feel there is a chance they and their family and children are going to be approached by a mentally ill/drug addicted person begging for money here in Cayman.

    There is one in town who spends most of his time sitting at the tables outside Cafe Del Sol. When he is not given a muffin that he waits for rocking back and forth by the windows, he walks by cars he likes, runs his hands across them and gets busy lifting garbage can lids and looks in the garbage for food. And if he finds anything, he stands there eating or drinking from the garbage can. And if he doesn't find any he sometimes begs.Its not only sad,disturbing,pitiful but it is disgusting and not healthy for him especially . I mean where is this man's family? Where does he live? who does he live with? And why on earth are they allowing him to live like this? He deserves better to say the least. His family knows his mental state and need to take responsibility for caring for him properly. If they need help ask, but dont allow a mentally ill or drug addicted person to roam free making other people in the public feel uncomfortable. And if the police know their family, they should be forced to take responsibilty and get the proper help for them.

    Then there is Ellimae, who has no quams about pulling her pants down in public in front of anyone,squat and take a pee or dump in the middle of town or anywhere.And I mean ANYWHERE! I witnessed her taking a dump right in one of the plant patches in heroes square in front of the court house, on the side of the road in Northside one year on the way to Million Dollar Run, on the side of the road by a bar  in westbay among other places. That is disgusting and embarassing and her family needs to do something as well as the police.

    In West Bay fosters there is usually a tall, dark and skinny guy who looks menacing, who follows people around the parking lot, trying to stop them from getting in their cars to give him money. And sometimes he will even knock on your car window if you're already inside. Its quite scary because you may have seen them calm before, but you will never know if they are going to snap. I myself and alot of people who frequent that fosters are always on the look out for him and makes great efforts to get in our carsand leave before he reaches us. Buts its bad because he doesnt only target locals, he does it to alot of tourists in their rental cars. I've seen  a couple of tourists get really frightened when he approached. Some even put their hands up saying Sorry we dont have anything to give you, please go now. He stayed and begged them a few more times and then finally moved on to another person. People always try to not to look in his direction or make eye contact, because then he'll come to you.

    Theloitering issue also has to be dealt with. Last month 3 boys on bicycles were riding their bicycles by the courthouse up on the maritime & heroes walls/plaques, using them as bike ramps. No one from the Legislative Assembly or the Court house came out to stop them. We also called the police, but they never came. The boys continued for about a half hour. There were police cars driving by to and from the courthouse and still no one stopped them. This goes to show just how much some of the younger generation lack respect for what heroes square represents, and it goes to show the lack of care or respect the police have for it as well and little regard they too had for our heros and their monuments. If it were anywhere else especially the states, police would have been all over them. They would have been arrested and charged for disgracing our public monuments and the heros named there. But of course that respect,adoration and pride in our forefathers and all theydid for our present generations do not reside here in this present day. Its sad.

    • anonymous says:

      Don't forget the "beggars" that arrive outside the LA building on Fridays to collect "a l'il hep" from the members.

      Who owns who in this scenario?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, that tall skinny guy frequents alot more than just Foster's.  I see that dude all over the place begging, I usually end up telling him to 'F' all and get lost.  Worst thing is, I see people like him begging in front of CNB / subway in WB and in front of security guards that do nothing but stand there and chat 'bout with people.

      'nuff is enough, managers, owners and the like need to clean up their own acts as they are also the culprits that allow this to go on.  Shouldn't even have to reach RCIPS if these people would take a stand against loitering & solicitation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you forget Kirky and Alice?

  23. Anonymous says:

    =laziness & could work a simple job until someting better comes along!  i've been there=caymanian 

  24. Anonymous says:

    I hope those people all have work permits to do that, after all, this is going to get blamed on expats, right?

    Seriously, if you see how it is in London or a lot of Western European countries now, it  really is an epidemic and as Ms Catron adds, not all of those are innocent, far from it..the rest give the innocent a bad name.

  25. Kadafe says:

    Please start at kirks supermarket! I think they have full time beggars there they even seem to work on shifts or something.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Ms. Catron – I'm so sick of having to deal with this also. I don't mind helping people in need but this is not the way to go about it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I for one am tired of being approached every time I go to the supermarkets. Perhaps, these stores can have their security patrolling the parking lots, in an attempt to limit this discusting practise that is now common place.

    Instead of having the security officers standing up inside doing nothing.

  28. Anonymous says:

    “When I go to the grocery store now probably 75% of the time there is someone there expecting a handout."  – Are you referring to the raflle ticket sellers?

  29. Anonymous says:

    What is happening to the island I once loved?  Why is nothing being done?

    • Anonymous says:

      The greatest challenge is dealing with the rampant melodrama and self-pity . . .

  30. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! he are everywere!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am very glad that Sandra Catron speaks out about these very important issues! You go Sandra!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Damn, I hate when I agree with Sandra.


  33. Anonymous says:

    Lately I am being approached for a "dollar for the bus" just about everywhere I go. Outside the supermarkets, in parking lots as I get out of my car, even inside ALT's. Whilst I am sympathetic to these people and often give them something, I simply cannot give cash to everyone that asks for a handout. As Sandra points out, some of these people are genuinely in dire need, but others are just looking for easy money. Doesn't social services help these people out? What about the man who wanders around Georgetown eating out of every trash can right in front of all the tourists? This man is obviously mentally ill and needs help. To his credit, he never asks for a handout like so many others. Sad situation.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thats quite true, and it is also noticed that there is a quite a obvious increase in Women offering there bodies for money, and some of these are working women and even single mothers, that just need a break, they advertise themselves and social media and local ad websites and will approach you in supermarkets and gas stations.

    There is a definate decline in social standing and we are all seeing the effects of joblessness and cost of living increases

    • C'mon Now! says:

      Hookers are a new tourist attraction.  The gov't ministers discovered it on a fact finding mission to Bangkok!  Unfortunately this all seems to be driven by addiction of one sort or another.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Are the teens at Camana Bay homeless? 

    • Cayman Mama says:

      They are probably not homeless, but are likely suffering from a lack of decent parenting! 

      • Anonymous says:

        If it was not for poor fathering skills I would never get lucky.  I love that mind-crushing low self-esteem.  It is the quality I value most in my partners.

        • Anonymous says:

          7:09- Til it becomes your daughter then you will be mad as h—.

          • Anonymous says:

            I am not going after my daughter no matter how low her self-esteem.  

        • Anonymous says:

          This is a very disturbing yet poignant and accurate statement. This is a major issue which breeds so many of our social ills.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Policemen are a waste of our $$$! They drive up & down with a/c on with cell phones in their ears! No wonder why they destroy our cars, they need to be accountable for their actions! Gt voter