Motorbike and car smash leaves rider in ICU

| 01/05/2014

(CNS): A motor cycle rider has undergone surgery and remains in the intensive care unit at the Cayman Islands hospital in a stable condition following a major collision last night at the junction of Hirst Road and the East-West Arterial involving two cars and the motorcyclist.  The crash was reported to 911 just after 9:00pm Thursday (30 April) when police said the 20 year old motorcyclist collided with a Jeep Cherokee which was turning right to enter the East-West Arterial after going airborne the rider hit a Honda Accord that was behind the jeep. Medics treated the rider who was said to be awake and alert on scene but who had sustained facial injuries in the smash.

An RCIPS spokesperson explained that the Jeep Cherokee driven by a 21-year-old man was travelling South on Hirst Road towards the East-West Arterial and the Honda Accord driven by a 25-year-old female was travelling behind it.  The motorcyclist was also travelling on Hirst Road towards the East-West Arterial. The driver of the Jeep Cherokee was turning right to enter the East-West Arterial when the motorcyclist hit the left passenger side, which threw him up into the air and he then collided with the Honda Accord.

Police said the rider was taken to the GT Hospital where he remains since his surgery for extensive facial injuries including degloving injuries and facial bone fractures.


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  1. Michel says:

    It was not smart of him and thank God no one else was hurt except the young man driving the bike best get on his knees when he can and thank God he is still alive. Let’s pray for that young man and have some compassion in our heart as parents are also suffering.

  2. pmilburn says:

    There are a lot of GOOD bike riders using our roads and hats off to those who do not act like idiots when riding BUt there are some who think they are superhuman and WILL pay the price in time

  3. sumbodi hep mi says:

    The next motorcycle fatality is going to be on that new stretch of road between "Salt Creek" and "Willie Farrington Drive" if the police don't start patrolling that strech of road. I have seen motor cycles moving at [estimated rates of 70 to 80 mph based on the speed they cross me on the road and I'm doing 40 mph which is the speed limit.

    Please Mr. Baines get someone to patrol that area in the mornings around 7am. Our budget will quickly reach a surplus from the fines Govt. could collect from these speeders. 

  4. James Starbolt says:

    I wonder if this is the same motorcyclist who had been racing up and down Hirst Road at about that time?