Deputy governor running for Hospice challenge

| 07/05/2014

(CNS): The deputy governor is hoping to hit two birds with one stone for his inaugural 5K Challenge by encouragingcivil servants to get fitter and healthier and at the same time help Derek Haines in his goal to reach $1m to build an in-patient care centre for the local hospice. Franz Manderson, who has been on a fitness drive of his own, has also been instrumental in helping his staff improve their wellbeing by introducing various health initiatives. “This challenge is launched in keeping with my goal to have a healthier, more active civil service,” the deputy governor said.

“It has been extremely pleasing to have so many civil servants join me on this journey towards health and wellness by participating in the various community fitness initiatives over the past few years, including the InterTrust Marathon and many walks/runs. We, as civil servants, now have the opportunity to host our own fitness initiative, in the form of a 5K walk/run," Manderson added.

He explained that the event provides an opportunity to help Derek Haines in his own challenge to raise $1 million this year by running six marathons. Manderson said the theme for his challenge was "Running for the New Hospice". 

“To support Derek Haines in his campaign, I will be donating the funds raised from the Deputy Governor's 5k Challenge to Derek's campaign to raise funds for the new Hospice Care building,” he said.

Registration forms will be available on the Cayman Active website, as well as the Department of Sports. Scheduled registration will also be held the week before the event at the Government Administration Building.

See more details on flyer below.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I echo your appeal.

    Get the negative stress off you guys! it will do you a world of good to do something possitive with your life.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Can believe you 12:35. How can you possibly find a negative in this? The private sector has been doing this for 20 years?? Wow! Why don’t you just sign up and support this excellent event!

  3. Uncivil Servant says:

    Great, something else to distract everyone in the office from doing their job!

  4. sean says:

     I will certainly support this event and encourage all the negative posters on CNS to come out and run some stress off! You guys need it.

  5. Derek Haines says:

    Good job Mr.Manderson and I hope there is a large turn out both for a healthier life style and to support the Hospice challenge. I will be joining you