DoEH makes revised attempt to offload tyres

| 29/05/2014

(CNS): The department of environmental health has circulated another invitation for people to submit tenders for the tyre pile at Mount Trashmore. As the government begins the slow process towards a full integrated rubbish solution the DoEH is attempting to tackle some of its most pressing problems in the short term. Attempts to sell off the tyres in the past have failed and the latest effort asks for a “nominal price” which could be as little as $1 for someone to tackle the problem. Although the developers behind the so called Ironwood golf resort project in Frank Sound have said they would take the tyres to shred and use as fill for that proposed golf course, one of the directors admitted at a recent press conference that until the development started they would not remove the tyre pile.

However, government is looking for a more immediate removal to clear space and address the potential fires and so it is not clear if ironwood could solve the issue. The tender document request someone to process on-site or off-site and remove all the “Used Tyres” accumulated on Grand Cayman, where most of the tyres are, as well as Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

“The objective of the tender is to sell …at a nominal price all remaining Used  Tyres at the Sites at the ‘best value’ to ensure the timely removal, processing,  transportation and/or shipment of the used Tyres from the Sites,” the documents states. “The removal of the Tyres shall be undertaken promptly, and shall be completed by the Tenderer’s specified date and time on the submitted bid to start from the Commencement Date of the Contract.”

With the Ironwood development proposal entirely dependent on the agreement with government on the east-west arterial road extension a deal which like the dump solution is also subject to the procurement process under the fiscal framework for responsibility in the local public finance law, the golf course project should it go ahead will not do so any time soon.

The tyres are whole, unprocessed or semi-processed some still have rims others have been separated and some are also shredded. Some of these tyres, the RFP states may require special technical capabilities to cut, transport and remove from the sites. The used Tyres are in scattered piles of various sizes on the sites, which covers several acres and the DoEH said it does not know the quantity and government won’t make any guarantee about the amount.

Officials said only companies or individual tenderers that comply with all applicable local laws including business registrations, health, pensions and any other regulations will be allowed to bid and the bids should be inclusive of all costs necessary to conduct the project.

Proof of finances and technical ability to fulfil the contractual obligations must be demonstrated and tender packages including instructions on the submission of tender are now available and can be collected from the Department of Environmental Health, Cayman Islands Environmental Center, 580 North Sound Road, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands or on the government website:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    They are trying to sell them for removal off the island? What? They should be thankful someone wants to take them off thier hands and pay the exhorbitant shipping costs to barge them wherever they might be processed. Looks like they will once again sit there again waiting for the next "hot load" to set them ablaze. 

    How is it that CIG cannot invest in small scale (2-10ton/hr) processing plants to produce glass cullet and rubber granules from tyres for incorporation into road resurfacing? These plants do exist and are operating sucessfully around the world, even in so called undeveloped countries.

    This is an investment in the future waste infrastructure of Cayman not a knee jerk attempt to pawn off waste on some philanthropic charity willing to subsidize GIG's failure to take this issue seriously. GIG should be paying an nominal fee for local processing or at least waive all duties associated with equipment importation for the processing of recyclables. Otherwise where is the incentive for change?

    • Anonymous says:

      Tire shredders are not cheap to buy or operate and  you don't really have enough tires to  justfy the investment (except for a one-time local user like Ironwood.

      • Anonymous says:

        Simple, Buy a used one and sell it when done, used one are listed for sale all over the internet..

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you mean not cheap as amortized over a 4 year term in office or over 20 years? As it seems no one in CIG upper echelon is willing to spend the money least the next party in power takes the credit for the purchase. Much more significant purchases have been made in the past which have amounted to money squandered with no benefit to the country at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rent one.

        They come container sized.

        Get some of these people compaining there are no jobs and employ them for a month.


      • Anonymous says:

        Apparently building schools ain't cheap either. :-/

        PPM spent how many millions on a modern design for 2 schools?

        What is evident is that the PPM will spend any amuont of money as long as it makes their party look good in the end. Egos of the ignorant men we call our leaders.

  2. Tiger says:

    It would have mde the course too bouncy. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Didn't Ironwood plan to take these for their golf course?

    • Anonymous says:

      If they don't take them, Government should google "Houses made from tires", they can work towards their new affordable housing initiative using the pile of tires at the dump.

      Or make a "Wompa Factory and try to chip in to Crocs market share of rubber shoes.

    • Tigger Ebanks. says:

      There will be no golf course. There never was going to be a golf course. Get with the program man!