Drug council revamps website for easier access

| 30/05/2014

(CNS): In an effort to enhance the quality and availability of information for teens, parents, educators and employers about drug misuse the National Drug Council has redesigned its website. Launched on 16 may the new portal has easier access to answers on drug or alcohol questions, details about the law, information on TIPS training and surveys. “We are very excited at the National Drug Council as we have been hardat work on bringing the public a newly updated website” said Programme Manager Brenda Watson.

More user-friendly she said it provides visitors to the site with more efficient access to the organisation’s resources. Otherrevisions include information on Youth to Youth, National Drug Facts Week Poster Competition entries and winning posters for 2014, volunteer application forms, an online survey, resource/referral information. Visit the site at www.ndc.ky or go to facebook https://www.facebook.com/NDCCayman

Questions and queries can be emailed at info@ndc.ky or call 949-9000.

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