Immigration creates ready reckoner for PR points

| 02/06/2014

(CNS): The immigration department has introduced an on-line "ready reckoner" which will allow people considering applying for permanent residency to work out how many points they will get and what they would need to do to reach the 110 points now required to be granted the right to permanently reside in the Cayman islands. Recent immigration law changes have eliminated the seven year term limit and the need for people to gain key employee status, allowing everyone to reach the point where they can make a PR application. While the process has become more transparent, the revised point system has been introduced with criteria that are more strict and more precise.

The development of a “ready reckoner” allows would-be applicants to gauge their own points beforethey submit an application and involves the same tool as the one used by the Cayman Status & Permanent Residency Board to calculate the points, taking potentialapplicants through each of the 10 elements.

Available on the Immigration website, applicants can see more easily how they can accumulate the minimum 110 points required and see other details about the process.

The department has also introduced the electronic submission of Employer Declarations for those employing Permanent Residents. It is now mandatory for all employers to submit a first declaration of the permanent residents that work for them and then they need to update the department when there is a change to any of their working conditions.

These conditions include: employment, status, and change in occupation, salary or other pertinent information. Officials from the department reminded employers that failure to do so is an offence. Although it is not clear why, officials said that holders of permanent residency are not able to submit their own declarations electronically. 

Employers who are members can electronically submit their “permanent residents – change to employment circumstances declaration” form (R17) via the IOL system. The on-line forms require the same information as that submitted on hardcopies and there is now no need to submit a hard copy to the Immigration office. Once the electronic data is complete it will be conveyed to the department.

Customers who wish to become IOL members should visit the Department of Immigration website for detailed instructions.  Those with questions or comments can email or call 949-8344 with any enquiries.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    127.9! Woo hoo. Now I can file for my divorce from my token Caymanian wife!

  2. anonymous says:

    I have just taken the test and lucky for me, didn't pay yet.

    I am now selling everything, points included.

    As for biting my tongue and being nice to the herd of munchers and grazers in one particular office, it is time to introduce them to a whole new world.

  3. Caymanian Donkey says:

    I figure i got only 90 points and i;m Caymanian, can i loose my passport now???

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have points to spare. Hurrah.  Now I do not need to waste time on community activities.

  5. Anonymous says:

    64 pts plus my test! Not bad… Shame i wasted the application money. But this is a great tool and will prevent lots of people from making a mistake like that in the future. 

    On the other hand. It now is transparent about the weight given to specifics relative to occupation (I am a 3.6!) service, age, nationality… 

    Anyone have a good idea about how to sell two cars, a boat, a fully furnished apartment and a profitable business let me know. 

  6. Whodatis says:

    I lived abroad for a while.

    However, I eventually returned to my homeland to apply what I learned elsewhere to further enrich my community.

    Food for thought …

  7. UHUHUH says:

    Mistreatment of fellow workers? OK so I promise that I will not mistreat my fellow workers. 

    So I guess that means: I can now go and kick the crap out of that  guy who stole my bike and I won't loose any points right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    When will the Priority Occupations list be available?  Anyone know?  It seems this will be the section that grants your PR or takes it away. 0 or 15 points with no middle ground or grey area.  You're on the list or you're not.  You're in or you're out.
    I'm waiting to make a property purchase (or not) based on this number.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ah well, that confirms I might as well prioritise moving on instead of buying a new car and a house here.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just tried this; I'm a high school teacher with a post grad qualification and 13 years experience, spend a lot of time with kids in the community but nothing necessarily 'organised', have volunteered for DoE projects for several years, married to a Caymanian for 5 years; I scored 54.4 points….if it wasn't so ridiculous, I would be embarrassed – but then I'm not looking for PR so can afford to be a little flippant about it; for many people this is much more serious.  

  11. Anonymous says:

    The investment section does not seem to work. It doesn't seem to matter what down payment you put against a mortgage. That cant be right.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just had time to try the assessment, the points awarded in the online assessment doesn't agree to the previous formula that was released as guidance to the new immigration law. It was supposed to be based on the amount paid and not the mortgage amount unless the system is using an unpublished guidance, which is misleading.


      • Anonymous says:

        They must review and revise the online assessment for the local investment section according to the published guidance.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Um, where is it??

    CNS: It's not that easy to find. Click here and there's a link on the right hand side.

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn't seem to be working……….go figure.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just took the test for a laugh, as a Caymanian I scored 118 without any deductions……..phew, I can still live in the country I was born and raised.

  13. Fred the Piemaker says:

    CNS you should ask DOI for the full list of points for profession.  A quick run through the ready reckoner shows radically different points being awarded for effectively the same profession based on minor differences in job title, and I have yet to see anything being scored at above 14 on the ready reckoner out of the supposed maximum of 30 (and that for domestic helpers, clearly vital to the economy).  This is as transparent as mud, and has all the hall marks of a complete mess.  Is it really their intention that no one can score the maximum oxccupational points – in which case they could have just made the max 15 – or that 2 people with identical qualifications can get different scores by minor changes to job title?  

    CNS: I have emailed them for this. Hopefully they will supply this without the need for an FOI.

    • Anonymous says:

      It says on the web site that 15 points have not been gazetted yet s the maximum you can get is 15 out of 30. It does appear that a pool cleaner or gardener scores significantly higher than a teacher or accountant.

      • Anonymous says:

        That's because I need a good pool cleaner and gardener more than a teacher or accountant.

      • Anonymous says:

        I see that Aircraft Cleaners earn 13.8 points, much more than the Airline Pilot (3.0) or the lowly Air Traffic Controller (0.0, not a typo….  zero!).

        I applaud the new transparency but this is raising as many questions as it answers.


        • Anonymous says:

          That’s because we have awesome Caymanian pilots and air traffic controllers. Those Caymanians who have educated and qualified themselves for these two jobs should not have competition imported for the long term. We have enough Caymanians to fill those jobs.