Two Jamaicans arrested for illegal landing

| 02/06/2014

(CNS): The RCIPS is cracking down on immigration offences, a spokesperson said, as two men appeared in Summary Court Monday charged with immigration offences. The two Jamaican nationals were arrested on Friday in West Bay following a joint operation involving police officers from the Drugs Serious Crime Task Force Unit (DSCTF), the Uniform Support Group, K9 and the Immigration Department. The two Jamaican men, aged 28 and 24, were arrested for illegal landing and were subsequently charged. Following their appearance in court, they were remanded in custody until their next appearance later this month.

DS McDonald of the DSCTF who led the operation said, “local law enforcement agencies will continue to work together to address the threats posed by persons who enter the Islands illegally.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While i agree that the laws of the land should be uphold and respected; let us not be too overzealous in the prosecution of these illegal immigrants to our islands. Many prominent Caymanian Employers (both business and personal) obtain advantages and profits from these illegal immigrants at times. When caught, they should be treated with respect and in a manner conducive to good governance of the law. They come here as most of us do to seek out a better standard of living both for themselves and their familities and for different reasons they infringe on our laws.

    I believe that the employers should be equally responsible for the save return of these persons.

    Show some love and forgiveness for the less fortunate people sometimes!!! The truth is that many who live among us on thes islands and have assimilated were in fact illegal immigrants!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Did they bring Cigarettes???

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are a lot of residents from certain countries who bring their families and foes over stating that they are vacation.  Immigration stamps this as approved bearing in mind half of them know the individuals.  The next thing they are running up and down looking for jobs, i.e. cleaning, waitress, constructions, mechanic, you name it they all seem to have apparently the qualifications bearing in mind some of them can't even correct English. Then Cayman wonders why they have a high crime rate.  The police or law enforcers should be hitting the hot spots and pulling these people to one side and ask for their ID's or paper status.  Guarantee there will be loads of people being caught.  I was residing in one area and when the persons from government where checking the numbers of people residing on island coincidental the persons living in a home where not be found.  Strange that.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    COnfused. How did they land? A private jet? A commercial one? Did they go through customs?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It baffles me that such a small country can not get control over those illegally residing and illegally landing. XXXX

  6. Anonymous says:

    The immigration want to find illegal immigrants.  Then go to the Red Cross chop shop every tuesday morning at 9 am.  There you will be able to find every illegal immigrant on the island.

    Oh I forgot also  go to Wellys Cool spot on Sunday mornings. Jus becareful yopu dn't get shot at.

  7. Something to think about says:

    We need Immigration enforcement on the streets. Ask the unemployed workers lounging around who they work for, and then prosecute the work permit holders!

    Our society cannot support people who come here without any means and it is a recipe for disaster.  We need to make an example of local families that employ someone for one or two days a week only and then leave them on the streets to scratch out a living beyond their paperwork.

    You would be surprised of what prominent families or otherwise well respected persons condone and engage in this horrid practice. We need to practice what we preach and not make excuses for a hiring helper who only works 15 hours a week or a construction man who only has 20 hours a month of work! This entitlement and that you can process the paperwork and hold someone under sleep like conditions must end!! We need to seek enforcement to clean up our streets and clean up our own act.

    Enforcement here is an easy way to "dragnet" these people. Simply put an ador in the printed newspaper for a job that pays $10 an hour with a reference.  Please prosecute the work permit holders as well as the under employed workers.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do agree with this writer  There were times when the Immigration did have Jeannie and her Shake Down Crew but are are no longer around looking on side corners etc and things are getting worse.  I do hope that Immigration and the Police will take more control over this kind of things AND please do not offer them bail.



    • Agree says:

      Agree.  Time to hold the local famiies who employ these people accountable.  Also, they overstayers are a nuisance. Again, place an advert and man the dragnet= easy.

      I am tired of going into a shop with my toddler son and constantly having someone ask me if I need a nanny for my child.  I always ask, "Are you working now?" and the answer is always the same, "No. A local lady holds my permit, but has no work for me."  Soooo just HOW are these hundreds (thousands?) of people surviving?  And I wonder why we have shoplifting and petty theft?

      WHERE is our Immigration enforcement??

      Mr Premier, this is YOUR area….so crack down on the non-working expats loitering on our streets as well as please disband your Business Staffing Board at Immigration.  (They pass so many WP waivers they should just open a business staffing plan branch at the recruiter's offices!!)

      Alden, this is your mess to address.


  8. anonymous says:

    Obviously no serious crime or drugs about anymore.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Arrested  for ilegal landing.  What happen to the days when this was controlled by Jeannie Lewisand her shake down crew. They were making sure that there were only a few ilegal immigrants., because they worked; they shaked down these crack houses and illgal run apartmments from Monday to Friday and Monday Morning you was in court and Monday eveing on the late flight.

    Immigration is not doing a bad job now,  I would say that Cayman Immigration is more feared than any other in the world.   Take a day and just sit down inside and watch the crowd.  They are swetting from headto toe in   the cold aircondition.


  10. Anonymous says:

    O dear god no.!!!!!!!! The police are having another crackdown!!!!!

  11. JoJo Jr says:

    You want to sneak into Cayman on your own terms, bringing who-knows-what with you?

    Nah' today, Bobo!

    • Anonymous says:

      We could learn from the US.  How many Haitians have reached their shores?