Coach faces almost five years jail in sex crime case

| 04/06/2014

(CNS): A local sports coach who was recently convicted of defilement after having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl was sentenced to four years and eight months in jail Tuesday. The man, who cannot be named because of a court order aimed at protecting the identity of the girl, was 29 years old at the time of the offence, in March last year, and was coaching the teenager, who was just 13 years old. Justice Charles Quin, who presided over the case, described the coach as grooming the young girl, gaining her trust and then abusing her. He also expressed his concerns that the man still did not grasp the seriousness of his offence because he believed he was in a genuine relationship with the teen.

The judge acknowledged that the sexual act was not as a result of force, and while it was unlawful it was consensual. However, the judge said the coach was a mature older man acting in a supervisory role, which was a serious aggravating factor. He said the man had groomed the 13-year-old girl, who believed there was genuine affection between them and had then taken advantage of the situation for “his own selfish sexual gratification”.

Justice Quin said that the perpetrator, as a father of a son who is the same age as the teenager he had abused, must have realized that there could be “nothing right, proper, normal or legal” about the relationship.

The judge said that, given the circumstances and the breach of trust in the case, the starting point for his sentence was seven years. However, as a result of the coach pleading guilty from the outset Justice Quin reduced the sentence by 33.3% and arrived at a figure of 4 years and eight months. The judge also ordered an eight month sentence for possession of an indecent image of a child to run concurrently, as the coach had videoed the incident of unlawful sex on his phone.

During his verdict the judge pointed out that cases of older men defiling young girls was increasingly prevalent. In this case the age of the coach and his position was of particular concern and the judge noted that playing sports at a local club should be a safe haven for young people and not a place to be viewed with apprehension and fear. Justice Quin said a sports coach is a person young people should be able to look up to for protection and guidance.

The court had also heard that in the wake of this incident the victim and her family had suffered from bullying at the sports club, which had forced her from the club and made the circumstances even worse. Since then, the teen has been sent overseas to school, where her grades are suffering and the family fears she will lose her scholarship as a result, compounding the impact of the coach's offence.

The judge also raised concerns about the coach's possible re-offending. He said it was regrettable that there are noprogrammes at HMP Northward for sex offenders and that a social enquiry report had noted that this defendant would benefit from a particular programme to address the risk of further offending. As a result, the judge ordered that the man face regular psychiatric evaluation during his time in prison to ensure he begins to understand the impact of his offence and that, whatever he may believe, he was not in a normal affectionate relationship with his victim.

The judge noted, however, the coach’s own very troubled background and the abuse and neglect he had suffered as a child. The defendant’s father is also serving a long prison sentence and his mother died when the coach was only sixteen as a result of her serious drug abuse problems. Before that the coach was both sexually and physically abused by one of the men who sold his mother drugs.

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  1. jackob says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Adult males and females need to realise that children are children until 18 years old.  Does not matter how developed they may look, how smart they may be, or how mature they may act.  It is bad enough for two kids to become sexually active but it is the result of two experimental childish minds.  When an adult is involved it is the responsiblility of that older person to hold ground, do what is responsible and stay away from those younger.  What apart from twisted sexual fulfillment can you achieve with a girl of 13!?

    Older men need to stop lusting after girls that have not reached they're 18th birthdays.  Large age gaps are ok I guess if there is love there but not like this.  If you have to convince her not to tell or she is afraid to tell her parents about you, then she is too young to be involved with.  Learn that please!  Not long enough but glad for the sentence passed down.  Maybe it hopefully deters others.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If my children suffer this faith I am not so sure I would have the strength to face a society that consistency places the genders in boxes…..telling girls to "be modest" don't "tempt" men with your body and while accusing boys of not being men because they are sexually active. This is classic rape culture.

    Being naked is our most natural state. We are all naked under out clothes. Sexual violence and sexual abuse has little to do with modestly. 

    Modestly is determined by the males in any culture, in a multicultural society such as cayman acheving perfert modesty is difficult. I believe in respecting the cultures I reside amongst and accordongly I dress a certain way out of respect for others as i don't want to make them feel uncomfortable but I could walk around butt naked and still feel comfortable in my own skin.

    I was raised to know that I am more than my sexually unfortunately when these young children are used they begin to see themselves as just a sexual object. Often becoming overly promiscuous and engaging in high risk behave. This is often reflected in the way they carry themselves. But it is society that tells them their selfworth is compromised. 

    I have several relatives both male and females who were molested by adults in the community. I can see where their self esteem has been affected. My fear isn't that they'll become abusers, my fear is that they will raise another generation of victims. 

    We need to have a sexual crimes task force. We also need To educate our children. There are classes in the school system that teach sexual education that are geared towards prevention of STDs. Their should be a clear and safe way for children to report sexual abuse. 

    We need to stop raising girls to believe that they have the power to control the choices the sexual deviants. We need to stop linking a mans worth to his sexual exploits. Sick minded people use many excuses to target and justify their actions, sicker people yet justify it for them. 

    The sports club should issue an official apology to the community. This won't happen because I am very sure that this isn't an isolated incident. Here on island many of those in coaching and leadership positions see nothing wrong with taking advantage of our most vulnerable. 

    I can not see myself reporting an incident to the authorities. I see myself seeking justice on my own terms. Currently the system we have in place doesn't protect the victim. If cayman doesn't want to report all sexual offenders in a public forum they should at least supply such as list to schools and programs that are charged with supervising underage children. 

  4. Winston Connolly says:

    Whilst I am comforted that justice has been served, this again is not long enough in my mind. As a society we need to show that those who would hurt our most vulnerable MUST be severely punished. This will hopefully show a zero tolerance position and deter others.

    At the same time we need to mandate help for these perpetrators. 33.3% reduction in sentencing only if they sign up and undertake counselling and rehabilitation activities and sex offenders courses. In fact until they do there should be no ability to consider parole or sentence reduction. The fact that this person seems to think there was a real relationship in this situation is troubling. 

    I would also suggest that all coaches dealing with children undergo "Darkness to Light" training – along with those who have been convicted of crimes to fully understand how prevalent this is and what the ultimate cost of the victims and their families is as well as the cost to society.  It is also something all parents should undertake- our children are too precious to do otherwise.

    There are resources available for both victims and perpetrators. It's time that we mandate their use and try to stem this alarming and growing trend.

    Winston Connolly

    Fifth Elected Member for George Town

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that Mr. Connolly is in an ideal position to ensure programmes are available and that they are mandated for all sex offenders.

      Right now they don't seem to be routinely available — as they should be — but according to this report theydo seem to have identified an appropriate course, if I am inferring correctly, and the judge has asked for regular psychiatric examinations, presumably to see the progress that is being made. It seems to me that in our relatively small numbers we should be able to individualize a suitable programme via some suitably qualified on-island professional.  

      Given that possibility and that this man did plead guilty thereby avoiding some of the distress to the victim and family of a long drawn out trial, I feel satisfied that five years is a just-enough punishment — although it will do little to assuage the damage he has done.

      let me make it clear that this whole sorry situation makes me mad as hell — but we can't throw 'me in jail and throw away the key.  We have to hope for rehabilitation and treatment so that this man can hopefully rejoin society as a better adjusted individual.

      He will be in Northward just short of five years, enough time for him to think soberly about his decisions and for some substantial work to be done to help him.

      I also hope that the sports clubs will take more seriously their responsibility to screen persons who elect to work with youth,  bearing in mind that persons with these inclinations gravitate to these roles — so they can have the contacts to groom the vulnerable.

      i hope that this particular sports club can reflect on how it handled this situation and the aftermath, that caused this victim to be bullied and driven out.  If u do not have responsible, aware leaders at the top, u need to clean house and hit the reset button.

      and most of all, to our parents: you have to get involved in your children's lives.  Keep an eye on the interactions between coaches, etc., and your children. This means that you have to be there! Get involved!  Find the time — otherwise you will ultimately have no choice — situations will demand your attention — and possibly in a very painful, if not tragic way!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said Mr. Connolly.

  5. MEM says:

    Well have the revisited the 9 month sentence that worthless scum got for sexually molesting his own daughter?????????????? XXXX more money from gov to feed and clothe them now!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The offender needs to be named! While the victim deserves to be protected, so do all the other children who may cross the path with the offender in the future, especially when the judge expresses concern that he may re-offend!!!!

    Why the hell is Cayman so backwards?!?!?!

    • Anonymous says:

      This problem is not exclusively a Cayman problem.


      This kind of c**p occurs all around the world (and worse).


      That said, the perp must be dealt with severely.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is within both of their reputations to keep names quiet. You people need to open your eyes and put yourselves into the situation. God is them both and hes watching over them, thank you!

  7. Anonymous says:

    While I think this is an appropriatre sentence it does seem to be inconsistent with the light sentencing in previous cases.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree it is inconsistent — hopefully now the judgments will now bear greater consistency — towards a more substantial penalty such as this one.

      I pay tribute to Justice Quin — his compassion, intelligence and understanding of the issues are very evident in his comments and sentencing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Powerful testimonies from the two victims who posted. My sincere sympathy with your respective situations and I hope you can find the necessary fortitude and support to continue to heal. Sexual abuse is dispicable in every way and the long-term effect on a victim is incalculable. The least society can do is to hold the abusing bastards fully responsible and the Courts sentence them accordingly.

    Also, why is Sandra Catron's inititiave of "outing" these vile people being blocked?? By doing that, the powers that be are condoning sexual abuse. Straight up! Imagine how powerful that tool would be in helping some sickos to not repeat their actions. Jail + outing in a small community! Think about it!!

    • Anonymous says:

      6:01    I wish I could click the thumbs up more than once. I'll be doing it from home a well.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This man is sick and deserves more than 4 years in jail. XXXXX football club that supported him and allowed him to continue to work with kids after the facts were known are a disgrace and must never be given public funds and support again they protected a child sexual predator.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which football clubs? I cetainly would like to know to ensure the safety of my children……

      CNS: We would not be able to post the name of the football club as that would help to identify the coach in question, which in turn, would help to identify the victim.

      • Anonymous says:

        Keep asking and eventually someone will tell you.

        Parents before putting your child in any program I urge you to go check it out yourself.  Ask questions and get more than one opinion.

        I also urge you to drop by sessions unexpectedly once your child starts, keep those coaching your child on their toes. If they have nothing to hide they should welcome you to view sessions, albeit not making yourselves a nusiance just for the sake of it, because some parents can be a pest and stress their child out.

        It is a disgrace, CIFA I don't know your views and do not wish to judge but you should have insisted that the club ask the coach to step aside whilst the case was in progress.

        As for the club they should have stood up and ask the coach to step aside until. They should be ashamed for keeping him on and if it is true, blaming the girl, she is a child. Had it been their child I bet it would be a different story.

        That coach should be banned for life, and never allowed to coach ever again. Take it from me he will re offend, sick individuals like him never change.

        • Anonymous says:

          #1The club did not allow him to return to any trainings after this came into light.
          #2 The parents of the child were at EVERY SINGLE TRAINING.

      • Anonymous says:

        he would have coached scores of children, how can naming him identify the victim?

    • Anonymous says:

      Before you go and accuse the Football club you need to get you facts straight. From time he was arrested, and everything came to light,  he was not allowed at any of the fields without he had a game, he wasn't even able to train with his team mates, and for you to say that the team should not get publc funds or support, do you realize how many kids that team has helped and still helping? do you know how much kids that same team as help to go to college/university??? and how much they have given back tote community? I guess not.   #knowyourfact# would you want the sport to stop for your team if one reckless person messed up? I DONT THINK SO.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Start the sex registry list ppm!

  11. Anonymous says:

    As a parent how is hiding the identity of a sexual predictor, who shows no remorse, in the best interest of the community? 


  12. Anonymous says:

    I congratulate the family of this young victim for its courage in bringing this case to light and taking appropriate action.  I pray that the parents and this precious young girl will come out at the other end stronger and with renewed faith. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to cope with all the pain and emotional distress that this has caused, particularly in our small community.

    I hope that they draw strength from the fact that the perpetrator is paying a price for what he has done.  

    I myself have been a victim of sexual abuse — from older men in my family.  These abuses have never come to light.  I have never told anyone in the family for fear of being called a liar and being otherwise ostracized (that was how I viewed it as a child).  I believe it might have been healthier for me for it to have come to light and the perpetrators punished  rather than my harbourimg these resentments over the years — which by the way have brought backlash from the family who do not know why I have such a "bad attitude"). 

    i hope that parents will open their eyes and understand that they must cultivate a trusting relationship with their children so that they can come to them with a sense of safety in which to disclose these abuses.

    And by the way, reflecting on the so-called "consensual" nature of this relationship, I remember being at around the same age as this lovely young lady being wooed by a friend of the family, despite his being almost, if I can guess today, twice my age.  Fortunately it did not progress to becoming sexual, but I do recall feeling I was "in love."  In my undeveloped teenage mind I had "consented" to this relationship — but I had no idea what I was doing and the adults around me were not sufficiently protecting me.  When vulnerable young girls are given affection by older men they can fall prey to these feelings — it is called, as the judge said "grooming" and should not in anyway he viewed as "consensual" in the adult sense of the word. 

    I hope that no one concludes that this so-called "consent" in anyway diminishes the guilt of perpetrators or creates any burden of guilt on victims. 

    On the bad behaviour of some in the community towards this family, I say shame on you.  It displays woeful ignorance of the dynamics of sexual abuse and a lack of compassion for the resulting suffering. 

    I will continue to pray for the recovery of the victim and her family and hope that they will draw strength from their courageous act in standimg up for their daughter and in saving others from potential harm.



    • Anonymous says:

      Well said for speaking up and speaking out. As a male sexual assault victim I completely understand your difficulty stepping forward. I never did. Who is going to believe a boy didn't want sex? 

      Cayman, step up, step forward and save your children. I live a life looking to see how others look at my kids to make sure I don't see the look given to me when I was their age. The extra long stare or coy smile, just look out for your kids and protect them.

      Sadly, society in Cayman is not always on the side of the accuser. To step forward takes more than I had in terms of courage, humiliation, the teasing and more. Sadly this lady appears to agree. There are way too many sexual crimes in Cayman and way too many people protecting the perpetrators.

      It will take a complete community realignment of values to support the youth. Don't brush off an attempt by a kid to talk to you…. They won't come right out. But if you listen and you hear the worst, support them all the way.  Because anyone who can commit a crime on a child can do it again and science has shown as gratification is reached, the crimes may escalate.

      It has happened with the blind eye shown to petty crime that grew to petty break ins and is now a full on war on the privacy and security of everyone of us.  The same is happening to our kids.

      Please, hug your children, and protect each and every one the best you can.

      God bless!

      A Survivor!