West Bay man charged following machete attack

| 04/06/2014

(CNS): In yet another violent incident dealt with by local police, one man is custody facing attempted murder charges and another is in the critical care unit at the hospital. An RCIPS spokesperson said that at around 3.30pm yesterday afternoon, officers responded to a dispute at Rainbow Lane in West Bay. A 62-year-old resident received a number of chop wounds and was taken to Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town, where he underwent emergency surgery and is currently in the critical care unit. Police arrested a 43-year-old local man at the scene, who was charged with attempted murder and is due to appear in court Wednesday

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  1. Anonymousand says:

    Apart from the obvious (drug-heads with machetes on their bicycles hanging in front of WB Police Station) how about randon (or targetted) stop+searches of paroled burglers and violent offenders?
    RCIP is only reactive -not responsive at all!
    But then, i saw the first WB cop in years on bike patrol today!!
    Is there hope?