East End farm land project will take time

| 12/06/2014

(CNS): The minister with responsibility for farm land has revealed that the goal to offer local people access to land on the old prison farm site in East End will take some time. Kurt Tibbetts told finance committee earlier this week that a paper was due to go before Cabinet and the individuals serving on the committee have been tasked with identifying the various steps that will need to be taken to create the application process but he could not say how long it would be before gardeners and farmers would get access to the land as a result of the magnitude of the project.

He said lands and survey had begun work on assessing the fixed boundaries but the lay of the land may take government some time to work out the best way forward for its use.

Answering questions about the newly proposed idea to break the former prison farm land into lots that can be leased by local growers and farmers, by East End member Arden McLean, Tibbetts also took a list from the independent member with some 36 of his constituents who have already expressed an interest in using the land.

He said he was not able to say how soon things would happen but as a policy the government wished to achieve and with the necessary resources it would do it as expeditiously as possible. He said people would be utilizing the land long before the end of the current administration. Tibbetts said the committee would in the end determine the acreage and type of farming that can happen on the different plots as he pointed out the land was not uniform and it would suit different needs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why can't the land be sold to pay down the debt?

  2. Until the acres and acres says:

    of maiden plum that passes for farming in East End is used properly Govt should not be giving more handouts.

  3. Jordanian says:

    Hi this idea is my idea i give to mr bush gov …ppm doing my idea claim cridet. 

    Hope the do it …let us pray 



  4. Anonymous says:


    Same ole same ole, Kurt will never change every thing is soon come or I am told this is how it is. PPM is known for there elaborate studies of which helps to pay back campaign donations and keep the economy down and everyone starves to death in the process. At this moment in time the only true politicians is ARDEN and EZZARD they are trying hard for the people of these Islands

  5. Anonymous says:

    Typical lazy, selfish politician. When the new world comes, there will be no such things as politicians and the history books will speak of their wicked legacy. Thankfully, we do not have long to wait. After their New World Older control matrix fails, they will get their reward. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    East Enders

    Go  stake your claim now! 

    Rope off your plot of land start working it.

      Dont let govt tell you.

    You tell Government.

    I know some people allready on the land  using it for themselves

    • Anonymous says:

      How is it that no land is ever made available to citizens in George Town and other districts.

      Come on Alden lets talk! You descend from East End is that it?

  7. Mark Hennings says:

    Fabulous idea guys, give away a bunch of land that going to provide income for a bunch of cheap foreign labour and a meager income for 5 local farmers,

    rather than,

    use the land to put up a solar array that will lower the cost of power to all of us.

    We have idiots working for us.

  8. Anonymous says:

    everything takes time with kurt……a lot of time…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let’s make it very clear! The land is not the farmers land, it belongs to the Cayman people!! If they aren’t going to sell me. Cheaper produce than the supermarkets then, the land should be utilized for another project, say a solar farm, to reduce out utility bills!

  10. Just a Simple Caymanian says:

    Nice Picture, I wounder who backyard that… LMAO…. I like to Farm there. look so peacful and heavenly

  11. Anonymous says:


    kurt 'soon come' tibbetts.

  12. Anonymous says:


    Do not worry, this is sure going to take a lot of time because all of the new famers will be compeing against Kirk Tibbetts who is a farmer also

    Good luck my friends !!!!

    • Anonymous says:


      Thanks for taking the time out to let us farmers know it will take some time to make this farm land availible.

      So different from the last Minister who had this in her hands. Four years and no courtesy shown to her people.

      • Anonymous says:

         Kurt , for you to say to farming which is so badly needed in the cayman islands  and the farmers that want to farm . That getting the land to them to start farming would take some time.. This sounds like when they say you need education to get these  jobs , and when you get the education / degree , then some one that dont have the education get the job. . THIS  IS A SHAME AND  A  DISGRACE  TO  THE PEOPLE / ISLANDS  THAT  VOTED FOR YOU .