Legislative changes pave way for conservation law

| 27/06/2014

(CNS): Some six months after the historic passage of the national conservation law in the Legislative Assembly the minster for agriculture brought two amendments to the House on Wednesday when parliament resume after the long finance committee hearings. Minor but necessary changes to the plants and the animals lawswill enable Cabinet to implement the much anticipated conservation law and allow the formal creation of the environment council. Cayman, will once the necessary formalities are in place, final have some limited protections for its terrestrial wild life.

In addition to the passage of the animal laws the government also dealt with amendments to the tax information exchange laws to pave the way for automatic exchange. The LA had resumed on Wednesday after it had dealt with the finance committee to pass the budget through.

However, the proceedings were dominated by the opposition leader over Wednesday and Thursday as he sought to bring emergency motions dealing with the airport scandal and the question of what he has called the unfair treatment of hotelier Cleveland Dilbert and his application for a marina in Cayman Brac. (Check back for story on CNS later).

Following the heated debates on the two motions which both failed, the premier adjourned the parliament ‘sine die’. As a result the government was also forced to carry over three private members on immigration and import duty from the opposition leader and government back benchers.

Although the premier has said he is keen to set a more formalized time table and regular hours for the country’s parliament to meet so far this goal has remained elusive.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This piece of legislation is useless.  It doesn't protect against the government changing it or making exemptions when it suits them. Minister Panton has hoodwinked the public on this one.

  2. pmilburn says:

    It will be nice to see this MUCH needed piece of Legislation put into practice as we have no other tourism attractions to entice our visitors but a pristine environmemnt and without it we are dooming future generations and many many jobs will be lost if we do not protect our fragile environment.