Karate kids graduate with flying ‘belt’ colours

| 02/07/2014

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Purple Dragon dojo’s latest grading event resulted in a 100 per cent pass rate among its students. Professor Don Jacob, the founder of the Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu System and world champion, who judged the young martial arts learners said the 100 per cent pass rate showed determination and skill among the local Purple Dragon students.“In total we graded 91 students and were very pleased to say they all passed their individual tests and each went on to the next level of competency,” the professor said.  “Grading is very important for Don Jitsu Ryu martial arts students because it allows them to progress by earning the next grade belt colour.”

He explained that each grading is a test of the students’ physical abilities as well as their mental determination. “I’m impressed by the standards achieved here at the Purple Dragon dojo in Cayman,” Jacob added.

Sensei Floyd Baptiste said the grading started with 13 students who went from Brown belt Third Kyu to the next level of the Brown belt Second Kyu, while two students went from the second level of Brown belt to Brown Belt First Kyu. For these two students the next stage is preparing for the coveted Black belt,” Sensei Floyd said.

In addition, there were four new Red belts moving up from Purple belt, six students went from Blue belt to Purple belt and fourteen students went from Green belt to Blue belt and one even earned the title of Elite Warrior. There were also two Orange belts that went to Green belt and one White belt that went to Yellow.

The second day of testing focused on beginners, with fifteen young students moving from White belt to Yellow belt, and nineteen Yellow belts moved up to Orange belt, with one earning the title of Orange belt Elite. Fifteen Orange belt students also made it to Green belt.

“We are delighted that each of our students worked so hard to reach their personal goals,” Sensei Floyd said. “Don Jitsu Ryu martial arts training is extremely demanding on students and they have to work very hard to achieve progression within the system. We congratulate all 91 students and we thank Professor Jacob and Sensei Tarick Bowrin for taking the time to grade our students in this way.”

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