41 Cuban migrants wait out weather in Brac

| 03/07/2014

(CNS): As the numbers of Cuban migrants passing through Cayman waters continues to increase, officials are urging residents to report all sightings of vessels carrying the migrants. On Wednesday evening a boat with 41 Cuban migrants aboard arrived in local waters. When the vessel arrived in Cayman Brac, the eight woman and 33 men asked for safe haven  for just 24 hours to wait for a weather system to the southwest of the Cayman area to pass. This is the second boat in less than week and officials said it demonstrates the increase of Cubans on the move.

Residents across all three Cayman Islands are urged to report any possible migrant boat sightings to 911, as government struggles to deal with the mounting pressures between the increase in numbers and the delays in repatriation by the Cuban authorities.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Worth noting that we paid $7.7mln on 4 new fast interceptor boats and a fancy marine base on Grand Cayman for the Marine Unit less than 5 years ago for SAR and interdiction.  The routine exercise of the second half of the mandate seems to be highly selective in practice, so much so that the public is called upon to alert them to the strange comings and goings they are supposed to be on top of with these tools.  It is of little comfort to read this admission of reactionary policing when it comes to our permeable border and various cargos after being provided with the equipment to do the job.  

    • Castor says:

      The request for public help is normal in all jurisdictions. In the US, Canada etc. this occurs regularly as people who live on the coast, yachtsmen and fishermen are very aware of local boats and marine traffic normally seen in these waters. Extra eyes to assist the Coast Guard, Navy or other patrol officials is always appreciated.