UK police forced to be polite and accountable

| 14/07/2014

(CNS): UK police officers have backed a new ethics code that could see them punished for being rude to the public. The Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers across the UK services, said it fully supported the code, which also includes warnings about the use of drugs or alcohol and having sex while on duty. The move comes as controversies such as ‘Plebgate’ and alleged corruption are said to have shaken public confidence, according to reports in the UK press. The code, which is based around nine core principles, will go before Parliament next week and will apply to civilian staff as well as officers.

Police would face disciplinary action and possible dismissal for breaching the code, which also urges officers to speak out about rule-breaking colleagues of all ranks. Based on accountability, fairness and honesty, the guidelines were drafted by the College of Policing to help improve the reputation of police services. It follows a warning issued by Home Secretary Theresa May when she said the police must either change or have reform forced upon them.

In a statement, the Police Federation said, "We fully support the code of ethics that further enhances the standards of professional behaviour, and sets out clearly exactly what principles and standards that the public and colleagues are entitled to expect from all within the policing profession."

If officers breach the code a range of sanctions are available from verbal warnings to formal investigations and ultimately being kicked out of the police service

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  1. Anonymous says:

    From I was a child now in my 60s i always heard "we were under England" in what way? only some things really apply to us here in Cayman?"  If? just if? an officer breaches the code, sanctions can be brought upon such person and even be kicked off the force" then in the name of God can so much crap be experienced by the public from "some" of these officers, and not only the UK officers, but every nation that cannot find jobs in ther country are wearing the Cayman Islands Police Uniform, from grandmother to dutchy this friend, friend business has corrupt every entity in this country, they have invaded Cayman as the lineage of "black birds" one find a grain of rice and their whole herd move in for the kill. Immigration, Permenant Residence and Status Boards are the ruination of this country and the day to day corruption that weighs these islands are on your shoulders of :-  "is who that? is me friend that" Stop this s–t! Stop it .Caymanians has no where to run, think of us and our heritage it is unfair to our generation now and those to come. Years ago I heard that Arden McLean made a remark that if he had win the election he would put Cayman back 50 years, at the time I thought this was a foolish thing to say, but today as I look around I do thinks in many areas of life "we true born Caymanians needs to honestly look back to yester  years and do something about the situation(s) in our country. Cayman in a serious condition and many ways I do hope between the UK and the few sensible people we do have left (alive) will over look the discrepencies and do something fast because many flags are being hoisted and I am afraid the English flag will soon not be seen. This is my home land and I want to enjoy the God fearing, hard working and honest legency my forefathers left behind for us all! Yours for a better Cayman, and I don't need any points from Red Cross or anyone else to clench on to my heritage.




  2. Anonymous says:

    What I find appaling is that police officers in the U.K. have the need to be "forced" to be polite to those they are paid to serve i.e. the public. It seems a uniform and numbered badge have for too long been some kind of licence to be rude. I recall driving to the airport to meet my wife a number of years ago and encountering a U.K. officer of thisilk, and there may be other morons from the U.K. still here whose behaviour is equally rude and disrespectful towards their employers. If you are reading this and you are a police officer and you think you have some kind of "power" over the public that enables you to be rude and disrespectful towards them, let me tell you, you are unfit to be a police officer and a disgrace, so get your act together and develop some integrity or do us all (including your colleagues who behave themselves, of which there are many) a huge favour and resign. Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must be speaking to more than half of the RCIPS and that does not include those officers from the UK.  The RCIPS need a overhaul and I personally would not mind having all recruits from the UK after all we belong to the UK and is governed by them.  I would rather deal with a officer from the UK than having to deal with those in the majority at the RCIPS at present becasue they have no idea or concept of the law or how to be polite, they are a very hostile bunch and should not be allowed to be police officers here in Cayman.  I say good riddance to the lot and let us replace them with well trained officers from the UK.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, always assuming they are different UK officers than the one I encountered. He shouldn't have been in the police as he was disrespectful and oafish in manner.  And prior to this experience I encountered a number of officers in the UK over my 25 years of residency who seemed to think they could also be rude and uncivil with impunity. Certainly there is the need, in the U.K. for a new "attitude" on the part of U.K. officers, hence the news piece, so the facts speak for themselves, surely.

        As for non -UK  officers presently in the RCIP who think they can be rude and out of order,  I would give you a caution, and that is to behave yourself whilst interacting with the public. They pay you for your service, not your absence of manners, and you will be held accountable for what you say and do from this point on, and if necessary face disciplinary action. (And I am a big supporter of law-enforcement, by the way, and we have many hard-working andprofessional officers in the RCIP and the U.K. who are doing a wonderful job, I fully appreciate. It's the bad apples I'm after.)

      • Anonymous says:

        Our police officers in Cayman are disgusting! They treat the public like crap, they run you off the road in their cop-cars and they talk to you as if you are an immigrant trying to sneak into the country, as if you have no rights! What has happened to the world? Not that long ago Police Officers were well respected members of the community. People knew them, and spoke well of them, they did not abuse or mistreat the public then, but today? Totally different. The officers today are like somethingout of an Army camp, they have no empathy or sympathy for citizens in ANY situation, they are cold-blooded and abuse their Authority on a DAILY basis. These are not people who are here to protect and serve us, the people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "Having sex while on duty"  So we weren't just playing dress up that other night? That is why you left so quickly after…

  4. Anonyanmous says:

    Home Secretary Theresa May, please make this a directive for the RCIPS not to worry more than half of the force will be gone and the people of these islands would be glad to accept some of your well trained officers.