Immigration officers warned about first impressions

| 26/07/2014

(CNS): The deputy governor explained to a group of new immigration recruits about to hit the front line in Cayman's border control that they would be the first government workers that visitors to Cayman will see. He urged them to take their new jobs seriously and consider how they interact with people as they are responsible for the first impression of Cayman. "This is a serious responsibility – take it seriously," said Franz Manderson. The civil service boss urged Devin Bodden, Staciemae Jackson, Yannick Powell, Jarrett Terry (left) and Marco Thompson to do their vital job well, regardless of personal bad days, ill-health, lack of sleep or emotional upsets. He also advised them that climbing the corporate ladder was about getting "noticed in a very good way”.

To do that, he said, they had to be consistently reliable, punctual and provide the best customer service possible and to remain ambitious. Having served most of his civil service career at immigration, Manderson said he had been determined to give a good impression.

Welcoming the four men and one woman into the immigration family, Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans described their role as the islands’ gatekeepers. She also explained about the induction programme, which involved 12 months of extensive training, as she asked them to maintain a positive and helpful attitude towards customers and fellow workers.

Evans spoke about the need for teamwork in a good immigration service as well as knowledgeable officers, and urged them to keep up to date on the relevant laws, regulations and policies. The head of border control also said it was equally important for the officers to be open to change and provide feedback to help solve problems and enable the department to remain dynamic.

During the graduation the new recruits received awards, which included the most improved overall award, which went to Powell, while the award for consistency in effort and application of laws, policies and procedures went to Thompson. Jackson received both the highest overall proficiency and highest academic average awards, while the officer rating highest on 33 skills encompassing attitude, knowledge and expertise was Bodden. Selected by his peers for the Spirit Award, Terry gave the student address. Emphasising their achievement in completing the training period, he remarked that they looked forward to challenging but exciting careers.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Deputy Chief Officer Wesley Howell said it was of vital importance that they represent themselves well in and out of uniform and spoke about work-life balance.

Below: The new officers share a moment with Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans, her deputies and other staff of the Immigration Department.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I still want to know why customs had to power up my computer and look thru it when i registered it to go on vacation Something is just wrong

    also it took 4 people to approve the paperwork

    furthermore they entered the value of the computer at 1400 I paid 249 at walmart


  2. Anonymous says:

    Just be friendly and fair. You can do your job well and with a smile on your face and still demand respect…..however, if people notice that preferrential treatment is given to some, do not be surprised if that respect that should be given to customs is going out the window….Whether someone is family or a friend does not matter when they cross the border…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Mr. Terry, continue to shine and make us all proud!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Customs are the ones with the condescending 'power attitude' with such a backward view when it comes to import infractions at the airport.  One customs guy will hold up an entire line while he goes through every piece of a persons luggage.  

    Why they cant practice sending the selected passengers to a dedicated search area and continue the line is just plain draconian and stupidity in its best form.  It seems to me they are more nosey than detective.  It appears to be the mostly younger ones here too.  The older customs officers are more friendly and curteous.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Immigration staff have always been pleasant. They aren't the problem. It is the attitude and behaviour of the customs staff. They are a whole different breed of individuals. The seasoned customs staff are pleasant. It's the new ones. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    The last few times I have arrived Ms. Jackson has processed me.  She has been excellent.  If she is the standard of the Immigration Department, she and the Department should be the exemplars for the rest of government.

  7. NO PAY! says:

    How about INCREASING PAY for Immigration Officers. I understand that police has increased theres.

    • Anonymous says:

      how about your increase in pay, goes towards a gym membership and an attitude change… Actually no, Customs are the one who need an attitude change

      • Anonymous says:

        Pay scales should be inversely proportional to body mass index that way the public funds used for wages would increase and save money.

    • schutzstaffel Kaiman. says:

      Surely the chance to be hand picked to serve is enough.

      Remember, the oath "my loyalty is my honour".