Sunday trading up for debate

| 01/08/2014

(CNS): The PPM government has signalled a clear intention to revise the Sunday trading laws and has opened a public discussion about lifting the shopping ban. Wayne Panton, the financial services minister who is also responsible for local commerce, said he wants to modernize the law and make it more appropriate for the current business environment. He said the goal was to revise the legislation to give merchants the opportunity to open on Sundays if they wanted to. The minister said it was part of government's goal to encourage economic activity, support local business and even create jobs, as he encouraged the wider public to submit their views on the newly drawn up consultation paper.

"We want to understand the views of the general public and all key stakeholders so that government has a guide for developing appropriate policy on the issue," he said.

Following comments made by the premier in the budget debate about changes in the law offering consumer flexibility, fairer competition among retailers, while respecting family life and religious considerations, government will be looking for cross the board support for revised legislation.

The lifting of the shopping ban has wide support in the community and objections come mostly from churches but government will be hoping to strike a balance with a law that does not interfere withthe rights of everyone in Cayman to rest on Sunday if they choose and to practice their religion. However, it is also seeking a modern way to allow those who want to sell, work or shop on the weekend day the ability to do so as well.

Theconsultation period will last for two months until 30 September and those wishing to make a comment or offer their thoughts on the way forward can contact or at the Department of Commerce in the government building on Elgin Avenue in George Town at suite 126.

See full draft consultation paper here.

CNS poll: Should the law be changed to allow for Sunday trading?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so we have sunday off as God took a day of rest. Now let us think further, God had just spent all week creating the earth, the universe, the skies and oceans, the animals and humans. Frankly He deserved a day off as he had a very productive week. Now what did you do last week that deserves a day off?

  2. Walker says:

    What about strip clubs? They would be good for the economy  and would put people to work. At least the husbands would be entertained when the wife goes to work on Sunday.

    just saying……

  3. Anonymous says:

    Allow everything…..

    -Sunday trading 

    – legal numbers

    – liquor in supermarkets

    – government offices open

    – schools open 7 days a week

    – brothels

    -strip clubs

    – abortion clinics

    – 24 hour bars

    – no last call at bars

    – legalized marijuana 

    -right to bear arms

    – right to carry pepper spray 


    – nude beaches 

    – scientific experiments not allowed elsewhere 

    – omov






    • Dred says:

      I would say you are going a bit too far….I am not sure we want schools 7 days…the rest look fine….lol okay just kidding. Many of the others are not in play but I would be open to casinos.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its not up for debate, its coming.  This is the ppm way of creating an illusion that they care about the electorate comments.  It helps people forget about important stuff like omov etc

  5. Anonymous says:

    In the event it has not already been addressed, could some of the opponents of Sunday trading confirm what it is they actually object to?  If it is the principle of Sunday being a day of rest, do they boycott all establishments that are presently open for business on Sunday, or is it that they object to businesses opening that don't provide goods and services that they want to purchase or avail themselves of?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sunday is a day of worship for some and others it isn't, if you work in the hospitality or medical field sorry but Sunday is the same as Monday. The little convenient stores in West Bay are alllowed to be open from 7-10 and trust me they do very good business, so if Cox or Fosters want to open on Sundays then let them do it. It'll be a boost for the economy and help create new jobs as well, liquor stores shouldn't be open. I would also alter the T & B law to allow the supermarkets to sell wine and beers. Since we have the illegal numbers system why not start an official Sunday national lottery, by implementing these3 new laws will add about 2-3% to our yearly GDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      How has this foolishness become a priority when the Premier said something like he is toobusy 'trying  to keep the Government together and run the country' to take time for the single member constituencies he promised me.  Broken promises.

  7. Nana says:

    What about those who have to work round the clock to suffice employers?  They have families too!  Sunday is the only time for them to have quality time!  A society that doesn't have quality time ends up raising children the wrong way!  You guys are a bunch of jerks!  Money isn't everything!

  8. Anonymous says:
    Is this only about supermarkets? Or is this about Something else? 
    Most people work Saturday and Sunday without overtime as it stands now. These are people in the financial industry, hospitality, hospitals, police, gas stations, airlines, convenience stores, etc. It would be nice to have the supermaket open, but it is a 'nice to have' and not something that is mandatory. 
    What could stimulate the economy is to have all government service offices open on the weekends. Not just Sunday but Saturday too. Even better would be extended opening hours during the week. 
    Here's how if could work: automate mostly all functions. Order documentation online and pick up in person from someone at the counter.  Provide this person with a bar code, or something which makes this easier to find the document ordered online. 
    This suggestion can work for various offices: registrar of companies, passport office, land and survey, police clearance etc. If originals are required then provide at the time of pick up/analysis etc. 
    As for the ongoing customs issue. If that place was open for extended hours and Saturdays and weekends, then maybe an efficient system would arise. Rather than the nonsensical system in place now. 
    Instead of following other countries. Cayman can set the standard for efficiency.  Extending government hours and days shows the world Cayman is serious and open for business. 
    • Anonymous says:

      As a general rule, the underlying value in an idea  expressed on CNS is inversely proportional to the length of the paragraphs used to explain it.

      • Anonymous says:

        07:12   Arrogant snob. Your post is better suited to the Compass newspaper .

      • Anonymous says:

        Seems the poster attempted paragraphs. Maybe editing in the comment box altered it. Look at the spacing between sentences above. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It's about the supermarkets…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure brother mac will agree aith Sunday trading…oh wait…maybe not. It's the PPM's idea.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Quit trying to bring other people into this. Stop trying to detract from the big issue to Caymanians – JOBS – or lack of them for Caymanians. This government is doing nothing but allowing employes to push us out left right and center.  Shame on them.  Who cares about Sunday trading.  This is being brought about only to appease a select few business owners.  

      • Anonymous says:

        There are plenty of jobs and the Government's basic policies on employment and residence have reduced employment chances for Caymanians by driving more business away.

    • Dred says:

      Actually he tried but he sided with the Churches who's vote he was aaahm ummmm acquiring no that's not the right word…..coercing…huuummm nope…..well you know….."trying" to get. I mean the NBF had to count for something right?

  10. Anon says:

    I vote for the status quo – leave it as it is. We will never win with the argument against every bar opening on Sunday – this should be for the hotels only – so I say leave the law as it is, even if the convenience stores, gas stations and pharmacies are not following the law as to what items they can sell. It's working fine! 

  11. Anonymous says:

    BOOOOOOOO will the people who want businesses to be open Sunday's ever have to work them ? NO.  They just want the added profits, with no concern as to the loss of rest and family time. The convenience for a few is not worth the sacrifice for the many workers.  KEEP SUNDAY'S AS FAMILY DAY. It is the day of rest. It makes this country a better place.  

  12. Anonymous says:

    I believe this discussion was only intended to take people minds off of OMOV. Why the urgency? Leave it alone. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    I say Yes! to sunday trading.

    Businesses and people should have the choice.

    Just to name two major inconveniences currently; 1) Most residents work Mon – Fri, and Sat is jam packed with most people doing errands (see supermarkets etc.) 2) Add to that most tourist arrival are on Sat (many late evening) and they are already tired, need to get to their condo and then back out to shop. Many people (including myself) would prefer to shop on Sun when things are not so busy.

    Govt. need to just scrap the current law altogether and allow for choice!

    • Anonymous says:

      That's what restaurants are for. Enjoy the culinary capital of the Caribbean on Sundays, if you're unable to plan ahead. Don't ask people to work 7 days a week.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to wonder how all the Saturday arrivals have managed up to now.  Oh wait maybe because they might be on vacation they might just use one of the many open restaurants. After all you did say they might be tired didn't you?

      I have yet to hear one single tourist say they are not coming back because the stores are closed on Sundays.

      • Dred says:

        Obviously you have not spent a single day in the tourism industry. I spent over 15 years and can tell you that I heard complaints all the time about it. The gammot ranged from not returning to telling friends about it to changing the way they would visit the next time they came. However this is one side of the coin. For locals who work longs hours during the week and simply don't have the energy to do the Saturday run or maybe just want to avoid the Saturday chaos that is Fosters then this gives them an option.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have worked in the tourism sector 30 years. Never heard one complaint, only comments and many of those comments actually wishing their home country was like ours with quiet Sundays.

          As for the "Saturday Chaos" at Fosters its very easy to avoid.  I shop in small amounts all week long on the way home from work and find the early and late opening ver convenient.

          • Anonymous says:

            I have been a tourist for close to 60 years at various times in my life and like my Sundays quiet.

          • Anonymous says:

            Good if that works for you, however others should be given the choice!

            And if you have worked in the tourism industry for 30 years and not heard any complaints, I would suggest there something wrong with your hearing…or your willingness to listen!

            Still, the greater concern here seems that Govt. should not be outlawing some businesses (and by so doing, inconveniencing residents/visitors) while allowing for others (ie bars) be open.

            You can of course continue to not do any business on Sundays…others should be able to make their own choice!

          • Dred says:

            Then they must have you in a basement somewhere. AND I highly doubt even there you would have avoided hearing it so you are probably just out and out lying because I could easily call 5 or 10 people and have them say the exact same thing. PS I worked front desk at the Hyatt Regency and Marriott.

  14. Dolla wine says:

    I wanted to buy some fruit for the kids to have for breakfast this morning but I couldn’t. So I picked up a couple of numbers instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Surely you did not get that idea froma good parenting magazine. I mean insted of a healthy breakfast for your kids you fed them numbers.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I think those that argue that Sunday opening will increase prices really need to have someone explain theconcept of fixed costs to them, probably in pictures if possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are talking about a group of people who think the world and all species appeared by magic 6,000 years ago.

  16. Walker says:

    This country is a well dictated. There was a reason our forefathers had laws on the books. Our country was unique, healthy, emerging  and growing because of  these laws. Ifwe change them what will make cayman any different from Chicago, Los Angeles. Look at how many people came here from their home country  to make cayman their new homes. Do we want another India, Jamaica?

    time longer than rope ppm.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suspect the dive tourism and offshore financial indiustries will be at least 2 things that separate Cayman from Chicago and Los Angeles.  The fact that you might be able to buy produce from a supermarket in all 3 is a less important factor for consideration.

    • Anonymous says:

      We already have another India, Jamaica, Manila, London etc on our hands. They don't care and in fact, it is their human right to be here, so tough doodoo.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Everyone in the country knows how materialistic Cayman is becoming and how the almighty dollar has replaced God in the country's affairs so why not go all they way and open things up?

    Sunday shopping, gambling and any other way to get more money.

    Intead of God let us worship greed. 

    Glad I won't be around to see what Cayman becomes.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you're going can I have first dibs on your stuff?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't worry about this. The cleansing will come. Live, love and worship your Creator. Peace to you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ok listen carefully.  Opening on Sunday will not grow the economy.  The factors of production would have to increase in tandem for that to occur.  How would the economy grow?  Demand for financial services and tourism would have to increase, or demand on anything new generating hard currency for goods and services sold to the overseas markets. The only thing you might pull off by opening on Sunday is a redistribution of some existing cash at first, but don't expect an additional opening day of retail stores to magically increase overall demand.  Equilibrium would occur quickly. Do people need more groceries because fosters opened an extra dayin the week?  No! Demand and job increases will only occur if we have an increase on demand for our export services, which hopefully the new hospital will help increase.  Focus on getting government spending down, the culture of entitlement in our younger generation altered (but not squashed because locals should come first where they actually produce), education up, and diversifying our economic base.  We would then been position to grow as the world economy recovers.  I can't believe how short sited our leaders have been from all parties.  Marco does give me hope though.  And yes in case anyone is wondering my forefathers did go to sea.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask Fosters if they want to open then hold back on future comments of they say yes…  By the way, that is STFU if they agree…


  19. Henry says:

    So if my boss forces me to work on Sunday does that mean I get Monday off? When would I spend time with my family? When my son turn to gangs because I was too busy working for the corporation who is to blame?

    if this law passes, we better build a bigger prison! Our leaders all gone mad for the almighty dollar! Whilst we are at it too, schools should not get summer or Christmas breaks don't see the sense of  them going on holidays since more school days would make them smarter. Same concept of this bogus one sided idea.

    omv can't come any sooner.

    • Dread on Dread says:

      An analysis of the Progressives strategies and their modus operandi past and present leads one to believe that this Sunday Trading focus is just another scam of theirs.

      look people we have been wanting minimum wage legislation in this country fe ions and all and sundry politicians have waive red because they don't want to upset their Business Masters . So, they have decided without thinking for themselves but through the payola consulting process that an extra 8- 10 hours of work will increase the pay checks of workers in the retail and tourist sectors, more volume sales for the merchants who will increase their profit margin slightly, and only pay straight wage without overtime , no more double pay on Sundays will cover the minimum wage in the mentioned sector. At the end of the day the workers dem don't really gain, but the businesses do and there you have an increase in wages albeit to the workers detrimenr.

      People we are unique, let us keep our uniqueness, let us not be follow fashion, let us not give the Regressive Government of the a Day  the ability to pay back their Business sector Masters for their campaign support. This talk of if ya run out of milk and bread on Sunday there is nowhere to go is utter nonsense, why should we change our tradition for people who do not care about themselves enough to ensure that they buy adequate supplies during the week.  As for the Tourism/visitor , the lack of groceries pertains to condo owners. It should be known that it is possible for them to request Condo a Management to provide them with the minimum supplies for late arrivals wouldn't this be a Cayman Kind ting,but of course,they  would have to pay for the expenditure plus a service fee.. Alternatively, we have restaurants fast food and slow food where these people can be directed to.

      Do we want to be our own Masters and keep our way of life and traditions, or do we want to just throw away part of our culture for those who don't respect us and ourway of life. The time coming when those of you who wished to represent the people will not be called to serve because of your injurious actions against your own traditions against your own will and for the goodof those who once you are out of the power throne will ignore you and forget about you. This is no way for you to leave a lasting legacy politicos!

      Think Cayman you Representatives, think Cayman, that is what you were elected to do.


    • Anonymous says:

      You are a moron. Whether you work on a Sunday is a matter of a contract between you and your employer. You have to agree. Once you have agreed, you will be bound BY YOUR AGREEMENT! if you do not want to work on a Sunday, do not accept a position that requires Sunday work.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS I think we need an idiot button

  20. Anon says:

    If stores were open on Sunday my wife would have gone shopping and I wouldn't have had 6 kids now.  Damn if dancing were allowed I would have probably had only 3.

  21. Anon says:

    This should be great news for all those 2000 qualified Caymanians currently unemployed who diligently seek employment opportunities.

  22. Anon says:

    A bit off topic but didn't PPM have all the answers to all of cayman's problems during the last election campaign? Why is it that every issue is up for consultation?

    This one is no brainer just like daylight saving time.  Let's get it done guys that why we pay you the big bucks.  You get paid the big bucks to make decisions not to conduct surveys or engage external consultants to make decisions for you!

    Or are you avoiding decision making so that if anything goes wrong you have a consultant to blame?  Please tell me that I am not going to hear PPM election campaign speeches such as "We didn't want to downsize civil service – it was the EY experts!"

    We have elected you to lead us. As such, please stop delegating decision making and start leading.



    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM don't do anything.  Because doing something might cost them their precious votes.  Alden is spineless and lacks any leadership qualities.

  23. Amazed says:

    I am amazed. Sunday trading is a priority, but OMOV is not ?. It's amazing the trivial things they have time to do, but the important things that approx 7000 wanted they do not have time for. Wake up PPM 2017 will be here quicker than you think. 

  24. Dennis Smith says:

    Every law, rule, regulation and restrictive process is a brake on the economy, no matter how well intended.

    Obviously some are needed but many are out of date, redundant, antiquated or just plain self-serving.

    The Sunday trading law is one that should be scrapped in its entirety, not jury-rigged. The idea of restricting Sunday trading to just some segment of the economy is also bad.

    Some businesses will decide to trade and some will not, but imposing restrictions always has more negative repercussions than positive effects. Lets not change one bad law for another that is just less bad. 

  25. Anonymous says:

    I guess no one has worked in the hospitality industry, i cant tell the last time ihad christmas off let alone sunday lol come on now we all know sunday is a day for chur… wait is sunday rum point day ? 

  26. Anonymous says:

    I read the comments posted here and some are very heated and with passion . I for one dont agree with Sunday Trading …. But what about Saturday Trading?  if you looking to get religion involved. I say leave it up to the business owners . If they want to open or close either day Saturday or Sunday, let it be up to them with imput from their employees.

    Not everthing has to be decided by Government, they can Screw things up too … Just look around examples are all about.

    I am a business owner in the food and beverage and I choose to close Sundays and will remain close even if the LAW say otherwise. My staff have a set day off and a weekend day to enyoy with family and friends. Yes I could be making a few extra dollars on Sunday but for what, and at what cost. GREED?

    We dont have to follow other countries let us be our own leader for once.


    Thank you


    • Dred says:

      Thank you. That's constructive and appreciated. I believe what most of us is saying is simple. Leave it to the people and the businesses and don't make it a law.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I would be able to buy a six pack from the liquor store on a Sunday!! I’m in :)!

    You guys lost the War with the West Bay road, next on the Hit List, Turtle Farm.

    Since the island is on it it’s way to hell in the PPM handbag, might as well allow lottery and legalize Weed while we’re on a roll!!!

    Way to go guys!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well my religion has Friday as a day of rest/fun and if we continue to close up shop on Sundays because of religion then we must also close up shop on FRIDAYS so I can rest and have fun. I have other friends whose religions/beliefs require them to rest or have fun on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so I say lets just close up shop everyday and rest and have fun………..oh wait we can't do that can we ??? Ok PPM have I made my point ? Moreover, it cannot be a free market if the market isn't free to operate according to market demands ! We need to stop this 19th Century thinking !!!!!!!

  29. Knot S Smart says:

    I agree with this only if the courts will make the former slave owners pay directly to the former slaves…

    And they wont be allowed to share with anyone alive today who have so much opportunities to make their own lives better and to make the world a better place…

  30. Anonymous says:

    Well most countries have business open 7 days a week.  If a business is open on a day that a person does not agree with for varies reasons, that does not mean the person have to do business on that day.  For example, if the law is change to allow business to open on Sunday in the Cayman Islands, that does not mean I as a person have to go shopping if I do not believe in shopping on Sunday.

  31. Low-Tech answers says:

    I agree.  Not sure Sunday trading is a good idea.  We all get used to buying groceries 6 days a week and the pharmacy and gas stations are open for necessities .  I actually like the quiet of Sundays.  Church-going aside, this is not a debate about church, it is a debate about business economics.

    We don't need booze, retail, lumber stores, and hair salons open on Sundays.  I see the worker abuse going up with 50+ working hours a week or more I'm afraid. 

    IF businesses want to operate on Sunday make it a new license on a probationary period that is reviewed to prevent abuse.  (Businesses must prove costs do not increase and workers are still operating under the law for 42 legal hours per week.)

    I think DST would be a better economic boost and easier (Both PPM & UDP promised this, but have yet to deliver.)  Give me another 2 hours to work with New York each day (Morning and evening) and +1 Hour with London please….now THOSE extra working hours just make sense for 2 critical pillars of our economy= The lucrative financial, law, and accounting industries & Tourism.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just ask for shift work at the office to accommodate dst. Simple. Lots of offices do it. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Jesus never demanded anyone to follow Him; he asked people to follow Him.  He gave us all a choice!  For someone to legislate religion is hypocracy and they are just using religion as a means of controlling everyone else's freedom to do business.  Devious suckers they are, but pretending they are Christians.  Get rid of the doggone Sunday trading legislation and let those who want to open shop, open shop and those who want to go to church, go to church.  Just give employees the freedom of choice to have 2 days off per week of their choice, one of which should be a weekend day.

  33. Joe B says:

    Just some more (look! We are working again) with no results other than money spent on themselves.  Caymanian leadership needs new leadership to have any kind impact on Caymans problems.  Caymanian voters need to step out of the third world mentality to make their government work for them.  NOT soon come.

  34. Peanuts says:

    A useless idea. Sales for the Supermarkets will not increase, the cost of doing business will. This increase will cause a increase in prices. Overall a dumb idea that is in line with the changes at customs. What next a causeway to the Brac!

    • Knot S Smart says:


      A lot of posters here cant see further than their noses…

      It looks like I need to give my pen name to those who have not the sense to grasp the implications of this proposal…

    • bearbaiter says:

      Uuuuum, a causeway to the Brac. Sounds like another really great PPM idea. Let's have a public consultation!

    • Dred says:

      How daft can one get? Do you know that a major proponent for this was the Fosters group do you honestly believe they would want this if that was true? Simple minded people.

    • Anonymous says:

      We're getting a causeway to the Brac!? 




    • SKEPTICAL says:

      What about tourists arriving on Sundays, renting condos who need some basic food and drink supplies

      • Anonymous says:

        As a tourist that comes to your island 2x a year, it is quite easy to adjust to stores being closed on a Sunday. It is also mentioned on Trip Advisor frequently that if you travel to your shores that stores are closed on Sundays and to buy supplies in advance or how to pick up supplies to get thru until Monday.

        I enjoy the quiet of the island on a Sunday. I believe everyone deserves the family time/day off and wish we had the day off up here (U.S).

  35. Anonymous says:

    I could care less about religion, but you can kiss family life good bye if they pass this. Cayman has something special with Sundays off, and it should be protected. Leave this one the way it is. 

  36. Anonymous says:

    Everyone says "the business owner can choose whether to open or not on Sunday." That is complete rubbish. The COMPETITION will decide if they open or not. Businesses that want to stay closed will be forced to open if their competitors open, otherwise they loose the sales.

    Once everyone opens, your sales won't increase, but your open 7 days a week now instead of 6, so operating expenses go up 15%, salaries, and soon to follow, prices. Retailers would be crazy to support this law.

    • Anonymous says:

      By definition, if 'competition' is a factor in whether a business trades or not, then their must be profits to be made otherwise it's not a competition it's a stalemate with potential loss. Sunday opening has been law in the UK for a while now, and it doesn't seem to have any negativity on working hours for staff, religious observance or business profits. 

      What it has done is allowed people the freedom of choice, encouraged tourism, opened up weekend ghost towns and given the economy a boost.

      But of course, the UK is governed by strict employment legislation ensuring that a minimum wage is paid to all, hours are regulated, time off is guaranteed and all religions are treated equal. Cayman has none of this and unscrupulous Caymanian owners, who are quiet happy to observe their church edicts on the sabbath, are not so keen to pass their hypocritical views down for the benefit of their staff.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell that to Chik-Fil-A.  Going strong since 1946. That's 68 years and still closed on Sundays by their own choice.

      Must be taking the competition quite a while to send the message, eh?

      • Anonymous says:

        You are so right, the likes of MacDonalds, Burger King, KFC etc have failed to grow to anything like the success of Chik-Fil-A.

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone who has never heard of fixed costs . . .

  37. Anonymous says:

    I'm in favour of Sunday trading laws so long as we can also accomodate all the religious traditions of our diverse community.


    Many Islamic traditions have Thursday and Friday as days of rest. Let's shut donw the shops!

    We need to close trading by sundown on Friday night anyway to accomdate the Jews.  All day Saturday for the SDA adherents.  All day Sunday for other Christian traditions.

    Traditions of adherents to the Universal Church may celebrate a Sabbath rest day every 8 days, so we need to add in a rotating trading ban that will fall on a differnt day of the week ecah week.

    Wiccans may celebrate Sabbath traditions according to various phases of the moon.  For them lets take off every full moon, new moon, and quarter moon too. Any Cherokees among us may celebrate a four day long Sabbath of sorts after every new moon. Thai, Chinese, and some Buddist traditions also observe a Sabbath according to a lunar calendar. 

    With luck, shops can open some Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays depanding upon the phase of the moon.  At a minimum there would be one trading day each week, except if the new moon falls on a Sunday in which case all shops would be closed for ten days straight.


    Or, perhaps we could just let store owners set their own hours and we can chose to shop or not in accordance our personal beliefs.



    • anonymous says:

      I am a Jedi and our days of quiet reflection are strictly observed in accordance with moons of Tatouine. Currently they fall on Tuesday afternoons until Thursday evening. I can work Sunday's no problem although I may need a uniform and payment either in Denari or Empire dollars.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ok so trading on Sunday. Great! What about government offices? Will that be open on weekends? Or is this just for supermarkets? Because I see other stores open on Sundays. 


    The only benefit is having government offices open to do business. So the people that work during the week can get things done.Supermarkets open, great but it has worked this way so far anyway. Will they all end up as 24 hours supermarkets? 

    • Anonymous says:

      It  is called Sunday trading and not Sunday working for a reason. Shops, storesand some financial businesses trade, administration offices, construction sites and government offices don't.

      if Cayman wants to see a growth in tourism, Sunday trading is inevitable to accommodate those who arrive late on a Saturday evening or on Sunday. As Cayman has little in the way of hotel or resort stock, most tourists have to supply their own provisions, Sunday trading will serve that sector well.

      As for 24 hour opening, absolutely no need considering the size of the population.

      • Dread on Dread says:

        Please explain how Sunday trading is going or can create a growth in a tourism. Pleeeease tell us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like we want to have our cake and it too.

      Want to cut Government but want them to open ow on Saturday.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why would they need to open at all? If we were in a normal place all services could be done pretty much online..would cut the traffic in two here..

  39. Anonatymous says:

    1 problem with the process:
    WHO shoud make these rules for Cayman – Legal Voters/Citizens…or ANYONE who has access to a comouter (locally or overseas)?
    They are setting this up as a one-sided SDA victory…
    But then, what angelic person is heading the campaign?

  40. Anonymousand says:

    Do they have any idea how this will impact the Lucky Numbers + Alcohol sales on Sundays?

  41. Anonymous says:

    A big fat NO! Moving into the 21st Century, freedom of choice, etc, absolute rubbish! Ideas like this are driven by greedy businessmen who have no  scruples about squeezing the poor employee to make even more profit. The employee laws here are already some of the worst in the developed world, starting wages of $3 an hour, no paid holiday, pensions not paid into, etc. look at the example of what happened in England years back: Sunday is now just another day; employees do not get double time for working on a Sunday, personal Religous preferences are pushed aside and  families are encouraged to see Sunday as a shopping day rather than as a day for quality time together. Please do not go down this road for some cheap electioneering.

  42. Anonyanmous says:

    There still first world countries in Europe such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria that have the same or similar trading laws like those in Cayman.  Have a read for those who think that is not the case in the 21st century.  These countries have pretty much the same standard of living like Cayman, attract just as much tourist and have a similar financial industry.

    Caymanians need to stop allowing people to come here and change their culture.  The government need to stop amending the law just because a loud minority wants something.



    • Joe B says:

      What culture?  If Cayman didn't allow people to come here even what is known as Caymanians would not be here.  That means you and your family.  Cayman has a way to go yet to be considered a first world country because the people and what they call a culture are still third world.

      • Anonymous says:

        You're a bit rude

      • Anonymous says:

        By definition Cayman is first world, and Switzerland is third world.

      • Anonymous says:

        People like you 07:44 make fine examples of who the kind and welcoming Caymanian people should never have allowed to set foot in these beautiful islands. They do have a culture, a beautiful and gentle way of life that your type have disrupted and are eager to continue to plunder.  Take the time to get to know and respect the wonderful Caymanian people, as I and other guests here have done , instead if attempting to insult and degrade who they are as a people.  My hope is that Mr Panton and other politicians will realise that the no trading on a Sunday law is one of the things that attracted many of us visitors here, indeed it is this respectful way for your Caymanian Christian heritage that my family and I have admired and appreciated most. What will you change next? The beautiful and meaningful  Coat of Arms and  "Upon the Seas" ?   I urge the Caymanian people to stand firm, protect their beliefs and traditions and refuse to compromise them for the sake of greed. Do your research and understand that there are indeed other countries who respect their traditions similarly and have not caved in to cries for change and so called modernization. Keep NO trading on Sundays just as it is please! Blessings to these wonderful islands. 

    • Gotcha! says:

      you are just lying. thanks for the link. obviously you took no time to read it, or you assume we wouldnt. early closing times law is refered in the article as DRACONIAN LAW and it was removed a few years ago from Germany, so your point is…… Lol. I gotcha!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry buddy you're wrong, Germany still has selective Sunday trading.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now there's a view from a backward looking, isolationist  if ever there was one. Stop sitting in front of the computer and travel more.

      Germany does have restricted opening, but does allow tourism centres and public transport centres to open retail outlets.

      Switzerland is much the same, allowing small shops, tourist area and public transport hubs to open retail centres. In addition, some cantons allow shops to open upto 4 times a year.

      Austria is again, much the same.

      However, these three nations only represent the German speaking nations, they do not represent the vast majority of European nations who do open on Sundays. You will note that these are much bigger countries than Cayman, so they can afford to be selective on which retail outlets can open. But one thing is very noticeable, they open to accommodate travellers and tourists.

      Cayman isn't able to be so selective, it only has one tourist town and a restricted tourism market dictated by land mass and accommodation availability. It doesn't even start to compare with major cities in Europe or elsewhere. This island doesn't have a choice if it wants to expand its tourism business model, it must offer access to provisions and the chance for tourism based businesses to open their doors on a Sunday.

      • Anonyanmous says:

        In reply to "Now there's a view from a backward looking, isolationist  if ever there was one. Stop sitting in front of the computer and travel more".

        I say to you know your facts because evidently you don't know me neither do you know of what you are attempting to write, I have travelled to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as a result what I write about is from personal experience. The web site that I gave is to verify that which I write.  
        Like Austria, Switzerland and Germany, Cayman also allows commerce on a sunday albeit on a limited basis.  The Pharmacy, Service Stations and all restaurants are allowed to be opened on Sundays absolutely no tourist and native will die of hungry on a sunday because the supermarkets are not open, likewise they are able to find the basic necessities in anyone of the service stations.
        As for those countries being bigger than Cayman that is true but in the event that you don't know tourists from those countries and other European countries have been coming to Cayman for a very long time.  I worked in the tourims industry for a while and never had a complaint from one European visitor regarding the stores being closed on a Sunday. My frist trip to Europe was in the 1990s and I spent two months there and I can tell you one fact I was in Salzburg for a week and never once did I see a supermarket open and in case you are not aware this is a very important tourist destination in Austria because it's the birthplace of the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart world renound musical composer. Millions of tourists travel to Austria on a daily basis especially to Salzburgh and if this does not deter them from opening supermarkets and essential conducting trade on Sunday as any other day then why should we, surely they would have more to lose or more to again.  Tell you what the chancellor of Austria is Werner Faymann tell him how backward and how much of an isolationist he is as we share the same views on Sunday trading.   You should find your own upotia and leave Cayman and Caymanians with their Sunday trading laws.
        It is people like you who go to countries find gulliable people like "Caymanians" and set about destroying their culture andway of life.  Often you pull the wool over their eyes until you get your foot in the door and when this is done you begin to tell them now to live and often force them to abandone their way of live and adapt yours.  Caymanians had better wake up because history won't be as kind to them as it has been for the American Indians it might be like what it is for the Arawak Indians.
        Enough Said, "NO" to repealing the Sunday Trading Law…. and another ting "When you go to Rome… do as the Romans do."  
        • Anonymous says:

          11:39, when did you go back to Europe if your first trip was in the 90's?

          There has been quite a bit of chage, perhaps you would have heard of the European Union and their views on Trading?

          The days of thrusting one's religious views on an entire country are long gone, and if they are not, then watch the news and you will see what happens when you continue to do so.

          If you are such a Christian, why only church on Sunday? I though it was a full time thing?

          Churches hate Sunday trading because their collections would dwindle, you see thats the day that most people attend and contribute because its most peoples day off.

    • world aware says:

      Something tells me that you don't get out too much.

      By trying to compare Germany, Switzerland and others to Cayman's current situation is just a non starter.

      Whilst Sunday trading is not practised en masse in these countries, there are still places open. These include, depending on the kreiss or state, the legal brothels, (prostitution is legal all of the time in all of these countries,) gambling and the lottery, and collecting free heroin if you are a registered addict in Switzerland.

      Ganja is decriminalized throughout all of these countries, all of the time, and bars and clubs stay open 24 hours a day in most cities. These include gay and lesbian bars which are plentiful.

      Germany, Austria and Switzerland have consistently also been the longest running eco friendly countries in Europe, something that Cayman would equally benefit from observing.

      One of the major impact factors that will encourage Sunday trading is tax revenue not religion.

      • Anonyanmous says:

        There you go, dah, if Sunday trading is good for USA, Canada England and other countries does it make it good  for Cayman?

        Follow your own logic and I quote 

        Whilst Sunday trading is not practised en masse in these countries, there are still places open. These include, depending on the kreiss or state, the legal brothels, (prostitution is legal all of the time in all of these countries,) gambling and the lottery, and collecting free heroin if you are a registered addict in Switzerland.

        Ganja is decriminalized throughout all of these countries, all of the time, and bars and clubs stay open 24 hours a day in most cities. These include gay and lesbian bars which are plentiful.

        Germany, Austria and Switzerland have consistently also been the longest running eco friendly countries in Europe, something that Cayman would equally benefit from observing.

        For many people who don't want sunday trading the same holds true of which I am one.  I will leave you with what a  local politician use to say if it is not broken why fix it.  We need to learn from our own mistakes and come to understand that what is good for everywhere else is not necessarily good for Cayman!
  43. Dred says:

    Stats from this site is showing about 70% support across the board…which is what I believe you will find across the generally population….right now many people shop Saturdays that would consider shopping on Sundays possibly on way home from Church

  44. Anonymous says:

    I think for the Christians that look at the bible if thats the arguement we remember the story of Jesus talking about being able to do things on the sabath day.

    Seems that the bible is the proof to allow the opening of some business on the sunday but perhaps the arguement could be made against other places such as bars which are now allowed to be open.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why should my shopping rights be limited by the belief of a few souls in the ramblings of bronze age "prophets" who believed they heard voices from a fairy in the sky?

    • Dread on Dread says:

      Suppose I call your dad a Pansy would you react as stupid as you are doing now? To each his own, but respect others and your existence on this earth may be more fruitful. We can be very intolerant in this country please don't think we camt kick butt. When necessary and  cow cod ya too if ya rile up too much. 

      • Anonymous says:

        A rather unchristian attitude there, sweetie-pie.  You are meant to turn the other cheek aren't you?

      • Anonymous says:

        Good point, I think. But why is it we must respect your right to go to church and talk to your imaginary friends, but we can't go shopping. What happened to the freedom to choose?

        I think that comes under hypocracy, and this place is full of it.

        • Dread on Dread says:

          You can shop till ya drop Monday through Saturday, instead of spending soo much time at the watering hole. Super,arrest are opened past happy hour time U. Comply or leave there is no other choice for the likes of you. Could I come to ya country and make dictates so please enough of you.

          • Anonymous says:

            You can certainly come to my country and chose not to shop on a Sunday, because like the central tenet of Christianity we believe in free will.

          • Archie says:

            In Engrish, please.

      • Anonymous says:

        A slightly extreme reaction a statement of fact.

      • Anonymous says:

        "We can be very intolerant in this country". Thanks for that. 'Never would have guessed…

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol its sad when you know some one by the constant Antisemitic comments they make, constant bashing of other other people’s beliefs because you have none. Maybe you should quit working at a supermarket, since you obviously don’t want to work on a Sunday. But please keep the hatred to yourself. The fairy in th sky may not be real, but evil people that spew hate out of their mouth are.

      • Anonymous says:

        You  really should  learn what big words like "antisemitism" mean before you try to use them.   Now,  I ordered fires with that, so where are my fries?

    • Anonymous says:

      Shopping rights?  Where did those come from?

  46. james Pouchie says:

    if this goes through there will nothing left of Cayman's identity as a Christina Nation.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.  I have met Christina Nation, and she looked nothing like a 3 island state in the Gulf of Mexico.

      • Anonymous says:

        It's the Caribbean actually, (must be another geographically challenged American) doh!!



    • Anonymous says:

      Hurrah for that!

    • Anonymous says:

      And, shopping on Sundays could lead to dancing!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Shhh, you can't say that word on a Sunday, it's the devils work, (or so they thought in the 19th century). 

      • Anonymous says:

        Or even some book buying and some free thought and expression.

      • Anon says:

        And for sure dancing will lead to drugs and other fun things.  No way! No fun on Sundays please!

    • SKEPTICAL says:

      And what exactly are the teachings and beliefs of the "Christina" religion?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Just for perspective. As the current law stands…there are already numerous employees who work on a Sunday.

    My own mother in-law as much as I would like her to have a different job, has to work every single sunday (days off in the week) at a resturant. 

    Working on Sunday is nothing new here for professionals either. As someone who worked for a big 4 accounting firm – any day of the week is fair game for work. Weekdays, weekends and holidays (even Christmas and Easter). Some very devout chrisitians in these professions still have to work on Sunday. They come to church for service and then head to work after. Same applies to doctors, lawyers and the like.

    There are two sides to argue.

    Pro – Cayman is really behind times on this law. Anyone ever ran out of food or needed something urgently and had to drive around to ever gas station incase they had it? Or those who work Saturdays as well (6 day weeks) and really need Sundays to shop? 

    Con – It does adversely affect some employees (those who already don't work on Sundays). As a suggestion, do not make it compulsory for employees. If a business can be adequately staffed with WILLING employees to work Sunday in lieu for a week day then fine. Obviously a business has to look at the accounting/economics of it all. Does the extra day generate sufficent revenue? Sunday trading is the abilityto open business, not the compulsion. You do not HAVE to.

    A business can chose to close early on a Saturday and open for a limited number of hours on a Sunday (an abbreviated version of the hours a supermarket opens on a holiday Monday [10-4 maybe] ?)

    At the end of the day we cannot always dictate our circumstances. Look at all the unemployed Caymanians here. How bad do you really want to provide for your family? Bad enough to work on a Sunday instead of sleeping all day or going Rum Point spending money that could feed your kids?

    Voice of reason.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said sir.

      Everyone seems to be assuming that employers will force their existing employees to work seven days a week – the reality is that they could have entirely different staff for Sunday opening (many shops in the UK & France do) – or a mixture of regular staff picking up some overtime and part-time staff who may only work on a Sunday. As you say, legal protection should be included to guarantee all staff at least one day off over the weekend and prevent compulsion.

      Reduced hours are also a good idea (perhaps a set number of hours rather that specific permitted opening hours), as this gives everyone who wants to attend a service the opportunity to do so, either at the end of the day or at the beginning.

  48. Savannah Resident says:

    Folks Sunday trading is aloud now,what exactly are we arguing about here?  As previous bloggers below mentioned, we can all purchase alcohol on Sunday yet some of you wish to block shopping on Sundays?  How hypocritical is this argument?  Furthermore, I would like to see the introduction of Sunday trading with provisions to protect employee’s discretion to recognize Sunday as a day of rest if the individual deems so.  

  49. Anonymous says:

    Sunday trading should be a matter of choice. There should be no need for legislation for this issue and perhaps may other issues. Legislation is costly to create, implement, monitor and enforce. If I choose to open my establishment on Sunday that is between myself, my staff and my bottom line. Likewise if I patronize or don't patronize a retail establishment on Sunday that is my choice. Can't see why this has to be a big debate and national issue. I am a regular Sunday church-goer and many Sundays after church I have had to visit the store to get a few groceries. I've seen others whom I regard as Christians doing the same thing. My personal belief is that God has more serious issues with our souls than buying a few groceries on a Sunday.

    There are neighbourhood stores open on Sunday now. Have they been breaking a law all these years? If not, why does the law have to be revised? Not sure I understand what all the fuss is about. Bars are open on Sundays; what's the big deal with shops?

    Another consultative process to get bogged-down in beaurocracy and red tape, only to be shelved.

  50. Anonymous says:

    open supermarkets please

    • Anon says:

      …and hardware stores please.  Cold water pipe just busted so no water in the house until Monday because apparently some 2000 years ago some individual declared sunday a day of rest.   Can we stop living in BC and leap to say 2014 AD?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Another jaunt by the PPM for their business bed-fellows.

    Will they deal with the tough issues like crime, Cayman Airways, Turtle Farm, rapant welfare abuse? Noooo….

    They prefer to fulfill their promise to their handles in the business community while denying the people what they want like OMOV. Time longer than rope!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Is the decision of the employee wether to work or not on Sundays. Each employee has his contract and use to stipulate a number of hours per week of work.

    If the business want to openon Sundays, probably it will need to hire more people to work on Sunday.

    In any case, no one is threatening anyone to work on Sundays, it is your decision.

    If you consider as an employee you have no rights then fight for your rights and stop complaining and asking for help. No one gives anything from free, you need to earn it and fight for it, and no one else is goign to do it for you. 

    You want decent salary, enough holidays, good insurance and pension then join and fight for it.

    If no one accepts a job on Sundays, then all business will be closed on Sundays. If no one accepts a job under a minimum wage, then the minimum wage will be increased.

  53. Anonymous says:

    "objections come mostly from churches"

    I would object too if my customers were given the opportunity to spend their dollars somewhere else. 

  54. Anonymous says:

    Religion aside, I quite enjoy quiet Sundays with family.  Knowing the stores are closed forces me to be organized and make sure I have what I need for the one day they are closed.

    Sadly I think the community will want Sunday trading, and double sadly the politicians wanting it to stay popular will take credit for it while they serve themselves and continue to break election promises elsewhere and this will provide a convenient diversion.

    Just think for a minute.  If I am no longer forced to get all groceries I need by Saturday, but I can defer until Sunday, I haven't really contributed to their profits have I?  I have simply deferred payments.  For the cruise ship passenger the stores open on Sunday's anyway.

    Just a thought.

  55. Voter says:

    Wayne Instead of fixing the economy, you mean to tell me the best you can do is have people work every day of the week. That's promoting SLAVERY! 

  56. pmilburn says:

    Those who wish to open on Sundays THEY should make that choice and those who DONT want to open on Sundays thats their choice also.END OF STORY.Has always been such an archaic law in the first place.

  57. Anonymous says:

    cayman …a land based on hypocisy and ignorance…

  58. Anonymous says:

    debate?…. zzzzz……yep just like the debate on daylight saving time…..zzzzz

    just get these things done!…they are no-brainers….

  59. Anonymous says:

    What would Jebus do?

    • Anonymous says:

      As a Jew he would probably be quite unhappy about being unable to shop at all during the weekend, given his Sabbath was Saturday.  But then he did not really need to shop as he could could make foodstuffs appear by magic, such as fish, loaves and wine.

  60. Michel says:

    My problem with Sunday trading is that the employees will NOT be paid overtime. All while not being to spend time with their familes. Put that in the Law Mr. Panton. Overtime for Sunday workers as the already have to sign a paper (legal ?) that they shall Not be paid overtime. The business that want's to open will cover their cost. Being there and done that. People need money and not 1/2 to one day off here and there for working on Sundays instead. That is my problem as many Retailers don"t care much for the inconvenience that their Staff may face. God Bless, Michel Lemay

    • Anonymous says:

      Overtime is paid for hours in excess of contracted hours. Therefore, if Sundat becomes a normal working day and you still only work the allotted hours, why should overtime be payable?

      Or is this only applicable to Caymanians, as all those who currently work on a Sunday don't get overtime payments. 

  61. Anonymous says:

    what about dancing? 😉

  62. Anonymous says:

    I am a UK resident and the worst thing that ever happened in the UK was Sunday trading. It killed family life. There's only two days that shops have to close, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Surely a family is a family 365 days of the year not just TWO!

    • Archie says:

      Worst thing ever?  Worse than the bubonic plague, the Blitz or S Club 7?  Have some perspective.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to be confusing England with the UK.  In Scotland the stores can stay open 365 days a year.

    • Anonymous says:

      I assume that you work in the retail industry. For the vast majority of people in the UK, Sunday trading has been a very positive change, as was the ending of half-day closing on a Wednesday and Saturday (remember those days?). Banks also closed at 3pm and weren't open on a Saturday – remember that? Anyone with a full-time job had very limited opportunities to get to a shop or to the bank, so for most people the changes have been positive.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I have witnessed tourist wondering aroud town on Sundays upset because  all the stores are closed and they cannot spend money. How is that good for our economy?  Hey listen its quite simple.  if you do not like apples do not eat them, but please do not deny other people's rights to eat them.  If you don't want to shop on Sunday don't but let other people do if they so desire.  I would love to have a choice as to whether I can grocery shop on Sat or Sunday. Religion should have no place in Government matters.  

  64. Anonymous says:

    Vanity–Pure vanity and vexation of spirit! Serve God and keep his commandments is the sole duty of man…….

  65. Anonymous says:

    In think it would be a great move.  All businesses have SDA employees who request Saturdays off.  Those are your Sunday workes.  Problem solved.

  66. Anonymous says:

    If you introduce Sunday trading, then stores should be closed on a Saturday as that is the true Sabbath anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      I say amen to that. The Bible says "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holt, Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work, but the seventh Day is the Sabbath."

      • Dred says:

        Baaahhh….here is something to chew on…..worship God 7 days a week and stop being a sinner for 6 days….

      • Anonymous says:

        Correct, so if my work week starts a Monday then Sunday is my Sabbath.  Others who hold Sunday as their Sabbath probably won't shop then but then what about those who hold Saturday as their Sabbath? Shouldn't they have a choice to shop on Sundays?. Let the businesses decide if they will open or not on Sundays and leave it to the consumers to decide which day they will shop. Bars open everyday and some people still don't go to them.

      • Anonymous says:

        02.24  study that again.  The Sabbath was given to the Jews.  We are saved by Grace and not under the Mosaic Law any more my friend.  It is nothing about religion, it is Grace.  Repent and be baptized that is the way not following religion fanatics about day keeping.  Keep out of Liviticus or begin stoning people.  The New testament is the living Christ who died.  Read Romans 8

      • Judean People's front says:

        Do not tempt him shallow ones, was not the manifestation of the Juniper bushes enough?

      • Anonymous says:

        It also says "Blessed are the Cheesemakers.", but I think scholars agree that it actually refers to all manufacturers of dairy products.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure the people who are all for Sunday trading are not the already poor and disenfranchised who already spend far too little time with their families.

    Rather its the already well to do, who are sooooo inconvenienced by having to manage their affairs on the available days.


  68. Knot S Smart says:

    Sunday trading will be more convenient to consumers because they have more time to shop…

    Sunday trading will be more expensive to merchants because it adds a day to their operating expenses…

    Sunday trading will not increase the market size because consumers wont have more money to spend…

    Sunday trading will result in higher consumer costs because the merchants must make a profit on their net merchandise and operating costs…

    Oh well…

    Whatever rocks your boat…



    • Anonymous says:

      Your name certainly fits.  Sunday Trading won't be mandated, it will be available.  If a merchant's operating expenses increase then they can make a commercial decision not to trade on Sunday.  I can go to the bar of my choice and get hammered on Sunday but I cannot purchase my weekly shopping?



    • Anonymous says:

      Businesses that don't want to open on Sunday for whatever reason — on principle or because it does not make good business sense — need not open on Sundays.  This just gives a choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry – apart from the bit about it being more convenient for consumers, you are incorrect.

      Do you think a trader stops paying out money when the shop closes? He still has to pay the rent, pay for insurance, pay for lighting and security services, pay for airconditioning or to run the freezers – all the fixed costs. Open additional hours and the cost of these is spread over more sales – the price should actually come down (though this being Cayman, that will probably never happen). There is also a greater chance that goods with a "sell by" date will be bought before it spoils, reducing the cost of wastage, less chance of lost sales, improved profitability from rotating your stock more often etc. etc. 

      As for 'consumers won't have more money to spend' – yes thay will – because the employees of those shops that do open will be paid for an additional day, giving them more money to spend elsewhere. Try Googling "velocity of circulation of money" – the size of an economy isn't just based on the number of dollar notes, but also on how often those notes change hands. The more opportunity there is for those notes to change hands, the greater the likelihood of growth in the economy.

      Wherever it's been introduced, Sunday opening has improved economies and created more jobs. As long as suitable protection for employees id also introduced at the same time, it's win-win for everyone.

      • Anonymous says:

        And of course any shop that does discover it costs them more to open on Sundays than they make on Sundays will not open.

      • Peanuts says:

        14.02 I have a few questions do you now or have ever owned a business, did it make a profit, ?

    • Dred says:

      Sunday trading will increase job base meaning less unemployment meaning less defaults more money spent in local economy….which pays back the merchants….baah economic bafoon

  69. Anonymous says:

    In Many conversation concernign the richest country in the Caribbean it always is stated the sucess f the Cayman Islands.

    On the other hand, in conversations, which country is the poorest (Considered)-the answer is always Haiti

    OK, who has laws against Voddo and witchcraft and the powers of darkness – Cayman Islands!

    Which country builds Temples to reverent those powers of darkness and Voddo–where it is widely practiced as normal- Haiti…..


    What I getting at is, our success is based upon deeply grounded christian values and Laws that reverence God- and the resulting success.

    I honestly believe in keeping the Sabbath–others believe in keeping Sunday as their Sabbath–others other days. A study was done in the usa I was hearing, which stated people who keep one day is likely to have much less medical problems and live longer lives…

    Why do we have to follow other countries, when out own sucess story still stands…..

    I know this is going to prick some nerves in this comment–but reality is, Respect GOD and the Holy spirit! Without the trinity–what else is there???

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't think witchraft and the powers of darkness are not here, bobo. They are. The trouble is we cannot battle them with a form of godliness denying the power thereof and we have mostly that former here.

    • Anonymous says:

      It should be a business owners decision, not the churches.

      Religin should not dictate law, you are forcing someone else's beliefs on everyone else.

      Its that simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      The comment might "prick some nerves" if it wasn't incomprehensible!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman – an island full of one day Christians

    • Anonymous :) says:

      I agree with everything you said – EXCEPT WHEN YOU WENT OFF ON SABBATH AND TRINITY.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comment on Christianity can be taken in so many ways.  Which countries suffer the most in terms of poverty, disease and despair … those who are ruled by religion.  It is all well and good to compare poor downtrodden Haiti to the great Cayman Islands, but look at those countries whose sole purpose is maintaining some form of religious doctrine in the way that they are governed and you see all kinds of disasters overtaking them. 

      The Bible says give unto Caesar what is Caesar and unto God what is God's.   There are whole sectors on this Island who would love if the Island was shut down on Saturday because they view it as God's Sabbath.  It does not stop them from taking the bus in order to go to church.  By the same token, those of us who worship on Sundays have no problem in sitting at the table while the maid serves us dinner and keeps our home clean. Where is the Christianity in that.  

      There are stories told of people who espouse Christian values yet treat their employees like dirt. 

      Let us not make Sunday Trading into a religious issue because it is not.  It is about whether it will be economically feasible to have businesses operate on Sundays. I don't know if people do not see the irony of bars being allowed to open on Sundays but the supermarket can't. 

      • Dred says:

        The problem with your argument is that IT IS A RELIGIOUS reason why we don't have it today. Churches has for years stopped us from having this by "consulting" with their local politicians so as to stop it. We the people want it and the Churches don't.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is probably some middle ground here where opening a supermarket on a Sunday is not the start of a slippery and rapid descent to a population practising witchcraft, and rather is simply affording the public the convenience of buying a loaf of bread when they need it.

    • Anonymous says:

      So how does keeping restaurants open on Sundays honour God???

      What about gas stations? Does God love gas stations being open on Sundays??

      And hotel gift shops…why does God love them being open while grocery stores are closed??

      If you're going to claim that this nation is closing grocery stores on Sundays to honour God, be consistent and close ALL retail facilities on Sundays.

      Oh, that's right. It wouldn't be convenient to close the gas stations. You'd have to remember to fill up on Saturdays–and who can be bothered to do that for God?

      And we can't have restuarants close on Sundays because how else could Mom have a day off from labouring in the kitchen?? (Instead, have other people labour to feed the family–so we can all pretend to have servants for whom the Sabbath is just another day of work, right?) 

      I hate the hypocrisy of people claiming that Sunday trading laws in this country are about religion. Because if that was the case, EVERYONE would be enjoying a day of rest…

    • Anonymous says:

      "…Without the trinity–what else is there???…"


      Hmmm, I would think the entire univers and everything that is in it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You truly do not know how to form a convincing argument.  God and the Sabbath have literally nothing to do with success or failure of Cayman vs. Haiti.  Only simple minds try to find every asnwer in their deity.

    • Anonymous says:

      We write this as God's chosen people are in the midst of a war. 

    • Gut Check says:

      I understand your points and agree with some of them.     What about the people (service/hospitality/medical) that have no choice but to serve those who choose to observe a Sabbath?    Surely it is not anyone's right to judge them, particularly those who use those services.    

      I personally have no problem if any business or individual choose to work on Saturday/Sunday, or any other day.     I  think it is fine for people to observe their own Sabbath in concordance with their own beliefs.    

      How do we define 'work'?    Is it labor?   Is it that which produces income?    I don't run noisy power tools, lawnmowers, weedeaters, nor hammer, etc.  on Sunday mostly out of respect for my neighbors.    That's just my personal choice.    I do some manner of work every day, even if it's just laundry, or fixing something, or pulling weeds.     

      I think this is something best left to the individual or private company;   I don't think government should get involved, other than to deregulate any constrictions on our freedoms to work as we wish.



      • Dred says:

        This should have been removed decades ago because it just made no sense. There needs to be some separation of Church and State. We are not talking about ripping out our religious beliefs but allow for choice as our Lord has given to us. Did he lockoff the tree of life so that Adam nor Eve could take of the fruit? No. He gave us choices. Could he not have taken this from us? Of course he could but he granted us FREE WILL.


    • Anonymous says:

      By your thinking then Saturday should also be banned as many many believe that to be the Sabbath.  No one says any one has to open, work or anything on their Sabbath but by the way by your logic all hotels and resorts should kick guests out on Saturdays and Sundays as they need staff to work those holy days and definitely no cruise ships on those days either.


      your logic is flawed

    • Anonymous says:

      Another bafoon….and….hypocrit….bars are open…..gas stations are open…….selling groceries now is EVIL…….did Jesus not heal on the Sabbath? Ooh wow….nothing wrong with supermarkets opening on Sunday….you are just a simple minded person…period.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah real christian people that dhate peopl from anywhere else of any other race creed or color…

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it then that secularist and non Christian countries tend the be the richest and most successful?

      Jamaica is a deeply Christian country, as is Italy, Spain and most of South America, but those countries are not doing any better than Japan, China or India who are not.

      Your argument is based on blind faith, not reality or facts.

    • P.Emanuel Campbell says:

      Sorry to say but your comments are nothing but nonsense,you are one of the many blinded by colonialism and western fundamentalist Christianity which is riddled with hypocrisy,lies and fraudulence. Ancient Christianity is pure and correct,the type that originated in Egypt,Syria and Ethiopia (Africa) and not in Rome,the seat of influence that western Christianity is under. You stated that Haiti is poor (cursed) because of bowing down to voodoo while the Cayman Islands is rich (blessed) because of its christian foundation,well i would like to inform you that both Haiti and the Cayman Islands are christian countries simply because of their status and ties to European colonial powers. I bet that you would go on to say that Africa is in the same position as Haiti while Europe and the United States are blessed and similar to the Cayman Islands.Haiti is in a terrible and awful situation partly because of its colonial master and partly because of post independence corrupt politicians,Haitians haven’t turn their backs on God anymore than another other nation in the world,as far as i see and know,earthquakes and hurricanes are no more of a threat to Haiti than any other country in the Caribbean including our beloved C.I. God can take away blessings and riches from those in possession,while troubled and poor nations can be healed,the bible teaches us about the nations and its people that stretched forth their hands unto HIM,it also clearly shows us where the seat of satan abodes.Blessed Love

    • anonymous says:

      Gandalf the wise?

    • Anonymous says:

      Haiti's problem was France's independence debt extortion.

    • Judean People's front says:

      The Romans?

  70. Observation says:

    "It is also seeking a modern way to allow those who want to sell, work or shop on the weekend day the ability to do so as well."  Mmmm.. what about those who work round the clock and want or need the week day off too?  Money is not everything – Quality time with your family and love ones, which most people don't have except on the weekends. This works well for shop owners and gas station owners , etc… but not workers below their belt.

    • tourist says:

      I kinda like the idea that most stores and shops close on Sunday. To me its a beautiful thing added to the culture here.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow…they are coming out of the woodwork today…..its optional and no employer can force an employee to work 7 days a week….

    • Anonymous says:

      Noone is forcing anyone to work or shop on sunday, but it would be nice for those who want to..

  71. Anonymous says:

    This it is a glaring reminder of how outdated our laws are in this day and age when religion still dictates what you can and cannot do with your business.

    • Anonymous says:

      At the same time they should be revising the liquor law.

      Bars close at 12am to observe Sundays as a sabbath, yet they are open at 10am on Sunday before most church services have been completed.

      Where is the logic with that.

      • Dred says:

        Ooh what a tangled web we weave. My point exactly. Why can I buy liquor and not a loaf of bread? Why can gas stations sell items and not a grocery store? Makes no logical sense. STOP BEING HYPOCRITS!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It may be religion that dictates it, but it's still good for you. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally someone with at least half a brain

  72. Dred says:

    Happy to see this…was wondering which government was going to grow a pair and put this silliness to bed. People can go to bars to drink on Sunday, Gas Stations and other places sell liquor but I can't go to supermarket and buy a bread. Bunch of hypocrits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed … they need to change that/ 

      But close down the bars on Sundays/

      And keep open the gas stations and places that people will need to go on emergency

    • Anonymous says:

      all supermarkets are open from 7am to 11pm monday through saturday, are you saying that you cannot organize your life in such a way as to be able to do your shopping between monday and saturday?

      why should the supermarkets have to be open another day to facilitate you…….

      dont the workers deserve a day off also with their families who probably no doubt only get the sunday off as well.

      • Dred says:

        Some of us work…you should try it sometime instead of social services.

  73. Denise Warren says:

    This should have been allowed from beginning, we don't see any discussions about Sunday trading for the bars plus the 2 liquor stores that are allowed to sell on Sundays.  Disgusting how we have the privilege to buy alcohol on Sundays, but God forbid we can't make it to the store before Sunday because we are too busy that means we can go get intoxicated but we can't buy food to feed our family.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I agree with it.  Freedom of choice.  If you want to open on Sunday, you are free to open on Sunday.  However, employees should be protected if they want to have either Sunday or Saturday off for religious purposes without being penalized by the employer.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you remove the Sunday Trading law, the employees loose their protection. Go to any of the construction companies working on a Sunday and ask the guys how many days they worked that week.

      This is one voter voting FOR the retention (actually tightening) of the Sunday Trading Law.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not freedom of choice when dealing in a competitive business environment. If your competition opens on Sunday then you will open on Sunday as well.

      Cyman can change the Sunday busness laws and can change to daylight savings time and beleve they are movig in the proper direction but think not.

      The Chamber of Commerce are obviously in favor of the change but the employee quality of life must still mean something to someone.

      The quiet Sundays are a luxury for the country to do with as each person chooses. Church, the beach, family gatherings there lies the freedom we now take for granted.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you address hotels and resorts then, these businesses have to keep operating and it's not fair for people in those industries to say they won't work a certain day and make other employees always work them

  75. Anonymous says:


    No sunday Trading.

    The 'blind spots' in this Law need to be retracted. There is no reason for construction workers, for example, to be working on a Sunday. This is about respecting the employees and the people around where the work is occurring.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody is talking about construction workers here – its about shops being allowed to open on Sunday so construction workers can do their shopping then and not in the evenings after a long hard days work!

    • Anonymous says:

      No. Its about mentally challenged people….its about piss poor policies…..its about cronism to churches to get votes…..its about everything that is wrong in this country….like hypocrisy…..we need to mature as a society…..I spent 15 plus years in the tourism industry and it was always a constant complaint we got at front desk…

    • Anonymous says:

      It's in the headline, 'Sunday trading' not Sunday working. It means that stores can trade, it doesn't mean that every worker has to attend his workplace, whether that be an office or construction site. As most stores around the island are staffed by predominantly expat labour, it shouldn't be a problem for the local god squad to fit into their hypocracy.


      • Anonymous says:

        How foolish. Businesses that trade obviously need workers in order to trade.

        If you are going to use words inappropriately at least learn to spell them: "hypocrisy"  

    • Anonymous says:

      No, No Sunday trading, sorry I do not agree with your comments.  I feel that we are all given a choice keep Saturday or Sunday whichever, but keep one.

      Contruction workers  work on Saturday with no regard for Sabbath keepers also.

      Shop keepers and other buinesses should think about where they came from and where they want to spend life after death.

      Don't let a few dollars change that.  Don't let Politcians looking for Sabbath votes next election .change what you believe in.

      I respect the  Sabbath as a day of rest, given to the Jews.  Remember we are saved by GRACE we christians are not any more under the LAW.




  76. Anonymous says:

    The objections have only resonated from certain preferential congregations of Christian faith, certainly not all local Cayman churches.  Seventh Day Adventists observe the Sabbath on Saturday, and other residents observe the Shabbat.  The texual traditions of Abrahamic religions, and their observances, vary and Cayman as a modern cosmopolitan country should be dynamic and respectful enough to recognize that – welcoming all people, of all faiths, including agnostics.

    • Anonymous says:

      While I hear you or problem lies in this very issue. The problem is our specifics….we focus on a day. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG….if you are a TRUE christian EVERYDAY should be held holy… Christ there are no days off….this has ALWAYS been my issue with the 7th Day Adventist….they hold one day holy… you believe the Lord wants 1/7th of your attention? Give God your heart 100% of the time and you would see this issue for what it is…….NOTHING….People whats wrong on Monday is still wrong on Sunday….

      • Anonymous says:

        You don't understand the whole theological basis of the Sabbeth.  People who use religion in this  way are terrifing.

  77. Anonymous says:

    It’s not 1974 anymore people, it’s time to modernize the laws Sunday trading should have been an option decades ago!! If you want to open then do so, if you’d rather go to church then do that. But give people the option, let’s wakeup this ghost town. Currently Saturday is the only day that the average person has to be productive. It’s a no brainer the key here is to insure that employees are treated fairly in the process.

    • Anonymous says:

      So when my boss decides to open on a Sunday – and he's salivating at the idea – can I tell him NO, I'm going to Church/beach with my family? Or will I 'mysteriously' be replaced by someone willing to work 6 days a week, plusthe 7th 'voluntarily'? I know he's already looking for 'volunteers' more in need of overtime than family time.

  78. Anon says:

    Cayman takes its baby steps to move into the 21st century. Awesome!

  79. Anon is not me! says:

    Is Wayne Panton a warrior for the Seventh Day Adventist?  Then why is he pushing to enforce people to work on Sunday. This has been the Cayman tradition from old and many people have benefit from a national day of rest. Even SDA's would agree.

    • Anonymous says:

      As regards the comments from 8.48, I take a different position in support of the democratic approach being taken by the PPM to open up the subject of Sunday-Trading, so that the general public can weigh-in on this controversial matter. Although I am not a political supporter of the PPM, I nonetheless give credit where it is due. Congratulations to Minister Panton for the democratic approach he is takinng on this issue. Despite criticisms that are being levelled at him by certain hardcore Sunday worshippers, I believe that the majority of our people support  Sunday-Trading to some degree or other.

      There appears to be some amount of hypocrisy from those who strenuously object to Sunday-Trading, but who (for example) seem to turn a blind eye to the many gas stations which are engaged in Sunday-Trading. Much of the objections to Sunday-Trading appears to be based on man-made beliefs which are not founded on the Christian example shown to us by Jesus Christ Himself! Regardless of one's denominational persuasion (whether a Catholic, Baptist, Seventh-Day-Adventist, etc.), it should be understood that Christianity as  a religion derives from the belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. As a religious Jew, Jesus Christ worshipped on Saturday (the Sabbath Day)…NOT on Sunday! We as Christians should therefore follow His example.

      When considering the pros and cons of Sunday-Trading, let us consider the rights of the many Caymanians who worship on Saturday (as the Biblical Sabbath). 



    • Anonymous says:

      The SDAs keep their day holy even if the rest of cayman consider Saturday a major shopping day.  So can the Sunday keepers. It need not change for them.


    • Wake Up! says:

      Well with your logic, Saturday should be the day everything has to be shut down.

    • Anonymous says:

      As most trading establishments are staffed by expat labour, (as are bars and restaurants) what is really going to change for Caymanians?

      Oh yes, they can have the day off whilst they are served upon hand and foot by the 'foreigners'  who rarely see two days off in the same week. Caymanians already get a ridiculous quota of public holidays, how much more rest do you need?


  80. Anonymous says:

    This makes so much sense – get with it.


  81. Expat . says:

    My problem with the Law is that it works well for employers, but those on the low end of the scale are required to come to work with no days off. It is good for them but not for those who have families and have to put up with their profiteering nonsense.

    • Que says:

      Maybe those on the low end of the scale want to work on Sunday so that they can earn income and move up the scale….hmmmm? Freedom of choise.  Also, "profiteering nonense" is what allows your high standard of lving in this day and age. Hopefully you were being ironic.

    • Anonymous says:

      HA!  "Profiteering nonsense"  That's a funny phrase if you think about it and understand economics… obviously you don't.  God forbid we pull Cayman out of the stone ages and have Sunday grocery shopping!  All that produce is just going to sit there and rot for an extra day, FOR NO REASON!   

      People are mistakenly thinking that adding Sunday service will make poor people work more, when in fact it will open up more jobs for lower income/entry level employees.  Just like any other business, more hours of service means more demand for employees to fill those needs.  How can that be bad?  


    • Anonymous says:

      The law forbids employers forcing employees work 7 days a week. Please read laws before opening mouth and bleeding crap from it.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Good show, another small step towards the 20th century.