Fire crews still tackling latest GT dump blaze

| 04/08/2014

(CNS) Updated: Although officials from the fire service have said that the latest blaze burning on the George Town dump is under control, fire crews have remained on the scene since Sunday morning when they were first called to the fire. A spokesperson for the service said that crews are continuing to apply water to a few remaining hot spots and at this point the cause of the fire is still not known, though it is understood to be in the main part of the landfill. Fire crews were dispatched to work on the blaze at the dump on Sunday after they received the call from 911 just after 9am. When they arrived at the dump officers found a surface fire roughly 75 by 80 feet. 

Two tankers were immediately put into action, while other officers arranged to move the trailer pump closer to the location to have a massive supply of water. Once the surface fire was extinguished the excavator started to dig the area, which had hot spots as deep as 15 feet. The excavator continued to overturn the garbage and saturate it with water, the spokesperson said.
Although there was said to have been no sign of fire at 9:30pm the crews remained and they have continued to deal with the reemergence of fires and keep the area wet.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I noticed the U.S. Compass report lacked a certain drama this time round. Reality sinking in, perhaps? The dump ain't goin' to BT, baby. Get used to it you naive bunch of money bags chumps. (And Brent, for crying out loud, you don't know yet that "the fall" isn't a seasonal reference here in Cayman, along with the use of  American English?)

    • Anonymous says:

      No Problem Bodden Townian, but don't bring any more of your trash to George Town.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know, the wind might blow toxic fumes in your direction some day.That would be an irony.

  2. Knot S Smart says:

    The fire problem can be solved by putting ventilation shafts from the top of the dump to ground level. Then the methane can be burned off at the top of the pipe…

    Or it could be collected in tanks and used to power a modified propane generator to create electricity which government can sell back to CUC…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Inhaling certain chemicals has effects on others and not on all…however, when they did the Air quality acessment, they assumed for the average adult—don't we have enough people with cancer on this sland????????????

    E>G. mold can affect one and not the other? So is the dump chemicals….

    I don't know what the answer is, but it seems as if soemone has to die for anything to get done?

    Something has to be done???

  4. Anonymous says:

    Think it was only OZZIE who got votes because of the dump? think again.  All of the Bodden Town PPM preached this to the people to get votes.   So what will we do next election.  Ok will it be like the Hon. Haig Bodden used to say "If you dress a broomstick up  in Bodden Town, the people will vote for it.    What an inult to the people.

    Still dont know who to trust

  5. Anonymous says:

    Stock up self contained breathing masks if you have nowhere to go in case of catastrophe. Hotels should have one for every tourist. Meantime continue doing nothing.No public uproar.

  6. Mark Hennings says:

    Close that stinking dump.

  7. Anonymous says:

    you don't need to like Mr. Dart yuh nuh, but sometimes it don't make NO sense to cut off your nose to spite your face. Fu Shoh he wast gyin propose any solution to stink up his development and the DUMP is already in his own backyard!

    Put tail between yuh  legs Ozzie and ask wanderwelde to find a solution!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Move the dump.fix the dump,dump the dump,hump the dump,dunk the dump,do something please to the dump,MR.Minister

  9. Anonymous says:

    When will PPM and Ozzie get they ish together?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully the smoke is helping to keep the mosquitoes down.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Would it not be more economical to report only when it is not on fire??

  12. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like our old ancesters! "ears cant hear, your ass will feel!

    Why are the people sitting by and letting  one man dictate to the country where our Waste facility shouild go?

    Will he take blame if this gets to the catastrophe stage?

    • Anon says:

      I'd say we are pretty close to that now. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Make sure you have an exit plan when this happens.It might be no less dramatic than Ivan and will require evacuation from the island.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Fires at a land fill. You think? Considering the methane build-up and no venting and burn-off system. Wonder if CIFS and the other Goivernment powers that be are surprised? No problem, just let it keep occurring and we'll send an understaffed and demoralized Fire Service to put it out each time. The way these fires are being managed are largely symbolic of most public issues of concern.  

  14. Anonymous says:

    There  soon be no water to out this fire. Natty Dread rides again go de Missa Ozzie