Merren looking for deal in drug and laundering case

| 06/08/2014

(CNS): Local businessman Bryce Merren is understood to be looking to strike a deal with the American authorities regarding the charges he faces in connection with money laundering and drug smuggling. Merren, who is still held on remand in a jail in Atlanta, Georgia, after he was caught in a sting operation by undercover law enforcement officers in Puerto Rico had originally denied the serious charges but court documents now suggest that he may be reconsidering his trial currently scheduled for next week. Merren's lawyer has started talks for a plea agreement and has asked the court to postpone the 15 August trial date, for some six weeks to see if the two sides can forego the need for a trial.

In the original documents filed in relation to the charges against Merren a Homeland Security Special Agent described the sting in which Merren was caught up. Posing as a drug dealers, US agents met with Merren to set up an alleged drug smuggling operation. Merren is accused of using his contacts and businesses in Cayman to help launder the cash from the drug deals.

Merren was alleged to be looking to buy thousands of kilos of cocaine in July last year and set up a bank account in Puerto Rico where the deal was expected to go down and in order to fund the trafficking.

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