Dog slaughtered on West Bay beach

| 07/08/2014

(CNS): A man was arrested Monday evening but bailed following what appears to be a senseless and inexplicable slaughter of a young German shepherd mix dog. King belonged to 14-year-old Jimmall Facey, who was playing with the dog, which was not much more than a puppy, on West Bay public beach when he got into an altercation with a 58-year-old man in the area. In an effort to get away from the man, the teenager put his dog on a leach and got on his bike but as he began to ride off with some haste he dropped the leash and as a result the man grabbed the dog. Jimmall told the police that he watched as the suspect broke his dog’s neck and threw King's body in the sea. Horrified, the youngster retrieved his pet’s body and took it home.

According to reports on Cayman 27, it was Jimmall’s mother, Julet Facey, who then reported the shocking slaughter to the police.

“So if you would kill a dog, tell me what you would do to my child,” she asked on the TV news broadcast. “What message are you sending to me as a mother? Well, I kill the son’s dog; that could have been your son.”

Her son added, “If he grabbed me, that’s showing me what he did to the dog [is] what he [would] do to me. Throw me in the sea and nobody would never find me.”

Although the man was arrested he has so far been bailed without charge.

See Cayman27 video here

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