FCO scholarship for master’s degree

| 08/08/2014

(CNS): Future leaders of the Cayman Islands are urged to apply for the UK’s prestigious Chevening Scholarship Programme the UK’s flagship scholarship programme funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Chevening team are particularly interested to hear from applicants in the Cayman Islands who wish to study Good governance, Financial management, Public administration and law, Commercial / economic development or Environment. Awarded to outstanding individuals with leadership potential, a Chevening Scholarship offers financial support for a Master’s level degree beginning September 2015 at one of the UK’s leading universities.

Applicants have until 15th November 2014 to submit their application.

Awards are typically for a one-year Master’s degree, in any subject at any of the UK’s leading universities.

To be eligible for a Chevening Scholarship, you must be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country and intend to return there after your studies; hold a degree that is equivalent to at least an upper second-class honours degree in the UK; have completed at least two years’ work or equivalent experience before applying for a Chevening Scholarship; be able to meet the Chevening minimum English language requirement; be able to obtain the correct visa, and receive an unconditional offer from a UK university.

A Chevening scholarship usually offers a monthly stipend, travel to and from your country, a thesis or dissertation grant and tuition fees.

Applicants should read the online guidance and be able to demonstrate how they meet the Chevening selection criteria before submitting an application. Further details of closing dates and priority subject areas are available at www.chevening.org/apply

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who is running to the rescue of those poor  Yazidis in Iraq? the UK and the US.

    If you all think that we can run these little Islands alone without any type of security, go ahead and destroy it.

    Those Kurds in the North of Iraq have lots of war implements and they are no match to the Isis militants.

    Should we go independent we will have to get Jamaica to assist us with security and protection, do you all want that? or accept some other tax based country to give us security.

    I cant understand why Caymanians hate the UK when all they did was to give us security and protection.

    I know what it is! those lying politicians blaming the Uk for their own inadequacy and incompetency,  and of course we having that  narrow minded mentality, we all fall for  the negative.


  2. Judean people's Front says:

    Prestigious Chevening Scholarships ….. these are but mere colonial imperialist titbits.

    Siblings, let us not be downhearted. I put forward the motion that the entire colonial apparatus is dismantled within two weeks otherwise an emergency council meeting will be put to the vote.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And who said Mummy never does anything for her children?? The question is, do the children want to learn Good Governance etc and then put it to use, or just carry on with the same old sh*t that ruins things for all..

  4. Anonymous says:

    More evil mistreatment by Mother England.

    • Anonymous says:

      That'sexactly the reason Caymanians cant get ahead, they are narrow minded and think negative most the time.

      Some of us are ready to blame the UK and hate the queen. I hear Caymanians with the rhetoric all the time…so ugreatful.

      Most forgot that being Brititish gave us great security and stability, which caused these little Islands to succed to the position of being the 5th financial centre in the World.

      Just stop for a moment a look at the rest of the countries that would like to have our status.

      Our Sovereignn Queen is the same English Queen that told Fidel back in his conquering of Cuba, not to touch one of her British subject.

      I thank God for being British! God save the Queen!

      I would hope that Caymanians take the opportunity and apply for those educated positions, offered by the UK. God knows we need the education! and hope it will broaden their minds.


      • Anonymous says:

        What have the British ever done for us?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes What has the British ever done for Cayman Islands?  I too want to know, unless I have been always hearing the wrong things.  Yes what have they done.

          • Anonymous says:

            Try going independent without the British Empire name behind you and these stooges we have for politiciaans running the show and you will see where you end up. Jamaica could do it because they ave resources upon resources but what do we have and even Jamaica messed up independence.

          • Anonymous says:

            For a start, everything we have that Jamaica does not.

          • Judean People's front says:

            Well, there is the passport.

          • Anonymous says:

            Your question should be; what more do we want the UK to do for us!

            Unless you were born 10 years ago and dont have a clue about our position with the UK, then I can understand your question.

            The UK has  given us security, stability.   That so much, the rest of the World trust us to do business,and to  invest in theses little Islands, the result has cause many other nationalities, all want to live here. They have given us more autonomy to run our affairs, but of course we lack the  people with  the brain to carry it out.I

            I wont  go into that now, it would only embarrass  you. I will give you one example; The most spoken words of a politician; our hands are tied….Damn liars!!!


        • Anonymous says:

          Invented or developed the telephone, internet, and radio, Laws of Physics, the Enlightenment, Human Rights, Free Labour Market, Handel, Shakespeare, the Beatles, and so on…