Third arrest for Brac booze burglary

| 13/08/2014

(CNS): Police said this morning that a 21-year-old man was arrested today on suspicion of burglary/handling stolen goods in connection with a break-in at the Coral Isle Bar on Cayman Brac on 29 July. Two 17-year-old boys, Geoff Ryan Scott and Torry Javier Powery, were charged with stealing 19 bottles of alcohol and possession of ganja and appeared for the fist time in court last week. Police arrested the youngsters after one bottle of the stolen loot was discovered at Scott's house, where both boys were staying, and others were then found hidden on property nearby.

Scott was bailed on a tag but with no one to sign surety for him, Powery was remanded in custody until the teenagers' next court  appearance on 14 August.

Police said today's arrest followed extensive investigations by the Cayman Brac officers.

Chief Inspector Owens said, “The further positive actions in this matter would not have Ben possible without the information supplied by the community, which reiterates what I have said previously and shows the community that any assistance will be treated with utmost confidentiality."

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