Financial firm sues employee over leak

| 21/08/2014

(CNS): Citco Trustees (Cayman) Limited is taking legal action against one of its employee. The financial firm claims the worker, who was employed as a trust and corporate officer had access to information which was confidential to the offshore firm and its customers. But in legal documents filed in the Cayman Islands Grand Court the company states that sometime in December last year and again last month Reynaldo Beluso posted confidential information about a client. The law suit doesn’t name the client or give details about what was posted or where it was published and has asked the court to keep the file closed. However, Citco is seeking unspecified damages from Beluso and an injunction restraining him from leaking any more information.

In the suit filed in the court by local attorneys Samson and McGrath on 1 August, Citco states that it has suffered loss and damage but the full particulars will be provided separately.

It appears that Beluso has not yet been fired from his post, despite the claim by his bosses that he has broken the agreed confidentiality arrangement that went with the job.

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