KPMG2 win over Trident

| 29/08/2014

(CRFU): In a pulsating match against Trident last night KPMG2 ran out worthy winners 4-1. The game fizzed with energy and verve and it was Jean-Luc who opened the scoring with a burst of blistering speed down the right wing. Much like his Star Trekking namesake Captain Picard, Jean-Luc amped up the dilithium crystals and went to warp Factor 9 and sped through the Neutral Zone to outpace the retreating defence. It was his second try in only his second game of Touch so that’s pretty impressive. "Make it so!" shouted his teammates. And so he did.

This was quickly followed on by a snappy double from the hot Latino Miguel Lopez. Think of a cross between Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony and you get the idea. He largely fashioned these scores himself with his customary mazy meanderings through a defence that had more holes in it than a Michael Bey Transformers plot.

Three-nil down at half-time and Trident looked beaten, but step forward their sartorially elegant Manager/Coach in the form of Brad Stephenson. Bestriding the touch line in a designer shirt and trousers (or pants to you North Americans) this cross between Don Draper and George Clooney is smart in both attire AND tactical awareness. He rallied his troops and so the second half was a different story. The gaps were tightened and with excellent defence from Jenna Mungall, Lauren Sonnen and Rosie Forbes, coupled with the attacking exploits of Kirk Lamwright and Simon Watson, Trident started to force the game and came close on several occasions with just an errant final pass letting them down. 

Ian Robertson of KPMG2 then managed to sneak through the tiniest of gaps to make it 4-0. KPMG2 were often orchestrated on the pitch by Ben Blair who would spin, shimmy and salsa his way in front of defenders like a C List celebrity in front of the Dancing with the Stars judges, only to suddenly stop still as if he suddenly remembered he’d forgotten to turn the oven off and wait for the eventual oncoming touch.

Trident did not give up. Having worked several moves down their right wing they eventually managed to score through their newly-recruited winger Kelly “Try-Machine” Haaksma. This was her second try in three games giving her a highly respectable .660 scoring average She provided genuine width to the Trident attacks and was rewarded with her score in the dying minutes. 

And so KPMG2 advance up the table but Trident can take heart from their second half performance as the season draws toward the final stages.

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    This guy is an amazing and funny sports writer. I look forward to his articles all the time. Should have his own column.