Men found with cash on Brac released without charge

| 02/09/2014

(CNS): Three men, thought to be Jamaican nationals, who were arrested on Cayman Brac yesterday, having been found with a substantial amount of cash, have apparently been released without being charged with any crime. While there has been no report from the RCIPS, unofficial sources said they claimed to have come from Cuba and had sold fish and their equipment. CNS understands that the men had approximately US $10,000 in their possession when they were detained Monday. CNS has asked the police for clarification about the incident and is awating a response.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't see what the issue is or the story.  

    When I fill in the custom/immigration form on the plane, I am asked if I have MORE than $15k KYD or equivilent in my possession.

    They broke no law and were harassed by police that don't know  the law.



    • a nooni mouse says:

      No! You don't see what the issue is! That is the problem! You compare illegal arrivals on a Jamaican dory to a legitimate arrival on a plane. These individuals obviously were here illegally and should have been arrested and taken to Grand Cayman and interrogated by the anti corruption squad.

      What surprises me is, that there was no arrest for the undeclared, illegal landing! Every Cuban boat that comes here and the occupants land on our shores, are arrested and put in the holding sells before eventually being repatriated back to Cuba. Therefore, the question must be asked! Were these individuals known to the RCIP? Obviously not, when the story stated that they appeared to be Jamaican! Which begs the question! Did anyone ask for, or receive some form of identification that may have established their true identity? And were there pictures taken of these individuals so that could have been used in collaboration with the Jamaican police to see if these men are known by them as  being involved in any criminal activities in that country. Last question! What happened to the US$10,000.00 in cash they were carrying! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    and did they fly from GC to the Brac on Cayman Airways courtesy of the Police who they escaped from last week in South Sound.  Hilarious.   Dear RCIPS, some of us may be stupid but not that stupid.  A toddler could put this one together.  When are we going to get some real Police?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are we really this dumb?!?

  4. Fisherman says:

    I grew up in Cayman Islands and heard some really strange fish stories, but this FISH STORY and lots of money beets it all.  RCIPS are stupid to take this bait of lies.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And can we believe that they got a CI or USD currency from CUBA???  Castro doesn't let his USD go OUT of the country!  Let alone "Jamaicans"  going to CUBA?!?.. to sell FISH… $10,000.00 worth of fish in CUBA?… and fishing GEAR???

    Phew, that should be very hard to sell a story like that and not to mention the "FISH"… in Cuba!!!


    Was that JAMAICAN Police officers who made the arrest?

    • Anonymous says:

      Can we believe that they were released after entering the Island ilegal with  10,000. 00 $ . And RICP believe this story of selling fish and equipment in Cuba .  Which fisherman sells his fishing equipment  ?  That would have been a red flag to me .   I believe that Mr Baine need to investergate the Brac cops that let them 3 ago without charges , also transfer the cops from the Brac to Grand Cayman . Because i dont smell fish here,  XXXX  I think that a bigger story should need to be made of this , because you would see more and more of this in our faces .     

  6. UHUHUH says:

    I've heard it called many names, but "FISH" takes the cake! Did anyone check to see if they were the same guys that disappeared from South Sound beach a few weeks ago, after landing here with several pounds of  "FISH" for which two "extremely bright" Caymanians were arrested?    

    Selling fish and equipment in Cuba! They said that? Yup! That's what they said. They sold their fish and equipment in Cuba! I'm laughing so hard I'm about to wet myself! And the police bought that story "hook line and sinker! [no pun intended] How could they buy that story? If they were heading back to Jamaica they should have headed straight East ! Not South!  Oh well.

    Such a Beautiful Believable Fish story!


    • Anonyanmous says:

      Yes that FISH story is believed by all those Jamaican police in the force the kind that can't find a hole in the ground.  This country is fast becoming another Jamaica, crime ridden and corrupt.

    • Anonymous says:

      The article doesn't say they claimed that they sold their fish and equipment IN Cuba. Read it closely.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are they the escapees from the Ganga haul last week.   Strange things do happen.  Hello!!

  8. Diogenes says:

    Wasnt the three gents from South Sound was it?  

  9. Anonymous says:

    Try opening a bank account and telling the teller that your $10K in cash was from the profits of your sale of your fish and gear from a Cuban trip ansd see what happens – yet the RCIPS swallowed it?  Sheesh.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sure they weren't in South Sound on Wednesday 20th????????? How about some due diligence on that $10,000?

  11. Anonymous says:

    They probabaly actually had $20,000 when they were caught, what ever happened to illegal landing..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Rich fishermen, eh? lol. Fishing just like those two from WB. 

  13. Anon says:

    "Claimed to have come from Cuba……."? They sold fish and their equipment in Cuba?? How did they get to Cayman Brac? If I went to the bank with $10,000 cash, or even a draft, I would have to prove where I got it. Do they reside  inCayman Brac? Did they enter the country legally? Believed to be Jamaican Nationals???  Puleeeese!!! 

  14. Knot S Smart says:

    Maybe they won the $10,000 from the supermarket scratch card sweepstakes?…

  15. Anonymous says:

    They move fast sah, now that's speed, run from South Sound, reach Cayman Brac, took a trip back , load up make a run back now got cash pot.

  16. Anonymous says:

    CNS: " Can you clarify the position?"

    RCIPS: "Yes we believed their incredible story and let them skip off into the sunset."