Cops warn drivers over unsafe loads

| 18/09/2014

(CNS): Motorists are being warned about overloading trucks and not carrying passengers safely after police say they have observed a number of infractions recently in George Town. An RCIPS spokesperson said officers would be clamping down on truck safety and drivers had now been forewarned and needed to take heed. The traffic laws says that  it is an offence to "drive a vehicle with a load which overhangs the vehicle  or carrying passengers or goods in a manner which is likely to cause danger to other road users ". With a number of vehicles being spotted where safety is in question the police are urging other motorists to report license plate numbers of trucks, pick-ups and other vehicles posing a risk to road users.

Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, the George Town District Commander explained that overloading or having passengers in open bed trucks can be dangerous and puts people’s at risk. “There is a great possibility that debris and people can fall from these open back vehicles,” Howell added as she urged drivers to take more care and warned the RCIPs will be focusing on these offences.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    move, mi ah move.

  2. Sum Bodi Hep Meh says:

    And I Quote:

    Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, the George Town District Commander explained that: Are you ready? Overloading or having passengers in open bed trucks "can be dangerous and puts people at risk"Wow! Would you repeat that please? OK! Overloading or having passengers in open bed trucks can be dangerous and puts people’ at risk. Then! This beauty! “There is a great possibility that debris and people can fall from these open back vehicles,” Really? Then she urges drivers to take more care and "warned" that the RCIPs will be "focusing" on these offenses. End Quote.


    She speaks of how dangerous these violations are, but no-one has been ticketed or arrested it seems, only that "they" [RCIP] will be "focusing" on these offenses. Need I say more?

    You know what folks? I have finally come to the conclusion that Cayman is a complete dichotomy! Why? Well! Think about the following! We are considered one of, if not the most upscale place to live in the Caribbean, expensive tho it is! With the most expensive police force in the region, yet we hear of things like over loaded trucks being observed by the police, but based on the words of The Chief Inspector no one has been ticketed.  

    The best one yet tho! Is the one about the guy towing his cow behind his truck. Remember that one? This happened in town during one of the busiest times of the day and seemingly was only given a warning by the police! Where is it going to stop! This article should not have even been on CNS for comment if those in charge were more proactive about catching these types of violations in the bud! Things like! Overloading of vehicles  or having people riding in open-bed trucks etc. They say could be, [I say is] dangerous and puts many people and vehicles at risk. So let's not wait until someone is seriously hurt or someone dies, before taking these types of traffic offenses more seriously by getting them of the road ASAP.  

    We Hope! But then! This is Cayman! 


  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on RCIPS….not another meaningless warning….again!

    Just get out there and enforce the laws! That is by far the most effective warning!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I may or may not be pleading on behalf of a majority of road users (the number of "thumbs up" will tell!) but I would dearly love to see more police cars amongst traffic, in the morning and afternoons particularly, and drivers being pulled over for speeding, recklessly  weaving in and out of lanes (usually without indicating), talegating and generally dreadful and aggressive anti-social bahaviour. RCIP, please let's see those flashing lights a lot more often!

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to Cayman Islands driving style.  The police have given up.  If they gave tickets to everyone that deserved it they would have no friends left and would run out of tickets fast.  Not to mention getting yelled at by all the many intittled persons.  Smart people put on a trailer hitch and plan on getting cut off and treated like a traffic cone on a race track.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I find it very odd that with such blatant disregard for our traffic laws by so many on an everyday basis the police aren't more of a presence, in particular in the mornings and afternoons. If I had a dollar for every traffic offence I see every day I could give up my day job and go fishing! Come on now, RCIP, this is not good enough. I want to see the rascals who fail to indicate, tailgate, drive erratically, speed and generally flout the law pulled over on the side of the road,  seriously inconvenienced and if necessary hauled before the courts. Oh, and let me not fail to address the morons who habitually use their horns illegally. This isn't downtown Cairo or New York, you idiots, and we don't like you bringing that kind of cretinous and nuisance behaviour onto our roads in Cayman. Either alter your behaviour or please clear off back to wherever you came from and make Cayman a better place to live. Blasting your car horn is NOT a Caymanian tradition, okay?

  6. Anonymous says:

    And while your at it, how about pulling over some of these punks on motorcyles?  They think that the rules of the road don't apply and will serve in and out of traffic, passing whenever and where ever they want, all at high speeds.  Ive seen motocycles pass police going the other direction at twice the speed limit, but the police know they have no chance of catching them and don't bother trying.  I've also see guys riding on one wheel down the roads at least once a week.  Someone will be killed soon

  7. Anonymous says:

    What about many trailers have no lights/plate number and it is illegal to drive with hazard light on. There is no need for hazard lights on while driving as it is dangerous.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trailers, like all vehicles on the road, should be insured against Third Party risks and licensed according to the law, bearing an orange tag. Very few are, and they are in breach of the law. If such a trailer becomes unhitched, say, and collides with another vehicle, then there is no insurance to cover repairs to the innocent vehicle. It is time something is done about it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    For crying out loud, what will it take to get some law enforcement going on the roads here? I witness offence after offence occuring repeatedly every time I'm on the road. Clearly these offenders have no fear of being hauled over to the side of the road. I have a suggestion : send a police officer round to ten random morning commuters and have them ride along to witness what we see every morning. Maybe then we'd get some results.

  9. Peter Milburn says:

    What about school buses?I see them coming out of WB each day and they are driving quite fast especially on the by pass section.Are the kids wearing seat belts?I am not sure but maybe someone could relate to this?As for license plates and windows give me a break.Cant see half the people driving and have to wonder if anyone is actually in the car the windows are so black!!!

  10. brit says:

    and what about the pick up trucks with people/kids/animals on the trucks flat bed. Wasn't that supposed to be illegal too?  Never seen a single person stopped for that either & it's rife out East especially on the weekend…………………….

  11. Wow says:

    Does that mean I can't take my mother in law anywhere?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can have my mother-in-law and take her anywhere you want.  And leave her there.

  12. ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

    So the RCIPS are concerned with adults and cargo falling out of vehicles but are not concerned with the children riding in vehicles without proper car seats or wearing seat belts?  Adults make a conscious decision to ride in the back of a truck.  If they get hurt they are responsible.  Children do not know any better. RCIPS need to enforce all of the laws not just the ones they want to enforce.

  13. Anonymous says:

    All these reckless drivers need to be charged!  This hasbeen going on too long without anything being done!!  Trucks are driving overloaded uncovered  and dropping garbage all over the roads!  Drivers are racing in residential areas of 25 mph at 80 miles phr!  Nothing is being done despite complaints from the public.  The new WB road is a race track! 

  14. Anonymous says:

    OK all you Sherlock Holmes at the  RCIP The seas are calm its time for another boat to be stolen.  

  15. Cheese Face says:

    If someone tailgates you, just slam on the anchors, it really pisses them off and is hysterical to watch in the rearview mirror. I have a tow ball for addded hilarity.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I thought they had video cameras on the light poles to properly monitor this sort of thing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Suggestion to raise revenue. Post a traffic cop at each round-about and ticket persons who do not drive properly or indicate. RCIPS revenue will go through the roof.

    There are too many near misses by persons driving "carelessly and inconsiderate" at round-abouts. Recommend start at the large one by SaltCreek, persons northbound turning right at the last minute and are in the wrong (left) lane frequently cut across through traffic. Then the AL Thompsons one.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What is up with the constant warnings issued by RCIP?? It seems someone at the RCIP is tasked with tossing out a "warnign" press release once in a blue moon, attempting to lull the public into believing that something is actually done in regards to the chaos on our roads! You don't need to have such press releases if you would actually do what you are supposed to do cause your action would speak for itself! I oversve roughly 25 traffic offenses on a daily basis. RCIP, please tell me, how many tickets do you write on a daily basis? Ah – yes, I figured………… 

  19. Anonymous says:

    I hope this sudden new awareness with out traffic laws by RCIPS will extend to the racing overloaded dump trucks that spill gravel and large guage rock when heeling around traffic circles.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean the new awareness that will last for about a minute and then…………………..nothing?!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Stop warning, and start doing!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Took long enough. We have too many "try a ting" companies that lack the equipment or know how operating on our roads. 

    I have reported such infractions on more than one occasion,  to the RCIP, only to be told "we will look into it". 

    • Anonymous says:

      What about all the garbage that is littering the roads?  Too many people trying a thing and defacing Cayman with rubbish.  Police only need to keep their eyes open and start fining for litter.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh for Heavens sake. Could you not just start with the totally black window tints that are all over the place? Could we not have a RCIPS website where we name the nunber plates of these offenders (if we can see the number plates-another issue)? There is a car in Bodden Town, cannot see a thing inside. Drives like crap because there are no consequences.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can someone explain to me why there is all this concern about window tints? Is it a safety thing, or do you just not like being able to see into the car? In a climate this hot I don't think it's unreasonable to darken your car windows. I am way more concerned about all the people that can't follow basic road rules like right of way and stopping at red lights.

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is that if you cant see in the car you cant see if they have guns etc.

      • Anonymous says:

        At a designated stage of tinting, it becomes illegal all over the world because other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians etc cannot make visual confirmation that the driver of the deadly tinted object has seen them, and that creates a needlessly dangerous situation, can cause accidents or otherwise selfishly impede traffic flow.

    • Anonymous says:

      No peeping toms here man!!!


  23. Anonymous says:

    What about speeding,ignoring stop signs and tailing ?

    I get it, lets take the money from the average people and let the real criminals undisturbed.