CS on stand-by for cut directions

| 02/10/2014

(CNS): Another very short account released by the deputy governor’s office from the civil service boss’ regular monthly meeting indicates that the public sector management is now on stand-by to begin implementing the cuts agreed by Cabinet from the recent Ernst and Young report. The chief officers have agreed that each recommendation which is accepted by the elected arm of government must be viewed as a separate project requiring their leadership and support for successful and timely implementation.

According to the minutes, posted below, the deputy governor said Rodrigues will be heading up the Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit, which will oversee the changes and provide guidance and support to Chief Officers and their teams. Franz Manderson revealed that the veteran civil servant will be assisted by three to four existing civil servants who will be seconded on a full or part-time basis to the implementation unit.

GIS will also beproviding communications support and getting the word out on what could be far reaching changes and ramifications not just for the civil service but the wider community as a whole.

The minutes record that the role and functions of the unit were discussed as well as the standardized implementation framework which the public sector bosses said will be crucial to the success of the project.

One month after the government received the controversial report from EY the PPM administration has not yet given any indications about what if anything it plans to implement. The premier recently stated that following the meeting of the Legislative Assembly last month caucus has not yet had the chance to examine the document in detail or make any hard decisions about the report’s 55 recommendations.

Government has stated on numerous however, that it does not want to divest assets in the short term to raise cash only to find it has damaging long term implications. Although the premier had said there were no sacred cows it is understood that the report is not being widely embraced by the PPM members of government and there are genuine concerns that the wider party membership will also reject most of the recommended government firesale.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    20:39 my guess is that 'what' made Franz think this was the right person for the job is exactly 'what' made Donnie think Franz was.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Each civil service dept should have comments cards to state the quality of the service provided. The cards should be advertised and used by the public to state the quality provided. If individuals constantly receive bad comments, then cut those staff. Cut the staff who have constant sick days on Fridays and Mondays over their tenure. Cut the staff who receive poor reviews. Cut the staff who are constantly late for work. Cut the staff who mgt has been trying to get rid of for years but don't know how to because they are caymanian and you feel sorry for them. 

    Next streamline the processes because govt probably doesn't need that many staff once inefficiencies are corrected. Automate functions, create a call center/information center which is centralized for all govt information and have people that actually know what they are doing and saying. 

    Actually do domething about the problem. 

  3. Anonymousand says:

    Gis – really now.
    Whilst they are on the chopping block?
    Who in there is qualified to communicate such sensitive topics as amalgamations and layoffs?
    Why can’t the COs speak for themselves?

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS, what is a "veteran civil servant"? Mrs Rodriguez is only about 47 years old and has therefore been a civil servant for only about 24 years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Too funny nothing will be happen at all. Franz and Alden are all about sound bites watch and see they trying by time.

  6. Anonyanmous says:

    Simple but painful solution, cut all non essential non Caymanian staff in all government department and statutory bodies.  If over 200 million CI dollars are being sent overseas by foreign workers from just 3 nationalities in Cayman can you imagine what will happen if the unemployed Caymanians can find jobs here and spend and save their money here at home the country can only become better.  For goodness sake people think and act fast before we sink faster.  What we have to spend on social service handout is far greater than what we receive from work permit fees.  

  7. Inspector Clouseau says:

    As Cabinet sits and considers its options, I just want them to know this; What you sow, that you shall reap. Meaning, let your choices be wise rather than foolish. Should they be foolish, it will have consequences and it will be too late. Some may not agree with me but if they're foolish with this rationalisation process where selling of government offices are concern, everyone feel it. The same private sector that wants this execerise to take will wish it didn't should this go horribly wrong. 

    In my humble and honest opinion, I wish the Chamber of Commerce President would stay out of Government affairs where staff and its expenses are concern. 

    Let's just wait and see how this plays out.

    • Anonymous says:

      21:30, everything happening now should have been done years ago, our Government has had more reports than Quaker has oats but they never acted on the recommendations and now have to because they now have no choice.

      Its our Governmets fault and the people who have continuously voted for them over the last 20ys+. Thats what happen when ou vote for a fridge.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What a joke.  One CO plus 3 or 4 civil servants will cost at least $3-400,000 A YEAR in direct staffing costs alone.  The EY report itself cost a fraction of that.

    Why not spend that on someone who actually has the skills, and an incentive, to do it.  This is what accounting firm restructuring departments do for a living and believe it or not there are professional qualifications in restructuring that might have some value in this project.

    Instead we have someone that used to be a school teacher, has never worked a day in the private sector in her entire life, never sacked anyone ever (I'm guessing, but prove me wrong, please!), who accomplished nothing of any real substance in any of her previous posts (well not counting debacles like NWDA and Clifton Hunter) and has a track record of burying bad news rather than confronting or acting on it. 

    Franz, what exactly made you think this was the best person for this job?  

    Ya think the Chamber may have had a point?