Fishermen sighted all around Caribbean

| 13/10/2014

(CNS): Several sightings have been reported to the RCIPS from around the region of three local missing men who failed to return from a fishing trip some four weeks ago. The families and the police have appealed to the community, especially boat users, to keep looking for the men as they believe Alton Eddie Philips, James Michael Ebanks and Ray Kennedy Smith could still be alive. Sean Ebanks said his brother and the other missing men are experienced seafarers and it is possible they are still adrift at sea or being held against their will as the asked for people to help rather than hinder the investigation with allegaitons. They also appealed for information on a fourth unknown Jamaican man that may have joined them on the ill-fated trip. 

In a video made by CIGTV the police and family members issue an SOS for their loved ones and make heartfelt pleas for more information and urge other fishermen and sailors to keep a look out.

During the video Sgt Richard Scott who said the men were reported missing on 15 September said the police were in contact with their international counterparts and had undertaken a full scale search but so far there was no sign of the men or their boat. But, the police officer said there had been unconfirmed sightings in Cuba, Jamaica and Honduras and all those leads are being following.

Constable Adrian Clark said that the police have calculated as a result of sea states, winds and current combined with the time the men had been missing their boat would likely now have made landfall somewhere around the region. The police said that they had not given up the search despite the length of time as they recognised the skills the men had.

“Knowing that they are experienced fisherman, these men have gone through similar situations and survived the odds at sea so because of their survivability skills that we know they have we are confident that we are going to continue to look and continue to search,” said Scott.

Appealing to the community in the video, Micheal Ebanks’s brother said there had been a lot of speculation about whether or not the men had gone fishing but he said no of that mattered as they were still missing and there was still a possibility the men could still be found.

“They have been in similar situations and survived and we are hoping that’s the case in this instance as well,” he said in the CIGTV video as he asked fishermen to keep an eye out and the wider community to stop making allegaitons and unless they had accurate information for the police to stop spreading false rumour.

He also revealed the possibility of a fourth person.

“Through our own investigations we have found out that there was a fourth person on the boat who was a Jamaican national and we are asking if anyone knows who this person is, has a name or a picture if they could come forward,” he said as knowing who that person is could help with the investigations.

See the full CIGTV video appeal from the relatives and police here


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  1. Captain Obvious says:

    Here we go again….

    Once again these "fishermen" have gone missing. Could someone please tell me. even just one time, any of these 3 missing persons have been seen selling fish, or within 50 feet of a piece of fishing line. They are always refered to as :fishermen" whichis definately NOT what they do for a living. 

    If i drive someone to a doctors appointment in my car, does it make my car an Ambulance???

    I almost laughed my a@# off a few weeks ago when the "Officials" (LOL) found 2 Jamaican nationals wandering around Cayman Brac with $10,000.00 in U.S. cash. They told the Offi cers they were fishing near Panama for a few days and were headed back to Jamaica when their compass went out. (How a non mechanical, non electronic compass can go out, I HAVE NO IDEA. It works off of the earths maghnetic field people…no wires, batteries required) They traveled aimlessly for a few days until they found themselves on the shores of Cuba. According to them, they were extremely lucky because by that time they had ran out of fuel. They told the Officers on the Brac that they had to sell their fish in Cuba to buy fuel, and that is where they got the U.S. $ from.

    WOW!!!! what a story. To spite the fact that there is no way a 30' Jamaican canoe can hold enough fuel to make the 1500+ mile trek from Jamaica, off the coast of Panama, to Cuba, then to Cayman Brac then on to Jamaica. If they had 12 – 55 gal drums of fuel on board then where would they put their catch? Lets say that a 30' canoe thats about 4' wide powered by a 75hp Yamaha outboard, (with another outboard throwed down inside) had been modified to hold 700+ galons of gas, then ask yourself, where was the fish? $10,000.00 in fish sales in Cuba would be 5000+ lbs.  In a country where the use of U.S. currency is illegal, not to mention that they would allow the sale to or the purchase of fish BY CUIBANS USING U.S.$ After hearing their story the Officials said ok, it all made sense, and simply let them be on their merry way.

    OMG!! Is there any wonder we are in the state we are in?
    We have Marine Unit Officers who can't swim or have never even been on a boat, and other Officers that have absolutely no clue.

    Oh…i almost forgot.  The family of the 3 missing persons are asking for information on the other person that is now said to have been on board. Well, all they have to do is ask the 3 persons that were caught in South Sound by the cops a few weeks ago on another Jamaican canoe (fishing boat) ; they were from that boat.


  2. Anonymous says:

    No public money should be spent on these wastrels.  If they return let's make sure they don't go "fishing" for a good long stretch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How many of these fishing trips they been on?? How much fish they bring back?? They probably dont even have one fishing line on board !!!! Sorry I have no sympathy for them or the families who think they are so innocent and genuinely went on a fishing trip ..Time longer than rope!!!

  4. anonymous says:

    These guys are pretty good on the water, so I don't think they are in any trouble. I think the reason why they have been sighted in the three countries mentioned is: When they left here they had to go to Jamaica to pick up the guy that came ashore in Cayman Brac a few weeks ago who they would need to help them with the sale of their catch when they reached Cuba. Upon leaving Cuba they headed for Honduras to pick up a cargo of some sort which they will sell here in Cayman making that "looong" trip worthwhile!

  5. Highwater Peeps says:

    These guys aint going to find diddly squat!

  6. Anonymous says:

    They were not fishing for fish, that is for sure.

  7. Anonymous says:

    SO if they would have hit land somewhere by now why hasnt even one of the men made even one phone call back home to Cayman to let their families know at least they are alive?

    • Anonymous says:

      Umm becaus he has?

    • Anonymous says:

      SO OBVIOUSLY because maybe they haven't hit land or are unable to call home? 

      I need to stop coming on here because I'm constantly reminded that people don't use their brains…