9 Daytime Burglaries on Tuesday

| 15/10/2014

(CNS): Police received reports of nine different daytime burglaries over an eight hour period on Tuesday, an RCIPS spokesperson had confirmed. The break-ins took place in mostly residential areas from the outskirts of George Town and into Bodden Town. Burglars also broke into a George Town bar on Shedden Road sometime in the afternoon where both booze and cash were taken. Detectives said all nine break-ins happened between 8am and 4pm yesterday in broad daylight.

Homes in Prospect Savannah, Newlands and Bodden Town were burgled with cash, phones and other personal property stolen.

“Resident need to be aware of strangers within their communities, and any person whom they believe should not not belong there should call their respective police station to have that person checked,” the RCIPS stated in a release about the crime spree. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We need updated laws that are relevant. Cayman has fallen so far behind that northward prison has become a way of life “an option for many individuals” in these islands. Sometimes I wonder if the PPM and commissioner are truly concerned about what going on out here. I’ve never had any confidence in the government; they never live up to my expectations and never truly deliver.


    This country needs help in many areas but Crime is currently at the top of the list and the approach that has been taken for the past two decades is not working “news flash” who do we turn to for a fix. We need police who are empowered and residents who are in some position to protect themselves. If someone enters my house at 2am in the morning one of us is leaving in a body bag I will over kill him/her.


    Terms limits for politicians (No more recycling)

    A TV show similar to Americas most wanted (This will help to get people talking) cold cases etc

    Updated legislation (current laws don’t apply anymore)

    No duty on security related items for all (alarms etc.)

    Lift the ban on all dogs (requires owners to have a license)

    A police unit for seven mile beach only (24 hour protection)

    Undercover police cars (many of them) criminals can see you coming from miles away

    A budget for rewards and informants (These people need money)

    Every patrol/police car should have at least one armed officer (This will save officers who will die in the near future) this is true by the way.


    Have a great weekend Cayman!! I’ll spend mine installing bars on my windows…




  2. Absurdistani says:

    Meanwhile, government is focusing resources on the important issue of possibly adopting daylight savings time.

    Just another day Absurdistan.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I could have told you that going to the Police is just pure waste of time, they are not even ashame of their attitudes. Over 2 years my house has been broken into in Norrhward and they have stop answering my calls, I went to a police meeting at the Bodden Town Civic Centre on 5th August and some many victims were there partly crying for their privacy being strample. Up to last week one of them asked me if I heard back from the Police after leaving my phone to be contacted, NO they have not contacted me. They don't care, they protect the criminals and hard woking citizens are left feeling they did something wrong! Only God can help our island!

  4. Anonymous says:

    In other words we are more helpless then the victims are.  Plan accourdingly.  And yes please give what ever help you can to the helpless police so they can try and catch the criminals and maybe hold them for a while before the court system feeds shelters them for a while and puts them back on the street.  This IS the Cayman islands justice system of today.

  5. Cheese Face says:

    I think crime has now become the biggest issue in Cayman and needs to be addressed immediately. There is no point in having a big fancy Airport if there are no visitors to fill it.

    We need to crack down on this now. It's all very well blamng the police, but they need more recources. If New York can be saved, surely Cayman can.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm home waiting on them; come on!

  7. Anonyanmous says:

    Prospect that was once a good residential neighbourhood is fast becoming a ghetto and most of Cayman is close behind.  Even sections of South Church Street is becoming scary, save Cayman and provide jobs for young people to keep them occupied, the devil finds work for idle hands.  

  8. Anonymous says:

    I thought mid term break started next week

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bainsey, Pull your socks up or go !!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I also had my car burglarized again.. Stolen battery and sound equipment including old spekers SMH even my spare change ie. quarters/pennies were taken from my ashtray.. these people are desperate so friggin despeate I would actualyl sill be mad if I didnt felt so sorry for them.

    Anyway, made my way to the WB police station to report for the scond time and was greeted by some lazy lady at the counter who was on her cellphone the whole time on what was apparently a very personal conversation. Spent about half an hour there while officer after officer just waked by without any of them coming to write down my report until half an hour later I decided I had wasted enough time out of my day and walked out more pissed off than I went walked in. This is somewhat irrelevant to the post but I just needed to vent out a lil – I know next tme I go to that station is going to be to turn the suspect in (badly beaten) and turn myself in for doing some stupid &(%%^. Feel so violated in what was once my peacefull yard, cant even sleep since then knowing these lil pieces of *&%^&^ are so bold and careless running around aimlessly terrorising the community for spare change or whatever they can get their hands on…

    Sign: Very pissed off individual who worked very hard for that battery and old speakers on my carimincayman

  11. Anonymous says:

    Instead of sitting down and waiting for lunch to arrive a few undercover Police in the various neighborhoods could catch these thieves. I would even allow the police to sit in my living room if it would help them with a place to stakeout. Baines you can’t catch them sitting in your office you’re living proof of that, Leave that gas guzzling chevy blazer at the station.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Time for residents to set traps for burglars.  Let them be their own statistics keeper.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bear traps, land mines, eletrocute them, catch them in a net.

      What happened to the law of no trespassing?  Does that exist here?

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is what Government need to focus on. Policies that directly takle crime. Not stupid things like daylight savings time.

    How but saving Cayman Alden?!