Fisherman camp stirs up Marina Drive

| 23/10/2014

(CNS): A small private plot in a residential suburb of George Town appears to have become a home away from home for Honduran fisherman and an unofficial fish market, according to neighbours who have complained to officials at the Department of Environmental Health (DEH). A dock and empty plot on Marina Drive sandwiched between canal front condos and stand-alone family homes is being used by the men, who are docking several fishing boats there, selling their catch and using the location as a camp in between trips. But neighbours say fish is being processed on an industrial scale and the men are holding drunken sessions late into the night, as well as using the canal as a toilet.

A group of Marina Drive residents has written to Roydell Carter, the DEH director, complaining that the men using the unofficial camp are dumping fish guts and garbage and even defecating into the canal. They also complain of “other anti-social actions and behaviour” and say their rights as property owners are being disturbed by the increasingly unorthodox activity.

One of the fishermen spoke to CNS this week and said that although they do sell their catch when they come into port, there is no major processing at the site and the only things that go in the canal are the fish scales.

The man, who said his name was Anthony, said that the fishermen are mostly Honduran and all of them have visas. They spend much of their time at sea or back home and only use the dock on occasions but no one was living there, he said, adding that “about eight or more people came” from government agencies on Tuesday to look at the dock but he said they did not say much or do anything.

Carter confirmed that his department had received the complaint about the camp last Friday from some residents in the area concerning various activities taking place on the property.

"The matter is currently under investigation by DEH and several other agencies to determine any violations and the required remedial actions, as necessary,” he told CNS.

Residents, however, are hoping for some quick action as they say things have come to a head with the activities there and those adjacent to the plot are feeling the brunt of it.

Garbage is piling up around the lot, they said, and empty beer cans are being thrown into the canal, along with the processing of fish, which the residents say is increasingly smelly. The men are partying and drinking at the site with others who visit the location and sleep all around the property, with loud music being played day and night.

“The location was never designed for such an operation, as we see it, a commercial fish operation cannot exist alongside households comprising young kids and families,” the residents state in their letter of complaint. .

The dock was erected some five years ago by the owner of the land, and although residents were unhappy the situation was bearable. At first the fishing vessels were very transient, the residents state, and normally stopped in port to sell their catch and to re-supply their boats.

When CNS visited, around five boats were tied up and a handful of men were on the boats and the dock. Washing lines of clothes were hanging up and various bits of machinery were strung about, as well as chairs, benches, tables and tarpaulin that could have been used as shelter.

Residents say that not only are more men now spending much more time at the site, health issues have arisen because there are no permanent facilities for dealing with human waste, with the exception of two portable toilets, inadequate they say for the number of fishermen and the people that are visiting the site. And with no shower stalls, the men are also bathing outside, they said, as they urged the authorities to address the issue.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ho Hum,

    Continued no enforement of Cayman Laws……Nothing new…

  2. HAHAHAHA says:

    What Visas does CIG ISSUE TO Honduran fishermen. If they do not clear with the Immigration Dept. who might they be bringing into the island and with what illegal items.

  3. SKEPTICAL says:

    Who owns the canal side site(s) on which they are moored. They must be as liable as the boat owners for allowing this to happen. Do these people have Trade and Business Licences to sell fish – or anything else? Surely they are in the same category for being prosecuted, as anyone on the roadside, selling fruit, drinks, or any produce. Do they clear with Customs and Immigration every time they arrive in Cayman, are they cleared by the Health Authority for diseases they may have brought with them.  GET THE RCIPS DOWN THERE and clear them out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The area in question is no slum by any standards. Go one street east to Omega & you will find one of the largest houses & single home properties in Cayman. Admirals landing to the west has some top end homes & properties, very well kept & tidy areas. Marina Drive by itself , has evolved into a well kept family home area with some condo developments , nicely upgraded Caymanian homes that have been there for 25+ years. Even the owners of the marina at the end have spent & continue to spend large amounts of investment to maintain the marina & enhance its services. I'm not buying the area is a slum, as some here call it. Unsightly elements have been allowed to infiltrate the area without proper zoning & planning enforcement , inadequate DEH protocols. Government staff drive by the area every day, so they are aware of this. They are just unable to do anything about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who are these people who are making all these slums and ghettos? Its not the fishing boat that just starting to sell fish there. It has been started 30 years ago? We have let it happen because no one wants to follow rules. 

    What we should doabout it now is correct the situation for the future. Make laws and give the enforcement to the police.

  6. Anonymous says:

    gov need to bring in rules regarding derilict properties……

  7. Shepherd says:

    Changes to the law need to be made!  But, here are the issues:

    when situations like this come up, it is a Gov't department circus. The complaint is passed around from department to department, which neither really have any teeth to enforce. It is an Immigration, DEH, Planning, Lands and survey and RCIP issue. Think the Police don't have anything to do with it, think again!  There is a law called the Towns and Communities Law which is their premis to enforce. 

    Laws need to be made in regards to Planning and enforced!  These laws need to specify WHAT can be done on zoned property (like everywhere else in the world) not just specify what can be built on zoned property. That is why your neighbor in a high density zoned area can keep a goat in his yard. 

    But then proposed laws will have to go to the Ministry of that Department first and if it makes it through by some small chance to Exco, well it is slim to none it will be passed. It will be delayed until the next election, because it just may upset someone in the Minister's calling circle.

    That my friends is why nothing is done. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    With its fantastic commute time to central George Town, Marina Drive and its surrounding roads should be a prime location for anyone. Yet it has been allowed to fall into disrepair. A nieghbourhood committee to correct this should be formed as soon as possible, surely?

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is another fine example of how inept some of the government agencies are. Reading the chain of posts here it would appear that the fishermen have added to an already derelict neighbourhood that the Planning Department and the Department of the Environment are falling down on their enforcement requirements. Ridiculous if you ask me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the fish from these Honduran fishermen should be boycotted and banned. They don't have a proper ice or freezer system on their boats, so they spray the fish with formaldehyde which is used to embalm dead bodies in the morgue.  It is very bad for the immune system of the human body, it leads to many illnesses even death eventually as it destroys the immunse system.

    There should be a food regulation system here that tests the fish and lobsters these boats are bringing in.  Their fish and lobster is tainted with poison is what it really is.  They are slowly killing us to make money for themself at the cost of our health and our lives.


    DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT GOVERNMENT, PLEASE, IT IS KILLING THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CONSUMING THE FISH AND LOBSTERS!  (Not me, i know better, i don't eat it!  If they stop spraying it with Formaldehyde and leave it natural with no chemicals, then i would also eat it, but not til then. I love taking care of my immune system thank you very much.  You can keep your poisoned fish!)


    • Anonymous says:

      If you are not from GC then how do you know where the fish in the restaurants are coming from?

      OMG- disgusted!

      Isn't there a health advisory board that manages this?

    • Anonymous says:

      you are an idiot!
      suggestion, before you post something again record it and listen to it so you can hear how stupid it sounds.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really formaldehyde? This is what is also known as angle dust it gets you higher than Jusus.

      I doubt what you are saying being that an ounce of the stuff is worth thousands on the street.

      It will also kill you


      • Anonymous says:

        Wow some special people posting today, formaldeyde is a basic chemical and is a poison to the human body. Small doses are thought to be produced after drinking alcohol, and this is thought to give the hangover feeling the next day until it cleared from the body. Those old jars you see with specimens in them, are in formaldeyde. It is extrememloy cheap to buy and make. Angel Dust is phencyclidine (PCP), completely different. But I have some formalyde you can buy for thousands, LOL

        • Anonymous says:

          My bad  years ago people would dip there spiff in formaldehyde and those people went nuts for 10-15 hours. The point is that the fisherman are not doing it

      • Anonymous says:

        Formaldehyded isn't angel dust, that's PCP, formaldehyde is embalming fluid use to preserve dead things, usually people.  There are well known documented cases of fishermen using a dilute solution to preserve fish and it's not good for you.  I don't know if these guys use it but if they do don't go near the fish, it's a well known cancer causer.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that you are making some very false statements. These boats do have ice holds and freezer holds as well. I can almost guarantee you if they didn't the fish would be rotten by time they reach back Cayman shores. I do purchase fish from the boats that are next to Harbour House Marina and are owned by that establishment. I have for may years too. I dont buy from those that are moored below Harbour House Marina. But i can assure you that ALL of the boats on Marina Drive have ice or freezer holds.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This sounds about like any 'fishing camp' I've ever heard of. It's what men do when left on their own 

    We quickly spiral down th a lower level of ' civilization' where we're more comfortable. Sure we pee all over the place and keep odd hours. We are men, are we not. Let us be. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Government and all policy makers i.e. those that we elect to the high office of Government; ruling party and opposition last but not least THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

    Cayman has never had slums even back in the days of thatch rope, wompers and mosquitos. READ BELOW AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!

    There are two main reasons why slums develop: population growth and governance.

    The word “slum” is often used to describe informal settlements within cities that have inadequate housing and squalid, miserable living conditions. They are often overcrowded, with many people crammed into very small living spaces.

    Like all informal settlements, housing in slums is built on land that the occupant does not have a legal claim to and without any urban planning or adherence to zoning regulations. In addition, slums are often areas where many social indicators are on a downward slide; for example, crime and unemployment are on the rise.

    UN-HABITAT defines a slum household as a group of individuals living under the same roof in an urban area who lack one or more of the following:

    • Sufficient living space, which means not more than three people sharing the same room.
    • Easy access to safe water in sufficient amounts at an affordable price.
  13. Dr. Do - Little - Too -Late says:

    I don't know how true it is!  Bu!  I have been told that the fish from "Honduras" is equally as good as the fish from "Colombia"

    • Anonymous says:

      Your quotes should have been around "the fish", not the countries. Can't beat a good "square grouper"!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The government doesn't care one iota about cleaning up people yards. DEH is useless when called as they don't have any power to remove or even fne the offenders. RCIP won't even deal with it as a littering issue and don't return phone calls made to the community officer. Planning says its not their responsiblity. They are all pointing fingers at someone else. I just built a home at great cost so that my neighbor can now use his backyard to fix his junk cars, which he clearly is inept at as not one has ever moved from the original parking spot. The convenents of the subdivision are useless as the developer is the biggest offender in leaving old rusted machinery on the vacant lots… This is the single most frustrating experience I've encountered and wish i hadn't invested my hard earn dollars in Cayman.

    • Anonyanmous says:

      I feel your pain and share your anguish poster 16:39 having the same experience.  This country is becoming one big slum and few in government care or if they do they are now powerless to do anything about it.   I feel sorry for the current Premier as he also shares a similar fate.


  15. MEM says:

    Slums + government debt + unemployment + crime + political corruption + elite-ism + gated communties = third world country "oh land of soft fresh breezes"

  16. Anonymous says:

    We were forced to sell a home in North Sound Estates we dearly loved because of the same circumstances. Large commercial fishing boats would moor at the end of the canal and spew human waste into it. We contacted the owner of the lot who is a well know Caymanian and pleaded with her to do something, to no avail. We contacted DEH, customs, marine unit because of the violations that were happening. A complete waste of time. Such a shame for people to have to endure that because of the ineptitude of the government.

  17. Anonymous says:

    How much do they charge for a few snapper? Do they open Sundays?

    Anyone know?

    • Anonymous says:

      Where exactly on Marina drive? It sounds quite convenient – better than trying to get parking around GT, especially if there are a few cruise ships in!!! Do they stay open late? It's just sometimes I have to work late!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I wonder who are supporting them and buying the fish.

  19. Blind Side says:

    The Marina Drive shambles would only become a priority if Mangrove Avenue didn’t provide an alternative way home!

  20. Walker says:

    What a bunch of disgracful people. Marina Drive area has become a ghetto over the last 10 years. Clear this place out.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I know this comment is deviating from the headlined topic, but nevertheless, Cayman is tolerating the 'slumming' of many aeas, not just Marina Drive. Take the Randyke Gardens area for example: it looks like a boneyard for old cars and  abandoned  building supplies.  Add in the usual thick layer of tossed-away soda cans, plastic bottles and food containers,  and  you've got a good foundation for Trashmore11. It's not really about money but personal standards. Right now the situation is truly shameful.  Maybe certain laws should be updated so the DEH can grow some teeth, and the trash problem addressed in the schools with the young children. My family  would  no more think of tossing trash by the roadside than in their  own house.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the residents do have a role to play in the maintenance of good standards in their neighbourhoods, but what happens when they complain to the relevant authorities and little if anything is done? Is it right that they, rather than the government agencies they finance through taxes, should bear the time and cost to privately prosecute?  What I see in the area in question is multiple violations of an environmental, planning and work permit nature and NOTHING being done by the relevant government departments.. How can they sit around and DO NOTHING year after year? Are they blind to persons conducting  businesses from residential properties? I always thought this only allowed from commercial properties within a commercially designated area. Are they blind to junk littering the yards? Don't they ever wonder if MAYBE these and other things are their concern? I'll be interested to see if there're any improvement in the area as a result of these comments on CNS, but I'm not holding my breath, understandably!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your post is so correct. I too am the victim of people throwing all sor of junk on my property. This is costly as I just had to pay a few hundred dollars to have some of it removed. The abandoned vehicles is still there . There should be a huge bin placed in the poorer areas so that these people would not have to litter on other peoples propertys. WHO DO WE COMPLAIN TO THAT REALLY CARES.

  23. Anonyanmous says:

    Anyone buying a piece of land or home would be foolish to buy it into a large development without registered restrictive covenants, or if that is not the case then opt for a gated community.  With the influx of the good, bad and ugly the face of Cayman has changed forever.  There are very few long standing communities that have not changed for the worst and those are the developments with 10 or less homes, a few can be found in Lower Valley, South Sound, Governor's Sound and West Bay Road anywhere else forget it!  If an area is developed as residential and have a registered restrictive covenants that states that no apartment is allowed then that should be the case.  People are circumventing the law by building duplexes and tri-plexes and then converting them into apartments at the intrim this practice only turns good areas into run down neighbourhoods and this practice should be stopped immediately but no it will never stop because the political arm of government appoints all their corrupt cronies to boards in which they have no experience and will use their influence to give their friends and families everything that they want irrespective of the laws.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone is circumventing the law, a law, a policy, a moral code.  That is  Cayman islands unfortunately.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The subject property had a house ( destroyed in Ivan). I dont believe any covenents exist on block & parcels in the area that would restrict boats tying up there .The property owner is known , as are the owners of the vessels. If you had one vessel using the dock on occassion for short term storage in between fishing trips, I could understand it providing the area was kept tidy, however having 3 large vessels + 45' in length tied up abreast of each other & a couple of other sprung off the dock, it has been allowed to be taken too far. Surely DEH would be concerned of so many vessels being occupied purely for the health & sanitation issue alone, let alone all the other grievences mentioned on thisstorys comments . I'd wager every one of these vessels does not have a sanitation waste recovery tank aboard, so when the occupants flush for # 2 , you know its going into the canal. I'll leave you with that thought to ponder .For this to continue is an example of how poorly the governments departments are managed by those in charge of them. 

  25. Anonymous says:

    Typical, blame the Honduran fishermen on bringing down the neighbourhood. The running down of area started well prior to Ivan and has evolved into its present state due to persistence of half finished buildings, derelict and low rent housing. The fishermen seem to be easy targets for DEH to pick on, just like they have made every effort to sanitize every local rustic food perveyor on the island. I guess we must all buy our fish from big local supermarkets as these boats are just unfair competition with all that fresh fish.

    Start with pushing to clean up the rest on the neighbourhood, maybe send out some notices to the slumlords in the area to clean up their act. Policing rowdiness and cleanliness in the area shouldn't be to difficult, but what was I thinking, this can't be done from behind a desk.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no excuse for anyone to pollute the water, produce loud noise in a residential area, and party on as they put their poop and bathe on the same water for everybody's children to see. This is not about blaming Hondurans, you are racist to imply that the complaint was specific to Hondurans. This is about the rowdy, pirate-behaving people (Honduran or not, fishermen or not) that should be accountable with their actions. Yes you have other problems with the slum lords, and unfinished buildings, etc. and we need to fix that too, but how dare you downplay the effort of these residents trying to protect what is left of them in that area? At least these residents have made the effort, what have you done? Babbly around and blame government?

      • Anonymous says:

        Hear, hear, somebody is finally spekaing the truth.

      • Anonymous says:

        oh please, there is a session every weekend at somebody yard, disturbing the neighbours, because they feeling so nice.

      • Anonymous says:

        Racist, really? I've been to far more countries than you can count on both hands and feet twice over and have never seen racism the likes of which exists here. Caymanians are even prejudice towards their own people so I suggest you check yourself. The real issue here is trash attracts more trash. Quit blaming certain factions of your own neighbourhood and start plan a better way forward. Dog City did it why can't Marina Drive follow the same example.

  26. Anonymous says:

    That whole area looks like it's populated by the Box Trolls, it's filthy, run down and full of old cars and boats. The fisherman make it look good in comparison, or is this the same old face of Caymanian racism dressed up as the mythical civic pride that we hear so much about but see so little proof of?

  27. Anonymous says:

    they will get  there when  they sort out the mess on Shedden road!

  28. brit says:

    Unfortunately the powers that be DOEH are not interested in doing diddly squat about ANYTHING!  I have called repeatedly about my dirty neighbours using the bottom of their yard as their personal dump and todate ( 10 yrs plus) not a thing has been done.  What the hell are they getting paid for please do tell?  Another waste of space Government department.   However if this was me being an expat I'd be deported!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Have you considered this as a tourist destination? My husband would love this! While I visit the National Gallery and shop at Caymana Bay, he could loll around in a hammock, drink beer and smoke spliffs whilst absorbing reggeaton, fireid fish, and local gossip! Seroiusly!

  30. Cheese Face says:

    This is a problem all over that area, people are running all kinds of businesses from residential lots and homes, some are piled up with old jet skis and outboard engines. Its a joke, but like everything else, nothing will be done about it.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Surely this is also an immigration control issue…illegal landing and working without a work permit and a trade and business licence issue? Trading in fish? 

    • 13 years here says:

      Hear hear….does ANYONE actually work in Immigration Enforcement or at the Police?  We should have a follow up story about arrests and deportation next week?!  come on Baines and Wong, earn your d@mn pay cheques!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oops, I think you'll find that they are here legally. 

        • Anonymous says:

          19:13, correct and these boats have been doing this for years, how do people think our restaurants are supplied with a steady supply of fresh fish? Harbour House Marina is where you normally find them docked, perhaps there isn't currently enough space there?

          They might have just moved to this vacant lot but so have these complaining neighbours who must have just moved to the Cayman Islands.

          • Cheese Face says:

            What does it matter how long they have been here? They have paid for their houses and want to live in a peaceful neighbourhood. Remember, Cayman has no indigenous people.

            Let the boats go 3 deep at HHM, a commercial zoned area.

          • Anonymous says:

            I have lived within a few hundred yards of the area since 1996 so I am not a "complaining neighbour whohas just moved to the Cayman Islands". The fishing boats have been using that end of the canal for years but it is getting worse. The men staying on these boats have no respect for Cayman and could not care less if they trash it up as they will simply find another spot to trash. Unfortunately it will take a government agency to step in and fix this because the people on these boats just laugh in your face when you try to talk to them. Been there, done that. Time for the law to get involved.

          • Anonymous says:

            Those fishermen is in no way affiliated with harbor house marine and their actions there should be stopped. Chldren lives in close proximity and had to have restless nights because of these men and their drinking and loud noises at times. They bathe on the dock. Ther  business there has caused an increase in rodents. Thes boats not only supply small businesses but also the larger franchises too. I too use to buy fish there but from i realised that they pulled water from the canal to wash the fish i stopped buying. Not long there after o was on a deck close by where i can see the boats and to my surprised i saw chuks of human waste floating in my direction. i stop eating fish because i know some of their buyers but not all. These men need to be removed from there. i think they are legally doing business but the health risk is very high.

          • Anonymous says:

            Please tell me ….the fish that the restaurants sell are NOT coming from here, are they? Don't the fish (and any food for that matter) have to have health regulations?

            OMG….so disgusted and want to know the truth.

  32. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately, this will only continue, get worse and grow to other areas.   

  33. Anonymous says:

    DEH a waste of time…..the only solution is the courts-if possible……

  34. Anonymous says:

    Stealing is better than fishing, those fishermen should complain about the derelict cars and boats they have to look at. They should also complain about the homes that dump there raw sewage from pipes into the canal because they are too lazy to fix their septic tanks.


  35. UHUHUHTake the land owner to court says:

    Take the land owner  to court and get a cease and desist order against him. [more than likely he is making money off  this operation]. This is a residential neighborhood, not marina." DO YOUR JOB"  Roydell, and prevent these guys from destroying the neighborhood. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Since Roydell Carter has occupied the chair, state what purpose he has served?  NONE!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Who is Roydell?

      • Anonymous says:

        Another department is the Lands and Survey, I wonder what they are doing to heal the bad land designations that is far from the original land documents – they need to get out on the road and do their jobs.  If they don't have enough Inspectors for the Distrricts – start doing so because our Island is tumbling down hill, with no one in control only to spend the country's money on their choices that are not beneficial to the Public.

    • 13 years here says:

      Same street, a neighbor decided to dig up his front lawn for "fill2 and nothing has been done about it.  When we lose out ethics and enforcement only chaos will follow.

      Come one Cayman! We need some teeth…we are slipping into the toilet because our own civil service refuses to do their jobs on every level! We need enforcement and leadership not lip service!

      Police, DEH, Planning, Immigration start doing your jobs!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why the police? Immigration and DEH yes – but what have the police got to do with this story?

        • Hear hear says:

          They can work with "Planning, Immigration & Police" to fine or arrest my scumbag slumlord neighbor who rents to drug dealers, litters the area, and then digs up his own vacant front lawn for "fill". Yes- YOU: MR XXXXX and your nice wife and little kids- you are a Greedy DISGRACE who has singlehandedly killed a nice neighborhood with your slimey  slumlord practices!'

          Tar & feather I say!!  Name & shame but for goodness sales start enforcing some damn laws!?

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be nice if Mr Roydell would drive out in some of these areas where he gets complaints from and see where he needs to place large garbage bins. Also  to assist  these poor people in getting these breeding grounds for mosquitos cleared.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have seen this and wondered what else might they be bringing in. The sad part is that the neighbors had to complain. I wonder how many policemen or DEH personnel have driven by and seen this also.  

  37. Anonymous says:

    I just hope something will be done about this situation. It has been allowed to spiral out of control despite many people bringing it to the attention of the DOE and Police. It cannot be right that in a residential area a commercial fishing operation is allowed to develop. The reports are correct in that they defecate in the canal, play music loudly until late at night.

    It boils down to whether Cayman wants to maintan (at least the illusion) being a First World Country or whether we have just given up and are allowing everything to slip to Third World Status.

    The situation on the Marina Drive Canal is simply disgusting, I can't imagine it happening on the Hyatt Canal or Patrick's Island!


    • Not 1st World says:

      This is not a developed country.  We have money in the hands of a few but out culture is going backwards fast.  There is no pride anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boat People,  Patrick's Avenue Canal. Unfortunately,  Its slowly happening along the first phase of  Patrick's Island canal with BOAT PEOPLE permanently living on boats and emptying their dirty water in what is supppose to be a marine protected area.   It's the canal connecting Patrick's Avenue and Whirlwind Drive.  Land-owner rents spots along his dock for people to live in their boats. 

  38. Anonymous says:

    Continuing evidence of our porous marine border.  How does nobody think to report this to RCIPS, Port Customs or Immigration Dept?!? No no, they call DoEH! Smh.

  39. Anonyanmous says:

    Marina Drive Prospect is becoming a real ghetto, time for government to clean up this neighbourhood, as a matter of fact all of Marina Drive and most of the side roads.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'd have to agree and it's a shame because there are some very nice properties on Marina Drive. Clearly the authorities are turning the usual blind eye to the situation. For example, it can't be acceptable to the planning department, surely, to have an apartment block with a line of columns supporting nothing and with rebar sticking out the top? It looks so unsightly. Who the heck, donkey's years ago, said that was okay? And if they'd didn't why haven't they done something about it? I'm sorry, but Marina Drive looks dilapidated in part and planning/envornment need to pull their socks up and do their jobs. There also needs to be a neighbourhood beautification  committee perhaps? It's a great location and deserves better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tropical Gardens as well.  They have these mechanics repair businesses  sprouting up on the side of the roads and front yards of homes and just bringing down the value of what used to be a very nice residential area.  I don't know why these people are allowed to come to our island and mess the place so.  Cayman used to be so clean!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it up to the government to clean it up?  Can people not maintain themselves? If they can't, why is that? Is the economy so poor? Is there too much of a safety net in Cayman? The PEOPLE of Cayman need to take care of it and EACH OTHER!!!!!  I'm so sick of every body saying he said, she said…  nah my problem…  must be them…  Tell ya what?  If everybody took care of their neighbours and changed societal – yes I said SOCIETAL – thinking, things would improve. The silos that everyone has imaginarily erected in Cayman has ruined it. Caymanians, Hondurans, Jamaicans, Philipinos, Americans, Italians…  Sad. Not humans. Not people. Everyone washed with a Nationality paintbrush. Why not call Honduras and ask them to clean it up? Seriously…

      • Anonymous says:

        In Cayman a lot of people think that "government" should do everything and those people are too ignorant to understand that government money is their taxes. If I lived there, I would call the police, immigration and DEH/DOEH every time there is a noise disturbance, offence, day or night. Take photographic evidence of all problems and keep at it until something is done about it. If permits/business licences are needed to sell fish, they should have them, don't care what nationality they are. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Most of this island is ghetto…Some, Some is ghetto FAB….. Good Day

    • Anonymous says:

      Time for the Residents to clean it up- do not expect  Government to do everything, have some pride and pull a clean up crew and get busy.  It works everytime.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't we pay taxes for an Environmental Department, and a Planning Department? Are we supposed to ignore that?