Child killed, woman arrested

| 27/10/2014

(CNS): Police arrested a 37-year-old woman in connection with the killing of a six year old girl, just hours after the child’s body was discovered early this morning in a car parked on the Queen’s Highway, Chief Superintendent Kurt Walton confirmed Monday. Walton said police had opened a murder investigaiton but would not say whether or not the woman in police custody was the little girl’s mother and whether she had attempted to take her own life before her arrest. The child’s body was discovered at around 4:30am by officers on patrol in East End, further along the Queens Highway. During a press briefing at police HQ, Walton said police activity at a home in the Savannah Newlands area this morning was connected to the murder investigation but would not confirm if the house was where the woman or the child lived.

Offering his condolences to the family for the tragic death of the girl, he said police were unable to say very much at such an early stage in the investigation. He stated that police had not yet established the cause of death and refused to state the nationality of the victim or the woman who was arrested. The senior cop also refused to comment on whether or not the arrested woman's husband was a police officer.

The as yet unnamed little girl is the third murder victim of 2014 and the first young child killed in Cayman in more than four years. Four-year-old Jeremiah Barnes was shot and killed at a gas station in West Bay in February 2010, when a masked gunman opened fire on the family car that he was travelling in with his parents and brother.

Police are urging anyone who has information in relation to this latest murder to please call 949 7777 or Crimestoppers 800 TIPS.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Lord, have mercy on us! My heart is aching right now and tears dwelling in my eyes as I write this. So, so sad! Help us Lord!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tragic. Rest in Peace little girl.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rest in Peace, little one.