Parents warned to inspect kids Halloween treats

| 28/10/2014

(CNS): Government officials are urging parents not to take any chances when it comes to  candy and other treats their kids may want to eat this Halloween. The environmental health department said parents should examine closely the goodies children are given when they are out trick or treating this week to ensure they are safe. The officials said parents should insist that kids wait until they get home to eat sweets or food items and only after they or other adults have inspected them. If children are given a snack or light meal before they set out trick or treating, officials advised, this would cut down on the impulse of kids to eat the candy they collect right away. The DoHE also said parents should throw out home-made treats, candy or baked goods that children collect.

With a number of different things being given to children on Halloween to prevent illness or injury the (DoEH) advised parents to remove any choking hazard such as gum, peanuts, hard candies or small toys during treat inspections. They said commercially-wrapped treats should be inspected for signs of tampering. Look for unusual appearance, discoloration, tiny pinholes, or torn wrappers and discard anything that appears suspicious.

Juice or cider should not be left unrefrigerated for extended periods before consumption with unpasteurised juices and cider being especially vulnerable. All fresh fruit should be thoroughly, inspect for holes and other blemishes, the officials advised, adding that they should be cut open to check.

“If in doubt, throw it out,” the DoEH said, as it warned parents to consider their children’s food allergies and examine lablels.

For further information on food safety, please contact DEH at 949-6696 or visit the DEH website at

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  1. Cat says:

    They are only trying to keep your children safe and healthy. If you want to ignore their advice do so. Our country is still very safe compared to elsewhere, but it doesn't mean we are supposed to be complacent and ignorant to possibilities that one day something may go wrong. Our country is not immune to devious people, who may find it just a little funny to know that after your child leaves their doorsteps they,may fall ill, pass out, become overly hyper besides what candy already does. Bad things,devious people, drug or needle laced treats do not only exist in America or other countries. So it wouldn't hurt just to keep the advice in mind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will have my helper taste them first

    • Anonyanmous says:

      14:45 Silence is golden and it is people like you who are sending this place down the toilet.  If you have nothing positive to say keep it to yourself because your comment is hateful and not cute if you are seeking the lol effect, you are evil and have very wicked intentions.

      • Anonymous says:

        12:32, you forgot to tell 14:45 that while he/she thinks it's funny to mess with the help, he/she may want to consider that this person knows the ins and outs of their house and every-day life. Not a good idea to make fun or provoke such people who clean for you, cook for you, wash your dirty clothes. etc. NOT FUNNY 14:45.

        And who take care of your bratty kids all day!


      • Anonymous says:

        And you 12.32, could not spot a sense of humour from 2 inches away.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, very naughty and evil…and everything!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When was the last attack on kid's halloween candy reported? Never! Who comprises the Evil Halloween Candy Sabotage Folk list? Not one person.

    The scaremongering here is uncalled for.



    • Anonymous says:

      This hoax of razorblade apples, drugged homemade goods, etc. were propogated 40 years ago in the U.S. and there has only been one case and that was a poisoning done by a family member.  It's so easy to frighten people about strangers when the evil lurks within.

    • Anonymous says:

      In fact there has NEVER been a genuine case of Halloween candy being poisoned anywhere.


      This scare mongering is ridiculous.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It's sad that an Island that used to boast safety and low-crime as one of its virtues is now at the point that the RCIP are telling parents to throw away homemade treats given to their children on Halloween. 

    Unfortunately, if the last few years are any indication of things to come, it won't be getting any better any time soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the article – where does it mention the RCIPS? 

      The tagline for tourism here should be – 'The Cayman Islands – where everything bad that happens is the fault of the police'.

      BTW – The new RCIPS voicemail isnow active:

      Hello, you have reached the RCIPS Voice Mail.

      Pay close attention as we have to update the choices often as new and unusual circumstances arrive. Please select one of the following options:

      – To whine about us not doing anything to solve a problem you created for yourself, press 1.

      – To postulate whether someone has to die before we'll do something about a problem, press 2.

      – To report an officer for bad manners when in reality the officer is trying to keep your neighborhood safe, press 3.

      – If you would like us to raise your children, press 4.

      – If you would like us to take control of your life due to your alcoholic or chemical dependency, press 5.

      – If you would like us to instantly restore order to a situation that took years to deteriorate, press 6.

      – To provide a list of police officers you personally know so we will not take enforcement action against you, press 7.

      – To sue us, tell us you'll have our badge, that you pay our salary, or proclaim our career is over, press 8

      – If you plan on e-mailing the Commissioner, your MLA or the Premier, press 9

      – To hear this menu again, wrap aluminum foil around your head and turn around three times.


  5. MEM says:

    Trick O Treating isn't even worth this hassle, buy your kids a bag of candy and go to the beach. Celebrating a heep of commercialised nonesense and putting children at risk!

  6. Anonyanmous says:

    Sage advice given, just a word of caution also be on the look out for robbers, these days in the New Cayman Islands looks like nothing is off limits. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    In a place where morbidly obese mothers DRIVE their kids from door to door on Hallowe'en?

  8. Gordon Barlow says:

    Oh, for goodness sake! Are we really at the Nanny-State stage already?

    • Whodatis says:

      Don't you mean Nanny-Territory?

      • Anonymous says:

        Only if the Nanny is stealing all the treats and the immature children want him to be their new daddy.