West Bay heritage day moves to Turtle Farm

| 11/11/2014

(CNS): In what is proving to be a very low key Pirates Week festival this year, after budget cuts and falling sponsorship appear to be cutting into the celebration, the Turtle Farm has taken over the West Bay heritage day. Normally held at the district’s Heritage Field, this year, the food vendors and local crafters will take over the farm Tuesday. The CTF is not releasing turtles as part of the festival this year after it acknowledged last year that releasing the farmed turtles may be a danger to the wild population. However, from 11am today the farm will be hosting pirates as well as local artisans and there will be a $5 charge which gets visitors a $5 food voucher.

There will be music by local DJs as well as live entertainment by local performer “Lammy” and the West Bay district float will be on display, as well as a replica of a traditional catboat. Music and festivities will continue well into the evening, with a closing time of 2am. Guests will also be treated to a spectacular fireworks show.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised this subject has not been explored in more depth by posters because Pirates Week this year has been simply atrocious. It was always a phony creation but it is clearly on its last legs and should be cancelled. All those foreigners who like to dress up in totally phony pirates costumes will just have to suck it up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    West bay heritage day  @ the turtle farm  was very nice they actually showcased heritage to some extent but very lacking overall.

    No admission and that was nice, I guess the food voucher idea fell apart being by 7 pm there was no food available. the whole food situation was very lacking My family would of easily spent 100 on food but if there is no food no $. So much for unemployment

    It was nice the band set up by 8pm, thats culture for ya. better late than never.

     That food vendor that tryed to overcharge my wife by $5 that was cute. Were not fool fool we scouted your food stall b4 we ordered, it was tasty but not kept at proper tempature, Its 140 degreese in case you missed the food handling class, and those gloves are to protect the customer from your nastyness not keep your hands clean from the money.It would also be nice if you changed your gloves once in a while

    The conch soup was wonderful

    The jerk pork was delicious.

    The turtles were really nice

    The old time games and conch shells were a hit with my children

    Those thatch goods were very nice

    Let me say something about East ends heritage day, That was nothing but a disgrace

    The music sucked it was like being in a jamaican night club BOOM BOOM BOOM drop your booty to the floor and let me taste you……..I am sure your kids will grow up with proper western morals listening to that stuff.  Pass me a spliff.

    The woman with the microphone must of been drunk I cant believe she is a local social worker those folks in east end really have a problem if they count on her for anything. She butchered the english language. She kept screaming about our culture and heritage. as if locals were from the jungle. what a disgrace.

    As for the food most of it was sold out before late afternoon it was a lot of money for a small portion And I did not eat the lobster that arrived in the evening, I dont like to eat out of season food even if it is your heritage, its not mine.

    I Found it so sad that east enders seem to be going backwards years ago they actually cooked at the field now its nothing but cold food made in someones dirty kitchen By their  jamaican helpers. I like jamaican food but its not cayman food

    So much for people being broke if they had more food and more vendors more money would of been raised. but thats what happens when 6 greedy vendors shut out the others from opprotunity

    Thumbs up to the man selling jerk outside the gates.

    Next year please try to do better


    • Anonymous says:

      Please remember bobo, jerk pork is NOT, repeat NOT Caymanian. It is Jamaican -like eating green bananas with curry chicken. Oxtail is a hugely popular food here. Originally British, it has been popularised by the Jamaican contingent in Cayman. Caymanian heritage consists of British and Jamaican things as well as "things Caymanian"..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Food over priced and awful. Location stinking of turtle crap. And best of all – more police than people. Yup, sounds like another succesful year for heritage day. Go back to original 1980/90's spot. At least the kids can enjoy the field.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well if you are referring to Pirates Week then you are wrong since it is not Caymanian at all but something that was imported from Miami.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Surely the Hard Rock would have been a more appropriate venue choice.

  6. Knot S Smart says:

    The turtle farm is actually the best place for the West Bay Pirates Week…

    But I'm not going to say why…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what time the fireworks starts please?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I didnt think much of Saturday night at all. The song contest for the most part was awful, we shouldn't be subject to that. I left before Swanky came on as did many people incuding tourists. It was just too painful. I heard Swanky were great as usual.. they should have played earlier.

    Please learn from this mistake next weekend if you wan to hold the crowd. I am looking forwad to hearing Fab 5 again but will not if I have to listen to less than mediocre pefomances first.



  9. Anonyanmous says:

    Like all things Caymanian, slowly fading away, going, going, gone. 

    • Fred the Piemaker says:

      If Caymanians don't want to attend, then surely there is a message there – perhaps modern Caymanians don't readily identify with the old traditions?  You wouldnt get a huge crowd for a Morris dance in the UK either. But either way, if its on offer and Caymanians don't want to participate, its a Caymanian choice, not something that is some how inflicted from outside.