Premier welcomes new dawn for US and Cuba

| 19/12/2014

(CNS): There were no statements on Thursday from the premier regarding his own internal government relationships as the ‘Ozzigate’ issue rolled on, but Alden McLaughlin did find time to congratulate President Barack Obama for making efforts to restore diplomatic and economic ties between the United States and Cuba. Still coming under increasing pressure to do something about his health minister and long-time PPM colleague and friend on Thursday, the premier’s public attention was on the advantages for local people the complete thawing of the more than fifty year impasse between the two countries would bring.

“The re-establishment of a US embassy on Cuban soil that is being proposed would benefit Caymanians who hold US passports as well as our resident US citizens,” the premier stated. “I expect a further easing of restrictions on US residents traveling to Cuba in the near future. I understand that Cuban President Raul Castro has welcomed the restoration of the relationship with the United States and has said the two countries must live with their differences in a civilized manner. I congratulate both men for beginning to end the chilled relations that have existed between the two countries since 1961,” he added.

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  1. Respect says:

    If Cayman Airways and the the DOT have NOT had a ready-plan waiting on the shelf for this for announcement for over a decade, then Moses and his whole crew should be sacked!

    Come on….. this was only a waiting game….please SHOW ME that Cayman is ready for this with "instant holiday packages" avoiding Miami airport and using Cayman as a package US holiday??

    3 million visitors a YEAR alreadt go to Cuba so our market is NOT Europe or Canada, but YES Chicago, New York, Texas, and LA…..I HOPE to see the "Cayman Cuba Holiday" package ready by January 1st (Moses K and Joey Hew!!)

    Non-stop New York, Chicago to GCM- overnight on SMB and onto Havana for 3 nights, return via GCM for 2 additional nights- total package CI$1200, we Americans would sign up in the thousands!!

    Call it the "Best of both worlds Caribbean holiday package"

    We must also realize two things:

    1.) The cold war romance is over.  Most people in the current age group for travel 40-65 are too young to have the history as a destination.

    2.) Miami is NOT happy about this….so Cayman's niche is to offer a route that avoids Miami, period.

    We can offer a nice package holiday for US tourists, but don't get greedy DOT your competition is still Carnival cruise lines.

    CNS: Note that mass tourism from the US remains illegal, at least for now (see here).

  2. Anonymous says:

    It will fine, as long as the U.S. doesn't turn it into another tacky tourist product, keep a low profile and don't annex it and make it look like Rodeo Drive or Disneyland. Wishful thinking?

  3. Drift Coconuts says:

    Hey Mr. Premier, if you can find the time while waxing all doe eyed and philosophical about US-Cuba thawing, maybe you could ask for your poor Cayman passport holders to be able to get their US visa renewals done in Havana and Nassau.

    But only if you’re not too very busy, especially after taking on all of Ossie’s jobs (btw you might as well designate him as ‘Minister without portfolio’ so he can continue to claim the big bucks and max out his eventual pension).

  4. breal says:

    The tourism product in Cuba will be superior to Cayman, they have more to offer, they will have the Infastructure in place soon to have berthing piers. This will open up the cruise line business. Cuba was the best trip I’ve ever made, the people were friendly, the hotel’s in Havanna were quality. Cayman needs to focus on the high end stay over visitors. The days that 5-6 ships are in harbor is too much of a strain in Central Gerogetown. If the cruise lines add Cuba to the trips if I were a passenger, I wouldn’t even get off the boat when it came into port in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cuba already gets 3 million tourists a year from Canada, the UK and Europe. You can judge the anticipated effect of the country opening up to the USA by two simple facts – Carnival shares went up by nearly 4% on the announcement and Marriott have just announced they are planning new developments in Cuba.

      I'm reading daft comments like, "Cuba is not ready for tourism. Cayman is way ahead of them with tourism," on other local websites. Wake up – Cuba has the space and the workforce for almost unlimited tourism expansion, all it was waiting for was the money. The island already boasts 10 international airports and even at this early stage has four cruise ship destinations.

      If you want an example of how quickly the Cubans can build things look at the new deep-water container terminal at Mariel. While CIG were arguing about a cruise dock in GT the Cubans built that whole facility, including a 2300' berth.       


      • Anonymous says:

        It's going to be fine. Cubankind will see to that.

      • Anonymous says:

        And Cubans will not be thinking that the aervice industry is beneath them.  They will be more than willing to serve tourists.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can hear Obama think : "who is Alden McLaughlin ?"

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is the beginning of the end of tourisme in Cayman.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I Love Cuba! I go there every December to celebrate my divorce and remind myself why i single!

    I am one of the few Caymanian Natives that speak fluent spanish- many opportunities will open for us…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    sorry gentlemen the price just doubled, no more getting women over their for just a bottle of lotion or perfume

  9. Anonymous says:

    Since USA is being more understanding towards Cuba C-airways should be trying to market Cuba route via USA NOW!! Gt voter

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cuba is free sooner than later & I will be on one of the first ships to visit

    I will sell my home in cayman soon. I would rather be in a free cuba than a backwater like cayman.

    your old friend,


  11. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    I too welcome it Mr Premier because just maybe the parasitic interest and crowd here will move to exploit other opportunities and people location. Cubans aren't so docile though and they won't get away with their avaricious appetite over deh.But we can only dream eh Cayman?