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Over the years many reports have been commissioned, and many of the authors made discovered that are either useful to policy makers and the public which employs them, or may become useful to students or historians. The documents and reports below represent an incomplete collection which we hope to add to as we unearth them. If you have any documents that you think should be in the public domain, please send them to


Anti-Money Laundering Regime in the Cayman Islands – fact sheet (CIG)

Criminality Report (2006) By Yolande C. Forde

Cruise port documents

DART/CIG proposal

Electoral Boundary Commission Report 2010

Framework for Fiscal Responsibility

Grouper fishing ban

ITALIC Review Report (April 2006) By Hassan Syed

Operations Tempura and Cealt

Petition for single member constituencies

Review of British offshore financial centres (October 2009) By Michael Foot

Salary of public servants

Sale of Government Office Administration Building (GOAB) proposal

University and Beyond


Video archives

Little Cayman, 1970

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Cayman Islands Budget documents

Cayman Islands Budget documents

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CIG Budget for year ending 30 June 2011

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