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| 04/11/2008

(CNS): The local business community is being offered the chance to gain some inside information on how to deal with the media. According to Tower Media only a few people are born with that natural sense of ease in front of a crowd or a camera when being aggressively questioned.

“For the rest of us it takes a little coaching and a little practice to get comfortable in the spotlight,” said Gary Ainsworth, Sr. Marketing Manager at Tower.

Hence why the media and communication company firm is offering a new Media Training course from Tower Marketing which the firm said could be a very important resource for anyone that may find themselves giving a big presentation, answering questions from a live audience, or giving interviews tothe press.

Tower said that it has previously only offered this training directly to executives at large corporations, but is now making it available to a wider audience in a seminar format with up to 20 participants.  “We had been getting a lot of calls recently about Media Training,” added Ainsworth, “but companies could not afford to provide individual training for all the employees they felt needed this service.” 

Tower has developed this seminar, priced at just $500 per person, which provides the basic framework required to effectively deal with members of the media or other live audience interactions. The course explains the role of the reporter, provides attendees with easy to follow checklists that they can use to prepare for specific events, and teaches them the techniques needed to control any situation in which they are being questioned.

These techniques are reinforced through mock interviews and practice with fellow attendees. The seminar consists of four hours of training, with a lunch break in the middle.  “We get right into the core information that people need to know, without all the fluff” Ainsworth explained.  “We find this length of seminar keeps people focused and engaged, delivering the optimum results for them and their employers.”


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