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Hurricane warning issued

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(CNS): Updated 6:30 pm local time:  The Hazard Management Cayman Islands’ Joint Communications Service (HMCI-JCS) has issued a hurricane warning on Tropical Storm Paloma. Tropical storm force may start to affect the Cayman Islands by tomorrow morning (Friday, 7 November). The unusual direction of approach means that most storm effects will be experienced along the southern coast of Grand Cayman and the SMB area.

At 4 pm this afternoon Tropical Storm Paloma was located near 16.3 N 81.8 W or 210 miles south of Grand Cayman, moving north at 8 mph and expected to turn northeast. The storm has maximum sustained winds of 65 mph. Paloma maydeposit in excess of 4 to 8 inches of additional rainfall through Monday morning, bringing flooding to already-saturated low-lying areas.

As the storm has shifted TS force winds may start to affect the Cayman Islands as early as 11 o’clock Friday morning (7 November).Residents should hurry to complete all storm preparations for hurricane conditions by this evening  afternoon (Friday, 7 November) and maintain a state of readiness, say the JCS. All residents should continue to monitor their local media for updates on Tropical Storm Paloma. While late in the season, residents must neither be complacent nor underestimate the likely strength of this weather system.

There is no mandatory evacuation order in effect and visitors who would like to leave are being advised to contact their airline or Cayman Airways. All government offices and schools will be closed tomorrow and most shelers will begin opening in the morning as needed.

The RCIPS would like to inform all police staff currently on leave that they should consider themselves on stand-by for duty. A further decision in relation to resourcing will be made tomorrow and an announcement will be made.




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UK rep to be FOI chief

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(CNS): The position of Freedom of Information Commissioner has gone to Jennifer P. Dilbert, the Governor announced Wednesday morning, 5 November, following a recommendation from a five-person selection panel, and after consultation with Cabinet. Currently the Cayman Islands Representative in the United Kingdom, Dilbert will take up the post at the beginning of next year.

H.E the Governor Stuart Jack said Dilbert was appointed in accordance with the Freedom of Information (Information Commissioner) Regulations, 2008, part of the FOI Law which comes into force on 1January 2009. Speaking about being given the job, Dilbert said she was honoured.
 “I have had the honour of representing the Cayman Islands in the UK for the past eight years, and working as a civil servant for over 25 years. I am privileged to continue to serve my country as Information Commissioner,” she added.

Dilbert has served the Cayman Islands Government for over 25 years, 15 of which were spent in supervision of the financial services industry. As Inspector of Financial Services she headed the Financial Services Supervision Department, the precursor to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), for which she also acted as Managing Director in 2002. She also managed the Cayman Islands Currency Board and the 1979 population census.

Prior to her taking up the representative position in London, she served as Executive Director of Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Ltd. from 1996 to 1999.

The post is for a term of five years and the duties are to educate the public on their rights under the FOI Law, to ensure access to information as stated under the law and, most importantly, to hear appeals on denied requests. In reviewing such appeals, the Commissioner’s Office will be empowered to determine whether public authorities have applied the FOI Law appropriately when refusing to grant access to certain information. The office will also examine whether failure to grant timely access or failure to carry out any obligations as stated under the law have occurred.

Other powers include ordering public entities to publish certain information, to change their record keeping practices, and/or to provide staff with the necessary training to fulfil their duty under the law.


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US back on global warming

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(NY Times): Hopes soared in Europe for renewed momentum on climate change following the election of Barack Obama The European Union has been alone in setting up an international greenhouse gas emissions trading system after President George W. Bush declined to ratify the Kyoto climate treaty. Hans-Gert Pöttering, the president of the European Parliament, welcomed the opportunity for a fresh start highlighting green issues, saying he hoped the two sides would work “together in effective partnership on many of the global issues facing decision-makers in our both continents, for example climate change.” Go to article


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Markets mixed on Obama

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(AP): World markets traded lower Wednesday despite strong gains in Asia overnight as investors booked profits after Senator Barack Obama won the U.S. presidential election and the Democrats took a firmer hold on Congress. The losses in Europe and the U.S. follow surges Tuesday in anticipation of an Obama victory. The Dow in fact enjoyed its best electionday rally since 1984.Go to article.

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Bermuda backs Obama

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(Royal Gazette): While Cayman still seem reticent about the Barack Obama election victory because of comments by the first ever Black US President, to launch a clampdown on US business operations in so-called tax havens, this did nothing to dampen the spirits of his fans in Barack Obama in Bermuda. His supporters were reportedly euphoric last night with both Premier Ewart Brown and Opposition Leader Kim Swan rejoicing at the victory. Go to article.

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Tourist dies snorkelling in East End

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(CNS): A 59-year-old man died yesterday while snorkelling off the Reef Resort, East End and police say they have now started an investigation. At around 3pm, the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call from a Tortuga Divers employee reporting that a snorkeler had been reported missing and a search was underway.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) said that it has begun an investigation after into the snorkeler’s death on Tuesday, 4 November. The man was located unconscious in the water and brought to shore and under the direction of 911 operators, CPR was conducted until medics arrived. Police and medics attended and he was taken to hospital where he was unfortunately pronounced dead.

The man had been on vacation in Grand Cayman with friends and was from the United States. The RCIPS offered its condolences to the family and friends of the victim and commend all those who were involved in the search for man, as well as those who administered CPR before medics arrived, for their efforts.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling crime stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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Crime novel set in Cayman

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(CNS): Once again Books and Books at Camana Bay will be offering local bookworms a real treat with a visiting award winning author reading from his latest novel. Crime writer Bob Adamov, will be reading from and signing copies of his fifth book in the Emerson Moore series, The Other Side of Hell set in the Cayman Islands which also comes with a free CD from his collaborator on the novel Mike “Mad Dog” Adams.


On Wednesday 12 November at 7pm Adamov will be offering a snippet of his latest adventure which features action in George Town, Red Bay, West Bay, Morgan’s Harbour, Nancy’s Divetech, Rum Point and East End. On this particular book Adamov partnered with songwriter and comedian, Mike “Mad Dog” Adams so each copy of the book includes a copy of Adams’ new 11 song CD by the same name.

Commenting on the joint venture, Adamov said originally, his friend Mad Dog’s involvement was just as a vehicle to convey hero Emerson Moore to the Cayman Islands since Mad Dog has also been a popular entertainer there.

“As Mike and I talked, the venture evolved into him having a featured action role in the novel and writing the corresponding song. Being such a rascal himself, Mad Dog fit right into the colourful cast of characters.”

Adams added that he was very flattered to have been asked by Adamov to be involved in the project. “I hope that the title song, along with the rest of the CD, complement his exciting adventure story,” he said.

The Other Side of Hell continues the popular Emerson Moore series and Adamov’s string of Lake Erie island best sellers – Rainbow’s End, Pierce the Veil, When Rainbows Walk and Promised Land.

In this novel Emerson Moore finds himself in the Cayman Islands where he is drawn into the intrigue surrounding a nefarious Jamaican drug lord and his surreptitious underwater activities in Boatswain’s Bay off of DiveTech. At the same time, he stumbles across information regarding a missing German raider and uncovers a deadly Soviet Union plan. The provocative cast of characters include MOORE’s Ex-Navy SEAL buddy Sam Duncan, legendary Put-in-Bay singer Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, an attractive and reticent Jamaican woman, a furtive Royal Cayman Police Superintendent and the rapscallions at Durty Reid’s Bar and Grille in Red Bay.

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Police record dozen burglaries in one week

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(CNS): In the wake of a number of offences that could have been avoided the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) is warning residents to be on their guard against burglary. Over the last few weeks police said offenders had gained access to a number of properties by removing screens and opening unlocked windows. Between October 24 and 29 alone there were 12 burglaries reported to police across Grand Cayman.

The abnormally high figure has led police to ask people to be more aware and ensure their homes are as secure as they can be. Residents are being asked to follow simple crime prevention measures such as not leaving valuable items on display, recording serial numbers of items such as lap-tops in case they are stolen and making sure that homes are secure at all times. In addition, residents who hear or notice suspicious noises or behaviour are asked to contact police immediately.

Police said the public should ensure doors and windows are kept locked and secure – even if you are just popping out for a few minutes. Use window stoppers from hardware stores so even

if the lock is breached, the window cannot be slid back. Sliding doors are often a popular method of entry – inserting a piece of wood or something similar into the gap to prevent the door from sliding back, should the lock be broken, can discourage potential burglars from targeting your home. They asl advised residents not to leave a spare key hidden under a mat or plant pot and to make sure keys are kept out of reach of windows and doors.

Let burglars know you have taken precautions the police said, if you have an alarm put the box or sticker on show and if you have a dog put up a warning sign. If you are going away ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property and ask them to open and close curtains or put lights on to make your house look lived in. If you are leaving your car at the airport – ask a neighbour to park in your space occasionally. Ask a neighbour to collect the Sunday paper.

Police said that residents can help improve their own security by taking a look around their properties and imagining they are a burglar and see where they could gain access. Look for your security weak points and address them the police added.


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Pirates face bad weather

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(CNS): Despite rescheduling pirates week into November back in 2006 to avoid the worst of the seasonal rains, this year it looks like the pirates will still be in for a stormy time. The ten day forecast calls for lots of showers and with a broad area of low pressure that could become a tropical depression to the south of the Cayman Islands the pirates will need their rubber boots.

Executive Director of Pirates Week Dave Martins is undeterred by the inclement weather which has always plagued the festival and says all of the extra visitors arriving in Cayman for the festivities are in for a treat despite the rain. Although there is no tracking mechanism in place to monitor the expected number of tourists coming for the event hotel bookings suggest that the festival has boosted visitor numbers.

“We know lots of visitors are coming or coming back,” said Martins who described some of this year’s expected highlights. “A unique feature of the festival is the variety it offers. This year, in particular, we have the new cardboard boat race coming back, we have a new cycling race downtown, and we have a waveboard demonstration by Red Bull. That wide variety makes the festival special.”

With so much happening at the 31st annual Pirates Week Festival Martins advised anyone joining in the fun and frolics to take advantage of all the down town events as they are free and said he was looking forward as ever to the heritage days.

“Every year, for me, the most striking thing about the heritage days is the enthusiasm of the people who are putting on their own show in their own way for their own pleasure. It’s what makes the heritage days so much fun,” he added.

The ten day celebration period is always a busy time for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service which is tasked with policing events and parades to ensure law and order is maintained, patrolling the water in partnership with Port Authority vessels to ensure safety upon the sea and overseeing road closures and other logistical activities.

Detailed police plans focus around ensuring the safety of those attending festivities, assisting in the prevention of disorder or damage and preventing any illegal activity from occurring. Road closures start on Friday, 7 November at 6.00pm with Harbour Drive and Fort Street junction / Boilers Road and South Church Street junction / Shedden Road at Royal Bank, Goring Avenue and Harbour Drive junction / Hard Rock and Harbour Drive junction closed until 3.30am.

On Saturday, 8 November from 10am Memorial and South Church Street / Boilers and Walkers Road / Exit of Kirk parking lot and South Church Street / Exit of Kirk parking lot and Goring Avenue / Goring Avenue and South Church Street / Fort Street and North Church Street / Mary Street and Fort Street, Shedden Road and Dr. Roy’s Drive / Dr. Roy’s Drive and Edward Street / Edward Street, Fort Street and Town Hall / Hospital Road and Walkers Road (no traffic from 4-way to Elgin Avenue) Elgin Avenue and Hospital Road / Shedden Road will be closed until 1.00am on Sunday

This year the featured visiting band is IMIJ & Company, and there are also guest appearances by the two lead singers from the late Byron Lee’s  Dragonaires band, a Oscar B and Jumo. Local bands performing are Hit Depot, Bona Fide, Red White & Blue, Xplosion, Impulz, Heat, Musical Crew, Core, Panoramers, J.R. Douglas, and Wata Soaked.  Pre-Landing Entertainment, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, includes local dancers, singers, and musicians on Harbour Drive on Saturday 8 November from 2-3pm.

For full details of the events schedule go to

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Third top cop in three years

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(CNS): The departure of Acting Commissioner David George, as reported on CNS, was confirmed yesterday and the Governor announced that Royce Hipgrave, a former Commissioner of Police in St Helena, will arrive in the Cayman Islands in two weeks. Despite the obvious concerns throughout the community about the uncertainty within the service, the Governor said he was confident the handover would go smoothly.

During a day when rumours that Stuart Kernohan, the existing police commissioner currently on required leave, was to be re-instated were denied by sources close to the Governor’s office, H.E the Governor Stuart Jack said he had informed Cabinet earlier that George was leaving at the end of November and Hipgrave, who has also served as Chief Superintendent with the Sussex Police Service in the UK, was on his way.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank David George for his hard work and enthusiasm over the last seven months.  He provided a much-needed stability for the RCIPS that enabled officers and staff alike to get on with their job of ensuring the safety and security of the Cayman Islands for all of us,” he said.

George made his own announcement regarding his departure earlier on Tuesday when he explained that he had only ever intended to serve in Cayman for 6 months.

“In August of this year I announced to the Governor that I would be leaving the post of Acting Commissioner at the end of November. My reasons are quite simple, when I agreed to take over the post it was for a temporary period of up to six months. At the end of November I will have been here for eight months, I therefore need to return to the United Kingdom to continue my life both professional and personal,” he said.

He said it had been a very positive experience and he had both worked with and been supported by professional and conscientious officers and staff who had continued to work very hard under trying circumstances.

“I will miss them all,” said George. “I have also found the people of the Cayman Islands to be friendly and very supportive of what we, in the RCIPS, are trying to achieve. I thank all those who have supported us during my time here and I urge you to continue offering your assistance, cooperation and support to the fine officers and staff who work so hard to ensure the Cayman Islands remain a safe place to live, work and visit.”

He said that over the last six months, the Gold Command team (police management) has devised a clear strategic plan designed to help shape policing over the coming year.

“This plan, which is linked to key activities and tasks, has been developed through consultation with our partner agencies and the community at large. Resident’s views and priorities have been taken into account so that policing priorities reflect the needs of the community. This work will continue throughout this year and into next and I have every confidence that the RCIPS will continue to go from strength to strength,” he said.

George acknowledged that his departure may place a further burden and degree of uncertainty on the RCIPS but he was confident they would deal with the circumstances.

“However, I am sure the men and women of this fine organisation will be able to rise above this and support my successor in the same way they have supported me. I am confident that their hard work will not falter and I offer them all the best for the future,” George noted.

The Governor said there would be a professional handover from George to Hipgrave and the consistent implementation of the new strategic plan will provide the continuity that is needed.

"I understand that officers and staff of the RCIPS, and the public at large, are concerned about uncertainty in these challenging times.  I am confident that a professional handover from David George to Royce Hipgrave and the consistent implementation of the new strategic plan will provide the continuity that is needed," he said.

Hipgrave was the Commissioner of Police in St Helena a very small British overseas territory in the South Atlantic with a population of 5,000, situated half-way between Angola and Brazil.

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