Immigration warns jobseekers of costly scam

| 25/11/2008

(CNS): Overseas job seekers could be getting scammed says the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration which has received reports of individuals engaging in dishonest schemes by attempting to mislead those looking for work. The department said people are promised that agents can organise travel and job opportunities in the Cayman Islands after paying a fee which  usually results in victims losing their money.

“With concern growing over the state of the world economy we must be mindful of  unsuspecting persons falling  prey to scams,” the Immigration Department said.

Part of the scam reportedly involves the job-seekers being given instructions to meet unscrupulous individuals at the Cayman Islands Visa Office in Jamaica in order to make it appear that the paperwork will be submitted to the Office there. Once the monetary transaction takes place the fraudster will then basically disappear.

 The Department warned that the victims usually end up paying a huge sum of money and have no work permit application or any other Immigration process progressed on their behalf. The public must note that the Cayman Islands Visa Offices in both Jamaica and in Honduras do not accept or deal with Work Permit applications or associated transactions.

“In addition, we are echoing previous reminders that the overseas Visa Offices do not have the authority to make any decisions on any visa applications submitted.  All visa applications received at these offices are dealt with by Immigration officials in the Cayman Island,” the department added.  


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  1. Twyla M Vargas says:


    I know that much has been said concerning the Jamaican population in Cayman.  Yes some of it is true, and stale news now, however we need to take check. 

    Do you really think that it is the Jamaicans population which has overrun this country?  well I really dont thik so. and,  Before I continue, for the records, I would like to say thay I am a caymanian and I am not married to a Jamaican and do not have a Jamaican man.

    Now back to the subject thats touchy and no one wants to talk about.  I would like to ask 95% of the people on this Island who is the person up top their roof fixing it when there is a leak, who pumps your cespool when it is filled to the top, who is collecting your garbage, who is taking care of your children, and not stealing your husband.  Who is filling up the shoping carts at all supermarkets, who is drinking at the local bars, who is eating at the local resturants, who is filling the church pews who is renting your apartment and want privacy.  Who stops to fix your tyre when you have a flat, who is your mechanic, and playing  your number game on sundays, who.s at the dominio table, and buying your fish and breadkind, who is your barber, hairdresser and pedicure person.  Who can you call when no one else will come.  JAMAICANS.

    Yes they have done their share of bad here, like every one else that we do not hear about, but that is something for the Immigration Department to, be watchful about.  You think that only Jamaicans are criminal minded?  The other elite crimes are not being told, they are being covered up.  Caymanian Marriages are being broken up every day, and its not by Jamaicans, they are too afraid to be sent home to do that, but there  is  dominant groups who is rasing havoc here and do not care a RAT TAIL who gets in the way.  But we are being fooled by the gentleness of other cunning persons who envade our Caymanian space.  Is it because we like to feel like master and slave.  Wake up Cayman you really do not know what is going on, and all of those  who are developing that WEAKNESS FOR SWEETNESS, trust me it does not last .


  2. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with the "First Lets Stop Our Own" post, I work for a construction company and I can tell you that I have not seen so many un employed Jamaicans out of Jamaica! I am not being discriminatory, I cannot afford to be, because I am Honduran, but working here in this office, I am shocked to see how many come in in a day looking for work, masons, carpenters, helpers, steelmen etc.,  If they are on Island under a permit, should they not have guaranteed work? If I must comply with the laws of the Cayman Islands why not these people. The only way to stop this is to stop it at the beginning, you have people bringing these people on Island and charging them for the permits, right there that is breaking the law, they have no insurance, no pension.  Frans can stop this from within his own office, because these permits are comming through Immigration Department. I personally have written in to Immigration about someone I know on Island that is married here for conviniance, nothing has been done because the person has Immigration connections, so the letter does not get past these connections.

    In Lower Valley right now there is a project going on, a Caymanian friend of mines went there looking for work, he was told there was no work, however when we checked the site out there was not one Caymanian on the site, all Jamaicans down to the very contractor. Should there not be at least one Caymanian on this job site? Especially since the Contractor there does not hold the permits work these workers?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Bearing in mind that a number of Imigration Officers are known to be moonlighting as immigration ‘advisors’ and several more are running businesses that are employing ex-pats on work permits this looks like a case of, ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’

    Sorrty Franz this looks like a smoke screen to cover up your own internal problems.


  4. Anonymous says:

    First let’s STOP our own locals from bringing in Jamaicans and others as helpers to work one day a week for them and then let them fend for theirselves the rest of the time!  This madness has to end.  We Caymanians should NOT bring in domestics or construction workers for our sole benefit unless we are prepared to PAY for healthcare, assure reasonable room and board, and offer a 40 hour work week. at a decent wage 

    Hello Franz?!? Clean up your OWN mess before pointing fingers….just run an ad in the paper for any low paying job and you will find DOZEN of applicants who are here on permits being held by Caymanians, but not working full time.  Don’t we have an enforcement branch of Immigration?  Gee, guess those employees don’t drive around the streets during the day or visit the local bars to see how many unemployed immigrants are actually HERE!!! 

  5. Twyla M Vargas says:


    How do we know who is involved with this scam.  I am very suspicious of the area where they are meeting persons to do transactions.  Who know that these visas offices are not indirectly involved.  It needs proper checking out.