Bogus email makes false warning about texts

| 04/03/2009

(CNS): LIME has completed an investigation into an email that has been circulating which claims that text messages sent through the telecommunications company can be intercepted and read by a third party. LIME warns customers through a counter email that the original is making false statements about its network security. The circulating email has in the subject line “Beware of sending Text Messages – VERY IMPORTANT INFO”. It begins with “Hello All” and is signed by “Friend!!!!”

It says: “I am just letting you know that you need to be very cautious when sending out text messages in the Cayman Islands. A text message that I sent from my personal cell phone was intercepted and read by an unintended 3rd party this week. I contacted LIME and was told that the person (3rd party) has all my text messages that I generate forwarded to a particular phone even though the number is NOT the intended address. The kind customer service representative and LIME told me that it is NEW and they were not aware that it could even happen! LIME is currently investigating this matter and I will update you as I receive information. Until this issue is resolved, please do not send any sensitive info via text. It looks like we are not safe any where. Send this message on to all those you consider to be family and friends.”

LIME has now released its own email, and ask people to send to anyone who has sent the bogus email. It says:

“There’s an e-mail that’s currently circulating regarding someone who sent a text message to a friend which was then received by someone else. This e-mail is making false statements about LIME’s network security. This has nothing at all to do with LIME and we have advised this person to contact the police as their handset may have been accessed or compromised by a third party.

"Our investigation has been completed and we want to assure you that all information sent via text, e-mail or voice is totally secure. Remember to lock your handsets and don’t let anyone have access to your personal information including user names and passwords. Finally can I please ask you to forward this e-mail to anyonewho sent you the original one.”

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