Man wanted for fraud could be in Cayman

| 04/03/2009

(CNS): A man said to have duped churches and church-goers in Central Florida of at least $450,000 by presenting himself as a wealthy businessman from a religious family in Jamaica might be hiding out in the Cayman Islands, according to America’s Most Wanted. With a warrant for his arrest in Orange County, Florida, 44-year-old Jamaican Lerron Carlton Heslop (left) claims he is trying to fund the establishment of Bible colleges and churches in the Caribbean for a bogus religious group, Pioneer Caribbean Team.

AMW says that to entice them even more to donate he promises big cash in return. He says he’ll invest the money in Jamaican land used to grow sweet potatoes, and police say he claims the investors will not only see a ten-fold return on their money, but they’ll also help revitalize the area. However, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a return on investment never materializes, and since Heslop asks for cash only, there’s no paper trail.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement believes that Heslop could also be living in the Cayman Islands, and he has family in Toronto, Canada and Jamaica. Police are also searching for Heslop’s wife, Thelsa "Telly" Saleta Fearon-Heslop (right), for the same charge of Organized Fraud. Police think Heslop has pulled this scam in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, New York and Canada, possibly making as much as $1m since 1996.

Investigators say Heslop drives a fancy car, like a Jaguar, and shows professionally-produced slide shows. He stays in the churchgoers’ homes and makes them dinner. Detectives say he also invites investors to come to the Caribbean and work with his ministry, asking them to contribute $4,000 to pay for a private jet. But he’ll disappear before the trip ever happens.

America’s Most Wanted reports that investigators say they know Heslop lived in Dallas, Tex. last, but he has been tracked to Yonkers, NY.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Bible warns us to be careful of false prophets, & I am sure that there are so many here, and throughout the world, preaching and pretending that it isn’t even funny. Still can’t get over Benny Hinn & his wife coming here on his private jet — WITH SECURITY GUARDS — and more “blinged” out than a rapper….LOL! Good thing he is a humble man of God, eh?

    I agree there should be some sort of Church Registry/Authority/Board, but then that could lead to more issues, power trips, and even more falseness, so who knows. Who should we grant that kind of authority to that won’t use it in their own interests or favour? Hmmm – that’s a tough one.

    All I know is whether guilty or innocent, caught or not, Mr. HESLOP (and all others in his situation) will answer to God in the end. God will determine his sincerity or falsehoods, and we will see if he and his wife can buy his way out of that.

    Till then, read your Bibles people – it contains the answers to all your questions.



  2. Bruce says:

    Thanks to the PPM we have a visa regime for Jamaicans and finger printing will soon be in place- will the UDP change all this?

    • Anonymous says:

      "Thanks to the PPM we have a visa regime for Jamaicans and finger printing will soon be in place- will the UDP change all this?"

      We have had a visa regime in place for a number of countries for many years. It’s a good thing that we do. Why would any right thinking govt. want to change this in light of the escalating crime rate? We should be thinking of increased levels of screening and detection tools, not less.  

  3. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Maybe I am wrong, but I am sure I saw someone fitting this description in a security Guard uniform today.  BLINK BLINK BLINK.

    CNS: The police have asked that if anyone does see this couple that they contact them.


  4. Anonymous says:

    It would not be the first time that criminals hide out in Cayman.  I suggest Cayman News Service check out the allegation that this husband and wife maybe hiding in the Cayman Islands.  Confirm with Immigration if any such persons were granted persmission in the Cayman Islands.  Also interview senior management in Immigration –  confirm orsquash the rumour.  


  5. Anonymous says:

    Just the one? Doubtful. There are plenty more where he came from in the churches of Cayman.

    A few suggestions on how we can stop them though;

    1. Establish a Regulatory Authority and Church Registry

    2. Require by Law that each registered church produce audited financial statements annually to that Authority

    3. Ammend the liqour licensing and planning laws to not allow the opening of a church within 100 feet of a liqour store or bar.

    All in the interest of fairness and equality of course.

    Shame to hear about the Marquee cinema closing down, I wonder if god had a hand in it, given that they ignored the warnings of a few closed minded people and went ahead and showed 8 Mile and The Passion Of Christ anyway

  6. Anonymous says:

    This story of Mr. Heslop was aired on America’s Most Wanted from saturday night and it’s now Cayman’s getting the news,when this man could have been caught, if he is really here??? My mother called me the same time it was being aired and said that A Caymanian was on the news and she told me what was said. The Report stated that this person was a Caymanian and I said to her that the hislops is a Caymanian name. I then phoned my friend who was at work at the time and told her to check it out. She then sent me the link on my phone and I uploaded the picture and behold I’ve seen and spoken to this man on island already. But what was really amazing is that the report said that this person is Caymanian and when i looked at the picture i said no way he is a Jamaican because i’ve spoke to him before too about church and all kinds of stuff…. Just to say that ‘Caymanian" name could have been jeopardize for the act as wrong information was reported. 

    Just to show you as well that the records all over are not up to dated or they are given wrong information….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that certain people are always running a scam on someone?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Have you noticed that whereas work permits for every other occupation has decreased, work permits (which are free of cost) for pastors have increased 16 %? Many of them are here doing other jobs and taking the food out of Caymanians mouths.  It is time to speak out about these bogus "so called" preachers.  Are they subject to the roll-over, or is this just a back-door for some slick-willies to get residence and eventually status?  There should at least be some criteria for people coming here and setting up churches with 2-3 people, no training, and no affiliation with other legitimate religious organisations.  It has got to stop, they are here taking advantage, in most cases of their own nationalities hard earned money, giving people false hope and false promises.


  9. anonymous says:

    What’s the difference between a "bogus religious group" and a "legitimate religious group"?

    Don’t they both take money from Caymanians and promise things that are never delivered, at least not in this lifetime?

    Mr. Lerron Carlton Heslop and his lovely wife are not con artists. I’m sure they will pay back the money–it just might be in the next life….

    If it works for the preachers, why can’t it work for them? 

  10. Anonymous says:

    I would not be surprised if he is in the Cayman Islands, living life!! Too many criminals have "passed through" the cracks and it is about time that we have the "finger prints" system bought into place.  As a Caymanian when I travel to the U.S. I am finger printed, and I amonly visiting … for vacation.   

    Some thing must be done about all the different nationalities that come to these shores…FINGER PRINT THEM!!


    • Anonymous says:

      The US fingerprinting records are not retained, they are compared to known US criminals and suspected terrorists then deleted from their files of their is no match, so not sure using the same technique here would do, as these Religous folk would not have been on a Cayman register (ie thay have yet to break any Cayman laws)

      • Caymanian First says:

        hmmmm……isnt it a coincidence that Cayman is increasingly being given such negative publicity in the american press? What do they mean that it is believed that Heslop is in Cayman? what is the basis for alleging that this person is in Cayman? where is the evidence? were our authorities contacted and furnished with the necessary information prior to the press release? if so, the release should at least state that the Cayman authorities were contacted and are cooperating and assisting with the investigation……

        Is this by chance or is it all a deliberate plan to cast cayman as the secret financial underworld destination where financial fugitives flee for refuge making this "tax haven" their safe haven? Note the upcoming campaign to name and shame Cayman by the USA which is broke dueto their own indiscretions and by our own "mother country"

        What else do we have to do to avoid being sullied by these trumped up charges of bank secrecy contributing to the global financial crisis?

        Perhaps we need to send a cheque for a few million pounds to the UK on an annual basis?

        Shame on you UK…

        Shame on you Gordon Brown!

        Is that why you gave us the UK passport before you attacked our legitimate financial industry and take the bread out of our mouth?

        Mr. Brown, does it make you sleep easier to know that Caymanians have the option to come to the UK after you destroy our way of life?

        Maybe Mr. Brown thinks we should be thankful. At least we are getting a slightly better deal than the Chagos Islanders!  

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy! It works every time! We need to wake up and stop allowing this kind of thing to dominate our lives – can you blame the guy? A lot of people get into setting up church, because it is an easy thing to do and there will always be Followers!

    How do you tell who is False from who is Genuine? The ones that are selfless and living a humble live to assist others and not just to take and take and take only for themselves…while speaking of your reward in the NEXT life, while their reward is NOW!

  12. Twyla M Vargas says:


    It would not surprise me that this man is here and has set up church in somebody,s kitchen, in a tent, under a tree or on a corner.  Because one thing with Cayman you can come here  with a bible under your arm, and is a Highway Robber or a murderer and still set up church any time and anywhere.

    There are too many corner churches here only using the coun try to hide out  and make money,  then after a few years they are never heard of anymore.   False prophet my back foot, he is nothing but an Angel of Darkness.   There may be more than him here too, but no one is taking the time to check on these people who are setting up church in the name of GOD and worshiping the prince of darkiness.

    I would suggest that the Immigration department  pay more attention to these churches being held in people kitchens, under trees and around corners.   The law needs to change on work permit for these unqualified wolf in sheep clothing.   These so called pastors should have to apply for a permit, pay, and go through the channels like anyone else.  If you do not agree, tell me why not.  I would love to hear a very good reason.  Blessed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Obviously a false prophet or a fox in the hen house.