West Bay four target UDP

| 22/04/2009

(CNS): Four of West Bay’s independent candidates, who are running as a group hoping to overturn the United Democratic Party’s hold on the district, launched their collective campaign on Saturday night setting out some of their beliefs and concerns. Although the four have differing views on a number of subjects they have one very common thread, which is their belief that the current incumbents have failed in their duty to represent the district. (Left: Paul Rivers from the West Bay four)

While Opposition LeaderMcKeeva Bush, the first elected member for the district, and his colleague Rolstin Anglin hold their seats with significant majorities, getting well over half of the vote in the last election, the West Bay four, not unlike other independent candidates will have their eyes on the slightly more vulnerable seats held by Cine Glidden with just over 48% of the vote and Capt Eugene with just over 46%. Well over half of the West Bay voters did not use any of their four votes on these two candidates and, hoping to gain those and a lot more, Woody Da Costa opened the evenings proceedings to a large crowd in the parking lot opposite Foster’s Supermarket.

Having proved he was an articulate and assertive potential candidate at the previous evening’s Chamber Candidate District Forum, Da Costa, introduced by the West Bay four’s committee chair Attlee Ebanks, outlined his desire to change policy across the board to address Cayman’s fundamental social problems and inequities that had resulted from the uncontrolled and rapid development of the islands. He said the existing career politicians had all had a hand in this and the UDP had nothing to offer but failed promises.

“We need a new development policy as the rapid growth has not been welcomed by all and has revealed inequities. We need to strengthen the economy, not because that is the objective in itself but because a strong economy will bring happiness and comfort for all,” he noted, explaining that over the coming weeks of the campaign he would present his specific policy ideas. Da Costa said he was running for office as he wanted to help write a new chapter in the history of West Bay.

Lana Mae Smith criticised the incumbents for what she said was poor representation and said that their excuse of not being in government was not good enough. She said they were too busy working on their own affairs and not attending to the issues of their districts. “How do you collect a full time salary when you only give part time representation?” she asked rhetorically. She lamented the state of the district, which was even more of a problem because of West Bay’s role in the tourism industry and recalled the days when people used to aspire to live in West Bay as it was the best district.

Smith also focused on what is becoming her defining policy, that of the environment, as she is one of the only candidates to openly embrace the full content of the National Conservation Bill. She said if the environment could talk it would be crying. “Here we are in paradise and we are abusing our natural environment,” Smith lamented. “As the world is embracing and understanding green issues, our representatives are developing and developing.”  She added that the time had come to champion the environmentand that started with passing the National Conservation Bill. She said Cayman needed sustainable development not the unbridled development of the past, motivated by kickbacks.

Reginald ‘Choppy’ Delepenha took to the stage with a PowerPoint presentation that revealed the extent of development in the area and the increase in population and noted that West Bay had seen more growth than any other district but the district had been neglected by its MLAs and agreed with Smith that the part time representation couldn’t work anymore.

“We need leaders that will put you first,” he said. “Not people who look after foreign developers.” He asked how many people worked at the Ritz Carlton to which no one admitted, and he said with jobs at less than $5 an hour he was not surprised. Delepenha said he was not against development but it was time to see it benefitting the people of Cayman. Concerned about the problems caused by unemployment and poverty, he said people needed a hand up not a hand out. Calling on the people to vote for him and his three colleagues he told them not to be afraid (referring to past allegations of voter intimidation in the district) as there was no need of that fear anymore.

Introduced by Ebanks as "the lion", Paul Rivers, who his often heard lamenting the issues impacting ordinary Caymanians on the local radio talk shows, took to the podium last. Demonstrating his skills as an orator he told the people that if they elected him they would have a lion fighting in their corner. He said he was not afraid of victimisation and not afraid to fight for his people.

He said the tomfoolery of the existing representation had to stop and people had a choice: they could vote for more of the same foolishness or they could vote for change on what he described as "judgement day", 20 May.

“Our future should not be locked in bondage,” he said. “We need our lions share and we need it now.” He spoke about the mounting social problems of unemployment and disaffected youth in the district and the changes to the tourism industry that had seen Caymanians almost removed from the product. He recalled a time when people would visit the first time as tourists and return as family. But he said, “The kindness of Caymanians had become our weakness as the predators have come among us.” He called on the people not to vote straight but to vote smart and that if the system was going to be changed, the people needed to change the players.

Speaking on their behalf at the close of the meeting, Ebanks said that all four would not be taking bribes but taking a pay cut as they had agreed to take 15% of their MLAs salaries if elected and place it into an account to be used for projects specifically for West Bay.


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  1. Only For Caymanians says:

    This is Clearly the "Choice"  for Caymanians in West Bay to hacve a Fair, Honest, Transparent, REPRESENTITIVE, Open Minded, NO SEALED UP ENVELOPES with $200.00 for Votes, NO BAD DEALS of purchases of Government money, NO POWER Hungry Heads  … ect.

    But a group of young minded, well educated, Responsible and Caring people  to Represent the people of the Cayman Islands and run the Cayman Islands in NOT a Dictatorship format as we have now, but with a "Leadership" in Government to do things the best effective and fairest ways For the People and the Cayman Islands.

      4= Mr. W. Dacosta

       5= Mr. R. Delapina

     10= Mr. P. Rivers

      11= Mrs. Lanamae Smith

    West Bayers in Cayman has OPENED their EYES now and have reached to the Conclusion that the (HONORABLE ????), (I recomend looking the Word up in the Dictionary) McKeeva Bush and his cronies IS NOT the Representation that we want for the Cayman Islands.

    We have all seen the light now, and reached this juncture to CHANGE the way the Dictatorship, Scare mongering of the Cayman Islands and its people are presently done by the "RULERS" that we have Ruled in these Islands for the Last 24 years by,  and Now run the Cayman Islands and Represent "All" Caymanians for the Betterment of OUR Beloved Islands.

    And that are the aspects toward Our Government.

      Only For Caymanians 

    • Anonymous says:

      "Only for Caymanians".

      with all due respect you can’t be serious about sending #5,10,11 to public office. Only #4 from this group appear to be qualified. You will happy to know that I can’t vote in West Bay.

  2. annonomous says:

    Paul River is trying to make a difference. Most people won’t even do that. Mac’s 3 stooges have done nothing about crime in our district. All they care about is power and when they have it they use it for foreigners to beat us out of our jobs. Voting for Mac and his stooge government is a backward step that our small country don’t need. We must move forward with Rivers and the other canidates that are about change. Paul Rivers is standing up for people that won’t take a chance to bring about change in West Bay. We can’t be ignorant about this election. Mac is old school and so are his stooges. To change government we need to change the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting that Bernie is not on this slate. I hear that despite his denunciation of McKeeva in past elections he is now a UDP plant to step in and replace Capt. Eugene who they don’t want to upset by removing him. Note that Bernie not blasting McKeeva and McKeeva not blasting Bernie. If that is correct it would be shameful deception on the people of WB and wound’t say much for the integrity of those involved..  

  3. Roy Tatum says:

    I encourage Woody; Paul; Choppy; & Lana Mae to keep up the fight.  By all accounts they are making an impression and a positive one at that.  Woody & Choppy did a good job at the Chamber forum.  I sat by the radio listening and found myself wondering why the Capn sounded like he was reading his answers.  But no I thougth – this is a debate – surely he cannot be reading at a debate. 

    I am not wrong too often but that assumption was wrong, as I later found out. Choppy & Woody you both spoke well and with passion.  

    Paul – I listened to you on the radio two or so weeks ago and I was impressed by your passion as well as your bravery.  Lana Mae keep up the good work. There are other independents who I believe are hoping to stay on Macs good side (and thus on his supporters good side) and thus benefit from additional votes – possibly sliding in and leaving the Capn behind.  It might be a good strategy if it works – but Paul  you, along with your fellow independentsare showing the spunk to call the West Bay UDP cartel exactly what it is – feramongers who are lacking in true leadership.  Colonial style politicians who are  holding your people back  by feeding them fear in an effort to get votes.   Mac is trying to do the same thing to the entire country but he will fail. 

    Keep up the fight folks – Big Mac  might be a Big Bully,  but you are showing courage and fight by standing up to the Bully.  Good luck.  



  4. fatcat says:

    you have got one part wrong.

    "judgement day" is a day for the PPM to answer to the people for failing to help Caymanians over the past 4 years..

    and btw for failing to provide adequate healthcare to our people, an issue that concerns me a lot. i dont understand how the hsa and cininoc could be in such a mess and they are key institutions that are there to serve this country. i cant imagine how you can provide healthcare of those 2 institutions are in such a big mess from a governance and financial point of view.

    • Anonymous says:


      I agree with you on this so let’s make a difference on May 20th 2009 and vote them out.
  5. Anonymous says:

    not sure about paul rivers. he started to talk ok but then he lcompletetly ost me somewhere. i think if he has some more time he could become a good politician in the future but right now i am going to vote for someone experience because of the situation the country is in. similar thing for woody…he would likely be very good serving on a board..but not as a leader of this country right now. i don’t much about the other 2 independents.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that you need to give them a chance, both Paul and Woody are successful businessmen and know how to run a business properly, this country is a business and should be ran as a proper one, it requires sensible people who are willing to make a difference and do what is right for the people, not spend money because it is beleived that it will always be there or make decisions because it is beleived that government know what the people want. We need new ideas and ways of doing business, if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result only shows that you are crazy.

      These two young men are experienced young men in business and I beleive that they can handle the job, As Mr. DaCosta stated in one of his interviews, he will step down if he fails, I have not seen any person do so and some of which has failed are still in government recieving a salary.

      Are you willing to put back a government that has failed us in the past who will probably run Cayman in the same manner as it has been ran in the past, or are you willing to make a change and put your faith in strong independent thinkers.

      Please keep in mind the party system has only been in government for the past two terms, the country succeeded before greatly on independent individuals who ran Government.

      My opinion on how the party system works; is that there are four people in a party and three individuals agreed on an issue and one did not, now at the LA that one individual who belives that this issue is not right for Cayman and could make a difference in the vote, but he can not vote as the majority in his party voted to agree on this issue and therefore gets passed.

  6. noname says:

    this analysis on Cline Glidden and Capt Eugene is interesting but it also seems potentially a bit biased. If cns is going to start doing this then they should be carrying out similar analysis across other districts and with other candidates. The potential bias lies in the fact that no such other analysis has been done..so why carve out this particular situation? what about the dynamics in George Town? about the threat to Arden’s seat in East End? about the fact that chuckie has pretty much been written off if you listen to anyone on the ground? or about the fact that just about everyman woman (and their pet) has decided that there is pretty much no way that alofonso and lucille will get re-elected? all interesting situations that are very publicly being debated so could easily get a mention in the next CNS political analysis.

    But here are some additional facts re Cline Glidden and Capt Eugene: West bay has a history of voting for entire teams (or at least for most members of a team) and that is not likely to change at least in the short term. What matters is the overal strength of the team.  Capt eugene is a hard working on the ground community poliitician who has proven his role in advocating for changes to the marine conservation law. people know him wel as a past president of the cayman watersports asociation but he has also served on the Tourism Advisory Council and the Drug Advisory Council.

    Cline Glidden has proven himself for 8 years not only as a legisaltor but as deputy speaker of the house. he is intelligent and has served the country well as he was instrumental in liberalising telecoms in this country and has done more for youth in cayman than any politician I know. 

    Interesting political analysis.. lets keep them coming!

    CNS: There’s still a month to go before elections and we will do our best to present as much information as possible before then. The figures are statistical facts from the Elections Office.

  7. west bayer says:

    sorry but this is nonsense. These 4 "independents" are now working together againts the UDP? sounds more like a party to me!

    I heard how woody behaved during his chamber debate. i am sorry but he lost my vote based on that alone.

    The west bay incumbents are hampered by the fact thnat they do not have control over government. The PPM is to blame for withdrawing the plans to build a school in west bay…for not putting enough resources into policing in west bay…and for numerous other things which were advocated by the west bay MLAs. How about the fact that leader of the opposition asked the government to carry out a number of measures to help the country and was totally ignored as is recorded in thehansards in the LA?

    I know for a fact that these mlas have done a lost within their local communities even though they did not have the control over government policy.

    The PPM has made a point of inogring west bay and they are the ones that must pay on election day.

    • Anonymous says:


      I think Mr. DaCosta was correct in his actions during the Chamber’s Forum because when I read the article leading up to it in the Netnews, the Chamber’s CEO said that this debate was to be off the cuff and from the heart as no candidates are aware of what the questions would be. I assumed that the Chamber Debates would be in the same format as in most debates whether in school debates orUS Presidential debates. All debates that I have seen on TV or otherwise have rules that the individuals are on stage with no script, except for a note pad typically provided for them to jot down the questions and to make notes from the other’s comments from those who are also on the floor.


      It was clear and obvious over the radio that Captain Ebanks was reading his answers which threw me for a loop. This caused me to listen more intently, because as I said I always knew debates to be as I described above. When I heard Mr. DaCosta mention that he had asked the Chamber for a change in the line-up because he had a conflict, the Chamber’s CEO tired to cut him off by speaking over him and that was when he spoke up and said that the Chamber sent him an email stating that it was out of the question because the dates have been published as a result they could not be changed.


      Such actions, regardless if Captain Ebanks did not have the answers places a cloud of suspicion over the legitimacy of the Chamber Debates. I pose the question what kind of debate is this when you can bring in researched text to read from? It is no wonder that Mr. DaCosta was upset.   


      I have come to understand that the entire UDP line-up was changed, and not just that one member for West Bay due to him traveling!


      If my candidates are traveling for any other reason than health at this time I would strongly question their intention to properly and always represent me. Two months is a very short time frame for campaigning and they should be on the ground meeting and noting people’s concerns, not traveling. This is a clear indication of their lack of good judgment.


      I for one applauded Mr. DaCosta, because I even heard him as ask the Chamber’s counsel if rules are not rules and the American voice answered saying yes rules are rules. Frankly, if a person decides to run for office they should be well versed in current events especially if they are a two term representative.


      If I could vote in West Bay I would vote for Mr. DaCosta because he demonstrated in that debate that he has the mental capability to handle many facets of the task at hand, he has given much thought of what are the core issues and how they could be resolved or should be completed and moreover that he will not be pushed around and will stand up for his right. If elected it would be reasonable to say he would possibly do the same in the LA considering his actions that evening and I believe we need that now.


      West Bay and Cayman we need more young forward thinking young people like Mr. DaCosta and I sincerely wish him luck because he is going up against a team featuring a member that has been elected the past six elections.    

      • Anonymous says:


        Why don’t these four musketeers show some honesty and admit to the good people of west bay that they are running with the PPM?

        I have never once heard them say a single thing about the poor performance of the PPM.

        What a bunch of tricksters.

        • Anonymous says:

          The UDP not the PPM is in power in West Bay.  I believe they would be quite foolish to campaign against the PPM when they are not their rivals.  For the record I am not a PPM supporter.

        • Anonymous says:

          Boi McKeeva got you so brainwashed that you cannot even think straight any more. Why on earth should they waste their time on the dumb old PPM when deh in town, and the only party they need to defeat is the UDP.

          If yah running a race you focus only on the people running in the lanes next to you not the next race that’s coming up next!

          Boi you gotta start thinking smart or dog will continue to eat’n ya suppa! 

      • Anonymous says:


        I’m glad you can’t vote in west bay because that would be another vote for disrespectful young man which we don’t need any more of then in west bay  or any other district 
        • Anonymous says:

          talking ’bout disrespectful you can’t get no worst than McKeeva Bush. Have you ever listen to him in the LA on radio cayman? what a disgrace. I urge you to ask him if he remembers the slap he gave the late and at the time the very elderly Mr. Spurgeon Ebanks because he told him he could use the church for politics! Can’t get no more disrespectful than that. 

          Eugene has wasted your time, my time and most of all our money by not doing anything whatosever over the last eight years. You can verify this through the LA and their website. Also ask him how many days he attended the LA over the last fours years. You can also get this information from the LA. 

          if Eugene can’t think without reading prepared notes by his party it shows he has no clue what’s going and he is just there as a yes man. We can’t afford that any longer as a country and as a people.  That does not show care and love for me or you especially my grandchildren.

    • Anonymous says:

      The people of this country seems to forget that some of these politicians had no education and no experience when they were elected to run this country.

      I was listening to one of the talk showsthe other day, can not remember which one, but a young man was saying that companies are not hiring people without experience, How is it that the young people of this country are to get experince if they are not given the chance, the only way to get experince is if the person is hired to gain that experience.

      Now you tell me, are you willing to put back what was there before so that they can continue to destroy the Caymanian People or are you willing to take a chance on new people who has experinece in business and new ideas and who have the people at heart?

      If you hired a nanny to take care of your children and you found out that the nanny was abusing your children, will you continue to have her take care of your children or are you going to fire that nanny? I am sure that you will fire that nanny because your children is the most precious thing in your life. It is the same with your country, if you do not protect your country, you are not protecting your children as your children will have and be nothing in the end.


  8. A Wally Whittaker Supporter says:

    Paul Rivers – A Joke!

    What has Paul Rivers ever done that would merit him being elected?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yeah?  Where have you been?

      Paul may not have done much to earn a seat but can you tell me who has??????????????