Strong support to preserve Blossom Village Road

| 22/04/2009

(CNS): Three of the four Sister Islands candidates are among more than 250 people who have so far signed a petition to ask government not to pave the old-time Caymanian sand road that runs through Blossom Village in Little Cayman. Both incumbents, Julianna O’Connor-Connolly (UDP) and Moses Kirkconnell (PPM), and independent candidate Lyndon Martin have signed the petition, as well as the four West Bay UDP MLAs. However, while paving plans have been halted for now, District Administration Minister Kurt Tibbetts has not ruled out the paving of the road. (Photos by Foots)

Elsie Kynes, and her husband, the artist known as “Foots”, launched the campaign (See Campaign to save historic road in LC) on Monday, 23 February, when they found out that Public Works Department on Little Cayman was set to start work on paving the road. While pleased that the immediate plans have been stopped, they are now determined to preserve the road as a national landmark forever.

Department of Environment Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie has said, “The DoE’s position is that we would not wish to see this road paved for the same reason we chose not to pave the parking lot of the recently constructed DoE building on Little Cayman (which is also in Blossom Village), which is that the road, like our parking lot, is within the extended beach ridge system and should therefore not be covered over with an impervious surface which has the potential to significantly alter the drainage characteristics of such areas," Ebanks-Petrie said. "We also believe that the public’s concerns over the potential speed limit increase and the aesthetic impact on Blossom Village are legitimate.”

Foots says they intend to take the petition to the Governor’s Office next week, and petitions are circulating on both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Anyone interested in signing can call him at 925-0904 or email or . There is also a website Blossom Village Road blog, launched by local photographer David Wolfe, where people can vote in an online poll. To date 172 people have voted “no” to paving the road, and two people have voted “yes”.

A statement from Kurt Tibbetts reads, “A few weeks ago, we were advised of a petition signed by Little Cayman residents in response to the proposed paving of the Blossom Village Road. While the petition has not been received to date in light of the concern, paving plans have been postponed, pending reassessment and discussion between District Administration and the Department of Environment.

“However, it should be noted that work on that stretch of road was originally scheduled in response to requests from residents and landowners living in the area. The plan for the road was then announced during the Little Cayman District Office opening in May 2008. At that time District Commissioner Ernie Scott invited residents to forward their comments regarding the proposed work to his office. Once District Administration has had an opportunity to discuss this with the various stakeholders, a decision regarding the proposed road works will be made and the public will be advised accordingly.”

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  1. Soldier Crab says:

    You only have to walk halfway through the village to realise who it is that pushed to get the road paved..  Most of the time that person is somewhere else!

  2. Anonymous says:

    LEAVE Little Cayman ALONE!!!!  It is all we have left of being "Caymanian" and of our past.

    Cayman IS NOT Cayman anymore…. Sad isn’t it!? 

    Has Government, Department of Tourism and all others that have made Grand Cayman into an "Americanized" Concrete jungle mess ever thought  this may be the reason WHY tourism is  at a low. Have you spoken or even taken surveys from those leaving the island about their experiences while visiitng and if  and why they will or will not return?

    I HAVE! I have spoken to people on  the plane or in the airport. People who come every year sometimes twice a year (or more) with their families. Those who have visited for the 1st time. I have heard, sad how it has built up so much, doesn’t feel like an island". "When I go on vcation to an island I want to feel like it is an island, not Key West or over the bridge to a beach". 

    Leave the island as it is!!! DON’T mess up what we have left of where WE come from.   


  3. Anonymous says:

    Im a teenager and not even i want to see this road paved. I used to go to little cayman every weekend and i walked this road many times and would hate to see it change.

  4. Foots and Elsie 81A Parcel 30 LC says:

    My Wife and I Live part time in Blossom Villiage across the road from District Admin Little Cayman, every one knows Ernie, Larry, and all the rest of theAdmin Boys, why were we not notifted, mmmm I wonder why. Think about it

    For love of God and Country, and the well being of these Islands and the people, please everyone come join in and help us to perserve this road forever and keep it just the way it is, as it should be.

    Why should it be paved to please a couple of  rich and power full people

    Foots and Elsie  Little Cayman


  5. Anonymous says:

    Do not pave this road please. Instead pave the remaining section left undone so tourist can reach Point of Sand beach by bicycle safely. Then proceede to pave the rest of the perimiter road .


  6. Anonymous says:

    What next?? Roundabouts and traffic lights…

    If its not broken – dont fix it… 

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame that civil servants cannot sign this petition as I am sure that ALL of the Brac civil servants do not wish to see this road paved.

    CNS: However, civil servants can sign the blog online poll

  8. Roger Corbin says:

    Blossom Village is of great historic significance to the Cayman islands as it incorporates the site of the first settlement in the Cayman Islands.

    There is a long over due need for Caymanians to start taking an interest in preserving their heritage . Once you destroy a part of your history these things cannot be restored and the attitude of throw it away and buy a new one won’t work here. The truly modern attitude is to preserve the past   and to conserve our resources.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Paving and asphalting the beautiful sand road thru Blossom Village in Little Cayman would be a national travesty.   The thought boggles the mind. God help us.


    Signed  – A Caymanian of  many generations.