Joey eyes two ministry jobs

| 23/04/2009

(CNS): Although he has not yet served in the Legislative Assembly, Joey Ebanks told the people of North Side that if he was elected and offered a Cabinet seat in the next government he would accept it. He said that he felt he was best qualified to serve as tourism minister or for education, youth and culture. His district opponents, however, both said they would refuse — Ezzard Miller as he said he was running to serve the people of North Side and Oswald Rankine because he said it was important to know your limitations.

Speaking at the North Side Candidates District Forum last night (Wednesday 22 April), the PPM candidate did not hesitate when asked the question if he would be willing to accept a Cabinet seat. “Most certainly I would accept,” he said. “The areas I am most qualified to work in would be tourism, education, youth, culture any of those portfolios. I would most certainly accept the position.”

He also said that if he was able to secure a ministerial post he would seek to move the Cabinet office to North Side, as e-business enabled people to work from anywhere, although he acknowledge that the construction of the new glass house is intended to reduce government expenditure on satellite office rentals.

However, his fellow candidates seemed to be considerably less interested in Cabinet than the district. Rankine said he had served as a permanent secretary for two ministers and was aware of the work involved, but he said he would not wish to take a position during his first term. He said it was important to know ones limitations and to defer to persons who already have greater experience, and too often because of greed people jump into ministerial jobs saying they can do it but they are not experienced enough and mess up.

Having already served as an ExCo minister, Miller gave an emphatic no, saying he would refuse as he had no interest in sitting in Cabinet. “I am running to represent North Side. What North Side needs is leadership on the ground. We have had enough of leadership in absentee. If I was to take a Cabinet position…. no one can tell me what it means….., you won’t see me,” he said, adding that what he wanted to do was represent the district and the interests of North Siders, and bring the community back together to the caring compassionate one he grew up in.

“I cannot do that as a member of executive council, where I am bound by collective responsibility. I want to sit down in this civic centre and talk with the residents of this district, decide what is best for North Side and go to George Town to advocate and articulate your concerns free of any encumbrance or party affiliation…. We are going to have plentyof people fighting over cabinet positions and I am not going to be one of them,” he said to thunderous applause.

He explained he would be going to the LA to sit in the south-east corner, which is neither part of the opposition or the government benches, where he would represent the interests of Caymanians and particularly North Siders as the people had not had a voice in parliament for a long time, but if they elected him they would have one they could be proud to listen to.

Aside from the jobs they would or would not want, the candidates covered a broad range of topics with a focus on the needs of North Side. Issues of development and tourism were high on the agenda but the ‘Go East’ initiative came in for particular criticism from Rankine and Miller, who both said it must still be going east as neither had seen any evidence of it in the district. All three noted the need to be cautious over development, seeing the role of North Siders in any future plans as crucial. Ebanks said he had already been working with a committee to look at opportunities for the people of the district to benefit from tourism with new business start-ups from fishing trips to kayak rental.

Talking about cruise tourism, Rankine and Ebanks said they supported the expansion of this part of the sector and the development of berthing facilities in George Town. Miller, however, disagreed and said the focus should be on stay-over tourists, who spend more money and develop relationships. He said he did not think the proposed investment in the new dock was justified.

For the first time in this campaign the subject widely discussed during the 2005 campaign came up when the candidates were asked if they supported changing the Sunday trading law. Both Ebanks and Rankine said no as it sent a message about Cayman’s Christian heritage. However, Miller said it was hypocritical and had nothing to do with whether people went to church or not. “I have no problem removing it,” he said, adding that it was already being flouted as the gas stations were selling everything you could get in the supermarkets. But above all, he said, it was not possible to legislate morals and all the law was doing was limiting the business that could trade that day. People who go to church would still go to church and those that don’t are not going to go because businesses are closed. “We are fooling ourselves if we think this is protecting morals,” he said.

While Rankine said he would not support a lottery as people would be sure to get in trouble and Ebanks said no because the overheads for government if the number’s game became legal would not be viable, Miller conversely said he would support legalising numbers. Pointing once again to the hypocrisy of the situation, he said that currently everyone was well aware exactly where to buy numbers if they wanted to, lots of people were playing and the law against it was not being enforced. He said it was time for legislation to catch up with what was actually happening and use the money to fund health and education.

Health care, social harmony, job tsars, an orientation programme for foreigners, local contracts, crime and policing were just some of the issues which were discussed by the candidates in front of a large district audience — an audience that question master Stuart Bostock (Chamber President) noted had submitted the most questions to the candidates of all the districts so far.

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  1. Nicky Watson says:

    Everyone in North Side seems to be very angry about what may or may nor have been said about somebody’s mother. If this really is a campaign issue, can we hear from the candidates themselves or their committee members (with names). Otherwise I’m going to delete all but the most measured references to the incident. Does that seem fair?

    • openmindednorsider says:


      Do not encourage this foolishness under any circumstances. I as a North Sider DO NOT want to hear anyones opinion when it is mudslinging or whining. Candidates and supporters should heep their heads on straight. This election is about running the country and running North Side not he said she said.

      Keep this election about issues and solutions, North Siders deserve NO LESS and CNS should not stir the pot just to benefit any of the candidates.

  2. noname says:

    Ok now, I realise from the lack of posts that most of you have figured it out already but for the one or two who have not, please read the article again. The headline is somewhat misleading (it’s the media, their job is to sensationalise). Nowhere have I yet read that Joey is asking for either of these positions or in fact "eyeing" them. He merely (it appears to me) responded to the question asked by stating that were he offered, he would accept. With respect to the two Ministries mentioned, he feels these are the two he would be best suited for, again, were he offered.

    Where is the issue?

    And as far as Graduated Licences go, thats a much deeper problem, which starts with the idiotic unfit parents who buy their young teenagers the cars in thefirst place and I doubt they are all PPM supporters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now I was at this forum. Ezzard and Sonny read their answers, Ezzard even read his closing statements and was so into it did not hear the bell ring. Wil had to ask him to stop! Joey did not have pen or paper and answered every question! Ezzard began to repeat Joey’s words from his meetings! But he had to read them! This is not the Ezzard of the past. He is afraid. If Joey is vendictive and gets ellected, God help help Ezzard. XXXXXXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot believe that CNS would print a scandelous letter like this.

      (CNS: I’ve deleted sections of this post – see comment above. Email me if you have any questions)


       North Side is a district that has been won by as little as 4 votes in the past so if any one of the three candidates think that my opinion and my vote does not matter should remember that there are 6 votes in my immediate family that will be voting in block and anyone that gets up on a platform and lies to me or treats me like I am ignorant will get NONE of them. I want to hear about solutions for North Side not wining for sympathy. You cannot possibly represent me if either of you cannot stand up to the rigors of campaining yith your own backbone.

      We are still undecided wheather we will vote for Oswall, Joey or Ezzard.  Every day gather much of my information from CNS, so please CNS weed out the lies that you know full well are lies.


      Please, please, North Side candidates, let me hear you speaking to the problems in North Side and your different solutions that will benefit North Siders. For me this is a seriors election for the future of Cayman, not a personality contest or a Party contest. My family keep a scorecard that goes like this 1 point every time a candidate has a meeting to talk to me and the other voters of North Side in North Side (not outside the district as I am sick of out of Towners telling us how to live in north side) 2 points for every candidate each time a candidate identifies a different problem that needs addressing (no repeat points if you just keep saying the same thing) 3 points for offering a solution of any kind (weather I agree with the solution or not at least that person is trying) 5 points if it is a solution that I think is workable in North Side ( Their solutions not some out of town solutions) MINUS 3 points for mudslinging ( enough is enough) and MINUS 4 points for lies ( this election is about the truth for my family.) Each time I listen to a candidate there are points given and points taken away based on the above. To date Oswall has no minus points ( thank you Mr Rankin, Ezzard has lost 3 points (one meeting mudslinging) and Joey has lost 8 (2 meetings lies) but you all have gained several more on the plus side based on .

      I know that this is a novel way to chose your candidate but that is the way North Siders are. I will not be swayed by weather the candidate is  family, friend, personable or disagreeable. I do not care about any of that, I care about positive action in North Side so this is how I will grade you. Take heed and be guided accordingly candidates.

      My family will vote for Party or Independent depending on how they convince me that they indeed have the future of North Side at heart and the ability to meet future challanges of the district. I cannot take 4 more years of rhetoric and being the last district to receive infactructure that the Government of the day is providing to the whole Island.

      I will not sign my name because I do not want any candidates trying to influence my family’s vote privately by offering gifts or money or whispering in my ear. I will continue to attend meetings ( and of course read CNS) and hear what you are saying and if two or three meetings are on the same night other family members will attend the ones that I cannot, however if either of you lose this election by less than 7 votes, think back to this scorecard and remember what you said at your meetings …… and weep.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I was there at the debate also and Ezzard or Oswell did not read their answers from paper , however Ezzard  did read his closing statements, but if you were observant,after Joey gave his answers, he went straight to his blackberry, so all night he was texting, just like he texted his people to wear red, and only 8 people showed up in red.

      I also know that neither Ezzard or Oswell went into a ranting away from the question, they answered  the question, but Joey if he did not have the answer he went on to explain why he felt that the PPm was doing the right job, even having  the ministry if he gets it move  to north side.Well we do not want that, leave the LA in georgetown.

      another thing that I find disgusting is the harping on something that he says that Ezzard,s campaign have said about him and his family,Joey dont go down that road, it only shows your weaknesses and you should be bigger than that, if the people told you that it did not happen you should go to the source and stop the garbage.

      Talk about the facts, the issues and what you can do for us,drop the ppm and go on your own you will be better off.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its worrying that people with no skills, experience or qualifications can become ministers responsible for education or tourism.

    He’s already been caught with his hand in the till at Boatswains beach. hopefully the voters can send him crawling back under his rock on election day!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Joey they are tricking you…………………………………….

    Well even the PPm candidate is concedeing that Chuckie and Alden are not likely to get re-elected. I now realise why Mr Ebanks would leave suck a lucretive job at Boatswain Beach that alledegedly paid him $14,000.00 per month for an MLA job that paid $8,000.00, the PPM is guarenteing him a job as a member of Cabinet because they do not think that they can all get re-elected.

    Wake up and smell the roses Joey, they are tricking you. Let us look at the facts. The PPM and Joey do not believe that Chuckie and Alden will get back in, even a rock knows that Lucille and Alfonso do not have a chance. That leaves the PPM with a total of 6 votes ……….. NOT enough to form a Government. What will they do then … oh yes, they will try to find two independents or two UDP candidates to give them a slim majority of eight.

    Oh my God, thoes two who jumped ship to join the PPM need something to sweeten the pot, so the two seats that Chuckie and Aldin lose ( according to Joey) will have to be offered to them. Poor Joey …. out in the cold again just like they did him last time. Or perhaps Joey thinks that Kurt, Anthony or Arden will be magnanamous and step aside so that he can be the Minister of Tourism or the Minister of Education…. how naive.

    Should the PPM win ALL of the seats contested, they will have ten votes and can then form the Government, with or without Joey’s support, or do you think that Arden, Anthony, Kurt, Chuckie or Alden will voluntarily give up their Cabinet seats to let you as a "first termer" get their seats …. please. At least if this happens I am sure that they promised you can look forward to a big time job with Government again paying more than the last one but no way the PPM are going to put you on Cabinet.

    Joey you are a capible young man, what you need is a dose of reality and some good old Caymanian common sense. The PPM does not intend to support you for Cabinet, they are only using you. You need to forget the PPM and your lofty dreams to Cabinet and concentrate on being honest with the people of North Side. Tell the North Siders who you will vote for on Cabinet as Ezzard did.

    Oswall the choice of Cabinet will be one of the most important decisions you will make if elected, you also need to let North Siders know if you will vote the PPM Government back in as well. At lest you are experienced and capable of hilding the job but you are also a realist who understande how Cabinet gets voted in and since you will not accept a seat either, you will be voting for someone.


    • Anonymous says:

      You bet the PPM is tricking Joey,  on the night of the forum, there were only a few of his supporters there and his mentor Mrs. Moyle were no where to be found, well nearly, as she and Kurt was at the "EDGE" having their night cap.So why werent she there to support her canidate.So Joey get smart and dump the PPm and go on your own,the poster is right they are tricking you.

      You could do better, they use you and abuse you,


    • Anonomous says:

      Joey they are tricking you

      Joey is a lot smarter than you think. Do you think for a moment that Joey is not smart enough to hegde his bets?

      I hear that there is an open line of communication between himself and Ronston Anglin of the UDP throughout this election. Why do you think the UDP is not in North Side stumping for Oswall or Ezzard even though Ezzard has the backbone to say he will vote for the UDP over the the PPM? It is a far more likely senerio that the UDP will end up with 7 seats after election and smart Mac will not hesitate to pull him in to make the 8 majority they seek….. if Joey gets elected, and that is a big IF.

      No my friend, the one that is getting tricked is the PPM. They need to let Joey stand on his own two feet like the other two candidates and let the North Siders decide this. You out of towners are not helping his case anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps the PPM candidate from NS has nothing to lose and there was really no  real risk involved when he walked off his job. Perhaps he will be able to go back to his lucrative job a the turtle farm after all.    Has annyone seen the terms and conditions of his contract or even his exit contract? Bear in mind, as of this moment, no one has been named as his successor.  This leaves one to wonder… why not? 

       According to marl road sources , under the PPM goverment he has positioned himself to be able to return to the farm if he loses his bid for the LA.

      Let’ wait a see and how this election plays out first, he might still be able to secure his $14K  salary and call it a day.

      • Anonymous says:

        I want to say two things here.As I am sick and tired of the B/S about what someone supposedly said about someones mother, this is old politics in north side,every 4 years the same B/S starts,someone trumps up a story and beleive me it spreads like wild fire,the PPm canidate or past canidate was a pro at that, and the sad thing is that she did it so good that she could convince us all that it was true.So as a north sider this is one time that I will not fall for the sympathy garbage.

        We want ,I want a decent intelligent person to represent my district so unless this B/S stops I will not be voting PPM.

        Next point I have is that in the last election, remember that one of the PPm canidates did not disclose their  partnership in the money express,So why is it such a crime now for the two bodden town canidates  and not when the PPm canidate missed his opportunity to disclose.

        HOW SOON THEY FORGET. We do not forget, so i beg you all stop the bickering and whining, you all should know that it comes with a lot of lies and accusations, so if you cant stand the heat then get to hell out of the way and let real men do their job.

        Remember ,Wisdom is knowing what to do,Knowledge is knowing how to do it,and Success is doing it. Got my drift.

      • Anonymous says:

        Can CNS verify if Joey can legally run for a seat in north side since he only resigned from turtle farm with a 24 hour notice,and will the turtle farm submit his resignation letter and on what terms,will he return to the turtle farm if not succesful in gaining a seat in north side.

        We are curious.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I listen’s to most of the Chamber Forums in the districts and found last night forum out at North Side extremely informative.

    If I had to say who took command of this forum, I would say Ezzard did so, however only by a small margin over Joey Ebanks and then followed by Oswell Rankine.

    As for Joey Ebanks wanting a ministerial position. Firstly, I would have to enquire about his managerial experience in the company’s he has managed in the private sector as well as his most recent position at Boatswain’s Beach. 

    I can confirm that Joey did an excellent job as Managing Director of Boatswain’s Beach bearing in mind the mess it was into. He brought about many positive changes and cut the wastage BIG TIME to where the operation made it to the surface "for air" as opposed to being sunk at the bottom of the ocean.

    What I found a bit disturbing at Boatwain Beach was Joey’s 24-48 hrs resignation notice as opposed to the 4-6 months that should have been given. I think this left the Board of Directors at Boatswain’s Beach in a "high and dry" position which was incorrect.

    To add to this, what about the $52,000.00 CI cash advance that he gave himself without the approval of the Board of Directors and the period of time that crossed without any deductions coming from his salary ???  However, I can cofirm that this has been resolved, all monies have been paid back in full and so that issue is now closed.

    As I mentioned earlier, let’s look at Joey’s managerial experience in the private secor to include the Sports Store at the Mirco Centre which was owned by Albert Anderson and Eddie Powell.

    As I understand it, there was a "big issue" there.

    I will say no more than that. However, I suggest that those of you whom would wish to see him in a ministerial position or as a member of the legislative assembly, you should speak with Albert Anderson or Eddie Powell and get them to honestly explain to you what happened while he was the Managing Director of their Sports Store.

    As with the placement of anyone into a "top position" is it not prudent to enquire on one’s background and experience before an appointment is considered or made ??????


  7. Anonymous says:

    Graduated Licenses?

    According to the Statistics 31 people killed, 115 seriously injured and 506 slightly injured on the roads in Cayman between 2005 – 2007.

    What did the PPM do about the Graduated License Program?

  8. Mind Your Business says:

    Aaah good, some more sensible debate.

    Good for Ezzard not just saying what he thinks everyone wants to hear, the Sunday trading law is a sham and a bit of a joke quite frankly. 

     I would love to see the proof on the easy way out which some candidates seem to have taken on the lottery concept  with reagrds to it’s viability. This might well be the case but I have yet to see anyone provide any evidence. Do they support exploring the possibility of it or not?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard may not get the personality votes, but he sure do know what he is talking about, like him or not he makes sense.Mr Rankin also a nice man with a lot of integrity.Here is my take on what I heard last night.

      On the lottery or numbers what ever, it is still gambling and he is right on that one too, every one in cayman knows where to buy numbers, the police also  know where and look , so where does all that profit go,out of the country, use it to ease up the health care penalities that the goverment have to absorb. I agree with you Ezzard

      Sunday trading, again mr Miller is so right, yes I and many more people in north side and cayman in general is God fearing people, sunday trading or not, I will go to church as much then as I do now, all the gas stations are open and selling everything so why be hypocritcal.Sorry mr Rankin I have to agree with Miller on this one.

      As for the Ministerial seat thank you Oswell and Ezzard for having north side at heart, you two scored in my books on that one.You see Joey had already  told the ppm that he would only run if they promised him a ministers seat, so he black mailed them into this and now if he dont get it ,guess what he will do, THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING, AND THATS JUST WHAT HE WILL DO, EDNAS PROTEGE.Talk about pressure.

      Another topic that stunk with Joey, is that sympathy thing that he learnt from Edna, think up something negative and spread it and campaign on it and keep harping so that the people will feel sorry for you and get the votes, Oh joey that is so wrong to lie like you are doing, you know and every one else knows that you  are fabricating these lies, so get a grip, stop acting like a school boy and deal with the issues. Mr Rankin and Mr. Miller left you in the dust last night.

      Gentelmen Campaign on the issues, stop the rhetoric and accusations, we do not need that and those of you who are buying drugs and alchol to convince the young people to vote I say shame on you, I have a teenage son and I trust that you will not try to influence him.



      • Anonymous says:

        Ezzard may not get.

        Leave aside whether Joey deserves a Ministry (I don’t think he does), can anyone who has any inkling of the sort of person Ezzard is, seriously believe he would be happy sitting on the backbenches representing the wonderful but slightly (thank God) sleepy North Side. Oh please! Oswell too. How can either advance their anti-expat agenda (long, long held in both cases) from the backbenches. Oswell has no chance but Ezzard certainly does. Many of us would love to see him on the backbench, keeping the Government in check, but not, dear God, in Government again, trampling anyone who disagreed with him under his cowboy boots. Been there, don’t even want the teeshirt.

        • Anonymous says:

          Good, one less shirt to go in the garabage, as you just told us that you dont want it, I honestly beleive that the shirts and any other stuff that they give away is a waste of time, you are either going to vote or you are sitting on the wall and dont know which way to turn, so humpty dumpty mind you dont fall and break your ego.

          Go ahead Ezzard we need you, we need  you as a back bencher to raise your voice and let them know that this little sleepy north side (and i am proud of it)  will not be bought out again, when you vote in the house let them know that we are proud and we can be loud.

          Vote for integrity,honesty and respect for one and all, enough is enough we want north side back,we want to be proud and be able to face the other districts that say that they dont understand how or why we vote the way we do, its time to sweep out and forget the last 16 years.

          Goodbye  PPM.

        • Openmindednosider says:

          Three cheers for all THREE candidated for making their aspirations to Cabinet known. Weather the successful candidate in in cabinet or not is not as important as being responsive to the North Side voters who have the best ideas of how to move North Side forward, this can be done if they want to if they are in Cabinet or not. What I would like to hear as well is how they wil serve North Siders if the reality is different than their aspirations.

          If their stated intention changes, in my opinion, it will be an indication they there is outside influences, unless they have a public meeting to discuss the change and the people agree.

          I will be watching and waiting and hope other voters are too, and I will not be voting for any one of the three that they changes their minds because of outside influences and not by the will of the North Side people.

          Ezzard, Joey and Oswall I hope you are listening … now lets move on to specific solutions for North Side ………. the unique district.

  9. Jarhead says:

    Yes looking not do any work as usual boy this looks and sounds too familar does it not. Please CNS press these candidates to declare their interest so people can make an inform decision as to who to vote for. The government has fail once again to enforce the law

    • Anonymous says:

      Go East Initiative??????????????

      I have now figured out the PPM GO EAST INITIATIVE. They were talking about building the new Government Adminstration building on the East side of the Glass house. My apologies to the Cabinet minister.

      Another fancy scheme that Joey fell for hook line and sinker. What happened to all those promised made to young aspireing buisness men of North Side in 2005 by him, of financial assistance through the Go East Initiative. I guess it went too far east.