Candidates fail to meet constitutional requirement

| 23/04/2009

(CNS): At least two of the candidates running in the upcoming general election have not met the legal requirement in the Cayman Islands (Constitution) Order 1972, which states that those running for election are obligated to publish in a gazette all their interests in government contracts. This is separate and apart from the register of interests at the Legislative Assembly and does not fall under the Elections Law. Mark Scotland (left) and Dwayne Seymour (right) both have government contracts that have not been gazetted and the deadline has now passed.

Sister Islands MLA Moses Kirkconnell and candidate for George Town Burns Conolly were the only two candidateswhich met this constitutional requirement and, aside from Seymour and Scotland, it is possible that other candidates may have also fallen foul of this constitutional requirement by missing the deadline for publication, as stated in section 19 of the Constitution.

CNS contacted both Bodden Town candidates and Scotland, whose firm ARCP has contracts with government, told CNS that this was an oversight on his part but there was certainly no intent to hide anything as all of the businesses he owns and is involved with are openly registered in the Legislative Assembly’s register of interests and the contracts his business has with government are in turn public documents.

He said what contracts he has with government have been widely reported and they are already in the public domain. “This is an oversight which I am addressing and will be publishing in a gazette, albeit late,” Scotland added. “But there is no intent to hide anything here. I have declared openly all of my business dealings with government. This has nothing to do with my ability to be a representative and it is merely a distraction from the real issues.”

Seymour echoed his sentimentsand noted that his security firm’s contract with Cayman Airways was widely known and that once he had declared his interests in the Legislative Assembly he did not realise that he also needed to do this extra gazette but was doing everything he could to meet the requirement. "It is genuinely an oversight and I hope to make it right by the end of the week," he said.

Despite having no intention to deceive the electorate or hide their interests, by staying in the race as Scotland and Seymour have said they intend to do, they have still failed to meet the constitutional requirement which states under Section 19(1)(g): “No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the Assembly who…is a party to, or a partner in a firm or a director or manager of a company which is a party to, any contract with the Government of the Islands for or on account of the public service and has not, in the case of a contested election, caused to be published, at least one month before the day of the poll, a Government Notice setting out the nature of such contract and his interest, or the interest of any such firm or company, therein..…”

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez told CNS that he had alerted candidates to this both through advertisements and news reports in the local media (See CNS Elections Office reminds candidates to check the law) but this issue is not in the Elections Law and that none of the candidates involved in this have actually broken that law.

He explained that this could, however, become an issue after the elections should any of the candidates that this concerns be elected and then a challenge is made. Gomez said it would be a case of someone challenging the legitimacy of the candidate’s election through the courts in accordance with the section 28 (f) of the current Constitution and therefore a matter for the Attorney General’s Office.

Meanwhile, although she said she did not want to comment directly on the specifics regarding her fellow candidates, Sandra Catron, who is also running for election in Bodden Town, said that Section 19(1)(g) speaks clearly about the requirements that all persons who are directors or managing directors of a firm or company should declare any contracts with government at least one month before the date of the polls.

"The requirement is there for full disclosure for very good reasons. No one is exempt or above the law and the position in the Constitution is quite clear," Catron noted. "It is really a fundamental component of any democracy that politicians have to disclose their government contracts and business interests. Failure to do so flies in the very face of our Constitution and there are simply no exceptions allowed. The mere fact that it is in the Constitution shows the importance of it. Our forefathers found it necessary to entrench this in the highest law of the land. It’s a matter of strict liability and I’m sure the parties involved simply neglected to pay attention to all the legal requirements.

"I think that many persons may not realize the intricacies of running for public office. There are many facets, and more and more the bar is being raised for the level of knowledge that a politician must have. The situation clearly illustrates the importance of surrounding yourself with capable advisors because one cannot be expected to know everything."

There is specualtion that there may be other candidates with government contracts which are not so easily ascertained through the register of interests and will also find themselves in breach of thispart of the Constitution. According to the Constitution, a successful challenge to an elected candidate could see the candidate lose his or her seat.

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  1. Just because.... says:

    Why is everybody an attorney/lawyer now and the debate is about who is an attorney and who isn’t an attorney.

    Just because…does that have anything to do with anything right now?

    Why all so self indulgent…

    Just because…?

    Why so insulting to others?

    Just because..?

    Why so negative?

    Just because…?

    Why no positivity….

    Just because…?

    Does that have anything to do with this Island, these Islands, moving forward in a positive way?

    Just because…?


  2. Anonymous says:

    "Obviously the issue has nothing to do with the lottery which is simply a matter of chance"

    You miss the point smarty – either you win the lottery OR NOT. Almost winning the lottery means nothng. That’s the point. Has nothing to do with chance – the analogy was obviously lost on you.

    • Anonymous says:

      "You miss the point smarty – either you win the lottery OR NOT".

      Nope. You missed my point by truncating my statement. A lottery is not analgous because all the losers are in exactly the same position. Not so with (a) having only a Master’s in Law (b) having passed all required academic and professional exams but requiring only articles and actual admission. They are not in the same position. Now I am not really expecting you to understand since you are undoubtedly a UDP supporter. (I am not a Clifford supporter by the way).          

  3. Anonymous says:

    Neither are lawyers. No such as thing as nearly a lawyer. You are a lawyer or you are NOT a lawyer.

    Both are not lawyers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s like winning the lottery you either one or your didn’t. You can’t almost be a lawyer!

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviouslythe issue has nothing to do with the lottery which is simply a matter of chance and all persons who didn’t win are precisely in the same position. You can almost be a lawyer – like Mr. Clifford. No one is claiming that he is in fact a lawyer. McGaw is nowhere near being a lawyer but is pretending that she is.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    That does NOT make him a lawyer and should not give him the ability to say so. Here we are talking about respecting the law! Applies to everyone and honesty goes to the core of who our representatives are. If they can’t be honest about their professonal qualifications what will they be honest about?

    Case in point – Dr. Syed!

  6. The Enforcer says:

    So Pearlina does not correct people about not being a lawyer and neither does Charles Clifford. In fact, Sandra Catron is the only one that I know that corrects people when they get it wrong. I agree that the media and others might confuse having a law degree with someone who’s a lawyer. However, it is the obligation of the candidates to correct them.

    In fact, I have heard Charles Clifford refer to himself as a lawyer. I recall when he first left government and CLAIMED that he was going to work in a law firm to get his articles done – of course that was just a smoke screen to run on the PPM ticket and get elected. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I dare say Clifford is a lot closer to being a lawyer than Pearlina. At least he has done his law degree with the requisite subjects and professional exams.

  7. Anonymous says:

     The cry for change will not be defyied. We are not comfortable driving in a car headed to the cliff only to hear , "not to worry the seat belts work, the air bags work…."

    • Just because.... says:

      Tell that to the young that are killing themselves…they are going over cliffs.   Maybe you could help them not go there.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Joke Joke was started by another poster and has caught on. Many people are using this now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This has nothing to do with the PPM or UPD, but I think the poster who always refers to Mr. Dwayne "John John" Seymour as "Joke Joke" is very rude.  From my perspective you have some sort of grudge against John John, but for heaven’s sake he has a name; use it.  I have read all your posting and could simply conclude that you are "dumb dumb". Whatever you have against Dwayne let it go, and stop referrering to the man as "Joke Joke"; you never know the "joke" maybe on you tomorrow. 


  10. Anonymous says:

    None of the UDP Candidates seem to have read the Constittution.

    Mike Adams think it is some kind of a personal document, it is not important. No not to him!.


    Not reading the constituion seems to be the easy way out for Pealina as well.

    She did not have sufficeint time to read the draft constituition.

    Hello Pearllina,  The draft constitution is not 100 pages of reading !

    It takes hours to read, if you could stop listenign to McKeeva..

    How slow do you read?

    How much longer do you need ?  Couple of years.

    Why don’t you ask some one to read this to you at bedtime?

    Any one who is runnig for office and has not read the Constituion or the standing orders of the house can not be any help to this country.

    Be honest with the people, we have been shafted too many times, and WE ARE TIRED.

    We are going to rebel!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Next question for Mario

    So if Joke Joke doesn’t  have any contracts with the Gov’t, why is he in the news about this matter?

    • mario rankin says:

      the answer to your question. the key word in your question is NEWS we all know that just like the rest of us humans we’re not perfect and the news papers are no sometimes they  get it right an sometimes they don’t… john john contract with CAYMAN AIRWAYS not GOVT….is now and has always been public knowledge

      • Anonymous says:

        Mario, for this purpose Government includes Cayman Airways. And no, I for one had no idea who ‘john john’ was let alone whether he had a contract with Cayman Airways. It’s not just about making a mistake – its about the Constitution. It’s not just a piece of paper it is highest law of the land. Would be legislators should know it well. Very troubling if candidates have not read at least the portion relevant to their candidacy.      

  12. The Enforcer says:

    Another point no one here has mentioned – the Candidates handbook which was given all candidates by the Election’s office as that segment of the Constitution copied in it verbatim.

    It’s page 6 of 27 – so they didn’t read their handbook either that the Elections office took the time and resources to put together and print?

    They have jsut lost my vote even more.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The UDP coninues to insult the intelligent people of the Cayman Islands…it is not the PPM pushing this…it’s the general public – yes UDP, general public is made up of many intelligent, free thinking Caymanians….we do not need PPM to speak out on this one – it’s very clear who is in the wrong here but as usual, in fine UDP style, ‘bending the rules’ is not expected to be seen as wrong…this is the why we would be doomed with a UDP government or any government that even slightly resembles UDP!

  14. Anonymous says:

    According to Cayman New News:

    "UDP Chairman Billy Reid was unfamiliar with the situation, but said, “If it’s only two or three days late, I can’t see why it’s really a big deal. They’ll make the declarations now, and it’s still well before the election.”

    Do we really want people in office like this who have no regard for the constitution? The constitution did not say that you can do it anytime before the election! It was very specific. It said "one month".

    I wonder if the UDP will not seek to redefine what one month is. They are trying everything possible within their power – how disappointing they are.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Guess these guys thought paving voters driveways were more important than complying with the Law. What a Boo Boo.

  16. squadie says:

    Like the Soca sound says if Sandra wanta  whine let her whine let her whine  pick up the body line like i said the choices are narrowing down You have some steady and reliable politicians who will stand up for caymanians not involved with any mix up mix up or corrupt situations or the no use section who get elected on being NICE & my hands are TIED but are sleeping their way to a government pension and then you have the young and up and coming who will be smothered by the Power hungry/greedy party officials & their agendas or their Great leaders CayRum ill & Caymoney phil and then there are the no chance in the world of getting elected crew? Wow things are really shaping up now!

  17. The Enforcer says:

    UDP Supporters Mark still missed the deadline and he will still be challenged. I’m sure those expensive lawyers he has now advising him will know better than this.

    All of this is pure and simple propoganda to make people think he has complied. Complying after the deadline is still not complying.

    Question: Who of the 15,000 +++ registered voters will do something about this? Let’s get the ball rolling. Clearly this UDP team has no conscious and they do not intend to step down so let’s remove them from now.

    We do not have to wait until they are elected. That would be wasting the country’s money on a bi-election (which they CANNOT RUN IN). Let’s do it now please.

  18. Question says:

    If the Constitution is a piece of UK legislation should it not be English lawyers advising on what it means not Cayman lawyers? 

  19. By the Bi says:

    The new Gazette doesn’t make any difference does it?  It is too late to comply with the Constitutional requirement.  It looks like they are still ineligible.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have been a supporter of PPM in George town but I do like Mark Scotland as a canidate for Bodden Town I think he is a decent young man and means the country good .What I cant figure out is if all the RECORDS could be shifted around polished up and some even droped for LYNDON MARTIN and FRANK MCFIELD to run this year  WHY  ?????????cant 2 decent men have theirs fix who have NOT committed a crime .Come on cayman which 2 is WORSE.???

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dear, Perhaps the Elections Office should be charged with publisning,

    It’s not the Election Office’s job to make sure wanna be politicians have common sense and are doing what they need to do. The Election’s Office is responsible to the voters to make sure they have everything they need for a good election.

    Why hold the hands of these idiots? They need to grow up and learn to read.

    • Anonymous says:

      These UDP candidates did this to themselves they didn’t need help from the PPM, the Election Office or anyone else. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own actions.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I intended to give a vote to Mark and Dwayne, however after their big Boo Boo I guess I will just stay home on election day. A vote for them may be a vote wasted now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Still Voting

      As far as I am Concern this was just an oversight.  I am still voting for Mark and Dwayne as this does not change what good they can do for our Country.

      Dont give up Mark and Dwayne there is alot thinking like this.


      Dont give up.

      • Anonymous says:

        "As far as I am Concern this was just an oversight.  I am still voting for Mark and Dwayne as this does not change what good they can do for our Country."

        You are missing the point. First, what does it say about the candidate if they have not bothered to read (a) the provisions of the Consitution relevant to their candidacy, (b) the Candidates Hanbook given to them by the Elections Office; and (c) the reminder notice issued by the Elections Office in January that they are to check such matters as the qualification/disqualification provisions of the Constitution? Second, this is requirement of the Constitution and it doesn’t matter if it was an oversight. If they are indeed disqualified your vote will be a wasted vote.     

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why must the PPM try to make a conspiracy out of everything ?  It’s not hard to imagine overlooking one of the two separate requirements.  Perhaps, now is the time to have a consolidation of the two requirements.  And why not?  One would think that if your disclosed your interest to the legislative assembly that would have been all that was required.  I can truly see how this happened and I’m PPM.  I just want my party, the PPM to stick with the issues and give solutions to them.

  24. Anon says:

    If Mark and Dwayne have clearly said it was an oversight then why are UDP still trying to blame the PPM (who are clearly not to blame) and the Elections Office (civil servants whose job does not include teaching the constitution to candidates). If the culprits have clearly said it was their fault why isn’t that the end of the matter? But over and over these UDP supporters are trying to either lay the blame somewhere else – the Elections office? come on now!!!! – or desperately distract the argument to another topic. The mea culpas need to come from Mac and Juliana who should have known. What leadership?

    • Thethru says:

      Can you guys check the Cayman islands government website

      Thanks CNS

    • Anonymous says:

      You PPMers are pathetic by trying to keep this issue alive. It will run its course. Just like your other "technical chanllenges" Sure one UDP  candidate says he may have missed a deadline. Was he tryin to hide anything?  umm No!  Not even PPMers are saying that. What was the purpose of this section in the constitution? To ensure that the people of the Cayman Islands knew about Govt. contracts. Well if they didnt know before they sure do now.  Thanks PPM for helping his case! Big surprise that Mark has Govt. contracts NOT! Mark did not ignore the constitution he just published his notice on Friday. Did you miss that? Obviously not from your blogs. He has compluied with the law! MOVE ON YOU SORRY PEOPLE AND TALK ISSUES! SORRY FORGOT U CANT!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh PPM is now realising that this little trick is turning on them! Poor Peoples Mistake!

      So now they are saying after blogging all day we didnt raise this! REALLY!?

      They cant keep anything to their chest! They cant afford to. Goin to lose the election big time! Gettin desparate. Of course PPM raised a technicality. They are full of legal experts advising "well technically you cant win  the Election but technically you could do this or that!"  Go ahead and try! Try your worst! The will of the people of the Cayman Islands will be heard and PPM will be out on their ass wondering what happened! THATS DEMOCRACY PEOPLE!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have followed with interest this story.  What I find strange is that on Friday morning when I checked the government "gazette" web site there was a extraordiany gazette dated, I think Thusaday the 23rd, which had both Mark’s and Dwayne’s declaring their intrest in companies doing gov’t contracts, along with another candidate, it has now be replaced with one dated Friday the 25?, and only contains Mark’s and Dwayne minus the third person.  Is it just me, a mistake or something else??

  26. Anonymous says:

    Anon, you said we need leaders who can admit there mistake. If you read the article above, Mark and Dwayne CLEARLY admit it was an oversight on there part.  Not blaming others, I just feel we have lost the "Old" Cayman and our own personal values where we used to look out for one another.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Why are you all confused here? Read the constitution for yourself.

    It clearly states that govt. contracts must be declared 30 days BEFORE the election. There’s no way around it. They can file all they want to now and it simply does not matter.

    Trust me Mark – some of the best legal minds are waiting to challenge you. This won’t be like the UDP status grants where that was not challenged. You will be challenged and you will lose.

    Graciously step down. You made a mistake, admitted it now take the penalty like a real man and not a little kid on the playground!

  28. Anonymous says:

    This is the constitution!…You cannot just decide to ignore it…what are you guys talking about???

    Suppose the parties IGNORE the section that says only Caymanians can run in elections….Would you support that too???? would that be OKAY to have a foreigner in house??

    Would you say that a 14 year old could run for office and IGNORE that section too….???

    Please let us get to a reasonable debate on this…They DID NOT meet the deadline and they ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for sitting in the house. SIMPLE.

    And please UDP supporters, please stop ignoring the constitution. For PPM supporters, please stop this partisan nonsense…if you are all for the Cayman Islands Laws.

    Do not show your real colours people.

  29. Anonymous says:

    To those who are blaming PPM.   How on earth can you blame the PPM for the two UDP candidates not listingtheir government interests to be gazetted.  You should blame whoever advises them for not advising them!!! But honestly do you want these two in office "OOPS I FORGOT!!!!"

  30. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine the Chairman of one of the key Boards in our country resigns 27 days before the General Election and all PPM want to talk about is this?

    Dont be distracted people. Ask PPM why their Chair of four yeaqrs would resign just before an election!

  31. Anon says:

    How about a mea culpa from the UDP? How about the legal minds in the party admitting they forgot to explain to their fellow party members what the law is?

    Blaiming the Elections Office is clearly UDP propaganda (whining). When they can’t blame the PPM for their "oversight" they blame civil servants who can’t defend themselves. How low can you go! It is not the Elections Office’s job to make sure the candidates know how to run for elections. It is there to make sure the Elections Law is complied with. The notice they sent out in January was a courtesy – something the UDP clearly know nothing about. Stop mudslinging. We need leaders who admit when they have made a mistake. Not the UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you are too busy blogging to read thenews papers. The UDP candidates clearly admitted to the oversight and published their contracts in a gazette on Friday. Challenging a failing PPM on their record is not mudslinging. Its what this election is all about. How come no PPM candidate can defend their Governments record or even try to respond to the list of failures?Oh yes thats right they cant!  Of course they would rather keep the country focused on a notice in a gazette which would only contain information already known to the public. Stop whining about mudslinging and answer the questions on your Governments record. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I was seriously considering voting UDP in BT, however, these two candidates have shown their true colours and have successfully disqualified themselves from any further consideration by me and some other people I know. Good-Bye UDP. Hello PPM.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a former PPM supporter who is absoultely disgusted with thier inability to focus on the real issues facing this country. Not one of them can tell me what they plan to do if they get back in. This is their plan to threaten another candidate with lawyers? Not because they say he was hiding anything but because of a technicality? I vote in George Town not in Bodden Town but this attempt to remove the candidates they know are a threat and likely to get elected is so low that I will now be voting STRAIGHT UDP in George Town. Sorry Kurt and sorry independants but I cant take the risk!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Even more reason to VOTE STRAIGHT BT, GT and WB!


    The PPM are back to their dirty tricks becasue they can’t win on their failed record, so their best option now is to create diversions and try to fool people with this complete nonsense.

    GT and WB Vote Straight to insure the PPM doesn’t HIGHJACK this election via the independents.

    If you vote for independents in GT or BT, you are risking another 4 years of PPM economical downfall.  The surest way to insure we have a victory regardless if they attempts to hijack the election in Bodden town by trying to rob the people of BT of their votes, is to vote straight everywhere else.

    Tell your friends not to let the PPM STEAL this election.  Vote straight in GT and WB.

    Don’t let the PPM fool you into believeing this late filing of a paper somehow equates to their dismal failure on the economy.

    They want to talk about late??  when did they decide to deal with the crumbling financial sector?  We went from the top 10 largest financial sector of the world to below 30th in their watch!  They didn’t do diddly before this last minute attempt to put a happy face on the whole situation 2 months before election!!! They want to talk about a form being filed 3 days late????

    Crime is at an all time high, but they talk about a form filing

    The economy is practically in ruins, they want to talk about a form and procedures.

    They threw tens of millions at education without a shred of thought and can’t even show how much money or any results from their spending and they want to talk about a form and procedures.

    The deficit is at a historical high!  they want to talk about a form.

    And call all of the above  _progress_ like everyone are total fools.


    Caymanians, do not let the PPM HIJACK this election!!






    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP are hilarious! It’s the PPM’s fault we didn’t publish the notice. It’s the Election’s office fault that we didn’t. Er, it doesn’t matter its only a piece of paper. The fact is that the Elections Office did give you plenty of notice as a courtesy, not because it was required to. If you can’t take responsibility for your own inactions now how can you be expected to take responsibility for your actions if you are elected? If you regard the requirements of the Constitution as superfluous bits of paper how do we know that you won’t seek to subvert the Constitution in other ways? It seems the UDP want to hold the PPM to a standard that they themselves cannot live up to.

      As for the PPM failing to sign up Tax Information Exchange Agreements,  the fact of the matter is that the commitment was given to sign these agreements from 2000 and all such agreements were negotiated under Mr. Tibbetts’s government. Mr. Bush’s govt. (2001-2005) FAILED TO NEGOTIATE EVEN ONE TIEA. In fact Mr. Bush strongly opposed implementing the EU Tax Savings Directive. It follows that if there any failure it is Mr. Bush’s since over a 9 year period Mr. Tibbetts scored 20 vs. Mr. Bush’s 0.   

      As for rankings as a financial centre you are comparing apples with oranges. Different bodies evalute this on different criteria (which in some cases is politically motivated). Cayman did not move from 10th to 30th under any single ranking system that I am aware of. According to the City of London’s Global Financial Centre Index (which includes the major onshore centres such as London and New York and started in 2007) Cayman ranked 22 as at March  2009.   Practically all the offshore financial centres saw drops in their rankings as a result of the worldwide recession. 

      Moody’s Investor’s Services (2008) rates Cayman as Aa3 (excellent) and states:   "The Cayman Islands rebound from the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 demonstrates the economic resilience that underpins the government s Aa3 rating, the second highest in the Caribbean after Bermuda. Despite some accumulation of public debt and a large external imbalance, the Cayman Islands key public and external debt indicators remain favorable compared to its peers. As reflected by the stable rating outlook, Moody s believes that the country s macroeconomic fundamentals will remain solid despite the likelihood of further indebtedness associated with an ambitious capital expenditure program over the next few years. Another important factor supporting the ratings is a very high-GDP-per-capita level relative to peers in the Aaa-to-Aa3 rating cohort for developing countries. Finally, the Cayman Islands rating benefits from very strong governance indicators, reflecting a high degree of policy predictability and sound institutions"

      Get the facts, not UDP propaganda. 

      • Anonymous says:

        HA HA HA! Its so easy to tell PPM’s  ‘foreign "supporters! "apples with oranges "ay?? ‘Mea culpa!" ‘Why dont you learn to talk like a Caymanian before you decide to get involved in our blogs? Sorry forgot PPM has no  real Caymanian supporters left to respond!

  33. Anonymous says:

    A question for MArio Rankin:

    How come you only offered comfort/encouragement to Mark to not let this detract from his campaign? Don’t believe in Joke Joke? thought you were a team player!

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps the Elections Office should be charged with publisning the requirements months leading up to the elections. I am of the opinion that not enough was done by that office to make candidates and the public aware.  It,s too late for this election, but I am hoping that that office will become more active in this role of requirements and not because they consider it a courtesy,but because they are charged with it.  

    • Mario Rankin says:

       john john DON’T HAVE GOVT CONTRACTS!!!!!!! mark do so the joke joke is on you…you….so get you facts before you ask me anything again….we all will be voting straight…straight….hope this answer  your team player question……MR Anonymous here are a few definitions for anonymous having no DISTINCTIVE CHARACTER OR RECOGNITION OR LACKING INDIVIDUALITY!!!!!!!NEXT QUESTION PLEASE….

  34. Anonymous says:

    People have some sense. Do you really think any Court is going to go against the will of the people of Bodden Town and remove Mark or John John from office because they were four days late in gazetting their contracts? Be real. Even if some Judge waqs crazy enough to do that do you know what would happen ? There would be a By Election and the people of Bodden Town would have a second chance to vote for Mark and John John  again and put them back in. What a blow for PPM that would be. Two beatings in one year. Even PPM couldnt leave themselves open for that many bullahs. Mark and John John are not accused of doing anything wrong just filing a form 4 days late. PPM cant stop these good honest people from getting in. But they are desperate enough to try anything. Its really sad. Anyway John John had no contracts with Government so I dont know what this site is talking about. His only contract is with Cayman Airways which he has disclosed.

  35. Anonymous says:

    To my understanding, Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour have now filed the necessary documentation in the Gazette. Lets not concern ourselves over the filing of a document, which we already knew that Mark and Dwayne own company’s that have government contracts. No law is being broken by them continuing to run. Lets get back to the real problems now…. High un-employment … High crime…. Drug addiction among our young Caymanians…. Health/Home/Car/Life Insurance rates….  Why aren’t we blogging about these issues? These are the issues that are going to affect us, our children and grand children. Not the filing of a document showing government contracts.

    We ALL make mistakes and drop the ball at times. But tell me where the true crime is, sincere un-awareness to file a documents or willingly not informing your fellow brother, your fellow Caymanian of a deadline?? I feel the Elections office could have and should have informed all candidates of this specific filing and sent a remainder closer to the deadline (forgive me if they did, but haven’t heard or seen it). 
    What happened to being our brother’s keeper??
    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently the Elections Office issued something in January for a deaqdline of 20th April.

      Could they have put a reminder in the paper closer to the time ? Yes but that would have been too helpful. Ask yourself why no reminder was sent. And lets talk about disqualifying PPM for what they forgot to do. Lets start the list:

      Forgot to sign tax treaties and almost got us blacklisted. Forgot to file Government accounts, forgot to take any action on the poverty report, forgot to check if the helicopter they approved could do the job it was purchased to do, Chuckie forgot to tell the Governor before taking confidential documents to the press, forgot to consult with the private sector, forgot to budget, forgot "judicial misbahaviour " was not an arrestable offense, forgot that Joey had been paid twice, one forgot to pay his electricity bill for 2 years!. Now theresgrounds for disqualification and I dont need no law or constitution to tell me that!  

  36. Anonymous says:

    People have some sense for once we will be wasting our votes for John John and Mark.  They had my votes but not now because it makes no sense you cant fight whats right in the constitution.  The law is the law and no one can go above that.   We might as well put in the independents because we will be wasting out time. PPM will definately win if they protest against this and you know they will.  Sorry John John and Mark but you all need to step down now.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know that the PPM did such a terrible job in bodden town for the past four years and with Eden and Chucky as ministers Come on PPM suppoters Give up!!!!!!! The PPM will never  win in bodden town or Savanah with that terrible record.Specially when this government got theliquor store in country side…What time it is????I can’t hear you!!!!We will speak LOUD and CLEAR in MAY 20!!!Don’t worried we will answer you.Vote UDP!!!!!! and put Gilbert there too….

  37. Eduacted Caymanian says:

    OMG, I cant believe this, so I assume you all know what this mean dont you?  Even though if we give our votes to John John and Mark then we will be wasting our votes and unfortunately PPM will get in because they will contest against it and you cant beat whats right in the constitution.  We all may as well now give our votes to the independents,.

    John John and Mark the best thing for you all to do is step down now…my votes was for you but it will be put to waste, am so sorry but you will get nowhere fighting the law.  

  38. Anonymous says:

    Why does the PPM think they can use this to divert the voters minds from the problems that they havent addressed?

    Uncontrollable, growing national debt

    High unemployment for Caymanians

    Increasing poverty and social problems for Caymanians

    High crime

    low air arrivals for tourism – stayover tourism down 11% from 2008

    Financial industry under threat

    Poor Education results

    Health care in shambles

    These are the real issues which the PPM Government have not addressed in the past four years!! Do they have a plan for this – NO!! We need a representatives and a Government that put our people first!!! –

    • Anonymous says:

      This a serious constitutional issue. Let’s leave what you believe the PPM thinks out of this. You are clearly hoping to divert attention from the issue by campaign rhetoric.      

  39. By the Bi says:

    What is interesting is the development of unhealthy US style partisanship in the comments of the parties’ supporters even though there is almost no discernible ideological differences between the UDP or the PPM. 

  40. Only For Caymanians says:


    My question is…  If this is  illegal in the Constitution, then why do we allow the Election law to superceed the Constitutional Law ?

      By the same token. I thought that the "Constitution" was the Highest Laws in any given Country, apparently Not so in the Cayman Islands, where even children have born in Cayman Islands and they are "NOT" Caymanian.

       Now is the Election Office preparing for a "RIG" of the up coming Elections in May as well?

    And dont panic….  Just asking a question here.

    Only For Caymanians 

    • Anonymous says:

      Only for Caymanians,

      The Elections Law does not supersede the Constitution. It supplements the Constitution with respect to elections.

      "I thought that the "Constitution" was the Highest Laws in any given Country, apparently Not so in the Cayman Islands, where even children have born in Cayman Islands and they are "NOT" Caymanian".

      I don’t follow. The Constitution does not say that being born in Cayman makes you Caymanian. Whether or not you are Caymanian is determined by the Immigration Law which supplements the Constitution in respect of who is a Caymanian.

      Note "supplements" does not mean "amend" or "override" or "supersede". It means adds detail to.   

  41. CaymanLover says:

    Even though this is a serious issue, it is funny to hear MAC defending Mark and seemingly forgetting that "Joke Joke" is also running on the UDP ticket!  I guess this strengthens the Marl Road news that MAC didn’t support Dwayne’s candidacy in the FIRST PLACE!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have posted twice to but I see no "posts"…guess I will have to write my comments to the Editor of the Caymanian Compass!! YOU MUST BE PPM SUPPORTERS???

  43. Anonymous says:

    Is this what we do know? Do the current office holders have but a few wind swept days before they are swept into long and easy Cayman mornings, where they do not have the burdens of state weighing down on them any more?

    Are we confused constituents seeking new faces with talented and willing hands?

    chuk me outa eden outsziee!!!

    I seymour promise with scotland…but news justin…vincent squares his guns…lewis computing a catron runnaway….

    my Bodden Town…neveradullmoment 

  44. Anonymous says:


    "Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez told CNS that he had alerted candidates to this both through advertisements and news reports in the local media (See CNS Elections Office reminds candidates to check the law) but this issue is not in the Elections Law and that none of the candidates involved in this have actually broken that law."

    What is wrong with you people? I can’t believe how daft some of you are. If there’s as bi-election Mark and John John cannot run in that AND would be disqualified for the next 5 years.

    So how you gonna vote for him again and again?


  45. Anonymous says:

    "Someone has to step up to the plate now  and make some decisions so that the country knows what to expect.  Mr. Bulgin and Mr Governor you need to let the people know whether these two individual’s name will remain on the ballot sheet".

    Mr. Gomez has hinted that they will try to duck the issue and leave up the 4th place candidate to challenge in court. Incidentally, there would be no reason for a by-election since the electorate will have been advised of the issue before the election and will have voted on an informed basis.   

  46. Caymanian to the bone says:

    Just watched Cayman 27 News a few minutes ago where it was announced that Government (presumably the Governor with the advice of the Attorney General) made a decision to publisha late copy of the Cayman Gazette to allow Mark and Dwayne to disclose their interest’s in Goverrment contracts.

    It seems that “Common Sense” have finally prevailed in this matter and therefore the race is still on “full swing” at Bodden Town.

    I bet we have some happy people breathing a sigh or relief this evening and some other’s with some ugly crying too !!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    This does not bode well for these 2 candidates. They will plead innocence and the rules will be attacked but what is the underlying issue?

    These 2 men who aspire to public office were unable to follow the law and if honor bound they would apologize to their supporters and resign from their campaigns.

    I am not naive enough to expect this result.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Someone has to step up to the plate now  and make some decisions so that the country knows what to expect.  Mr. Bulgin and Mr Governor you need to let the people know whether these two individual’s name will remain on the ballot sheet. If the voting public exercise their democratic right and see fit to vote these indiviuals in , only to be challenged and thrown out….beware!!  This may create a factor for  some serious social problems……

    Fix the problem before it explodes….

    • Anonymous says:

      I could not agree more. It seems the answer – as unfortunate as it is – is clear.  They cannot take seats in the house even if elected.  Allowing them to be on the ballot is therefore a recipe for disaster.  An explosion would certainly be possible if persons are told that despite the fact that they voted for someone, and they won, they are not allowed in Parliament. It will take great maturity to realise this now and do something about it before May 20. At least then democracy can prevail – and the individuals concerned can at least say to their supporters -= the constitution must be respected. We made an innocent mistake and must pay the price. We look forward to seeing you again in 2012 – and in the interim please vote for x instead of me.

  49. Anonymous says:


    Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez told CNS that he had alerted candidates to this both through advertisements and news reports in the local media (See CNS Elections Office reminds candidates to check the law) but this issue is not in the Elections Law and that none of the candidates involved in this have actually broken that law.

    Come on Caymanian People and More so BODDEN TOWNERS This is what the Elections office said So what is the Big Deal Mark and John John Please for Heaven Sake don’t give these people the satisfaction of backing down they didn’t tell Mr. $52000.00 to back down and they Didn’t tell Mr. Thief of Private Documents that was later issue to the local media to back down. Sandra Catron I’m a Bodden Towner and i was kind of leaning towards you with me and my 3 children votes but u just lucked out. guess what i haven’t seen th third person yet although Gilly Stands a chance. But Mark And John John You Have 4 Votes from 1 family for sure and if there’s a bi-election we will do the samething again and again.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Come on Caymanian People and More so BODDEN TOWNERS This is what the Elections office said So what is the Big Deal Mark and John John Please for Heaven Sake don’t give these people the satisfaction of backing down".

      The Big Deal is called the Constitution. It is the fundamental law of the law and all other laws are subject to it. It is higher than the Elections Law. It is a little scary if the UDP and its supporters don’t think it’s a big deal and they can breach it with impunity. It does not bode well for Cayman if they get into power.   

      Oh and by the way, Gilbert stands no chance.

  50. Anonymous says:

    As for the 3,000 Caymanians unemployed….I wonder if the UDP could advise what the true figure really is….at the Forum last night Mike Adams seemed to think it was 3,000 while Pearlina Lumsden was certain it was 1,250….even that they cannot agree on.  But what would be real interesting is just how many of those unemployed are Mac’s status grant holders!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Expats I hope you are taking notes of how we Caymanians behave towards our own.  So don’t feel too bad when they post all those remarks about outsiders; if they do it to their own what should stop them from doing it to you.  First it was Joey and the salary advance – even though the news item gave no indication of wrong doing; now here we are crucifing these two young Caymanian men without waiting on the words of the attorney general – which is typical of us. 

    I wonder if some of these posters take the time to look at themselves in the mirror after making these comments; to check their closest and ensure that their skeletons are still intact.  Some of our comments are pure mischief  and down right lies- we stop at nothing to destroy our very own people and then we complain that expats dont’ socialise with us – but can we blame them.  Were did we go wrong?  When did we become such a hateful nation?

    CNS – a word to the wise – I am no lawyer – but I think it is prime time you get some proof of identity from these posters – I don’t know if some of the mischiefs and lies posted will come back to haunt you.  You are doing an excellent job and I would not like to see you face any legal challenges because of comments.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I still don’t see my post of earlier???? Huh??

    CNS: Have a look now – I just approved a batch.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Those law predictions are flawed and based on the people on the ground.

    Open letter to Mark & Dwayne:

    Please save yourselves the embarassment and your country the expense of a bi-election. Do the right thing and drop out of the election now.

  54. Caymanian to the bone says:






    CNS RULES BABY, OH YEAH  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. Anonymous says:

    What do we do if we find out that some of the current MLA’s and maybe even those in previous years (this provision has been in place since 1972) did not fulfill this requirement?

    We may have to hold several Bi-elections right now – before we go the general elections in may. 

    If we find that certain people are/were not eligible becasue they did not declare as required – what do you do with the votes they cast in the legislative Assembly? Are they null and void??


  56. fuzzy says:

    Please remember that it was the UDP who made a mistake by inviting a civil servant (Miss Lawson) to speak at thier youth rally in spite of the recent reminders in local media concerning civil servants appearing to support a particular candidate or group

  57. Anonymous says:

    Do we teach our children in school about our constitution? If not, maybe we should start now! It might alleviate this mess in the future!

  58. Anonymous says:





  59. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t the old adage – "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" – still apply??

  60. Anonymous says:

    This is a Sad day for bodden towners, I wasn’t going to vote for Joke Joke but Mr. Scotland showed real promise. He seemed to be a certainty to get in but now…. not so much.

    I can’t in all good conscience vote for someone that won’t be able to hit the ground running on May 21st. Our country faces a lot of problems right now and why am I going to vote for someone that is going to have to deal with personal legal issues as well as the Issues of Bodden Town.

    The fact is if we bodden towners vote for Mark and Joke Joke now we will really be wasting our vote because if they get in and it is challenged no one is talking about how long it would take to come to a verdict on a case like this.

    Bodden Towners it’s just not worth it… I’m looking to see which independent candidates I’m going to vote for cuz I’m certainly not going to vote the PPM back in.

  61. Anonymous says:

    This is my prediction for the election:

    West bay:  McKeeva, Bernie, Rolston, Cline (only because poor WB can’t seem to vote any other way than UDP)

    George Town: Kurt, Alden, Wally, Lucile

    Bodden Town:  Tony, Theresa, Ossy

    East End:  A. McLean

    North Side:  Ezzard Miller (PPM should have got a better candidate for North Side and they may of had a chance)

    Sister Islands:  Moses and Julianna.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is my prediction for the election:

      West bay:  McKeeva, Rolston, Cline, Captain Eugene

      George Town: Ellio, Kurt, Mike, Alden

      Bodden Town:  Mark, Anthony, Ozzy

      East End:  A. McLean

      North Side:  Ezzard Miller

      Sister Islands:  Moses and Julianna.

      • Anonymous says:

        PREDICTIONS. I agree with your predictions for West Bay,East End,North Side, Sister Islands, and Bodden Town with one change…Theresa in place of Ozzy. 

        George Town is a tough one,but I do think that Kurt will make it,and MAYBE Alden, for the others we will have to wait another two weeks for a clearer picture. 



    • Anonymous says:

      Please note that I did not mean to imply that Bernie is with UPD because he isn’t!  Won’t want to hurt his votes with such an implication.

    • Anonymous says:
  62. Anonymous says:


  63. Anonymous says:

    Well Hello!! why are people swaying away from the real issue here… the fact remains that these two candidates did not meet certain criteria to be eligle to become a  member of the LA..  This is not a PPM or UDP issue..Now please Mr. Bulgin can you tell this country what the judiciary intends to do? or Mr. Gomez explain to the electorate how this fiasco will proceed.. will they still be allowed to run?  and if elected would the returning officer have the authority to refuse their seat.. Please the country needs clarity on this!!!!.

  64. Anonymous says:

    In response to ‘This is the facts’… are a JOKE! nuff said….

  65. mealy says:

    Section 19 (1) (g) of The Cayman Islands Constitution Law Clearly states No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the LA who-

    Is party to,or a partner in a firm or a director or manager of a company which is a party to, any contract with the government of the islands for or on account of the public service and has not, in the case of a contested election, cause to be published,at least one month before the day of the poll,A government notice setting out the nature of such contract and his interest or the interest of any such firm or company, there in;

     There it is folks the law is very clear what I cannot fathom is how certain elements in the UDP who call themselves attorneys could let this slide by them this has me really baffled. The only thing  some people in this election are  focus on is POWER and it is making them virtual blind. Looks like a easy win in Bodden Town for Mista Eden and his crew ooooh he is such a Nice Man.

    UDP’s  needs to  FIRRRRRE somebody


  66. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous this looks from overseas?  Ignororance of the law as an excuse?  And you have the audacity to bitch because you were grey-listed?  The Cayman Islands is swirling the drain because they can’t locate their own moral compass.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Hello Everyone on CNS i’m disgraced  right about now i really can’t beleive the ignorace of  some of you i wonder what kind of genius are you i know that at some point in ones lives or another we literally forget to do things are are really important to us REALLY IMPORTANT we pickup dust it of and move forward. please stop banging John John and Mark They are good citizen’s and deserve to be Our next candidates we made stupid mistakes in the past by voting in those who really never had Bodden Town at heart just the Damn Salary Fellow Bodden Towners please stop Wasting your votes and vote for people who has our country and our Children at heart.


    John John & Mark i don’t want you to stoop low to the name calling and Dirty Politics as our fellow Candidates not just in Bodden Town but all over the Island. Good Job so Far we Have Real Issues that needs to be address. Great Job to those candidates that are not doing the name banging and PLEASE FOR OUR CHILDRENS SAKE DON’T DO IT remember children learn what they live, and right now the spot light is on you. And you are the Role Model of the time BE PROFESSIONALS PLEASE

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello this is not as simple as forgetting to pick up the bread at the supermarket. Do you understand that is these little things that they start with then it gets bigger and bigger.  

      If we as a country don’t hold our elected representative or aspiring politicians to a high standard how the hell do we except the country to get any better. There’s no beating around the bush it is either they did or did not and of such should lose their opportunity at this time to run for the district of Bodden Town and the Country on a whole.

  68. thetruth says:

    This is the facts  to remained the voters about the Four past years of  PPM mismanagement of the Country…..

    1-Cayman Islands in the Grey List…..2-27K work permits and 3000 caymanians unemployed..

    3-The education system is failinf students and the cost of living is rising passing day

    4-Air arrivals down and stay over tourism fail.What is our 25 million budget gave us?I never saw any plan yet?

    5-No missing person’s Law ……6-Relations between the Ministers Association and the goverment

    7-The rollover Policy,the Proposed new port……..8-The Mount Trashmore enviromental disaster

    9-Killa whitaker was KO by Chucky10-UCCI fiasco with Dr Syed…..11-The Cayman oil fund

    12-The appoinment of Alden’s cousin as Chairman of the CIMA…..13-The dishonorable Charles Cliffors and the commission of enquiry…

    14-Owen Roberts Airport development…….15-The enchanted Ironwood forrest

    16-Net News contract with government CI 300K……..17-Cayman Islands murders….

    18-The National Assessment of Living Condition….19-Remember the GAY KISS when chucky fired Pilar Bush

    20-Expats VS Caymanians PPM policy….21-Joey Ebanks fiasco……22-The hospital MESS

    Thanks CNS

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you say wha tUDP did when they were the Government? They did nothing else but give out the 3000 statuses.

      • Anonymous says:

        Here is what I think:
        GT 4 PPM
        BT 3 PPM
        EE 1 PPM
        NS 1 PPM
        WB 2 UDP 2 Bernie and Woody
        CYB 1 PPM and 1 UDP
        The UDP colors are already showing. Sorry, the two UDP candidates in NS will not make it. Joey will win.

    • Anonymous says:

      the truth,

      Yours is a hilarious list of ‘mismanagement’. Let me just take three of them:

      1. Cayman Islands in the Grey List.

      Here are the facts: (a) every single Overseas Territory of Britain is on the grey list (b) the UDP Govt. was also responsible to have signed up TIE Agreements during its terms (2001-2005) BUT DID NOT NEGOTIATE EVEN ONE; instead Mr. McKeeva strongly opposed implementing the EU Tax Savings Directive which is a type of TIE Agreement . Now he would to make us believe that he is so savvy and proactive about these matters. He doesn’t have a clue.

      If being on the grey list because of not signing enough TIE Agreements means you are guilty of mismanagement then every single OT govt. has been guilty, AND SO WAS THE UDP Govt.  

      2.  27K work permits and 3000 caymanians unemployed.

      You should have thought about that when the UDP Govt. made those 3000+ status grants. This has led to the situation where many of them have jobs in preference to Caymanians and there is an additional burden on infrastucture to accommodate them. It would also reduce the list of unemployed if the UDP MLAs would stop encouraging them to look for handouts from social services and actually get a job. There are jobs advertised every day and not one Caymanian applies for them.  In order to grab political support the UDP has made this country into a welfare state.  I heard there were 1,200 people unemployed. Where did the 3000 figure come from?

      3. The rollover Policy. (a) It is not a rollover ‘policy’. It is the term limit requirement under the Immigration Law, 2003 that was PASSED BY THE UDP GOVT. (b) if you didn’t have term limits there would be even more Caymanians unemployed. Every time someone’s time is up it creates a job opportunity for a Caymanian.   


  69. CaymanLover says:

    Thank you CNS.  I can appreciate your concerns.

  70. Anonymous says:

    How do we flush out the others who may have not fulfilled this requirement?

  71. Spartacus says:

    The provision in the Constitution is an anti-corruption transparency measure.  Not only must would-be politicians be clean they must be seen to be clean (unless they are recently convicted criminals like a couple of the candidates).  The fact that this important voter protection measure has been ignored and then apparently belittled is the most concerning thing about this turn of events.

  72. Anonymous says:

    All of Mark’s contracts are not in the public domain. Tell us what else is out there Mark!

    • Anonymous says:

      There is absolutely NO reason for Mark or John John to bow out! They did NOT hide anything! Any contracts or business they have with government was CLEARLY listed on the Candidate Form with the Elections Office.  Now granted it is an oversight that they did not further gazette it, but they have listed their interests! And what I find most ammusing is that they are seen as a huge threat in BT if you are asking them to bow out now. Is it because you know they are going to win? And they yes it maybe contested, but they will win again? I love it!

      Now on the bigger picture here…….just how many OTHER candidates are also in breach of this? You cannot by any meand reassure me that NO ONE within the PPM government, less Moses, does not have any government interests?????? And also the other Independents?????

      This is the REAL story and will be VERY interesting!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        There is absolutely NO reason for Mark or John John to bow out! They did NOT hide anything! Any contracts or business they have with government was CLEARLY listed on the Candidate Form with the Elections Office. 

        Response: Have you been remotely paying attention here? What was filed at the LA is the declartion of interests. That has nothing to do with Government contracts and is aside and separate from the declared interests – clearly you do not understand that point.

        If these candidates are saying that their contracts are already in the public domain so why follow the law they are lying. The contracts are not in the public domain. When they finally do file you will see what we mean.

        It’s also misleading for Mark to say that there was no space on the current declaration form for him to affix documents – again a bold face lie.

        Why would the people of BT want persons who are already lying at this stage? Their dishonesty and inability to take full responsibility for their actions speaks volumes.

        They will be disqualified and abosolutely no exceptions are to be made. This section of the constitution does not require any mental intent on their part. Therefore it does not matter what they were thinking or why they didn’t do it. The only legal question is was it done before the relevant deadline or not. Their have already admitted to the media here that it has not been.

        On another note, we see Mac is out with his fangs based on the CNN story! Well, his true colors are showing again – what happened to being a Christian? Why is he name calling and threathening others?

        Also, very interesting that he defends Mark but not John – shows he knows John John has the same chance of getting in as hell freezing over on the 20th.

        Fellas – bow out gracefully and save yourself the legal fees and embarrassment. Here’s a novel idea – if they push forward with this and cause a bi-election to be had then they should pay for it NOT the people. Looks like they have enough govt. contracts to foot the bill.

  73. CaymanLover says:

    Why is CNS not posting my comment on Mr. Anglin? 

    CNS: I don’t want to post this comment until we’ve had a chance to look into it – I haven’t forgotten and I’m not ignoring it.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Can the UDP propaganda machine just give it up?! Mark and Dwayne obviously cannot run the country if they don’t even know their own constitution (which has been in place since 1972) how can we expect them to run our country?!
    By the way, in 2005 PPM won by a clean SWEEP, NOT by DEFAULT!!!

  75. Anonymous says:

    While Mark and John John are the two in the spotlight at the moment for this, don’t discount the possibility that other candidates, including PPM ones, are caught up in this. Everyone should be very concerned that both PPM and UDP seem to have completely dropped the ball regarding this  requirement, despite it having been in the constitution since the early 70’s

    That Moses and Burns, seemingly, were the only two candidates that had the wherewithal to read the requiremets and submit the necessary documentation is probably a fair reflection of where they stand compared to the rest of the candidates in terms of professionalism and competency.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comments have raised a very intresting question. How many other candidates have not fullfilled this requirement?


  76. Anonymous says:

    Business men? I wonder how they run a business then?

    Mark said that it should be in the Elections law! Heaven forbid they should ever have to read another document that refers to eligibility.

    I mean it’s not like all the laws that govern what a business has to do in Cayman is compiled in 1 piece of legislation.


  77. Anonymous says:


    If it had been one of the PPM members the UDP would have spread this out around the world.  Facts are facts!!!!  If a member can’t read from March 25th until April 20th that they have to submit paperwork for gazette, I’d be interested in knowing then, how do you think they will run the country?

    Typical UDP style… crisis management!!! 

    To the UDP writer below… if an intelligent person can’t be swayed how did they become intelligent?


  78. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Co-Chair of UDP is a lawyer. Pearlina has a law degree etc. VERY POOR indicator of what we can expect from the UDP.

    Let’s have some standards here. They do not deserve your vote and yes it will be challenged don’t be fooled.

    I agree – if we ignore this component of the constitution let’s throw the whole damn thing out. Sounds like what Mac would like anyway.

  79. Anonymous says:







    I will close with the LORDS PRAYER.

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy Kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. for ever and ever. Amen


  80. Anonymous says:

    Mark and John John aka JOKE JOKE.

    Man this just puzzles me how 2 businessmen running under the same party and running in the same district could foul up this way.  It makes you wonder if they were really wanting to get in as MLA’s knowing well that something like this would come and bite them in the rear.

    This is my prediction for the election:

    West bay:  McKeeva Bush, Bernie Bush, Glidding and Choppy.

    George Town: Kurt Tibbetts, Mike Adam, Elio Solomon and Alden McLaughlin

    Bodden Town: Tony Eden, Gilbert McLean, Sandra Catron

    East End:  A. McLean

    North Side:  Ezzard Miller

    Sister Islands:  Moses and Julianna.

    A few new faces, the same ole same ole and some old timers back from the past.  Does it sound like a good government ?We all have our say but if my predictions are right, we will have a very mixed government where not one party idea is being displayed.  Hopefully the independants will help move our country in the right direction.  It is getting scary on this island.  Crime on the rise, young people causin trouble.  Danger on the roads.  People losing jobs or just making it.  It is really sad sad.

  81. CaymanLover says:


    O wait!  I guess it doesn’t make sense if they can’t even read 🙁  It’s a good thing we have a CONSTITUTION then to settle matters like this!

  82. Anonymous says:

    Just a few words of clarity the blatantly obvious PPM machine here.

    Just because CNS will try to keep this up in the headlines as long as possible to ramp up discussions and hopefully spin some banners,  doesn’t mean the PPM is making any significant _progress_ on this issue. 

    In fact, I think they have a serious deficiency when it come to the word progress in general to be perfectly candid.
    Here are a few points

    1- Internet readers are by in large and educated and intelligent crowd
    2- They are an informed crowd with the ability to think and recognize patterns
    3- Their opinions are therefore not easily shifted

    In saying this, when you (The PPM) come online to write obviously staged and orchestrated replies with drones and indoctrinated 12 year olds to spread your propaganda, it’s very obvious to almost everyone (minus a few)
    The fact of the matter is, the contracts were indeed published and available to anyone out in the public.  There is no secret, or surprise no scandal, sorry.  The only issues here is that a form wasn’t filled out in time.
    What is a fact however, is yet another perfect example in which the PPM tries to win every campaign.  The PPM seeks to use or abuse the law to disqualify those who are clear and present threats to them.  We have seen it in 2005 with Ellio Solomon, and we are seeing it again now in 2009.

    The PPM _cannot_ win  on their failed record
    The PPM _cannot_ win in the arena of ideas
    The PPM _cannot_ win on the handling of the economy
    The PPM _cannot_ win on the fiscal management
    They can’t win on their handling of crime as we see the crime rate the worst it has even been

    What they WILL try to win on, is by assassinating candidate’s good characters, spreading rumors, creating diversions and try to win the election by DEFAULT, not MERIT.

    The PPM is in fact a DEFAULT government.  They got in on DEFAULT and they will put the country in DEFAULT.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect "Just a few words of clarity" The UDP is doing quite a good job of assinating their own characters, they don’t need any help from the PPM.

  83. Anonymous says:

    If they do not take the laws and regulations seriously enough, what example is this setting for our youth? If they don’t respect the rules, they are not going to respect us either! How can this been an oversight? If they forgot to follow this rules, what other rules are they going to forget to follow once elected?

  84. Anonymous says:

    Nobody will stop the will of Bodden Town voters,we will speak loudly and clearly in the may 20 elections Mark,John John and Gilbert all the way!!!!!!No more PPM!!!  

  85. YoungVoter says:


    How in the world is the PPM blamed for this?
    This has nothing to do with the PPM at all, it was just the L A W! 

    It was simply that Mr. Scotland & Mr. Seymour simply ‘forgot’ to do the correct paperwork.
    I thought after McKeeva had been running for 24 years, he would make sure the party would have the correct paperwork. So much for the UDP ‘teamwork’!
    How are they expected to run our country if simple things such as this are just ‘forgotten’??

    If they get in, what exactly is going to be the result when they ‘forget’ the important things?

    Im staying with the Government that I can trust, PPM! 1, 3, 4!


  86. Anonymous says:

    Well where was the UDP co chair all this time?


    • Anonymous says:

      I was considering voting for some of the UDP members in GT, however there is the aura of dishonesty surrounding the whole party that just won’t go away. So thanks UDP but NO THANKS, I’ll cast my votes in another direction.

  87. Anonymous says:

    One question no one seems to be asking of these candidates – How are they going to run all their private businesses and give the people fair representation? Mark has several companies and a large family – where will he find time?

    Dwayne – same thing – several business interest and a large family!

    CNS You did a GREAT job breaking this story first. Thank you!

  88. Anonymous says:

    The bottom line is they screwed up and refuse to take responsibility for it. DOES THAT ERALLY SOUND LIKE THE KIND IF PEOPLE WE WANT IN THE LA?

    Let me assure everyone we have enough of that! Especially the UDP members. See McKeeva’s comments in New News where he says that Kerney Gomez does not know what he’s talking about. McKeeva is defending Mark to the end; but no work on Joke Joke – as he knows that he has no chance in HELL of getting into Bodden Town.

    McKeeva also said that Mr. Gomez is no lawyer. Well I guess that McKeeva has forgotten that neither is he. The arrogance is unreal.  We don’t need any more of McKeeva’s goons in there who are getting all sorts of kick backs from companies etc. One would be surprised what else UDP members are involved in.

    The bottom line is this if Mark and Joke Joke care about the Cayman Islands they will not allow us to go through the expense of challenging them and having a bi-election – WHICH WILL HAPPEN. They will save us and themselves the embarassment.

    Also, that means they can run in the next election if they bow out gracefully. Otherwise, we have a bi-election and they cannot run in that and for the next 5 years. By then we would have forgotten all about Mark.

    Let’s see how smart he is. The actions of his wife recently in hiring Rowell was questionable at best; now we see his lack of professionalism as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      If i was in this position as Mark & John John, I would bow out now since (UDP) says the country does not have any money.  PUT your country first and think about the cost for BT to go through a by-election.     I know that Mac can fix things his way and then justifies it later as he always do.  This is reason i do not like Mac because he always does it his way, not the right way.   Mark & John John please save the country this money.    

  89. Puki says:

    What scares me is people’s reaction to what is a clear breach of the legal requirements to be eligible for election.  It is as if the law can be ignored because it is considered by these posters to be a tecnhicality.  The law is brutally clear and very simple.  These candidates are no longer eligible to be elected in May.  Anyone who puts themsevles forward to be a potential MLA ought to know the Constitution.  Too many times in Cayman do people think that they can "get off" in the face of the law because they are special or they consider the law to be flexible for them.  Leaders should lead by example.  They messed up.  They are ineligible.  The classy thing to do would be to withdraw from the election.  A vote for either is now at best a protest vote, but is in reality a wasted vote.

  90. Mario Rankin says:

    To this anonymous person who is obviously afraid to put their name because they are probably a member of the PPM government or a "Stooge" for the PPM.  How pathetic of you to think that this is some major issue knowing that it would only be an offense if Mark and Dwayne had been elected without declaring their government contracts.  

    Need I remind you, the Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford was convicted by the Commission of Inquiry for removing government documents for personal gain and the LOGB refused to do anything to the minister for his actions.  So I ask, how dare the PPM and its supporters have the audacity to criticize Mark and Dwayne for something so meager in comparison to the minister of tourism conviction with no consequences.

    For your information the contracts that Mark has with government were awarded by the central tenders committee which is a government controlled office and it is public knowledge……nothing to HIDE!!! 

    Mark and Dwayne are only human and thank goodness it is not a mistake as big as the insurance disaster for the Cayman Islands which only covered one Island.  Now there is something to be up in arms about. 

    Mark – it is apparent to the PPM that they can’t beat you at the polls come May, so this is there last desperate attempt to tarnish your reputation before election.  How convenient  PPM….shame on you.  Good try, but not going to work.

    Stand strong Mark and Dwayne……we got your back!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      "Need I remind you, the Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford was convicted by the Commission of Inquiry for removing government documents for personal gain and the LOGB refused to do anything to the minister for his actions".

      Actually the Minister was not "convicted" of anything. A Commission of Enquiry is not a court of law. It does not apply the same strict evidentiary rules or standard of proof as a court of law trying a criminal case. It received and depended upon evidence that was not sworn and not subject to cross-examination. There were no criminal charges. The report was not therefore not a conviction, merely the Commissioner expressing his opinion as to whether the information was  confidential, whether the Minister had taken steps to bring it  to the attention of anyone in authority and his motives in releasing the information.  

      The Minister did not nothing different from what Opposition politicians do every election – obtain confidential information from govt. through sources close to them and use it in their political campaigns against the incumbent. In the Minister’s case, whatever his motives (and I cannot read his mind), there was a public interest in exposing wrongdoing. If the only persons who are aware of wrongdoing are sworn to secrecy and cannot bring it to light it provides ideal conditions for corruption to fester. 

      Compared to the scandals the Leader of the Opposition has been involved in, this is much ado about nothing.     

    • Anonymous says:

      Mario – PPM has done nothing wrong, they are an honest Government.  Why don’t you tell the people why you are so bitter against them this election!!!!! 

      The two UDP candidates for BT have done wrong and they have to blame themselves for this.  If they can over look something like this in the constitution then what else will they over look if elected.  That whole UDP is the same.


      • mario rankin says:

        the safety of my CHILDREN anything else……..what better reason…… please you don’t want to tangle with me on this issue….there is a reason why people like you stay Anonymous it is because you have NO!!!!!! BACK BONE…….

      • Anonymous says:

        I remember reading the in the Caymanian Compass sometime in 2008 where Hon. A. Eden stated that he had no outside business…but isn’t he a partner with Quick Cash and Quick Cash other relate businesses?… or was at the time he made that statment.

        I wonder if CNS would be able to get the artical from Caymanian Compass…

  91. Anonymous says:

    Interests weredeclared under election law, as far as I understand. However, Gazette is separate and apart from the election law form…A "how to" seminar was held for all candidates, by the elections office….Was this explained or not?….Why would this not be clear to all candidates that have laid their money down to run? Surely part and parcel would be to brief any candidates, of the requirements. For God Sakes, we have an entire Eelctions department that does nothing but that. I do not think that any and all of the candidates understood this, as the elections office made such a big deal of the other form. Everything I’m hearing as far as inersts go, seem to be public knowledge so far. Ignorance is no excuse, for sure, but shouln’t there be more clarity?….Frankly, I smell a rat.

  92. Anonymous says:

    First off, I really don’t see how PPM can ever be considered to be the blame for this. This is the candidates own fault. So stop making such ignorant and childish accusations.

    Secondly, regardless of the fact that they declared their dealings to the LA, they still failed to gazette them. It’s matter of law and no matter if it’s an innocent oversight, the fact remians that it is LAW. In my personal opinion any candidate that fails to overlook something such as this, especially after being reminded by the Supervisor of Elections, then they can’t be the right choice to become a MLA and I say ANY candidate.

    I hope voters open their eyes and look at this and use it to make the right choice come May 20th.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I was planning on voting for Mark Scotland as I felt he would do a great job.  Now I will have to vote for someone else as I do not want my vote to be wasted as this will obviously get challenged if they win and they will have to give up their seats as soon as they get in.

  94. Anonymous says:

    This is a really sad day for these 2 men. 

    I believe that they should both bow out from the elections now as even if they win, it will be challenged and the constitution will win and they will be kicked out.  The country does not need to focus on this issue in these times.

    There is always 2012 guys.

  95. Anonymous says:

    If both Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour should obtain sufficient votes in BT and bedeclared winners but are later disqualified/removed from Public Office through this breach in the 1972 Constitution, then the entire PPM Cabinet should be prosecuted criminally according to the Public Management and Finance Law, for falling to account for $1.5 BILLION CI that they spent in the last 4 years.

    Who is to say, that when a forensic audit is done, evidence maybe revealed that my money and your money (public money) was dishonesty appropriated and used for such things as allowing family members to tagg along with Government Ministers to Europe, unauthorized salary advances that were not paid back, purchase of household and personal items etc etc. 

    Tell me truthfully Cayman, which one of these are the greatest travesty of justice, Mark and Dwayne oversight or PPM not accounting for $1.5 Billion over the last 4 years ????? 

    Be truthful Cayman, REMEMBER GOD KNOWS YOUR TRUE MIND !!!!!!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    Well they will have to be removed IF they are elected. Everyone knowsJohn John is not going anywhere – but Mark – your lack of attention to detail will cost you.

    Imagine if you engage in this sort of activity IF you are elected. We don’t need that sort of representation. Here’s the most ironic part if Mark had kept his comments to himself last week on the radio about how government had overspent on roads maybe everyone would have missed this.

    Be careful when you live in a glass house – throwing rocks at your neighbors is not such a good idea. Lesson learnt for you Mark and Joke Joke!

  97. Anonymous says:

    This is sad.  I cannot believe that these candidates Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour, plus the UDP, did not have a checklist of all the things that needed to be done for the campaign.    Such a critical item to forget!  This puts these candidates in an unfortunate position as they would certainly be challenged if they win. 

  98. Anonymous says:

    “The horse has bolted”? Honestly. The candidates failed to gazette their interests, it was not as if they failed to declare them at all! Talking about this situation as if it is the end of the road for Mark and Dwayne is absolutely ridiculous. Are you saying it is reasonable to disqualify two candidates on something that barely registers above a technicality?

    This isn’t even remotely comparable to failing to audit millions of dollars worth of government accounts for years on end—no one has been punished for that up to this day! Yet it’s a sufficient to entirely deprive the electorate in Bodden Town from deciding who the best candidate is? If this is really anything more then trivial infraction let Bodden Town decide using the ballot box. The current government seems nothing less then enthusiastic about that mode of decision making, let them put their money where their mouth is. I dare the PPM to have enough guts to acknowledge that the electorate should be able to decide for themselves. 

    Violating the rules laid down by the Constitution is a serious matter. But this is not just about adherence to every technicality of the constitution, it’s about preserving the democratic right of the electorate to chose who they want to represent them–which, last I checked, was the very purpose of the Constitution in the first place.

    Let Bodden Town chose.

    • Caymaniam says:

      So, if it is not about adherence to the constitution, but rather about allowing the electorate to vote for the candidate of their choice, damn the constitution , would you support me, a non-born Caymanian in my bid for election? After all, I could only get elected if the votors chose to elect me. Your call……?

  99. Lawanda Watts says:

    Cant you all just see it’s a conspiracy against John John, Mark and Vincent!  This is the same group of people that has been going around calling Mr. Frederick a racist & biggot!  These people that are saying these nasty comments about John John and Mark should all be ashame of themselves!  But we know who you are trust me we do!  But I tell you all something right now if they ever everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr think of removing John John and Mark from this race  you best believe you wont hear the end of it!  John John and Mark hold your heads up high and proud, you also Vincent because if you fool with these bunch of idiots you wont get no where in this life!  I say give them all a chance, we live in the past too much and we all need to focus more on the future of this generation.  UDP and Vincent all the way!   

  100. Anonymous says:

    desperate attempt by the PPM because all this will mean is that there MAY be a bi-election as a result of a innocent oversight which is likely made by other candidates as well (we wont know until we research ALL of them to be honest)..and in any event mark and dwayne will win their seats in that bi-election because their support in the district is genuine and their work in that community is solid…

  101. Anonymous says:

    this relates to a breach of section 19 of the constitution not the election law. it was an honest mistake. mark and dwayne already registered their interest along with othercandidates. what they neglected to do was to gazette their contracts as required by section 19 of the constitution. the elections office really should make a lot more about the requirement under section 19 of the constitution as it is something easy to ommit after a candidates has fully complied with the elctions law. In fact  there may well be other candiates that have made this mistake . It is just a mater of time to investgate and find out. In fact it is highly likely that there have been canasidtes who have been elected, served their full term and today have still not carried out the gazetting part as required by the constitution.  But it clearly is an inncocent ommission to not gazzet their interests as they DID fully decalre ALL their companies along with the other candidates and this is now at the LA.

  102. Anonymous says:

    It amazes me that people are actually blaming the PPM for this! How in the world could believe this is their fault?  Mark Scotland has absolutely excuse under God’s blue sky for this, he has to know better! Mac should know of this for sure. This is just pure downright negligence. Full Stop. If this is the kind of oversights that they’re making in regards to the constitution then how can we expect them to make proper choices when in power?

    I’m not trying to flame or poke at the UDP, but I’m sorry, I believe that we should vote for the candidates that will do the best job possible (not necessarily PPM) and I really don’t see how that is possible with UDP, especially with things like this.

  103. Anonymous says:

    This is yet another example of a law that has not ever been enforced.

  104. Anonymous says:

    What does this have to do with the PPM? They are not the ones with the total disregard for the law – that’s the UDP.

    I can’t believe you posters – how immature. Did the PPM force these two fools to NOT follow the law of the land? I think NOT!!

  105. | Saharaka | says:

    “But I didn’t inhale”… One Red Card for you Mr. Scotland & one Red Card for you Mr. Seymour. ThankYouComeAgain.

  106. Dennie Warren Jr, says:

    Section 19

    Only a blind follower would blame the wording of the 1972 Constitution on the PPM.

    A candidate incapable of complying with the General Election procedures places the public at unquantifiable risk and is simply not ready for the many more complex matters of elected office.

    Clearly Sandra is correct, where a candidate is party to Government contract(s) it may not be a criminal matter, then no proof of mens rea (intent) is required. The determination of whether candidates have complied with this Constitutional requirement is all that is necessary.  Where candidates have not complied they are completely disqualified. Therefore, any candidate contesting in the May 20, 2009 Election for the district of George Town who does not satisfy this, or any other constitutional requirement, and who also refuses to immediately step down will be challenged by me in Court of Law.  No person is above the law.

    If any candidate does not completely satisfy section 19 will you please step down now?

  107. Meta4 says:

    Dear Worst Case,

    There cannot be a by-election as a result of this. The election will simply return the eligible candidates with the most votes.

    These two are finished. The horse has bolted and the milk has been spilt. Perhaps the horse knocked over the milk when it bolted. But that metaphorical horse has as much chance of being an MLA in the election as Mr. Scotland and Mr. Seymour.

    While I am intrigued about your suggestion of a bi-election, I don’t think the electorate is ready yet for a candidate of that persuasion. Being intrigued, does that make me bi-curious?

  108. Anonymous says:

    This is just disgusting! Politics have always been dirty and will continue to be as long as the PPM mentality remains.  Why is this just brough to light? obviously the PPM refuse to give the people of Bodden Town a fair chance to elect who they think will do a better job than they did.

    Both Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour, true Caymanians, who hold BODDEN TOWN close to their hearts ALL YEAR round, are the right candidates and deserve the right to REPRESENT the people of Bodden Town. 

    HOLD YOUR HEADS UP! you have nothing to hide.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you nuts? How is this PPMs fault???

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a true reflection of the kind of leadership we wil get from the UDP. I can only hope that this will open the eyes of the voters.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you can’t trust them to declare what Governement contracts they have, you want to trust them to try and run this country…………

  109. Anonymous says:

    I knew it had to be the fault of the PPM. Thanks to the posters for explaining how once again the evil PPM out smarted the hapless UDP victims.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Who was sleeping at the wheel this time?

  111. CaymanLover says:

    Luckily for us “OPINIONS AND GOOD HOPES” take a back seat when it comes to the LAW (CONSTITUTION) of the land!

  112. Twyla M Vargas says:

    PASSA!!!! PASSA!!!!

    If I was Mark and John John, I would not say a word because THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL.

    Bow out Gracefully,  Dont call it an oversight,  because the tunnel is too long, the bridge is too wide,  and the ladder is too steep. 

    Ignorance of the Law is no excuse, It says "No person  shall be qualified to be elected to the Assembly."    I could have sworn you guys were listening to the broadcast.    I said it before, this Election is full ofPOLITRICKING, and POLITRAPING,  Dont watch where you put your foot, and see if you wont be hanging from a tree. Remember Nothing happens before time and time is longer than rope.     Blessed.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Should we forgive since they "forgot"?

    It is a shame that these strong candidates failed to declare their interests before the deadline.

    This begs the question how closely knit is the UDP Party?

    Shouldnt their Chairperson and committee members ensure that all of their candidates file the requisite paperwork in time? After all it seems like all of the other UDP candidates filed their paperwork on time.

    Is this an example the type of disjointed opaque governance the UDP is offering where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing?

    Come on guys you have to be more attentive and on the ball if you intend to help lead  the country. 

    Cayman deserves representatives who will do better than this.

    We want politicians who will be accountable for their actions (or inaction).

    The next few days will be most interesting as we sit back and see what kind of excuses will arise as to why these documents were not filed and why they should be excused from this section of the Law.

  114. Yo Mamma says:

    It’s a trick to sabotage Caymanians! This has to be the work of gays and foreigners!

    • Anonymous says:

      Reading all of the nasty comments Caymnaninas are saying about their Caymanian candidates…tell me who is sabotaging who???? 

  115. Anonymous says:

    If convicted criminals/ministers investigated can run and I don’t see why this 2 fine young men can’t.

    Another tricky and scandalous tactic of PPM!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Worst Case

      In the worst case scenario Mr. Scotland and Mr. Seymour will win, if there is a successful challenge to their election then there would be a bi-election – in which case they would file the required Notices and win again.

      PPM is so desperate.

      • Anonymous says:

        What cost would a bi-election be to the Caymanian people!!!!  What about the cost of it going to court (judges, lawers)!!! They did wrong and they should just bow out now………

  116. CaymanLover says:

    The constitution is the constitution!  Ignorance of the law does not protect one from the law!

  117. Anonymous says:

    It should be a requirement for any candidate with existing government contracts to disclose this information on nomination day together with a copy of their CV and police record!  A birth certificate and CI$1000 is not sufficient! 

  118. noname says:

    There is absolutely no reason why this mistake should end the campaign for two of BT’s strongest contenders for this race. If polls, meeting attendance and the word on the street are evidence of anything Mark Scotland is by far the most popular candidate for this seat that this district has had in quite sometime (if not ever). 

    How can you possibly contend that a mistake like this is enough of a reason to deprive the district from choosing who they want to elect them?  Especially when anyone who has even an inkling of what’s going on in the political realm is well aware of the businesses Mark and Dwayne run. The fact that they have been successful running businesses that depend on government contracts and yet are still willing to challenge that very government should be considered a strength if nothing else.

    Surely you’re not insinuating BT voters are not enough competent to judge for themselves (in the voting booth) whether or not this negligence of a technicality is enough to disqualify Mark and Dwayne as leaders? 

    • fuzzy says:

       To "THERE"S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON" You ask how can a mistake like this deprive BT from choosing who they would like to represent them ? Well they are disqualified by the existing constitution,  ie the 1972 version not the new draft version. You know I would like Barack Obama to be my mla but guess what ?He is disqualified from doing so                                                                                           

  119. Da hangin' judge says:

    It is fairly simple really.  Neither candidate can be elected to the Legislative Assembly in this upcoming election regardless of the outcome of the vote.  They have not broken the Election Law in the sense that they have not committed a criminal offence under that Law, but by reason of their omissions they are not eligible to be the elected to the Legislative Assembly in May.  It should not be a question of someone having to challenge the outcome of the election, the Returning Officer cannot return them as elected members from their Districts in the first place.

  120. CaymanLover says:

    What a shame and utter disgrace!  There is no excuse for this gross negligence!  Even if this matter goes to the Attorney General I would hope that the constitution is observed and enforced!  NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, INCLUDING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL!  I can never forgive myself for voting UDP in the past!  Their leader and his croons should be deported along with their 3000 status grants!

    • Anonymous says:

      As a forigner I don’t feel so bad, I just feel sad for you poor Caymanians… you want us  deported now you want to deport your own.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Waiting for one of the UDP posters to explain how this is the fault of the PPM……

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM Fault!

      The PPM is full of a bunch of tricky lawyers – and I bet they hid these requirements in the fine print of the Law.

      Sneaky, slimy lawyers – gotta watch um.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM Misled!

      As time will show the PPM, and some of their posters (including CNS) have been misled into believing that these two fine gentlemen have failed to comply with the legal requirements. Publication through a "Government Medium" is not limited to the Gazette.

      The ability to be misled is spreading from the PPM leadership to some of its supporters.

      CNS: The two candidates have admitted to the oversight.

      • Anonymous says:

        Gomez: No Breach!

        CNS has already reported that there has been no breach of the Elections Law. Therefore:

        As there has been no breach of the Election Law, so the individuals are perfectly entitled to run. If another disgruntled candidate has an issue with them winning the election then they can challenge,if they are so minded – and the young men will win again.

        Case close, next case.

        CNS: The issue is not with the Elections Law but with the Constitution.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Mark knows the rules, after all this is NOT his first time running, he just doesn’t want to admit or make it publicly known that the PPM Government were kind enough to give him contracts…

  123. Anonymous says:

    Easily Understood? I wonder if you are on drugs or something?

    These are supposed to be educated people that claim they want to represent us. If among 11 people you don’t have a good brain amongst you why should we elect you to office? They are supposed to be able to understand these things OR get help in understanding them.

    They claim they have all the expertise in the world to run the country don’t they? Well now we all know better!!!

  124. Anonymous says:

    Hold on a second here. We must give the UDP and Mark Scotland a pass on this? Didn’t he run before in a general election? He should know better.

    We should not be giving these guys a pass at all on this. Remember now, this is in the constitutuion of all places. Which means we should take this very seriously as it was intended. This is not just a mere technicality as the UDP would have us believe.

    Quite frankly, this illustrates their lack of respect for any law. The UDP will never improve because the leadership is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

    OUT with them for sure! NO to JOKE JOKE and NO to Mark – NOI to XXXXXXXXXXX.

  125. Anonymous says:

    I hope Vincent gets elected because of this.  Bodden Town deserves Vincen’t Fredricks representation.



  126. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me just like anything else involved with the government nothing associated with it is easy to understand, follow and digest these are two honest wonderful men who hide nothing from anyone. I am sure when they are elected this will change and clearer, more user friendly election guidelines will be put in place. And maybe a year before elections people interested will be given support and guidance instead of waiting until the last minute to tell them what they didn’t do.


    • Ms. J says:

      My word! If Mr. Scotland and Mr. Seymour could not get something as simple as this dealt with. Then how could they possibly expect to run this Island?!   

  127. Bye Bye says:

    Sandra may not say it but…even if they win they will be challenged, and challenged successfully. This is the Constitution.

    Ignorance of the Law is no excuse….and after so many notices from Mr. Gomez they do not have a leg to stand on.

    It says “No person shall be QUALIFIED TO BE ELECTED as a member of the Assembly”…I am not sure they can even continue to run.

    Unfortunately, they both should step down now.

    next time guys….

  128. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! Here we go again.. What an organized party… they could not even guide their candidates to file all necessary documents.. After all MAC has been in office for only  24 years.. he has not retained much!!. if I understand correctly if one of these indiviudals is elected and then challenged and they loose their seat, this country has to incur additional expenses for a bi-election..  What a way to go!!! Money down the drain.. Why not deal with the problem before the election?  ONLY THE "SMART" UDP COULD MAKE SUCH AN OVERSIGHT.

  129. Anonymous says:

    Oversight? Oversight?? Are weto simply accept this as an oversight?? There is NO excuse for this….Mark particularly has NO excuse – it’s not his first time running! As usual….when it comes from the UDP they expect the public to believe it’s not really a serious matter…if was PPM candidates, UDP would have clouded up and rained down all over them by now!! Typical UDP style though…no regard for rules and regulations!

  130. Knal N. Domp says:

    Can them, then!

    They should be disqualified from runnning for office, especially Mark Scotland as he is up to his eyeballs in NRA and other Government work. As an ex- civil servant, he should know better, and as a candidate, he should know the ‘rules of engagement’.

    Sorry, but that’s the rule. If an indulgence is granted to them, then everyone should be entitled to an indulgence… who calls the shots, anyway? Kearney? Scott? The Governor?

    CNS: The Attorney General


  131. Anonymous says:

    This is just another example of how little the UDP or their candidates actually know about what is contained in the Constitution, be it the 1972 or the current draft proposal. Not knowing or understanding the rules to the office you seek and calling it a “simple oversight” is an indictment on the candidates actual qualifications for palimentary office.