Cayman queues to cast votes

| 20/05/2009

(CNS): As the polling stations opened across the Cayman Islands this morning voters were already waiting to cast their votes in both the General Election and the country’s historic constitutional referendum. Election Day is a public holiday and voters were keen to get to the polls early so they could enjoy the day.  According to the Elections Office the secure and empty ballot boxes and papers were dispatched to all the polling stations this morning without a hitch and it has confirmed that all 78 stations across the six districts are open.


This morning, from the command centre Colford Scott reminded voters to bring some form of ID to the polling stations with a name matching that which appears on the register of voters. “Electors should have a valid photo ID that states there name as it is on the voters list,” he said. “Any name changes need to be supported by some type of evidence.” He also warned voters not to go to polling stations wearing campaign t-shirts and that only small rosettes and buttons would be allowed.

Scott said that by 9:00 am the elections command centre should have the first update of how many people have already cast their vote in both the election and the referendum. Scott noted that traditionally Cayman voters do tend to visit the stations early in the day.  

Emphaissing that any disabled voters would be assisted and given priority at the station Scott said he hoped all registered voters would come out to the stations.

“I want to encourage all registered voters to come and cast their vote in both elections and the referendum,” he said noting that Cayman had a solid tradition of higher voter turn out and hoped that would continue.

Keep logging on to CNS throughout the day for regular updates and coverage as Election and Referendum 2009 unfold. CNS will also be posting the election results tonight/tomorrow morning in real time.

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  1. $$$$$$$$$ says:

    It would be sooooooooo nice if we had a coalition government but from the "looks" of things UDP is carrying the swing. Hopefully looks are deceiving………….but I definitely do not want PPM back in the house either…………….

    Priority #1 – get the finances in order..How broke are we?  Get the financials up to date and then redo the budget vs actuals…. This is a must within the first 100 days in office. This can be done jointly whilst sorting out getting us off this grey list we cannot continue to remain on this list whilst our competitors are not – this is a MOST dire situation!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Today is the day ! Will we allow PPM to continue on thier road and complete things started and to make good on promises as they have ! Or will we throw ourselves back to the UDP with thier UN-DOABLE PROMISES ? Well guess it’s all over but the crying now. GOD help us and guide us and direct whom ever we end up with !