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TV Christians to film at Black Pearl skatepark

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(CNS): Cayman’s own skate park is to be featured in a new episode of the Christian reality series, the Uprising. Ben Cerullo, president and founder of Steelroots the producer of the programme said the Black Pearl Skatepark was legendary among skaters and the show would not be complete with including its now famous bowls and pipes.


“We certainly couldn’t do a reality TV show about professional skateboarding without visiting Black Pearl,” he said.  “This is a legendary skatepark, one of the most celebrated in the western world!  And it’s a perfect platform for The Uprising.”

The team will be filming on Friday, 22 May and show hosts Christian Hosoi, Brian Sumner and Jay Haizlip who comb skate parks, backyard pools, and other hangouts for the show noted the park’s fame.  “Black Pearl is known across the globe.  It’s not just an attraction for local tourists. It’s truly a pilgrimage destination for die-hard boarders and we had to make the journey for ourselves,” they added. 

 The Uprising showcases skate footage and events, featuring appearances by other pro skaters including Paul Rodriguez, Chad Tim Tim, Ray Barbee, Jereme Rogers, Josh Harmony and more.   In addition to filming at Black Pearl, the crew will join renowned boarder Dennis Martinez to promote an anti-drug message at school assemblies throughout the Cayman Islands. The Uprising is one of many programmes from Steelroots, others include music video show Countdown, talk/interview programme, The Steelroots show” and specials that showcase popular athletes and musical artists.



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CIFSA starts own PR blitz

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(CNS): Following the recent revelations on CNS that the government and CIFSA’s partnership may have hit a rocky patch, the organisation has announced that it has also hired its own PR firm to launch what it describes as an all-out, public affairs assault on their detractors in the UK and US governments. Chairman of the CIFSA, Anthony Travers, said he  is deeply concerned about the recent ill-informed attacks that have linked fully tax-transparent Cayman with non compliant jurisdictions such as Monaco, Dubai, Switzerland and Andorra.

Media House International, with offices in London, Edinburgh Glasgow and New York. has been retained by CIFSA to tackle these attacks and the account will be managed by Chairman Jack Irvine, a former Editor and Managing Director with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. In Washington the assault will be led by Jack Quinn, former counsel to President Clinton and founder of the powerful lobbyists, Quinn Gillespie. 

The appointments follow attacks by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Barak Obama on offshore banking, and Travers attacked Gordon Brown’s assertion that the world would be safer if offshore tax havens were outlawed. “The correct answer is of course the exact opposite,” says Travers. “Everyone’s savings would have been safer in The Caymans Islands bank accounts where the entire banking industry has remained robust due to the excellent liquidity controls applied by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.”  

Travers says he believes the reason for Brown’s attack on the Cayman Islands is that, with the recent 50 percent upper tax limit imposed in the UK Budget, there will be a flow of highly skilled people and their funds out of the UK. Obama’s reasons, which played a big part in his election campaign, are similar and “very ill informed”, Traverse said.

In a recent letter to the Leader of Government Business Travers said professionals in the local financial services sector were very concerned about the negative situation regarding the grey list, which Cayman found itself on following the G20 summit, as opposed to the white list where Cayman’s Channel Islands competitors have landed. Warning of irreversible damage to the sector, Travers demanded immediate action regarding signing more bi-lateral Tax Information Exchange Agreements as well as a public statement of intent to repeal the Confidential Relationships Preservation Law.

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Calling scam leads to costly phone calls.

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(CNS): The police are issue yet another warning regarding another potential con that could see residents caught with a hefty bill. The public is being warned to be on the alert for suspicious telephone calls to their cell phones. Police have received reports of residents receiving calls from an overseas number, which if callers return will connect them to answer phone which could run up their bills.

Police said the calls come from +393193260037 and if answered the line is silent and you do not get charged for the call, however, if you return the call you will connect to an answer phone and you will be charged international dialling rates for the call. The police advise that if a call such as this is received it is terminated or ignored and certainly not returned.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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Cops clear up dumped cars

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(CNS): The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) and the Department of Environmental Health have joined forces to clear the eastern districts of dumped cars. Over the last few months over 100 abandoned vehicles have been removed from the area and police said by the time the operation is finished, 135 will have been collected. Environmental Health Officer for the Eastern Districts, Derrick Williams warned residents not to abandon cars.

“If you have a car you don’t want, dumping it somewhere should never be an option,” said Environmental Health Officer for the Eastern Districts, Derrick Williams. “Derelict vehicles are not only an eyesore they are dangerous for the environment too.”

Residents are being urged to report anyone seen flouting the law by dumping waste or littering in their neighbourhood to the police or the Department of Environmental Health  DoEH). The public can contact the DoEH to make a complaint at 949-6696 or their local police station.

“Under the 1997 Litter Law, it is an offence to drop litter and dump waste,” said PC Glifford Garcia. “If you are caught you could face a five hundred dollar fine or a prison term of up to six months.”

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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UDP to be endorsed by local names

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(CNS): Four well known names in the business and local community will be appearing on the United Democratic Party hustings on Monday night to declare their support for the opposition’s George Town team’s bid for office in the elections on 20 May. Norman Bodden, Richard Arch, Eldon Rankine and Dr. Edlin Merren will be present at the meeting in the parking lot of Kirk Home Centre on Eastern Avenue to give their public endorsement of Mike Adam, Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden, Jonathan Piercy and Ellio Solomon.

The UDP said it is expecting a high turnout because of the presence of their four high profile supporters. “It is a great honour for us to attract such support from these esteemed icons from within our community. Their endorsement reaffirms for us that our vision of a better future for these islands is one that is shared by the people,” said Adam, the former CEO of Cayman Airways who is standing for election for the first time.

UDP party and opposition leader, McKeeva Bush, will also be speaking at what is being described by the UDP’s press and campaign managers as the most significant of the UDPs rallies so far during this year’s election campaign. The 4 May public meeting starts at 7:00pm and will be broadcast live on Cayman 27, Radio Cayman and Vibe FM.

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Gimistory crowns fish fry kings and queens

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(CNS):  Having evolved out of the Gimistory tradition of frying fish and fritters at the performances and serving it with swanky free of charge to audiences George Town and North Side chefs have shared in the glory of the first ever contest. George Town is now branded Best of Cayman for the Best Swanky and the Best Frittas and North Side has taken the title of Best of Cayman for Best Fry Fish.


The George Town queens Georgeanne General and Lucille Busillo were assisted to victory on their caboose by Leighton Rankine who kept them supplied with fuel by chopping wood. The pair had to feed the largest number of people too when they cooked up the traditional feast during Duppy Night at Smith Cove, which attracted the largest audience of the six performances in the districts. Meanwhile, in North Side Marcia Hulse, Leon Dilbert, Monica Wilson, Dicilee Pattico and Simion Smith had to contend with a very strong wind at the seaside yard of Capt. Ned Miller blowing up the fire.

The competition was organised by Cayman National Cultural Foundation in association with Best of Cayman and Rita Estevanovich, CNCF Programmes Manager said she was very pleased with the effort and enthusiasm of each district team. “There was something unique about each district’s presentation. We appreciate all the hard work of the team members that made this aspect of Gimistory a success. I hope it instils a sense of pride in the districts,” she added.

The fry fish, frittas and swanky were judged each night by musician Clive Rosteing, Chef Tanya Foster, Chef Keith Griffin and Rotarian Monica Czorny.  Other teams in the competition were: East End – Michael Whittaker and Ron Connor; Bodden Town/Savannah/Newlands – Mark Scotland, Crosby Solomon, Kendall Whittaker,Jerry Wood and Andrew Carter; West Bay – Eziethamae Bodden, Brenda Bush, Brenda Timothy, Jeana Ebanks and Lillis Harvey.

The two districts are highlighted on the Best of Cayman website

fish, frittas and swanky

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Bank plans African tax haven

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(Guardian): Barclays bank is playing a lead role in the establishment of a tax haven in Ghana, in a move that could see huge mineral wealth in west Africa vanish into it from poverty-stricken countries’ coffers, the Observer can reveal. The controversial UK lender has worked closely with the Ghanian government to start an International Financial Services Centre offering low taxes and minimal financial disclosure. Development charities fear that its establishment so close to oil and mineral-rich countries such as Nigeria and others will encourage tax and capital flight.

There is also concern that cocaine barons, increasingly using west Africa as a trafficking route into Europe, could launder drug money through Ghana. The process of establishing a Ghanaian tax haven has been under way since 2005 and Barclays was instrumental from the start when it signed a memorandum of understanding with the country.

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Immigraiton team turns blue to help kids

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(CNS): Staff from the Department of Immigration raised over some $270 last month when they held a special dress blue day to demonstrate their support for child abuse prevention. The money which was raised by selling blue ribbons went to the Cayman Islands Youth Develop Consortium. Director Sylvia Wilks explained that the ribbons are being sold throughout April as part of Child Abuse Prevention Month and she commended the staff for embracing the campaign and for their initiative in staging the dress down day.


“We asked organisations to join the campaign by encouraging employees to donate $1.00 to obtain a ribbon and to wear it to show support for child abuse prevention and to promote awareness,” Wilks explained. She noted that while other government departments are involved in the campaign, Immigration was the only entity to take it a step further by staging a dress down day to raise funds.  Sixty-four staff took part although by law, uniformed officers were excluded since they must wear uniforms at all times when on the job.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith said the department fully supports the Blue Ribbon Campaign in its goal of protecting Cayman’s children from abuse. “As a department, all our functions are committed to promoting a secure and healthy social environment in which our people, especially our young citizens, can thrive,” he said as he congratulated the employees for getting on board.

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Chaos predicted by study

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(The Independent): The world will overshoot its long-term target on greenhouse gas emissions within two decades. A study has found that the average global temperature will rise above the threshold that could cause dangerous climate change during that time. Scientists have calculated that the world has already produced about a third of the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that could be emitted between 2000 and 2050 and still keep within a 2C rise in global average temperatures. At the current rate at which CO2 is emitted globally  countries will have exceeded their total limit of 1,000 billion tons within 20 years, which would be about 20 years earlier than planned under international obligations.

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Chamber holds biggest ever cleanup

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(CNS): With some 1600 people involved this year’s Chamber Earth Day Roadside & Beach Cleanup was the biggest in the events history. More volunteers, more businesses and more organisations than ever did their bit to spruce up Cayman during the 12th Annual cleanup. Thousands of bags of garbage and debris were collected from all across the Cayman Islands and placed along roadsides for collection by the Department of Environmental Health.


“It is evident that many members of the community are taking environmental issues seriously and are willing to register their crews with the Chamber to do their part in keeping Cayman clean. We had over 1,600 persons register with us for the cleanup,” said Chamber CEO Wil Pineau. “Even more encouraging this year was the participation of large youth groups such as the C.I. Cadet Corp, Generation 4 Christ Youth Group, West Bay Scout Group, Duke of Edinburgh, students from St. Ignatius Catholic School, George Town Primary School, PACE High School, and Cayman International School.”

He added that it is vital young people are engaged by environmental activities to foster a generation of environmentally conscious citizens, capable of positive action.

“However, it is disappointing that with so much focus on environmental awareness, and all of the organised environmental activities that have taken place this month, there are still so many people who choose to litter our roadways and beaches with total disregard for our Island,” lamented Pineau.

However, the 1600 plus that do care they began their mission at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday 25 April collecting garbage and debris from beaches and the roadside. Following the cleanup volunteers joined the Chamber staff at Public Beach for a free brunch which was sponsored by BritCay. Courtesy of Hew’s Supplies, food was served on plates made of sugar cane and entirely earth friendly. The organisation also supplied environmentally friendly garbage bags which were used by volunteers to collect refuse.

In partnership with the Department of Environment, the Chamber also held a Green Generation Fair at Public Beach to showcase the rapidly growing green sector that has been established on the Cayman Islands. The concept of the fair was based around the principles of encouraging individuals to commit to responsible, sustainable consumption, and of creating a low carbon, green economy.

The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the Department of Environmental Health, the Department of Environment and their valuable sponsors of event including Barclays Private Bank, BritCay, Atlas Insurance Management, C.I. Beautification Committee, C.I. Yellow Pages, Cayman National, CIBC, CUC, Dart Management, Deutsche Bank, Foster’s Food Fair, Grant Thornton, Greenlight RE, Kensington Management Group, KPMG, LIME, Mourant, Phoenix Group, RBC, Sagicor, SteppingStones, The Real Estate Company, Transocean, Walkers and Water Authority-Cayman.

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