Teens arrested following North Side burglary

| 26/05/2009

(CNS): Four teenagers have been arrested in connection with a burglary at a house on North Side Road which occurred on Wednesday, 20 May. The four youths, aged between 15 and 18, were arrested on suspicion of burglary and a large majority of the property which was taken was also recovered. Two of the suspects were arrested on the same day as the break-in and two were arrested in the following days. They have since been released on bail pending further enquiries.

“Although we have seen levels of burglary increase during the start of 2009 we are doing well in apprehending people after the crimes have taken place,” said Area Commander,Chief Inspector Richard Barrow. “This particular burglary was solved thanks to the combined efforts of the community, which provided us with crucial information, and the subsequent swift police response.”

Residents are being urged to assist in the fight against burglary by following the advice on the RCIPS website. In summary:

General Security:
• Ensure doors and windows are kept locked and secure – even if you are just popping out for a few minutes. Use window stoppers from hardware stores so even if the lock is breached, the window cannot be slid back. Do this also for sliding doors.
• Do not leave a spare key hidden under a mat or plant pot.
• Make sure keys are kept out of reach of windows and doors.
• Look out for your neighbours – if you notice something suspicious call the police.
Don’t tempt burglars:
• Keep valuable items out of view. Draw curtains or close blinds.
• Make sure gardening equipment is secure and not left lying around.
• Do not leave valuables in cars.
• Let them know you have taken precautions – if you have an alarm put the box or sticker on show and if you have a dog put up a warning sign.

Holiday security:
• If you are going away ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property and ask them to open and close curtains or put lights on to make your house look lived in.
• If you are leaving your car at the airport – ask a neighbour to park in your space occasionally.
• Ask a neighbour to collect the Sunday paper.

Security Equipment:
• Take a look around your home and imagine you are a burglar. Look for security weak points.
• Fit locks to windows and doors – if they are easily visible they may deter some thieves.
• Consider fitting an alarm or motion sensor light outside the house.
• Mark your goods with your PO Box so that if they are stolen and recovered they can be easily identified as belonging to you.
• Record all serial numbers of items in case they are stolen.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that you all are missing the point! Please don’t be so quick to condem, you dont know what being condemned is like until you are in someone elses’ shoes. What if it was your child??? How many of you have teenagers??I wonder just how many of you are single parents (mothers) who have to work long hard hours to (barely) make ends meet which often if not always results in less time spent with kids???  Does this make me an irresponsible parent who must be held totally accountable for my childs’ actions???  I think not!!!  Realistically some of us are not as fortunate as others who are rich in which case they can devote ALL OF THIER TIME TO KEEPING THIER KIDS IN LINE or hire someone to do it for them. How many of you can be accountable for your childs whereabouts OR actions 100% of the time??? Not many if any at all…because I know that I most certainly can’t.  Realistically I have to go to work as I am the main provider for my family, therefor I leave home trusting that my kids will do the right thing whether they are in school, at home on holiday or hanging with friends! Once upon a time we had a Caymanian saying "it takes a village to raise a child"  but that is no more. I think the village is divided and has forgotten what really matters"our kids!! We have to step back for a minute and take a look at the big picture, did society fail these kids too?? What can we do to help them??? Yes these kids did wrong and should be dealt with accordingly but is prison really the answer???How is prison going to beneficial to them or you? They go to prison mind u(at your expense), come out not rehabilitated and continue with the same trend that got them in there in the first place. Society will again sit back and say lock them up, then what??? Did anyone stop and think about what made these kids go wrong? Was it because the are not academically inclined and could not find a job as a young unqualified Caymanian?? Is it because life is so hard on them that this is thier way of surviving? What? We don’t know why! Lets try to find out! Please Lend a hand and save our kids TODAY.Please Unite! Suggest ways to help our kids starting with a neighbour, you never know who may be struggling to survive and one good gesture may work wonders. Please do not let our kids be discarded by the wayside like garbage! Give them a chance to right their wrongs and become good citizens of Our Cayman Islands. After all they are our future. As this took place within your district Mr. Ezzard Miller I call upon you to help our kids. I know that you are a Man of great integrity and stand for the betterment of Caymanians so I feel that there is hope for the youth.  May God Bless Our Youth and My Home is Cayman Islands.

  2. backstroke says:

    All of you are missing the point here I think that what the writer was trying to make a reference to the fact that the  bluff was high and not easily accesable to them if they try to run, jump in the ocean maybe. I laughed when I saw it, all I thought was you jump, we have  shark bait.Which wasnt too nice of me either, so lets stop the bullying.

  3. FoundAClue says:

    “Our criminals go to Northward”- where do you get off at playing the victim when no one mentioned hating Brackers? Then to follow up with not being helpful or welcoming “when” the next hurricane hits. Just know that the pendulum swings both ways and you would be just as much in need of assistance should a hurricane hit closer to your side of this little region that we’re in.  Last I checked, Caymanians (born in either Grand Cayman or Cayman Brac) carried the same passport and are essentially one in the same.  So instead of segregating and beating at each other, it would make more sense to pull together to promote our little nation, and  I say this all as a Caymanian by birth.

    Back to the subject, it’s good these guys were caught and will be brought to justice (?) … although I wouldn’t support a prison on the bluff I can see how one would suggest it, not because anyone hates Cayman Brac, but just because no one ever visits there so one would see the prison.  That was a joke, but seriously lighten up folks. Stop trying to find every reason in the world to attack

    • Anonymous says:

      Foundaclue – you haven’t been around long if you don’t know the divisions within the islands but I won’t go into that now.  There are even divisions within the districts in the islands. I won’t say what the divisions are because people will take it the wrong way.  I am just saying the truth but people don’t like to hear the truth.

      Putting the prison on the bluff is a very sore point with Brackas due to a newspaper article (April fools joke) many years ago.

      There are many homes on the Bluff including homes built by people from Grand Cayman after Ivan.

      I have a second country to go to and I utilised that for my children after the hurricane. 

      As for the children and parents being responsible.  I am a single mother and like the last poster said we can’t watch them 24/7.  I have had many problems with my children and so has other mothers as well.  It’s very difficult raising teenagers even more so for single mothers. Like the last poster said it takes a village to raise a child. That is the problem here because when I was a child, if another parent saw me doing something, they would call my guardian.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Eh? Am I missing something here???

    Are people that are born in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and
    Little Cayman not classified as`Caymanians’?? Or are they separately
    categorised as Grand Caymanian, Caymanian Bracker, and Little
    Caymanian?? Do you not see how ridiculous that sounds? My god things
    in these islands are really hitting rock bottom! Black vs. White,
    Expats vs. Locals, Jamaicans vs. Caymanians, PPM vs. UDP and
    now Caymanian vs. Brackers! We have seen it all now! We will soon
    cannibalize each other and put each other out of our miseries.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Our criminals go to Northward not on the bluff.  The crime rate is low here.  Our crime rate went up after Paloma.  Wonder why?  There aren’t any murders going on over here. Thank you Lord!  May we continue to have that.

    Sick and tired of hearing about putting a prison on the Bluff.  The bluff is pristine land that should be used for cultivation.

    We helped people after Ivan and yes you were refugees just like we were after Paloma.  Refugees are displaced people seeking refuge.  We didn’t hear anyone complaining.  You got brand new trailers and we got your leftovers.  The trailers were full of trash, broken and full of grafitti.  

    Brackers are peace loving people I’m sorry that you all hate us so much which is very sad because we always are welcoming to everyone.  Maybe we shouldn’t be so helpful and welcoming when the next hurricane hits you.


    • Anonymous says:

      In reply to our criminals go to..

      Sorry they had to make that suggestion. You’re absolutely correct, Cayman Brac is a much more beautiful island ( I’m from Grand Cayman). I’d like to point out 3 things;

      (1) Brackers commits offences in Grand Cayman

      (1) Those from Grand Cayman commits offences in CB

      They are all Caymanians.

      However, please note, that with development comes CRIME!

      and my closing remark; the broken trailers that were loaned to you, were from our “yours and mine” Government, so don’t make a generalised statement as if we personally sent those poor of an excuse temporary housing to the people in CB. I would rather tie up a hammock and sleep under a coconut tree any day, than to sleep in one of those.

      I wish you all a speedy recovery and trust that no one will insult you about building a prison on the bluff, that is ludicrous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well we know the Brackers only talk about us as a unity when they want to benefit from something. After Ivan, our women and children who went to the Brac were considered refugees. I wonder where the Brackers thinkg THEIR criminals usually end up…….

    I agree, the parents should also be held responsible for the action of their children until they have become adults under the law. Too many kids are running around, unsupervised and with no consequences to their actions and disrespect for other.

    • Anonymous says:

      Benefit? Enough Brackers are keepng the economy afloat in Cayman as it is…check it out. Further, who was so smart to highlight the Brac asa focus for the headline "Northside Burglary" Wow!!!

      • Clearviewer says:

        Here we go again, he said , she said, what is wrong with you all, I bet that as you all get together at a back yard grill, you make jokes about each  of the things here on this site,but it seems that all that christian bull crap that you all claim to have is just a farce, according to my bible, it says love your enemy, do good to those that despitefully use you, SO, now, what I see and hear on this site is a far cry from being your brothers keeper,   Yes Brackers you do not like to hear anything about your Island, so we in north side do not like it either, but we must stop the insults and move on.

        Bottom line  these young offenders need to pay for their actions  and their parents also..

  7. annonymous says:

    Can we please get a youth reformatory system in this country.  Build it on Cayman Brac bluff in the boonies and put those little buggers to some better use versus being idle.  Oh, and one last thing lets make the parents fully responsible for all their children actions good or bad until the age of adult.  I can assure you when the parents will be charged and fined along with the child their will be some serious changes in this country.  Time to get this country in some kind of order.  Or send them to a UK or US boot camp and teach them some brought-upsy!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why Cayman Brac? We don’t want your criminals.

      • Thankful says:

        YOUR criminals!!!??? see that’s what truly angers me with our brothers and sisters from the brac.  The brac is 1/3 of the Cayman Islands at least the last i checked, unless the UDP changed that too.  Not here to debate the validity of the idea or whether the bluff would be appropriate.  Just needed to address the mindset of the writer: its OUR children!!!!!