Challenge needed says Catron

| 10/06/2009

(CNS): The anticipated challenge over the qualification for election of two Bodden Town candidates will be filed today (10 June) by a collective of Bodden Town voters, including well known artist Gordon Solomon and independent election candidate Sandra Catron. Although the group was unable to comment on the details of the petition itself, Solomon confirmed that it would be made before today’s deadline. “This will not go unchallenged,” he said. Catron told CNS that the challenge was needed in order to clear up the questions surrounding these representatives and uphold the Constitution.

“If this challenge is not made, the Caymanian people will forever question this election result and its legality,” she said. Catron noted that this was not a personal issue nor was it sour grapes, and she confirmed that she would not be running if the challenge, as is anticipated, results in a by-election. The challenge concerns the potential disqualification from office of the two United Democratic Party candidates, Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland. Scotland has been appointed as Minister for Health by Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush and was returned as first elected member with more than 50% of the voter turnout.

However, both men failed to gazette the details of their business contracts with government in accordance with section 19 (1) g of the Constitution as they missed the 30 day deadline. Both candidates have insisted it was an oversight and their public contracts were already well known, so there was no intent to deceive. However, with numerous questions surrounding the consequences of this potential disqualification, neither the governor nor the attorney general (AG) has been moved to act either before or after the election. The opposition PPM members have chosen not to challenge the issue either, as they say it is should come from the AG or the governor.

Catron said that because there has been so much misinformation, misunderstanding and debate regarding the question, a legal challenge is required to push a definitive ruling on this issue once and for all. “People may criticise me and others for this but it is necessary for the Caymanian people and the Constitution, whether that is ever recognised or not,” she said. “This is a fight for right. We need to set the precedent and the people of Bodden Town deserve to know once and for all if their representatives are legal or not.”

Catron also said there were concerns that not only had Seymour and Scotland failed to comply with the requirements of the Cconstitution, they had continued to make erroneous statements that other candidates had also broken the law.

“They continue to perpetuate the lie that other candidates failed to comply. This is not true; it was a completely different issue,” Catron noted, adding that the candidates who declared their wider interest in the LA’s register of interests late fell under an entirely different law, the penalty for which is a fine. Not only is there no disqualification sanction, it is not in the Constitution. She also noted that despite comments to the contrary by Samuel Bulgin and Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez, the two had insisted that the AG and Gomez had both said they were qualified to stand.

Catron, however, said that above all she was really disappointed that those with the real responsibility had abdicated that and forced regular people who can ill afford this to question the legality of the representatives. “People cannot decide on a whim about what is legal and what is not,” she added.

When contacted by CNS, other candidates that had taken part in the General Election in Bodden Town agreed that the challenge was needed. Gilbert McLean, who said it was very unlikely that he would stand in any by-election that may come as a result of the challenge, still said it was important. “I am glad that this is going forward. Even if the two candidates are returned with 10 times the vote, we need to allow the law to take its course,” said Gilbert, noting that it is right to uphold the Constitution.

Osbourne Bodden, the PPM candidate who came in fourth — a few votes behind Seymour, said that it was still early days to make a decision about whether he would contest any by-election or not, but he felt the principle is what’s important and that the Constitution should be upheld by one and all. Although the PPM candidates and the wider party have been criticised for not challenging the qualification, former Tourism Minister Charles Clifford said it was not for them or for voters to uphold the constitution, but the governor.

“It is unfortunate that Governor Jack had once again exercised very poor judgement and allowed this matter to get to this point. He has failed in his primary responsibilities as the guardian of the Cayman Islands Constitution and ensuring good governance,” he said. “The governor’s claim that this was a matter for the attorney general and not for him is illogical and reckless. It is clear from the governor’s public statements that he was aware of the possibility that Messers Scotland and Seymour were both disqualified from holding office as MLAs by virtue of their own admissions.”

Clifford noted that it was the governor’s responsibility to ensure that the AG dealt with the issue before it got to the point where potentially it could cost the taxpayer money. He also added that he had not made a decision on whether he would make a second bid to regain his seat if the challenge resulted in a by-election.

It is understood that Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland will stand again if there is a by-election and it is ruled that they are qualified to contest the seat. Scotland told CNS that he and his colleague are prepared for the challenge and have the necessary legal support in place. He believes once it is over he will be back at his new desk in the ministry. He said that they never were disqualified and as far as he is concerned the issue was a "minor technical thing".

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The documents are filed. Thank you Jesus!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let’s remember that this is not just Sandra and Gordon. There are numerous people on the court documents.

    Are we prepared to question the motives of all these good people?

  3. Thomas says:

    Here we go again……to challenge or not to challenge. Sandra, Gordon, anybody! If your
    going to challenge this then please do so we can all get on with life! This back and
    forth is really pointless and weary so let’s get on with it! Everyone knows that what
    happened is wrong and what needs to be done to make it right – so I don’t understand
    why there is still all this debate. Challenge this already!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The motive of the person’s challenging it is irrelevant and I could care less why they are doing it – just do it.

  5. Lady Justice says:

    My point was why would you even assume that there was some negative motive behind this? Hence my question if you were God; because he’s the only one that would know a person’s motive.

    There’s a saying that no good deed goes unpunished and I get that’s correct. Here we have a situation where 2 persons have not abided by the constitution yet we are so quick to allow this situation to go unrectified. How can that be? What was there motive for not filing by the deadline? I do not believe that it was "opps … I simply forgot". Why are you not questioning motive there?

    I can assure you that money spent protecting our constitutuion is not money wasted but indeed well spent.

    If we were so concerned about "starving people" you would be asking the UDP government why are they retiring long standing civil servants and having to pay them $1M PLUS for early retirement – that’s a waste of good money simply because UDP ministers do not want to work with certain people.

    If we were so concerned about "starving people" you would be asking the UDP government why they have just booked a trip with a massive entourage of persons to Miami, DC and Paris.

    If we were so concerned about "starving people" you would be asking the UDP government why did they just have a social in Newlands after spending all that money on the campaign – give that to the "starving people".

    If we were so concerned about "starving people" you would be asking the UDP government why did they give away so much topsoil during the election instead of food for the "starving people".

    It is obvious to me my friend that you are a one-sided person not capable of being objective. Unfortunately, your argument makes no sense at all. The UDP told the people many lies. Here are a few:

    1. We did nothing wrong and the AG and Governor and elections office agree
    2. This cannot be challenged untili after the election
    3. This will cost too much money to challenge so please don’t challenge this now
    4. We can’t afford a by-election – but in other news we want a by-election to get more seats for our other UDP buddies that we promised ministerial positions to

    Motives? My point again is you are not GOD – all knowing – and therefore will never know anyone motives.

    Instead of making ASSumptions you should be supporting anyone who decides to stand up and support the constitution and rule of law.

    However, everyone knows that the voices here are few but the majority actually agree that something should be done.

    Thank God that the people who are doing this will not be affected by your MOTIVES … questioning their motives … LOL … and will continue the good fight.

    The UDP has already indicated to us that the end justifies the means and to hell with motives – so let’s hold that standard to everyone as well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I take the point that if you ignore the constitution then what? Maybe you might ignore all the laws if you could get away with it.

    Who’s to say!

  7. Lady Justice says:

    Dear My dear firend thank you for your reply,

    Are you God? If not how are you to speak of anyone’s motive?

    I do not see how anyone will gain from this. Let me say this much to you. I heard Sandra Catron on the radio a few days after the election and she stated that she would leave the challenge up to someone else. In fact I recalled her saying that she was quite frankly tired of trying to stand up for the Caymanian people when they themselves seem ill equipped to stand up.

    She admitted that she had nothing to gain by taking on this challenge and everything to lose because naturally the UDP and their croonies woudl be coming after her and calling her a troublemaker. Is that the kind of name you are talking about? That’s what you think people want for themselves?

    I was very saddened by her comments; but I realize she was just disappointed and probably worn down. I have never heard such sadness in her voice before. However, since the AG, Governor and the PPM did absolutely nothing to stand up for what is right then what are people to do?

    I guess Sandra found her old self back – she’s a fighter. I can tell you that much about her and more often than not she’s fighting for the greater good – for the people of Cayman – and not herself.

    Instead of you people seeing this as the selfless act that it is you are seeking to tarnish people. Let me assure you – you are NOT GOD and you are therefore NOT CAPABLE of speaking of someone’s motives.

    On another hand, people do the right thing for the wrong reasons all the time. The bottom line is they did the right thing.

    Tell me how far will you people go to dissuade people from mounting this challenge? It’s a bit ridiculous now if you ask me. Trying to get into someone’s minds?

    It’s not your money and it’s NOT the government’s money so don’t worry about that part of it. The government has already said they want to waste money on a by-election by expediting the consitutuion anyway – so where’s the problem now?


    • Anonymous says:

      Lady Justice,


      Thank you for your response.  You can sleep well tonight.  never have I insinuated about me being higher than anyone else, much less being GOD.  That is an irrational comment and justifies me calling you an angry person.

      Me being GOD.  Are you crazy?

      My statement about motivation was simply…why?  Does someone have a name to make.  Are they angry at someone and wants to "show"them?  That’s it.  The reason I am asking about motivation dear friend was simply because, I was thinking on the same line-then i bounced on me-that was probably God- why? Because something has irritated me? because I want to show them? Will this help my people or even being selfish me?  I think not.  I can see no good coming out of this.  Plain and simple.

      The rest of your argument is your God given right, reminder I didn’t give you this right.  I do have to tolerate irrate and irrational people like yourself.  And you have to tolerate people like me who has more than one idea to ponder and is crazy since I think I am God.



    • Anon says:

      To my dear friend…

      Your statements are not far fetched truth, at least in part.  i too have questioned the motives.  The variances could be so vast.  I do beleive that the money could be spent elsewhere to accommodate those who are hurting during this time.  Disrupting the government would have nothing for the greater good.   One piece of advice, I am not sure if you are caymanian, though you write like one, forget about it.  People’s egos seem to run things…get used to it.  There will probably be a by-election and more people will starve.  Close to 100mil in debt isn’t good enough for us.  Let’s aim for 200mil in debt.

      To Justice lady,

      What? …God?… Where did you see anyhting like that?    Temper, temper. 



  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear If the MAJORITY votes for something that I see as immoral, then guess what?

    You seem to be missing the point. This is not a question of something being immoral – it’s a question ofsomething being illegal and clearly against the constitution. This is not a moral law that has no basis which you can agree with or not. In fact, in most jurisdications the good people of the country would NOT have to foot the bill for constitutional matters out of their own pocket. It is seen as such a serious breech that there would be non-profits and NGO’s waiting to assist with the costs of litigation.

    It simply goes to show that we, as Caymanians, are simply not ready for true government/political maturity. Someone has to stand up for what is right irrespective of public opinion or the cost of doing so.

    Public opinion alone does not make something legal or right. Remember when public opinion stated that the world was flat? Everyone who stated it was not was thought to be crazy. Well, guess who the crazy ones would be now?

    Also, one has to consider that this is a slippery slope. The UDP starts with this – no one challenges it – do you know where they will end up? In other words, how far will they go when good people stand by and do nothing because they are afraid or don’t want to be seen as troublemakers etc.

    To me this is not a moral question; it’s a legal one and the law should apply to all equally.

    Now, those of you who have mentioned the other members of the LA who have not declared their interests under the interest law – the persons who are in charge of seeing that justice is done there are the other members of the Legislative Assembly. Please tell them to go ahead and do their job that we the people of the Cayman Islands have elected them to do. It’s simply a fine; but again – the law applies to all and no one should be exempt.

    • Olivaire Watler says:

      "Now, those of you who have mentioned the other members of the LA who have not declared their interests under the interest law – the persons who are in charge of seeing that justice is done there are the other members of the Legislative Assembly. Please tell them to go ahead and do their job that we the people of the Cayman Islands have elected them to do. It’s simply a fine; but again – the law applies to all and no one should be exempt".

      This is a non-issue and the UDP has tried to conflate this with their breach of the Constitution in order to confuse the public. 

      Let me explain. It is correct that some PPM MLAs failed to declare their interests by the specified deadline. However, they did so some 4 weeks later. Under the Register of Interests there is a three-month grace period before any enforcement proceedings can commence. The candidates who were in default have complied with the requirement within that grace period and so no question of penalty (fine or otherwise) arises. Even in the event that the candidates had continued to be in default and enforcement proceedings in the House Committee had ensued the most severe penalty is temporary suspension from the House. At no point does disqualification as an MLA arise. In other words, this is an non-issue.     


    • Anonymous says:

      My dear firend thank you for your reply.  I was making mention to an earlier statement, where one made mention to the majority saying yea to murder.  I in fact was making reference that the two are apples and oranges. 

      My problem with this thing is plain and simple…MOTIVE!  What is the motive.  I beleive that each individual should, no must, evaluate their feelings, their motives as to why or why not a challenge should be made.

      Ego obviously plays a big part in this.  Some people want to make a name for themselves, or may want to say that they were in fact a part of this challenge.  To me I say big deal.  It really doesn’t matter.  While I agree that there was a breach, I also see that efforts were made and obviously accepted to ammend and remedy the issue-in short order even.  BT voters are a testament to this.  These gentlemen made victory sound not by an illegal or immoral or uncivialized manner, but rather by living democracy.

      Now in saying this, me being Caymanian, would get up and leave in a flash should the majority vote or impose something that I consider immoral or unrighteous.  But as for this I don’t see a big issue.  Bear this in mind, I did not even vote for these individuals, but they wone nonetheless. 

      I beleive that as this time,when we are in such a mess, that we should hinder progress.  Pursuing such a challenge would send grey signals to an already grey reputation. 

      For the greater good and for all involved, the rich and the no so rich-let it be.  Put the selfishness aside and put on the SELFLESSNESS garment.


      Just my opinion.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If the MAJORITY votes for something that I see as immoral, then guess what?  I pack my bags and go.  Plain and simple.  How can you relate murder to this?  Apples and oranges I beleive is the relation.

    Look, I voted for an individual that was not elected.  I voted NO for the new constitution.  Things don’t happen the way I’d like it to go all the time.  There are times however to stand up for what’s right.  But this breach was quickly remedied wasn’t it? Under the current fiscal circumstance it ( the challenge) does not warrant the waste in money and the  few making names for themselves.  While some may become famous, others starve.  The government has hid the ground running.  Trying to pull us out of this S*** that the PPM left us in with their extraordinary and elaborate spending.

    Why would I want to be a part of my country failing and my people starving longer because of some constitutional breach that the AG, Governer and NO Lawyer want to touch.  Don’t you think that they see financial and possible civil trouble in doing that? Hindering a country from operating, especially now when we hurting so badly is just plain stupid. 

    Solomon is much too smart to get involved with this.  A religious man and artist, has a bit of philosophical  mind and life, could serve much better in being involved with helping the needy.

    As for Sandra, I am not sure what to think.  Brilliant lady, with so much energy.  Just wish she would spend it on something more worthy.



  10. Lady Justice says:

    When have you ever gotten hot air from Sandra? One thing we must give her – she has a lot of balls and will do stuff do one else will.

    Be patient people … I’m sure it’s coming!

  11. Curious says:

    Well its 4:00pm any challenge yet????


    What a kill joy

  12. Lady Justice says:

    We, the people, whether the majority or not – DO NOT GET TO DECIDE TO DO AWAY WITH THE CONSTITUTION AT WILL.

    Why is it that people seem to believe that they can simply ignore constitutional requirements simply because "the majority" felt like doing so?

    What if tomorrow the majority decided that murder was ok – are we all happy with that? What if the majority decided not to adhere to the seat belt law – are we all ok with that. What if the majority said let Estella’s accused murderers go – are we all ok with that?

    We need this matter to be settled. It sets a very dangerous precedent by the UDP to think that they can discard the laws of this country whenever they feel like it and because they are able to fool most of the people most of the time that it then becomes A-OK. That’s not right and no one should stand by and allow this to happen.

    Challenge it and don’t stop until a court makes this right. If the majority puts them back then so be it. But at least the constitution will be upheld and going forward none law abiding people like Dwayne and Mark will know there are consequences to their behavior.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Was a challenge filed on June 10th as stated in the article or anytime since?? Someone please advise. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      This article should have been posted on April 1st (tom fools day) because no challenge was filed – this is a PR stunt by too bored residents of Bodden Town.

      • Anonymous says:

        we will soon see how much of a stunt it is……. got news for you!!

        • Anonymous says:


          "we will soon see how much of a stunt it is……. got news for you!!"

          I sure hope it isn’t more hot air from these two jokers.

  14. Da real deal says:

    Sounds like some folks got their truck load of soil for their yard or did they do the other option of straight CASH$$$$$$$$$$$ A nother dolla bill B?Town No hope !

  15. Anonymous says:

    Twyla M Vargas, four years from now is not too far.  I hope and pray that I’ll be around to hear what you and so many others will be saying then.

    West Bayer

  16. Anonymous says:

    To the writer of "Shame on you BT Voters" Try so speak for yourself and look at the numbers in West Bay. The were, as they always have been a definitive YES to the leadership of the Honourable Mckeeva Bush! No amount of Independents in West Bay can change that. West Bayers are smart people and trust me if they wanted different representation they would have voted for it!! When WE are ready for different leadership we will will vote for it!. Until then, accept that we love BIG MAC and will continue to support him!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I never voted for Big Mac or his team. You love him but not me. LOL

      West Bayer

    • Anonymous says:

      "West Bayers are smart people and trust me if they wanted different representation they would have voted for it!!"

      West Bayers vote for McKeeva and his tag-alongs for the handouts they receive plain and simple. The country can be going to hell and they don’t care. You were completely out of sync in 2005 with the rest of the country.  

      • Anonymous says:

        West Bayers are smart people, which half or quarter of them.  Handouts is all it takes to put them goons in and you know it. You got yours, RIGHT.    

  17. Anonymous says:

    Those of you who nuh from BT need hush una mouth…

    And yes we Bodden Towners know what happened with Mr. Scotland and Mr. Seymour.. OK OK! They did not go out and kill someone, they just simply missed the deadline to hand in the required documents, like OK!.. Like most of us don’t happen to miss deadlines too… Don’t you make mistakes too!!!!! HELLO!!!! Like stop being ridiculous… OK!

    Bodden Towners still voted for Mr. Scotland and Mr. Seymour, even though we knew about the issue, cause honestly, yea it might be against the elections law,, but it’s not a life and death situation and we forgive them. We wanted a better people in government to represent us, so we VOTED STRAIGHT!

    Hate it or love it ok! GET OVER IT! The people have Bodden Town have spoken, and the majority voted for Mr. Scotland, Mr. Eden and Mr. Seymour. NOW HUSH, and worry about the more important things are islands needs to recover from! GEEZEEEEEE


  18. Anonymous says:

    SHAME on you the Bodden Town voters who think that we should just sit back and watched our Constitution been disrespected.  BTers, if you love our country, these Cayman Islands so much you should stand for what is right.

    We tried to get Big Mac and his crew out of West Bay but they were too many independent candidates down here.

    So we have a lot of West Bayers who is very up-set with the outcome too.


  19. Anonymous says:

    If this matter gets to court, I am curious to see how the AG will wiggle himself out of having to make a decision this time. Sad thing is that even with a filing going in on time and per the requirements, we obviously don’t have anyone on this Island who is capable, has the balls or the authority to make a decision on how to proceed with this matter. Then what?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Theresa P will work with UDP. That has become very clear after the election. She claims the only ones who spoke ill of her were PPM. Go figure – we suspected that all along.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:

      Theresa P. Will work with UDP


      If Theresa one day is Blessed by geting a seat in the Assembly< I am very positive she will vote for what is right for Cayman, no matter  which side she has to vote on.   So if it happens that UDP is singing the Tune Beloved Isle Cayman she will stand up.  And You know why? because that tune is OURS. 

      As a voter,  stick a pin,  would,nt  you want persons who can fit the character of Theresa Pitcarin Lewis.  Would,nt you want someone who is "Caring, Capeableand Committed,"  or do you prefer a herd of donkeys in the assembly breying on top each other.  It is all about what is best for Cayman Islands not about who you like. 

      That is why we stepped into cowshit before.  Making statements like "I am going to vote for him because he gave me $5,000. dollars.  Then  what I am under threat ,threat, threat, for the next four years because I was paid.   CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP .   or  TWEET, TWEET, TWEET. whatever., 
      I am very happy Theresa Pitcarin Lewis did not have to purchase one vote, and she had many, just because she was "Caring, Capeable and Committeded."    If Theresa Pitcarin had gotten a seat in the assembly Bodden Town could have been proud of a well educated, caring committed and dedicated MLA. and I am quite sure She, Mark Scotland and Dwayne would have made a difference  From Savannah straight up to FrankSound road.   They are young, energetic, fresh minds and hard workers.   Say what you may, but think about it in a good way.  Theresa would have made a difference.   Leave the UDP and PPM thoughts out, because, believe me as far as I can see there is only Government Bench and Back  bench, so if you have an option,  make it "Caring, Capeable and Committed"  And it is not over till the fat lady sings.    Walk good.   

    • Anonymous says:

      "Theresa P will work with UDP. That has become very clear after the election. She claims the only ones who spoke ill of her were PPM. Go figure – we suspected that all along".

      After all she was endorsed by McKeeva. No one should have had any illusions.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mark and Dwayne were not legally elected, so please file the required docs and get this ball moving forward for a better way forward of our Cayman Islands.

    West Bayer

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dear Much Ado,

    Keep your eyes open unless you will miss justice being done!!

  23. Toot Toot says:

    Much ado about nothing.

    Those that say they’re going to protest the missing of a deadline by candidates filing for office are about to miss the deadline for filing their protest.

    All talk.  No action.

    It’s much more fun to sit by the Marl Road and blather than to get up and "walk down the road of what should be done".


  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for wanting to protect the constitution when no one else would. Bodden Town voters should be ashamed of themselves.

  25. VOTE STRAIGHT says:

    Listen up people. This challenge is not a challenge under the Elections Law and therefore the 21 day rule does not apply. It is a constitutional challenge and the constitution is silent on the issue to a deadline to challenge so it could technically be challenged 3 yrs and 11 months from now.

    Now having said that, listen for the filing on the challenge on Friday !!!

    The people of Bodden Town have not spoken loudly and clearly as some have suggested. In an electorate with 3,481 voters Chuckie and Ossie came within 90 votes of retaining their seats. They will win this time.

    By Election cometh. MS and JJ will be eligible to run but will lose this time as the dynamics of the race will be quite different.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Listen up people. This challenge is not a challenge under the Elections Law and therefore the 21 day rule does not apply. It is a constitutional challenge and the constitution is silent on the issue to a deadline to challenge so it could technically be challenged 3 yrs and 11 months from now.

      Now having said that, listen for the filing on the challenge on Friday !!!"

      I am afraidyou have that wrong. An application to the court under section 23 of the Constitution (based on an allegation of disqualification under section 19) is brought by means of an Election Petition under the section 83 of the Elections Law for "undue election of a member of the Legislative Assembly".  Accordingly, the 21 day period does apply.  As to when this commences and expires as I recall one must refer to the Interpretation Law which states that the period does not begin to run until the day after the event. The period would therefore expire tomorrow.     

      • Anonymous says:

        One more day.

        Let us see if this promised challance comes to fruitition. Without a challange there is no grounds for disqualification, therefore if no challange is made at the eleventh hour we all need to get over it as the two members will be in for the next 4 tears.

        I do not see wyh it would cost so much to challange as the members are on record as saying that they did indeed miss the deadline so the case should be straightforward.

        If no challange is made within the time limit I hope this is the last time I have to hear about it as anyone who feels that strongly about it should do their constitutional duty and file the challange or shut up.

        Hoping that some eligable Bodden Town voter has the fortitude of their convictions and indeed does file the challange so that this can be cleared up whatever the result is. 

        • Anonymous says:

          There is NO time limit on a constitutional challenge, only on a elections law challenge.

      • A BT Voter who loves his laws says:

        Everyone is a professional now!!

        And I now wonder why lawyers make so much money since everyone has a law degree here.

        Let’s see tomorrow what happens okay. I won’t argue the why’s how’s what’s or when’s with any of these part time lawyers. Tomorrow will show the truth about how this whole process works.

        It will be challenged and the time is not expired. All I have to say.

        • Anonymous says:

          It was probably a PPM lawyer that told them they still have time to challenge.

  26. Anonymous says:

    To all those who think we should save the government money and not challenge this.  Mark and Dwayne should have been the ones concerned with saving money and stepped down especially if they were so confident that they would win the seats back.

    And to the UDP supporters that are on here stating that the electorate fully knew that they were disqualified and still voted for them.  I would be careful how you say that on here.  From what I understand part of the challenge would include looking at what the voters knew before they went to the polls.  If they look on here, it could be clear that BT voters know they were diqualified and simply throw the votes for Mark and John out.  You don’t know which way the case would go so I would be careful not to give the case any ammunition against you.

    As for where would these guys get $400k.  We pay legal aid for non-Caymanians often found guilty.  I would hope that we could get some legal aid to defend our constitution!!

  27. Anonymous says:


    How can Sandra fix the economy? We have put the UDP government in charge of the country so that is their job to fix those issues.

    The UDP claimed this could not be challenged until after the election. So now it’s after the election. Let’s challenge it and keep the constitution and rule of law alive. I support this 150%.

    The money can and will be raised. I’m sure neither of these persons have that kind of money so please donate whatever you can once the account information becomes available.

    Cayman I’m tired of people standing on the sidelines and when someone like Sandra Catron decides to stand up on an issue we want to crucify her. I wish that most Caymanians had the kind of backbone, intelligence and hardwork ethic that she does. We would be so much farther ahead than we are now.

    Stop hating – let the matter be taken to court and the court decide what the outcome will be. The constitution gives the people the legal right to challenge this in a court of law and I fully advocate this happening.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Wed, 06/10/2009 – 20:53.

      I really beleive that anyone, no everyone has the responsibility of securing the country-financially.

      Instead of Sandra and Solomon, and any other person putting money into this demeaning event, we all ought to support the wishes of the MAJORITY.  If you really want to spend money, I will send you my bank account.  You can gurantee that I will spend it ALL locally.  And that my dear friend is one way Sandra can help, instead of hurt, the economy.

      Don’t take this ALL wrong, but I wish more often than not that I wasn’t Caymanian.  Then again, sometimes I wish I wasn’t human.  What a mess we are LOL!

  28. Anonymous says:

    IF Sandra & Co. are able to pull this off this will certainly confirm that a bunch of ninkumpoops the PPM really are. Sad eh?

    They have several BRIGHT legal minds on their team and no one does anything?

  29. Anonymous says:

    It is so amusing to watch so many of these posters.

    All biases put aside for either party/individual- it was unconstitutional. A blatant disregard for the law of the land. So when the people who voted these individuals in want to start crying ‘foul’ or flame those who ‘break the law’- they might as well stay silent. They themselves, while blood might not have been drawn and nor have the law come banging on their doors, they have partaken in something that is illegal and have shown a lack of respect for the law of the country they ‘love’ so much.

    A government is only as good as the people who chose them.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it 21 days AFTER the election? Meaning that the 21 days began on the day AFTER the election day…so tommorrow would actually be the deadline?

  31. Time is not up!! says:

    There was no challenge filed;

    so all PPM players and Gordon & Sandra please exit stage left – now! 



    Time is not up wait and see

  32. Anonymous says:

    Soon come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    If Mark and Dwayne had done the right thing there would be no money wasted; so if there is a by-election and you are looking for someone to blame – then blame them – they brought this on themselves – no one else.

  34. Anonymous says:

    You are such a fool. Today is not the deadline. Jokers! The challenge will be filed. You people are not so bright – but all the better. It’s gonna be a shocker – do they think that someone as smart as Sandra is going to play into the obvious? Think again people – we do have some smart people inna Cayman!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Bank information will be forthcoming soon so that you can make a contribution to the case.

  36. Anonymous says:

    You know what really amazes me?  That these same people who claim they really care two pennies about the financial status of the islands would be willing to shake up the Government (like Cayman has not been embarrassed enough by all the other Police and Judicial saga that has been playing for the past few years) for their own personal gain.  Shame on you. 

    The people of BT spoke loud and clear.  No doubts.  No close calls or recounts. 

    Another question is why now? Did you not think that Mark and Dwayne would be voted in.  Since thery were-you have plan B?

    Grown up.  get over it.  Concentrate on the hell the islands are expiriencing and stop creating more hell fire for us to walk through.

    They remind me so much of the egocentric administrator that ruined a prominent US HC facility.  Complained, complained, did nothing and complained about others doing nothing.  The only time anything got done was when "she was to make history", when she wanted t o"take a stand when no one else did"or when her ego was so big that "history will remember me".  BS!

    One of my favorite quotes is;

    "Any fool can complain…and most fools do"

    Work on fixing the bigger issues like crime and the financial draught!




    If Dwayne and Mark was to ever stepped down, I personally feel that they should put Theresa Lewis in Boddent Town and give her a seat, also Sandra Cantron!  These two canidates deserve a second chance, plus they are more educated and will be great leaders! 

  38. Clearviewer says:

    These posters  are  sure pro PPm. Now UDP, where is your B****. For Gods sake Bodden Town dont put Chuckie the clown back in, and Ossie who? do better guys. any one else I dare say.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sandra, Gordon and the rest need to get over it!

    The voters of BT chose their representatives on May 20, 2009 knowing that DW and MS had missed a deadline. If they are able to run again in a by-election, I am almost certain the results will be the same, and the only thing that would be accomplished is a waste of funds; something everyone better be holding on to at that stage.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Sandra, Gordon and the rest- It would appear that you don’t understand what has happened here let me put it to you in layman terms:- The Constitution was breached and no one challenged it, we have now opened the door for any persons running for future elections who chooses to breach a certain part of the constitution he/she now has the right to do it, because all they need to do is remind us of the 2009 Election.

      Bodden Towners think about this we now have another first to go down in the history books along side of "The First Capital; The First National Hero and so on.

      Just alittle something to think about.

  40. Anonymous says:

    i think that whether or not there will be a by-election depends on if the court decides voters were properly aware of mark and dwayne’s disqualification. if the court feels that voters were reasonably informed that mark and dwayne were not qualified (and therefor could not be legitimately elected), they would probably rule along the "thrown-away votes" path. if the court feels there was enough confusion to the average voter, they might call for a by-election without dwayne and mark on the ballot to allow BT voters to make a new, "informed" decision

    • Anonymous says:

      Who is paying?

      Is Sandra Catron & Gordon Solomon really finding the $400,000 rumored to be needed to fund such a case?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok. Let’s stop tearing each other apart-and worse, blaming foreigners (Governor,AG) for not sorting out OUR-repeat- OUR problem caused by the fact that the BT voters, knowing perfectly well about this so called constitutional blunder, still went ahead and voted Mark and Dwayne in.

      Bring on the by-election if necessary-money’s no object apparently as our economy goes down the toilet-we the voters of BT will put them back with an even bigger vote, just to say "Da wha yuh get".

  41. Anonymous says:

    What is it we called people without regard for the Law? (let me think ….)

    oh …. PIRATES !!

    Why them is the UDP so quick to do away with Pirates Week?

  42. Anti Banana says:


    What can we do to help?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mark and Dwayne were not legally elected. Their names ahould have been removed from the ballot. Therefore the two next highest scorers should aytomatically get their seats. There is no reason for a By-election. They were not qualified to run, their names should not have appeared on the ballot paper therefore we should just erase their names and the number of votes they gathered and automatically return the two highest scorers. SIMPLE!

      • Anonymous says:

        "Mark and Dwayne were not legally elected……."

        You are forgetting ONE very important issue. the Bodden Towners didn’t want Ossie and Chuckie in that’s why they voted them out. I have spoken to a lot of Bodden Towners and they said if a by-election was called they would rather vote for Vincent and Justin before they put those two bozos in. So you’re now saying that the same constitution which is here to protect the people should now be disregarded and the people have no say in who represents them…that is what you are suggesting by sying the next two with the most votes should replace them.


  43. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    CNS please confirm if the two BT candidate being challenged can run again?  I would be nice for someone go give the possible outcome of this challenge.

    Two importanat questions:

    1.  Could the nextt two higher voted candidates get the seats in BT if MS and DS are disqualified?

    2.  Can DS and MS be able to run again in a by-election?

    3.  Can MS still be a minister while this is being challenged?

    4.  If the other two PPM candidates got in with the by-election could Ezzard be the desiding factor as to who would run government?  For example if he sided with PPM would they be back in leadership of our country?


    • Anonymous says:

      Wishful thinking if you think PPM will be back in power if Ossie and Chuckie got back in. As you would remember Ezzard had already decided when he declared his bid in the election that he would be supporting the UDP. That didn’t just happen at the swearing in. do you think Ezzard would be so stupid as to allow PPM to wreck these islands anymore than they have?

  44. ladyjules says:

     It’s outrageous that this fiasco has run its course to the final countdown but at least it is FINALLY being contested and I think by the right people in the right way.

    We can only hope now that IF there is a by-election, the guilty individuals won’t be allowed to run — considering the by-election would only be called in this case on the ruling that Scott & Seymour were in fact in breach of the law.  (notwithstanding the issue of the additional seats)

    Good luck Cayman!

  45. Anonymous says:

    A minor technical thing – this irritating thing called the Constitution! 

  46. Anonymous says:

    Where do we send financial contributions to help pay for the protection of our Constitution?

    • Anonymous says:

      You had better keep your financial contribution to pay your "BIG" CUC bill when you get it!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      "Where do we Send financial Contribution"


      You want to know where to send your financial contribution? send to the following address:


      Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd

      457 North Sound road, P. O. Box 38

      Grand Cayman   KY1-1101




      • Anonymous says:

        I posted an earlier post…to save financial contribution for CUC bill!!

        At least there is someone else out there thinking on the same lines as me!!

        They have short memories, and this will not open their eyes and they will go along with all that is going on!!


      • Anonymous says:

        There was no challenge filed;

        so all PPM players and Gordon & Sandra please exit stage left – now!

      • Anonymous says:

        Can we for a moment put aside all this political crap??!!

        Look both sides are messin with us!!! Are you so naive to think they are not?? Do you want to be led like sheep or can you actually send a signal between two of your brain cells?

        PPM would have you believe that this has nothing to do with Politics and that it is completely about the law. UDP on the other hand realises they messed up and would have you believe that the law was not broken and that it is not important. BUT IT IS!!!

        People none of these politicians are perfect and that runs both sides of the border. Big Mac has his antics but sometimes his antics can save us. I for one remember right after Ivan if it wasn’t for his MOVING mountains we would still probably not be recovered today.

        The one thing PPM has going for them is that while they have made mistakes (and some are monumental) there wasn’t a general scandal behind it where it seems like money was being taken. They just make mistakes!! If you all sit back and think about recent times about the various fiascos we have had you will see that UDP has had uuummm a fair share of them. Again. It’s their weakness and again PPM makes mistakes, neither side is perfect. That is just facts.

        If you look at both records you will find that neither is perfect.

        Back to the issue….

        A law was broken. I could care less which party it was. I for one wanted 7 UDP 7 PPM and 1 Independent so they would HAVE to find neutral ground on things and no party would railroad something down our throats without the other party slapping them upside the head.

        So a law was broken. It was done innocently (I believe) but it was broken. You can not undo it by asking for a do over. Life is not like that and fundamentally I think you all know this also. Probably both sides are making mistakes in filings. I can not speak for the others at this point. What I do know is that if we do not respect this law we have much worse problems in front of us. And I say this not relating to either party in house. I say this in general.

        What we are doing now in laws is setting situations up years maybe a few decades from now. Keep in mind right now how we are sitting back quoting the Jim Bodden situation in 1972 (37 years ago). One day who knows in 2035 or 2055 someone will be quoting what is happening today and the stakes could be so much higher. What we do today sets a precidence for what people will consider to do then.

        People what I would ask you to do is to screw your head on straight. Put aside Party Politics and stop allowing Parties to push you around as if you were little children. You are all grown adults who have been raised to respect the law or face the consequences. Lets let the legal system do it’s job.

        What ever happens happens but the law must be looked into. I mean what is the worse that could happen for UDP? 7 UDP 7 PPM and Ezzard who already says he will support UDP anyhow. What is the best that PPM will get 7 backbench seats. Woo hooo.

        Come on people let’s drop the anger and hatred to our fellow BTers and understand that there are much bigger issues at stake here.

  47. self-flagilator says:

    Why in the world would these two be allowed to run in a by-election? This is crazy. If they are disqualified then they are disqualified. If they can run again, what’s the point of a by-election?


  48. Anonymous says:

    PPM will be back again for BT!  No way will the people back in when they don’t respect the law of the land!

  49. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    This is quite interesting as I would say BT should vote for the better people to run the country.  Now I am not so sure that MS and DS will get back in as a month has not passed and there is so much controversy going on with the UDP representatives.  Wish you luck BT and do what is best for our country!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I am afraid that you misunderstand the matter. PPM MLA Anthony’ Eden’s seat is not at stake since he is validly elected. Accordingly, there is no question of him being removed in a by-election. If Theresa does run in a by-election based on the challenge it would be against the incumbent UDP candidates.

    We all have different opionions and i am sorry that you feel  that way.  But the fact still remains that the people of Bodden Town is in denial.  The PPM lost and this is all a fued  " A man can only take a beaten and take no more".  If it was Ossie or Chuck that had won and had done the same thing would any of you be protesting this?  I think not.  As from what i can see is that you are all jealous.  What has Anthony Eden ever did? What has Chuck or even Ossie ever done?  I see that some of these things that people are saying that Chuck as done  was not from him but other people in the Tourism industry "People like Hernandaz" he was only a front.  Every body else made money now let a poor man try.  We need to stop putting our ego first and look at the distress the Cayman Islands is in.

    If the govenor did not want to protest this and still swore them in then sit your BUTTS down and let the new government do what they have to do.  If this contunue we talk about not having money it will cost money to start  this. 

    Then instead of saving our dinner for lunch we will not have any dinner or lunch at ALL. GROW UP 






    • Anonymous says:

      "We all have different opionions and i am sorry that you feel  that way.  But the fact still remains that the people of BoddenTown is in denial.  The PPM lost and this is all a fued  " A man can only take a beaten and take no more".  If it was Ossie or Chuck that had won and had done the same thing would any of you be protesting this?  I think not". 

      I am not sure what "opinion" you are referring to. The portion of my post that you quoted is not a personal opinion and has nothing to do with my feelings. I was simply explaining to you what a by-election would mean as a matter of law. Literally anyone with an understanding of  constitutional matters will tell you that that is correct.

      If Ossie and Chuckie had won and had been disqualified there is no doubt at all that the UDP would have already made a challenge. 

      You are taking a constitutional matter very personally.   

  51. Anonymous says:

    "the two had insisted that the AG and Gomez had both said they were qualified to stand."

    And so they were when nominated.  However, once they failed to meet the subsequent deadline, they were no longer eligible to be elected!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again, Stirring the sour grapes of the PPM Party!

    I just don’t get it why this sore losers of the PPM regime and Sandra Catron can’t get it hrough their thick skulls that the majority of the people don’t want them.

    We are now going to waste, "in true PPM style" with Sandra as the mouthpiece, hundreds of thousands of dollars so that the PPM can prove a point. I say get over it, take your loss like good men and women, and move on. Our country can ill-afford any more of this divison amonst our people and don’t give me the crap that it is about the Constitution. If Sandra had won one of those seats, we would not have heard a peep out of her.

    This is same reason people, including Sandra( who is now jumping on their bandwagon because it suits her,") left the PPM in droves. Stop the strife, hatred and division!!

    The PPM was rejected by the majority of the people.  That is fact. PPM it is time for you to lick your chops and move on. Continuing in this manner will only drive more and more people away from your party and from the looks of things you need all you can get right now.


    • Makam says:

      In reply to "Here we go again, Stirring"

      As time has progressed I begin to understand (please note I do not condone) the actions of the two PPM candidates.

      Every response to the challange to the UDP candidates has been of a political nature. Every UDP supporter has blamed the controversy on the so called "sour grapes" of the people they call the losers. The remark that Mr. Scotland and his fellow UDP memmber were voted in by the majority nullifies any wrong doings by these two gentlemen shows a totally biased political stand point, and a total disrespect for the Constitution of these Islands. Is it no wonder that a challange by their main political adversaries would only add be taken to justify this stupid attitude.

      Ex president Richard Nixon believed that what he instigated at Water Gate could not be illegal as he was ‘The President". This is the same attitude held by the ignorant (before you get on your high horse please look up the definition of ignorant in a good English dictonary) people.

      If the two guilty (by their own addmission) gentlemen are somehow elected then I can see a future of the law being broken when it suits those in power. In which case be it on your own heads those who voted for such people. Without law there is anarchy and so when that drunk driver kills someone, or the drug addict commits an act of robbery remeber it is only a minor technical thing.

  53. BT voter says:

    The PPM has forced our country in to a position where we have to take out LOANS to pay civil servants salaries.

    Someone tell me why I should vote straight for the people who have administered the worst financial management that our country has ever seen???

  54. Anonymous says:

    It seems like alot of people are misunderstanding the concept of bi-election.  Mr. Anthony Eden’s seat in the legislative assembly WILL NOT be up for grabs.  There will be only 2 SEATS to fill as Mr. Eden was in compliance with the constitution when he was elected.  Hence, the bi-election would only serve to elect MLAs to fill the 2 seats held by the UDP candidates.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I can confirm to the Bodden Town people that the go east beach project and launching ramp  has been stopped and the Govt  has requested that the contractors put the beach back to its orginal state… what a waste of taxpayers money as the ramp was already under construction..Mark and Dwayne was at the site on Monday afternoon and I gues they made their decision at that time..    What a shame.. the people of BT was so looking forward to having this in place.. it is not about which govt does good for the district.  Let us not stop projects of previous govts that will benefit the local people.. I wonder if JJ and Mark consuletd the BT people before stoppign this project.. I doubt it!!!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hate her or like her,we NEED people( watch dog groups I believe you call the) like Sandra who is not afraid to tackle or talk about certain issues, even if she is not in the government.

  57. Anonymous says:

    why does everyone assume there will 1) be a by-election, and if so, 2) that mark and dwayne will be allowed to participate? their neglect of the constitution disqualified them as candidates for the first election, so it would stand to reason that they are still not qualified until the election in 2013! otherwise what would be the incentive to comply with the constitution? any candidate could fail to qualify, but then just assume they could runagain in a by-election if there were a challenge. votes for dwayne and mark were thow-aways – either you take the next two in line from the first election, or you run the by-election without either of them allowed to be on the ballot. if the rule of law is to mean anything, there should be consequences for breaking it and then dismissing it as so trivial…

  58. Anonymous says:

    Well I do not agree that Chuckie & Ossie should run again simply because they did not chose to do the right thing in this instance.

    The people deserve people who will protect us – obviously it’s not these 2 goons!

    The people were lied to the entire time by the UDP and unfortunately they believed it. If a court rules otherwise you will see how many people are FINALLY convinced of the actions of these 2. The lie has to be officially exposed and a legal precedent has to be set so that we can move forward from here.

    Like Sandra said on air – "win, lose or draw" we, the Caymanian people, need to know what the legal position is. What if this happens again?

    I take my hat off to anyone who challenges this because they are doing the right thing for the people. The UDP candidates have lied continually but I don’t see anyone going about that but yet you accuse people of sour grapes. When will they be held accountable for their actions?

  59. Anonymous says:

    The only thing I want to hear out of Chuckie and Ossie, and the rest of them, as well, is an explanation of the mess that they have left our kids and grandkids in, with respect to our government finances. Disgraceful! How can THAT be legal?

    • Anonymous says:

      …explanation of the mess that they have left our kids and grandkids in, with respect to our government finances. Disgraceful! How can THAT be legal?"

      That is not a question of legality but of political opinion. In four years you may be thanking them for their foresight.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Sour grapes it is. The people voted for their preferred candidate and that should be that.

    No point wasting our time and money messing about in court. Get over it losers

  61. Anonymous says:

    I have been a long time supporter of what the UDP has tried to do for our economy, but in my book God and country come before any political party. The right thing has to be done and therefore I say thank God for Sandra and Gordon and anyone else with the courage to stand up for what is right in protecting our Constitution. If Mark and Dwayne would have done the right thing instead of trying to suggesting that our Constitution does not have to be followed then I would have supported them all the way. Now there is no way I can support them for they chose not to do the right thing. I think it is very sad as Mark and Dwayne had promising political futures but as far as I am concerned their futures are now past and they will not get my vote and neither will anyone else who does not uphold our Constitution.

    Sandra and Gordon, you have shown tremendous courage in taking on the responsibility to protect our constitution when the Governor and Attorney General refusedto do so. God bless you and all those who are working with you in protecting our country’s future. 

    • A BT Voter who loves his laws says:

      I can say I split my votes in the past election and gave Mark one vote. My other votes went to Mr. Eden and an Independent. This bi-election, should there be one, it will go straight PPM.

      I can now see a few things clearly:

      1) Mark & Dwayne are perfect UDP candidates as they care little for the rules that we must all abide by. Mark you lost my respect. I had such high hopes for you, I truly did.

      2) Big Mac has shown he cares little for what we the people want especially with his Pirates Week announcement. Where was the consultation? An astounding 70% on average say they want it to remain the same(Caymannetnews poll and Caymanian Compass poll). That’s almost 3 out of every 4 people want it the same and he says he is going to change it.

      3) The GT Voter crap has shown that UDP will stoop to anything to attain their goals no matter who they hurt or what the limits are.

      No disrespect to the independent I voted for but I am forced to go all PPM now out of fear my country.

      People I ask you this. If someone has shown you that the law does not matter to them prior to gaining office where they have no power what do you think will happen once they have gained power? I look at it like an abuser. Once the abuser feels he has power over his victim then all bets are off. The abuse normally is more intense and often.


      I ask you all to vote straight PPM and to tell it on here how you will be voting.

  62. VOTE STRAIGHT says:

    Why shouldn’t Chuckie and Ossie run again ?

    Look at the facts : During the PPM’s 2005 – 2009 term Bodden Town got more than at any other time in its history…..The East West Arterial; the Newlands Dock and Launching Ramp; Rebuilt Pedro Castle; started the new Police Marine base in Newlands; Established Market at the Grounds; rebuilt the Library and created a Learning Center; rebuilt the Mission House; Established a Park in Gun Square; Established the Go East Initiative and started the redevelopment of the Coe Wood Public beach for local businesses (seems like the new govt has stopped that project); established Nurse Josie’s Seniors Home and bought the house adjacent to it to enhance the facilities; rebuilt the BT Clinic and Civic Center; rebuilt the playing field and stands; started a new Civic Center; started an Emergency Sevices Center for a New Fire Station, Police Station and Medical Response Unit; installed guard rails in Breakers; installed new play ground equipment in Breakers and paved many roads, installed speed bumps and street lights throughout the district. Why would Bodden Towners not want that type of representation ??

    On the national side Chuckie introduced Cayman’s first ever very succesful Tourism Apprenticeship Training Programme; introduced the PRIDE customer service programme for the tourism industry; established new and improved marketing initiatives for Canada, Europe and South America as part of the PPM’s Cuba mitigation policy; increased stayover visitors from 167,000 in 2005 to 302,000 in 2008; created the Cayman Islands Environmental Project for the Tourism sector; started the redevelopment of the Owen Roberts International Airport; started the re-development of our cruise and cargo ports with a detailed environmental impact study (the UDP has abandoned that too I guess); restructured Cayman Airways and established a state of the art Headquarters for the airline; inaugurated the New York and Washington DC routes and restarted service to Chicago; discontinued the non-performing Boston, Ft. Lauderdale and Houston routes; announced plans for service to La Ceiba Honduras and Panama; rebranded the airline and standardised the fleet to all Boeing 737-300 aircraft; created the Cayman Islands Film Commission; developed new programmes and initiatives for small businesses through the CI Development Bank; initiated a plan to change the scope of business at Boatswain’s Beach to rescue that ill-concieved project; staffed up his Ministry with all young, qualified, capable and energetic Caymanians (McKeeva has removed three quarters of them in the 2 weeks that he’s been in office while saying that they are going to ensure upward mobility for Caymanians and protect Caymanians from unfair treatment – where is that lightning bolt ?)

    And so I ask again, why wouldn’t BT and Cayman want that type of representation ??

    I’m willing to bet that they will vote straight this time around !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree 100% with VOTE STRAIGHT. 

      Mr. Clifford, Mr. Bodden and Mr. Eden was a good team for us in Bodden Town.  Because they worked together and honestly we were able to see so many things happen in our district.  These are the kind of representatives that we should be looking for in our district. 

      I have always heard the fishermen in the district speaking about the need of a launching ramp and dock, becuase of Mr. clifford and the PPM Government this is now happening.  Hopefully the UDP won’t stop the project.

  63. Anonymous says:

    You snooze you lose

    why bother pursuing this? the issue was well documented before the election, and the voters of bodden town went to the poll knowing this issue and made their vote. there are far greater social issues that sandra catron could put her energy towards. she didn’t get elected because she didn’t understand what the electorate wanted.

    • Anonymous says:

      "why bother pursuing this?"

      You need to pay attention. Much has been written about "why?". This is not merely about whether Mark and Dwayne will be re-elected ( and they may be). These are serious constitutional matters that the UDP is seeking to make light of. This is about the rule of law.

  64. Anonymous says:

    It’s not about who got voted in – it’s about what’s right and wrong. It’s not about UDP or PPM it’s about up holding the Constitution. The Law is their to protect and serve, our Laws are what we teach our children by, our Laws are needed. It’s about right and wrong. Somebody needed to stand up – now people will be upset because the right is being done….be fair, look at it for what it is, something that needs to be done. Thank you those who are standing up and saying this needs to be done.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Sandra kudos to you… Please keep the country informed of the trial dates etc.. I am appealing to all to support this group that is taking forward this challenge.. Sandra perhaps you can set up an account with the lawyers for fees that many can contirbute to.. I know of many caymanains who will be willing to support this worthy cause.  This is about supporitng the highest law of the land.  Shame on Mark for  treating this issue as if it were nothing.. I guess this is the way he would be governing our country.. absolutely no regard for laws.. I hope he has much more money now to provide people with fill etc.. for the bye-election…

  66. Anonymous says:

    This is the right move to make and I’m sure that Mark Scotland agrees – afterall he held onto an 8 year old police report because he stands for what is just and right – no technicality there right?

  67. Robyn says:

    I like how Mark referred to the Constitution as a "minor tecnical thing".  If it is so "minor" then why did we spend a whole year and a whole lot of money to get a new one.  I guess we just like throwing money at "minor" things.

  68. Sheny-nyee Ebanks says:

    What this here Constitution thing I be hearing bout is? Boy, I hope it somting good that teach dem fools how drive round them fancy roundabout tings I sees ewerywhere these days. I hope say it bees someting that goin let me use my speargun again so I could catch some fish to fry up. I wonders if there here Constitution all unna bes talkin bout all the time going bring me some fresh sand foer ma yard and one piece of cassawa cake?

  69. Thankful says:

    Thanks be to God.  May Justice and equity prevail.  Thank you Lord.

  70. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Ossie & Chuckie should run again – they have no balls at all. The PPM should stand behind Sandra and her and Anthony run as a team. Shame on them for NOT taking a stand to protect us – it has not been the first time the PPM has failed us and I suspect it won’t be the last time either.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for this!!!

  72. anonymous says:

    It does not matter if the UDP candidates get back in, what matters is that the Constitution is upheld….but we can understand why the UDP think this is all so unecessary, it’s because they have over and over again proven that they have no regard for upholding law, rules or regulations! Mr. Scotland, if this were just a  "minor technical thing" why do you think it is in our Constitution? Have some respect please!!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Finally sanity has returned to the Cayman Islands and respect for the rule of law. Anyone who ignores the laws and the country’s need for law and order is paving the way for the country’s destruction.

    Regardless of political party everyone should respect the laws of the land. Those who say otherwise are placing their own personal gain over the welfare of the country.

  74. Anonymous says:

    thank god some body has the ba– s to do the right thing   this not  about mark and dwayne or ossie and cliffotd  it is about our constitution we must respect it   what example are we setting  for our chilldren . this issue make me remember zimbabwe

    • Anonymous says:

      "thank God somebody has the balls…."  Do you always drive within the speed limit or do you find yourself "unintentionally" going over the limit? Isn’t that breaking the law or is this one not important enough. When trying to get to Heaven all sins are equally weighed and committing one, no matter the size will keep you out of Heaven’s gate.

  75. Anonymous says:

    People please attention to what is transpiring and the commitee meetings and the victimization of persons that has already began by certain ministers. I thought we had put this type of politics behind us Cayman. This should not be tolerated and those who engage in this type of behavior should not hold any elected office in the Cayman Islands.

  76. Richard Wadd says:

    Well done Sandra & Co., what a shame no-one else had the ‘Balls’ to put thier Money where their mouth is ……

    On the matter of ‘Money’, please ensure that in your application to the Courts, you alsoinclude a request for the Legal fees to be paid by the Governor …. why should you pay for his failure to do his job??

    ‘Chuckie’, I have a few choise words for you and your PPM cronies, but I am not allowed to publish them here. You had your chance to ‘do the right thing’, and as usual, you have done NOTHING !! You have Forfiet your right to comment on this issue, and should be banned from participating in ANY further Elections, FULL STOP !!

    Mark, it scares me that you treat the Constitution of this land with Triviality. What other Laws are you willing to dis-regard in your pursuit of Power? Perhaps a ‘Coupe’? I have lost all respect for you, you are a Dangerous man.

    ‘Jack the knob’? Someone should write to the Queen (Foriegn Office, who-ever) detailing his failure to uphold the Constitution, as well as his complicit behavior in ‘swearing-in’ those who were known to be in breach of it.  

    If we fire ‘Bulgin-the-Useless’, we can save the cost of the 24 hrs Security detail, call it ‘Cost-cutting’. 

    GGGGGGilbert is correct, the Law MUST be allowed to take its course, regardless of the final outcome. NO-ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW !






  77. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

    I was worried that there was nobody with balls (or ovaries) wearing a white hat.

  78. Jubba says:

    nuff a unno don wan see big mac as leader, as well u all run away cause dem mystikal drums already sound, jus give it up cause unno cant stop d man,,,,,,,,,

  79. Anonymous says:

    Is that Minister Scotland (oh that’s right he isn’t an MLA so he can’t be a Minister either) saying that breaching our Constitution is a minor technical thing. Shame on him for having such blatant disregard for our constitution.

    Beware Cayman….remember this ishow the slippery slope started in the Turks and Caicos Islands !!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Had it been PPM members who had failed to gazette their details within the prescribed time, would the UDP have viewed this breach as a "minor technical thing" ?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  The UDP would have wasted no time in filing a challenge. The UDP, and in particular the two members in question, obviously have no regard or respect for the country’s constitution.

  81. Anonymous says:

    The By Election will only be for 2 of the 3 seats in BT !!!

    It is Scotland’s and Seymour’s seats that are in dispute not Tony’s. There will be no By Election in relation to Tony’s seat so there is obsolutely no chance of him losing it in a By Election. Got it now Slowcome ?

  82. Anonymous says:

    A new government in the making already ???

    The general election in BT was very close with Chuckie and Ossie coming within 90 votes of retaining their seats. People are obviously very disappointed in the results because they didn’t quite understand the consequences of splitting their votes until the votes were counted that night. I think Chuckie and Ossie will both run again and will regain their seats because people will vote straight this time and there will be less candidates in the race. Lessons learned !!!

    So the way I see it is that the PPM will have 7 seats and the UDP will have 7 seats and then there is Ezzard (the not-so-independent NS MLA). What will he do under that scenario ? – there are many more possibilities for him and the UDP recognises that.

    Who will jump ship first – Rolston, Julie (she can’t under any circumstances lose her Ministerial and Ambassador for Jesus seat) or Ezzard. One thing is clear is that under every scenario possible in these circumstances this will almost certainly be the end of McKeeva as the LOGB (Premier Designate) and to that I say thank God……that can only be for the benefit of our beloved Cayman Islands.

    Remember this Cayman, it was our very own National Hero, the Honourable James Manoah Bodden, who told this country many many years ago that if McKeeva Bush ever got power in this country it would be the end of the Cayman Islands as we know it. McKeeva proved Mr. Jim right in 2003 and the damage from his actions then will continue to mount for many years to come. It is time to stop him once and for all !!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone has the balls to take action! Thank you

    • Anonymous says:

      Kudos to Gordon, Sandra et al! If it is one thing I admire about Sandra it is that she is gutsy. Finally someone takes a stand.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to Sandra and the others who are bringing this challenge. You are doing all Caymanians a great service whether they recognise it now or not. Hopefully when books are written on the history of Cayman your names will be recorded as people who stood for democracy and our Constitution when others who are paid to do so would not. May God bless every one of you. 

  85. Lil Texas says:

    Reminder: This is not about the PPM or UDP, but about the CONSTITUTION and JUSTICE. You should try reading sometimes, it helps one to understand fully. Knowledge is power! 

  86. Anonymous says:

    "All of the Bodden Towners who are against this victory just needs to sit their but down.  Even if there was a bi election the two UDP candidates would get back in and maybe remove the PPM and put Theresa in".

    I am afraid that you misunderstand the matter. PPM MLA Anthony’ Eden’s seat is not at stake since he is validly elected. Accordingly, there is no question of him being removed in a by-election. If Theresa does run in a by-election based on the challenge it would be against the incumbent UDP candidates. It is by no means certain that Dwayne in particular would be ‘re-elected’ since much depends upon the dynamics of the by-election race which is clearly different from that of the general election. For example, a savvy electorate may consider since the UDP will still be the govt. no matter the result it is more important that there is an effective opposition in the LA to hold them accountable. Add to this the fact that Dwayne’s lead over Ossie was a mere 38 votes and it becomes clear that this is by no means a foregone conclusion.     

  87. Anonymous says:

    I agree with this motion. Thank you Gordon, Sandra and all the other unnamed persons who have the balls to do the right thing irrespective of the personal cost to them. We appreciate you!

  88. Anonymous says:

    So not being compliant with the constitution is a "minor technical thing" – well that’s comforting!

    • Anonymous says:

      A cabinet minister thinks that non-compliance with the constitution is a minor technical thing. What has this country come to? Just look around at countries where the leaders have this attitude about bending rules to suit themselves and get a glimpse of where Cayman is headed if we don’t do something about this blatant disregard of our constitution.  I expected better of Mark.

  89. A Caymanian watching closely says:

    I dont think it matters if the UDP or PPM wins a bi-election. It matters that we have the respect for our Constitution and we must never just push it aside.

    If it is ruled that Mark and Dwayne can run again and they win, then so be it, but at least it was legal.

  90. Sav/New says:


  91. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to the people that have brought this challenge. You have made history.

    Should there be an bi-election, and the UDP win all the seats in BT, so be it, at least there will not be a cloud over their heads.

    This had nothing to do with Mark and Dwayne. I am sure they will do a stalwart job once this is all over.


  92. Anonymous says:

    All of the Bodden Towners who are against this victory just needs to sit their but down.  Even if there was a bi election the two UDP candidates would get back in and maybe remove the PPM and put Theresa in.

    UDP all the way