Museum soon come after almost five years

| 11/06/2009

(CNS): Provided there are no more delays the National Museum is scheduled to re-open to the public later this summer after two years of work and the involvement of more than twenty local and fourteen overseas agencies who came together to rebuild the country’s monument to its heritage. The work was coordinated under US specialist exhibit development company Wilderness Graphics which said an enormous amount of time and energy had been invested to make it all come together.

Marvin Cook, CEO of Wilderness Graphics said the firm had relied on local collaboration with entities such as the Cayman Islands National Archive, the departments of Environment, Tourism, and Lands and Survey, among others to discuss, review, research, and resource the museum’s collection.

 “I have really enjoyed meeting and working with local people and others connected to the project.  It has been wonderful to see the pride and willingness to help in revitalizing their long-absent National Museum and discovering the enormous changes that have occurred in just the past 50 years,” Cook said.

He added that it was exciting to have developed what he said was going to be the finest museum in the Caribbean Basin. Wilderness has also donated cases and equipment to the museum as well as strengthened some important international partnerships including the University of Alberta, Canada, the Florida State Archive and the UK’s Public Records Office which were all key resources. 

Museum Director Doss Solomon said Wilderness had been exceptional helpful during the process of redeveloping over two years what had originally taken 14 years to  achieve.

During the renovation project emphasis has been placed on telling fresh stories and inspiring audiences anew through a more dynamic examination of just how far the islands have come as a country.  “A great deal of time, patience and thoroughness has been dedicated to ensuring that the museum we return to the country will be an accurate interpretation of our history and culture and presented to residents and visitors in a way which encourages them visit us time and time again,” Solomon added. “I encourage everyone on island to become a member of the National Museum.”


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