From Kabul to Kingston

| 15/06/2010

(The Guardian): For two weeks, the Jamaican army and police have fought gun battles in Kingston. The many allegations of human rights abuses committed by the security forces – including extrajudicial killings and the disposal of bodies – have received almost no international attention. Nor have the linkages between the Jamaican crisis, the security establishments in the US, Britain and Canada, and the mutations of the "war on terror".

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  1. anonymous says:

    Despite all read, tied to and said.  The new US deportations of Jamaicans from the US I am sure is tied to this "Dudas" saga. They are retaiating. The US can be very vindictive whenthey can’t get what they want you know.

    I’m  surprised not one person in this forum has even pointed out the retaliation agenda. The US is seeking retribution from the Jamaican people supposedly for them not giving up "Dudas!"  wanted by the US on extradition order.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A very well researched paper from 2 professors at Standford University notes:

    "The government of Edward Seaga, in fear of a revolution like Grenada’s, sent his troops to participate in regional military exercises, under the watchful eye of the Americans. In addition, Jamaica cooperated with the United States and the Regional Security System (RSS) – where member states collaborated on regional security matters. Saega also had Jamaican forces hold joint military and narcotics interdiction exercises inthe context of the RSS (Library of Congress, 1987, chap. 2, section on “National Security”)."……

    "The Seaga government tied several subversive and criminal activities in Jamaica to Cuban-trained extremists."

    This paper may be found at this link:


  3. Anonymous says:

    There is lots of written material explaining the background to Tivoli – here is one piece.

    Isn’t one of the political parties here somewhat aligned to the JLP?